Pilau with mushrooms - a riot of aromas! Cooking crumbly pilaf with mushrooms: lean, with meat, chicken, buckwheat, raisins

Pilau with mushrooms - a riot of aromas! Cooking crumbly pilaf with mushrooms: lean, with meat, chicken, buckwheat, raisins

Mushroom pilaf is an unusual version of a familiar dish.

It will please not only vegetarians, but also meat eaters.

After all, mushrooms are perfectly combined with any variants of popular food.

Indulge in unusual pilau?

Mushroom Pilaf - General Cooking Principles

Rice is the basis of any pilaf, including mushroom. You should not save on cereals and it is desirable to use selected cereal. Variety does not matter, and the choice depends only on personal preferences. The croup is thoroughly washed several times.

Pilaf mushrooms are always fried. This can be done in a separate dish, but more often they put everything at once into the cauldron. Roast mushrooms with vegetables or alternately, sometimes in different dishes. As in traditional pilaf, it is a carrot and onion.

What else can be added to mushroom pilaf:

• meat, poultry;

• garlic;

• spices;

• raisins, nuts;

• tomato or tomatoes.

Sometimes other cereals are put in pilaf. They can complement rice or completely replace it. Often cooked with the addition of seasonal vegetables: eggplant, pepper, zucchini. Or in the oriental way: with dried fruit, lots of spices.

Recipe 1: Lenten pilaf with mushrooms

Recipe of lean pilaf with mushrooms for a tasty menu during the period of restrictions. For cooking, use fresh champignons. It is better not to take frozen mushrooms, as there is a lot of water in them.


• water 1.5 cups;

• 1 cup rice;

• 0.3 kg of champignons;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• 0.1 kg carrot;

• 0.1 kg of onion;

• 3 spoons of butter;

• spices.


1. Add vegetable oil to the cauldron. We warm up well.

2. Lay the diced onions. After him throw carrots, cut it into strips.

3. We wash the champignons. It is advisable to take a dense and young mushrooms with closed hats. Cut each into four parts. Small can be just in half. 4. Throw mushrooms to the vegetables and fry together until rosy color.

5. While washing the grass to clean water. We express well all liquid.

6. Add spices. You can use special mixes for cooking classic pilaf.

7. Lay the rice, throw garlic cloves, level the layer with a spoon.

8. Pour in boiling water. Water used in the recipe.

9. We evaporate the water for five minutes, then we cover the cauldron, reduce the heat to a minimum and cook for a quarter of an hour. We give fast pilaf to brew for half an hour.

Recipe 2: Pilau with mushrooms and chicken

To prepare such pilau with mushrooms, it is allowed to take any parts from the chicken: with a bone or fillet. Mushrooms also use any, you can greenhouse or forest.


• chicken 0.3 kg;

• 3 carrots;

• 0.3 kg of mushrooms;

• 2 bulbs;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• 1.5 cups of rice;

• spices;

• 60 grams of oil.


1. Cut carrots into even straws, also onions. We send everything to the cauldron and fry.

2. Add chicken. The bird needs to be washed and cut. If bone pieces are used, then along the joints. If fillet, then you can turn into cubes about 2 cm.

3. The following are added mushrooms. Pre-wash them, cut into not very large pieces. Fry until half ready.

4. Fill with spices. In addition to salt and pepper, saffron, paprika, turmeric can be added to the cauldron. You can immediately put garlic cloves.

5. Add the washed rice, fill with water. Liquid should cover products on one finger. There is no need to add more, because there is a lot of moisture in the mushrooms and the croup will take its own.

6. Give boil and evaporate water to a level equal to the products.

7. Cover and mix for 20 minutes. Then turn off and leave to stand.

Recipe 3: Pilau with mushrooms and meat

For meat dishes need dried mushrooms. They will give the pilaf an unparalleled aroma of the forest and amazing taste. Take any meat: pork, can beef or lamb.


• 0.3 kg of meat;

• 0.3 kg of rice; • 50 g dried mushrooms;

• 0.3 kg of carrots;

• 0.2 kg of onions;

• spices;

• 0.3 cups oil.


1. Soak dry mushrooms in water and let stand for a couple of hours. Then we wash, add new water and boil for 20 minutes. Merge and cut into pieces.

2. In the cauldron pour oil, but not all. Leave one spoon for mushrooms. We put on the stove.

3. Fry the vegetables.

4. Add the chopped meat to the cauldron and fry together until rosy color. If you use beef, it is better to put it up to vegetables and then cover under a lid, and then add onions and carrots.

5. Fry the boiled mushrooms in the remaining spoonful of butter in the pan. We put the maximum fire and well brown, so that they reveal the whole flavor.

6. Shift the mushrooms to roasted meat with vegetables, Fill the contents of the cauldron with spices.

7. Put the washed rice into it, followed by a glass of mushroom broth and water. The liquid should pour two fingers above the ingredients.

8. Cover, we weave for about half an hour.

Recipe 4: Pilau with mushrooms and buckwheat

Recipe unusual pilaf, which, along with mushrooms, added buckwheat. The dish is very interesting to the taste. Use mushrooms, preferably fresh.


• 1.5 cups buckwheat;

• 2 glasses of water;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• 3 carrots;

• 0.3 kg of mushrooms;

• butter.


1. Pour into a cauldron half a centimeter of oil.

2. Add the chopped carrots and onions, lightly browning on high heat.

3. Cut the champignons into cubes, add to vegetables and fry until half cooked.

4. We sort out the buckwheat and wash it thoroughly with cold water. Pour into a cauldron.

5. Put the spices, salt, add garlic and pepper.

6. Pour in water, you can use boiling water immediately. Buckwheat is not as capricious as rice. Therefore, pilaf is always crumbly, if you do not overdo it with liquid.

7. Close and cook for about 12 minutes, then leave the dish for another 15 minutes so that it is infused.

Recipe 5: Potted Mushroom Pillows

For making pilaf with mushrooms according to this recipe, clay pots will be needed. You can use a portion of the container or one large capacity. Any mushrooms, but if you use wild, that is not greenhouse, you must first boil in water for about twenty minutes.


• 0.3 kg of mushrooms;

• 0.3 kg of rice;

• 0.3 kg carrot;

• 0.07 kg of oil;

• 0.2 kg onion;

• spices;

• garlic;

• bay leaf.


1. Mushrooms are washed and cut into large pieces, preferably not less than 1.5 centimeters, since during frying the product will lose volume.

2. Onions, like carrots, peel and chop together.

3. Pour oil into the pan, heat up the smoke and fry the vegetables. It is necessary to heat up strongly so that they blushed well and do not become stewed.

4. Add the mushrooms and fry further until the vegetables are brownish in color, but try not to burn.

5. We wash several times fig. For pots better to use long cereal, you can take steamed cereals.

6. Put the mushrooms and vegetables in pots, fill them with rice so that the cereal is just above the middle. We stick a garlic clove into the center.

7. We take water and fill with spices, salt it well, as the rice is completely unleavened. You can use any broth, for example, meat or mushroom.

8. Fill the pots so that the water is 1.5 centimeters higher than the contents.

9. Top throw the third part of the bay leaf. The whole is not worth laying, the flavor will be too intrusive.

10. Close the pots, send in the oven. Cook pilaf 40 minutes at 180 ° C.

Recipe 6: Pilau with mushrooms and raisins

You can cook such a pilaf with or without meat. Here is an example of a vegetarian option, but if necessary, dilute the taste with beef or lamb.


• 0.4 kg of rice;

• 0.3 kg of mushrooms;

• 0.2 kg of onions;

• 0.1 kg of raisins;

• 0.07 kg of oil;

• 0.3 kg carrot;

• 0.05 kg of nuts;

• spices.


1. If forest mushrooms, then boil until half ready, drain the liquid. If champignons are used, then simply wash and rage into pieces. 2. Heat the oil, Pour everything into the cauldron at once. Laying mushrooms and fry.

3. After the moisture is evaporated, add the chopped vegetables. First onions, and then carrots. Fry until golden brown.

4. Fill the next pilaf with spices and salt, warm slightly. Optionally put garlic.

5. Add the washed raisins and rice. All well stirred.

6. Pour in water. The level should be two centimeters higher than the other ingredients.

7. We evaporate to the level of products, then cover and simmer for half an hour. Turn off the fire.

Recipe 7: Pilau with mushrooms and tomatoes

To cook mushroom pilaf with tomatoes, you need fresh tomatoes. Choose ripe, but dense vegetables that can be cut into slices. You do not need to remove the skin, it will hold the pieces and help to keep their shape.


• 0.25 kg of rice;

• 0.25 kg of mushrooms;

• 0.15 kg of tomatoes;

• 0.2 kg carrot;

• 0.1 kg of onions;

• 40 ml of oil;

• seasonings.


1. Cut the onion into strips, also peeled carrots. Throw in a cauldron with hot oil and fry.

2. Shred mushrooms with plates, send to the bow. Fry until evaporation of water.

3. Tomatoes need to be cut into slices, they should not be small, so that the pilaf can be clearly seen.

4. Wash the rice with ice water.

5. Lay in the cauldron with mushrooms spices, salt. You can add garlic.

6. Add rice and fresh tomatoes, stir. For a rich tomato flavor, you can put a spoonful of pasta, and even better fry. But just with tomatoes it turns out decently.

7. Fill with water and a half centimeters above the level of products. Cover and bring to readiness. Cooked such a pilaf about half an hour.

Recipe 8: Pilau with Barley Mushrooms

For pearl barley with mushrooms, it is advisable to soak the grits on the eve so that it is well swollen and the cooking time is reduced.


• 2 carrots;

• 0.07 kg of oil;

• 0.3 kg of champignons;

• 0.2 kg of barley;

• 1 onion;

• 0.07 kg of pasta;

• spices.

Cooking 1. Boil pearl barley to softness in a regular saucepan. Merge.

2. Cut mushrooms and fry almost until cooked in a cauldron.

3. Add onions, cut into small cubes, and then grated carrot, fry with mushrooms.

4. Dilute a tomato with 100 ml of water, send you a cauldron. Stew for a couple of minutes.

5. Add spices and lay out pearl barley, stir.

6. Cover, set a small fire and burn for ten minutes.

Mushroom Pilaf - Tips and Tricks

• This pilaf is never mixed in the cooking process, even if it is cooked with mushrooms.

• No cauldron for pilaf? Can use pan large pan. But in this case, after cooking, it is desirable to wrap the dishes in a blanket and leave it for an hour. Rice will reach the desired state.

• Plov will be more aromatic if you add broth in which mushrooms are cooked.

• It is better to fry frozen mushrooms in the pan separately, as they have a lot of moisture.

• The pilaf will get a beautiful color if you fry the vegetables well. Also, the brightness of the dish will add turmeric, paprika, tomato paste.

• The dish will be much more useful if it is made from unpolished rice. Also, for a variety, you can use varieties of different colors, for example, tasty and unusual pilaf can be cooked from red rice.

• Plov will be tastier if you use several types of butter to make it, for example, mix sunflower and olive oil. You can add ghee or butter.

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