Vegetarian pilaf with mushrooms - a recipe for lean vegetable pilaf

I give the recipe for an excellent vegetarian pilaf, where we replace meat with mushrooms. To taste this kind of pilaf will be more tender with a special mushroom, vegetable aroma. Vegetarian pilaf is perfect as a lenten dish, and diversifies your diet as a second dish.

Pilaf is a favorite dish in our country, although it has come to Russian cooking from eastern countries. In the east and in the countries of Asia - pilaf is cooked with different types of meat and spices and vegetables are added. The dish is tasty, but rather heavy and high-calorie, we have a spread lighter kind of pilaf - vegetable pilau. A delicious vegetarian pilaf with mushrooms is one of the variations of cooking meatless pilaf. The recipe for such a pilaf, I recommend to you.

Vegetarian pilaf with mushrooms - a recipe for lean vegetable pilaf

Today, we will cook vegetarian pilaf with mushrooms - the composition of products for pilaf

In general, everything is prepared as in the usual recipe of pilaf, even easier. In the process of cooking pilaf, I advise you to experiment and make your own kind of pilaf, taking into account your recipes and preferences. In the vegetable-mushroom pilaf (optional), you can add more vegetables, tomatoes and sweet peppers work well, zucchini and even eggplants can be served. In this recipe we have an emphasis on carrots, it gives a certain sweetness to the dish.

If traditional cauldron is unavailable (as is known, real pilaf is prepared in a cauldron), you can use a large-sized (better deep) frying pan to make pilaf. You can use the pan, in this case, the pilaf will be even more stewed and tender.

Prepare vegetarian pilaf, we need the following products: white rice (preferably steamed brown rice or more useful), vegetable oil (sunflower or olive), onions, carrots, mushrooms, water, garlic, salt and seasonings. I do not specifically indicate the exact number of products, since you can cook pilaf for 2 people and for a campaign of 10 people. This is a simple dish in cooking, I usually do in such proportions, I add the same volume of vegetables and mushrooms to the volume of prepared rice, then it turns out juicy, flavorful vegetarian pilaf. If you want the vegetable-mushroom pilaf to be on dry land, then add less vegetables and mushrooms, and when stewing and frying, let the moisture evaporate.

Recommendations on the composition and choice of products for vegetarian pilaf

- Onions will never spoil the pilaf (even if you do not really like onions, you should not exclude it completely), the onions will not be noticeable in the finished vegetarian pilaf, and the taste of the dish will play differently thanks to the onions.

- Carrots give a certain sweetness to the float. Carrots for the dish do not regret, add two, three carrots.

- About rice. If you want to get not just delicious pilaf, but extremely healthy, then use not white rice, but brown (brown) or red rice. Although, in the absence of such, you can always use steamed rice to produce crumbly pilaf, or plain white round grain rice, in which case pilaf will be sticky.

- Mushrooms for vegetarian plov can take any. Of course, forest mushrooms will be more fragrant and tasty, but champignons are also well suited for pilaf. And again, do not limit yourself in the number of mushrooms. Let me remind you that fresh sliced ​​mushrooms will have a large volume, but in the process of stewing and frying boiled, so if you put a little mushrooms, pilaf will consist of almost one rice and carrots.

- Garlic in the swim must be required. If you do not add it, the pilaf from the lack of garlic will only lose. Not necessarily then it is, after cooking, garlic can be removed from the pilaf. - Vegetable oil will be needed for frying onions and carrots. But since pilaf is mushroom, for its special incredible taste and aroma, it is very good to add a little truffle oil (of course, if you find it). If you try to add truffle oil to pilaf, you will be 100% satisfied with its excellent taste and aroma.

- Regarding the seasonings for pilaf. In the store, you can buy a special seasoning for pilaf (if you want to simplify the cooking process, such seasoning can also be used). But it is better to add various seasonings to the pilaf, the ones that you like. In this recipe we add - barberry, rosemary, cumin, bay leaf and of course pepper (just a few). Add spices and their quantity to your taste.

Vegetarian pilaf with mushrooms - a recipe for lean vegetable pilaf

The process of cooking vegetarian pilaf with mushrooms - it is very easy to cook

Cooking vegetarian pilaf will take about 40 to 50 minutes. Below, I will give advice on the 2nd cooking option for pilaf, a more accelerated and simplified cooking option.

1. Chop onions and rub carrots. Pour the onions and carrots into a pre-heated pan with vegetable oil. Fry until you get a slightly golden color, watch the fire, so that nothing burns.

2. Then add rice (from a standard cup of dry rice you get about 4-5 servings of cooked pilau). The amount of water should be twice the volume of rice. When cooking pilaf with mushrooms, it is important not to pour water, as when boiling, mushrooms emit quite a lot of juice.

3. Add peeled garlic, several whole cloves and one part of seasoning, add other seasonings in 5 to 10 minutes until the pillow is ready to give the greatest flavor to the dish.

4. Next, cover the pan with a lid and leave to stew, proceed to the mushrooms. Carefully wash the mushrooms, cut them into medium pieces, (cut the mushroom into 4 pieces). Put the sliced ​​mushrooms in a pan on the rice on top, cover with a lid and leave to stew over medium heat for 15 - 20 minutes. 5. After about 10 minutes, you can stir the pilaf in a pan, so that the whole dish is soaked with juice and seasonings. The pilaf is cooked over low heat until the water completely disappears. Try hardness for rice, some rice is softer, others are harder. 5 - 10 minutes before being ready, add the second part of the seasonings to the dish, mix everything well.

After the pilaf is ready - for getting the greatest flavor and taste I advise you to give the pilaf to brew in closed form for about 20-30 minutes more.

Vegetarian pilaf with mushrooms - a recipe for lean vegetable pilaf

Simplified cooking - fast vegetarian pilaf

The principle here is that all the ingredients for the pilaf are prepared separately, then mixed and made in a deep frying pan until ready.

I tell the points. Cook rice and simmer vegetables separately. If pilaf is with mushrooms - we set to boil mushrooms, if not, we limit ourselves to stewed vegetables (you can take any vegetables you like).

When the rice is cooked (better if the rice is slightly undercooked) - add the rice to the stewed vegetables in a large frying pan, then add the mushrooms, salt and sprinkle with spices to taste. Mix everything well and set pilaf to stew for 10 minutes on medium heat. Sometimes, for a change in a vegetable plov, you can add a little tomato sauce, or fresh tomato. Periodically try the dish on readiness. Pilaf with vegetables and mushrooms gave juice and soaked. Fast vegetarian plov is ready.

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