Uzbek pilaf with pork - nourishing, fragrant, tasty. Secrets and success of various recipes of Uzbek pilaf with pork

Uzbek pilaf with pork - nourishing, fragrant, tasty. Secrets and success of various recipes of Uzbek pilaf with pork

Uzbek plov is known all over the world. And although in the originally traditional recipe, it is noted that the dish is prepared only from lamb on sheep fat, today even in Uzbekistan, they are not averse to experimenting and using other types of meat in cooking, for example, pork.

Uzbek pilaf with pork - general principles of cooking

To make Uzbek pilaf rather than rice porridge with vegetables and meat, you should follow some general principles of cooking:

• Choose the right type of rice: any non-tacky, Devzira, steamed, plain round grain or long grain rice is best not to use.

• Pork should not be lean, but solid fat is not an option. Look for the golden middle: meat with thin streaks of fat.

• Cook not just in vegetable oil, but in a mixture of vegetable and other oils. It would be nice to add a little fat, ideally - fat tail.

• Do not neglect the spices, they give the dish the same oriental flavor. Use paprika - colors the dish in a nice color, adding interesting sweetish notes. Barberry - is expressed in pleasant sourness, emphasizes the taste of rice. Chile - adds spice, use with extreme caution. Herbs, greens - refresh the dish, emphasizing its taste. Garlic, cumin, turmeric - give characteristic aromas. As well as other spices.

• Do not rub grated carrots. Only cutting into thin strips. For a long time, but rightly so, and tasty, and beautiful.

• Cook strictly in thick-walled pots: cast iron pans, utyatnitsah, cauldrons. In ordinary pots, even with all the conditions and subtleties, it is impossible to make real pilaf.

1. Uzbek pilaf with pork


• 650 grams of long grain rice;

• 650 grams of pork;

• 300 grams of carrots;

• 650 grams of onions;

• 250 milliliters of sunflower oil; • 650 milliliters of water;

• salt, zira, turmeric to taste.


1. The preparation of any pilaf begins with the preparation of a zirvak, which is a special gravy. To do this, cut the pork into small pieces, and then fry it over low heat in hot oil until golden brown appears. Onions are peeled, and then - cut into thin ringlets.

2. Add finely chopped onion to the pork, frying it until transparent.

3. Carrots are also peeled, cut into strips, and mixed with the rest of the ingredients, frying to a soft state.

4. Water is boiled and poured into the pan to the main components, salt and pepper. For gravy, quenching is required under the hood for an hour.

5. The next stage - tab cereals. The rice is sorted, washed and filled with water, left to soak for an hour. After the set time the water is drained.

6. Present rice is poured into ready-made zirvak. Important: stir the dish is allowed only after cooking pilau.

7. To do this, leave the fire medium and wait for partial absorption of water, after which several holes are made in rice. Pilaf is poured on low heat to low for 20 minutes under a lid.

2. Uzbek pilaf with pork, onions and spices


• 5 onions;

• 1.5 kilograms of pork;

• 5 pieces of carrots;

• 2 heads of garlic;

• a tablespoon of dried barberry;

• 2 glasses of rice;

• 5 glasses of boiled water;

• 150 milliliters of sunflower oil;

• tablespoon of salt;

• spices for pilaf.

Cooking Method:

1. Pork is cut into pieces measuring 2 by 3 centimeters.

2. Then cut onions and carrots.

3. Sunflower oil is heated in a cauldron. The fire is reduced to an average level.

4. Pork is put in a cauldron and fried, stirring regularly. The pork readiness at this stage determines that the sunflower oil should become transparent.

5. Add onions and carrots, while not forgetting to constantly stir. Roast them to full readiness. 6. Add spices, barberry, salt, mix everything thoroughly. Reduce heat to low by adding a head of garlic.

7. All fall asleep washed and infused in water with rice in 15-20 minutes. Should not interfere.

8. The most important thing is to fill all ingredients with boiled water about a centimeter above the level of the components, leaving the fire at a minimum. The pilaf will be ready in half an hour.

9. Before serving, insist the dish and mix well.

3. Uzbek pilaf with pork in the slow cooker


• 0.5 kilograms of lean pork;

• 2 onions;

• 2 carrots;

• 2 measuring cups of steamed rice;

• 2 measuring cups of plain water;

• half a cup of vegetable oil;

• garlic head;

• salt and spices for pilaf.

Cooking Method:

1. The first stage - cooking vegetables. Onions cut into small cubes, carrots - stripes.

2. Pork meat is cut against the fibers in small pieces.

3. Add vegetable oil to the multicooking bowl, which is salted and seasoned with spices. Then add meat, onions, pork. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

4. Measuring cup measure 2 cups of rice. It is washed, spread on meat in a multicooker container.

5. Carefully pour 2 measuring cups of water, add a pinch of salt and spices.

6. Put garlic in the middle of the laid out ingredients.

7. The dish is cooked for one hour in the “Pilaf” mode.

4. Uzbek pilaf with pork and ribs


• 200 grams of pork fillet;

• 200 grams smoked ribs;

• 120 grams of rice;

• medium onions;

• one medium sized carrot;

• Spices: zira, paprika, red pepper, turmeric, dried barberries and dried tomatoes.

Cooking Method:

1. First, the rice is washed and soaked.

2. The next stage - meat, onions, carrots - all components are washed, cleaned and cut.

3. The ribs are separated by bone.

4. Cauldron is calcined with vegetable oil and scraps of pork fat. All ingredients used are removed and discarded.

5. In the cauldron spread pork, fry it. 6. Then add onions to it, stir fry until done.

7. Add carrots and ribs. All ingredients are stirred for five minutes.

8. After that pour all used seasonings, pour in boiled water, salt. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed. The fire is subtracted and cooked for 20 minutes. According to this scheme is prepared zirvak.

9. In the next step, add rice on top, pour in water. Cook for half an hour until ready.

5. Uzbek pilaf with pork, mandarin and raisin


• 500 grams of pork;

• a glass of rice;

• one onion;

• one carrot;

• one mandarin;

• 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil;

• a handful of raisins;

• salt and pepper.

Cooking Method:

1. Before cooking, check the availability of all necessary products, after which they start the culinary process.

2. Carrot tinder on a medium grater or cut with the finest straw, chop onions.

3. Pork is cut into small squares, mixed with salt, left aside for 10 minutes.

4. In a slow cooker pour 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil, add onions and carrots. Cooked in the “frying” mode until the ingredients are soft.

5. Add meat to roasted vegetables. Prepare it for half an hour until half ready.

6. Sprinkle spices, salt, pepper. Half-cooked meat is fried for another two minutes.

7. In a slow cooker pour a glass of rice, pour in water, add raisins. Preparation is further carried out in the “plov” mode.

8. In the finished rice add fresh sliced ​​mandarin, giving the dish an unusual sweet flavor and excellent flavor.

6. Uzbek pilaf with pork, mushrooms and vegetables


• 300 grams of pork;

• 200 grams of mushrooms;

• one Korean carrot;

• rice;

• Bell pepper;

• tomatoes;

• vegetable oil;

• onion, dill, parsley, salt, black and red pepper.

Cooking Method:

1. Meat is fried in pre-heated butter in a griddle.

2. Then pour in some boiled water, add tomato paste and leave to stew. 3. At this time, tomatoes, onions, sweet peppers, carrots are cut into thin straws or half rings. All ingredients are mixed with meat, stewed.

4. Wash rice and gently spread on meat.

5. Add spices, salt.

6. Put pre-processed, thoroughly washed, chopped mushrooms.

7. All stew to the finished state.

8. Five minutes before being cooked, garlic is squeezed into the dish.

9. At the end add chopped greens.

Uzbek pilaf with pork - tricks and useful tips

• The oil should be calcined so that both vegetables and meat immediately seize, keeping all their juice inside under the crust formed.

• Pork goes well with any mushrooms. The added pinch of dried mushrooms or 100-200 grams of fresh ones will give the dish a new taste and an unmatched aroma.

• Do not fill the rice with cold water, only boiling water.

• It is best to use different spices for cooking, but if you don’t have the whole set, then you can safely take universal seasoning for pilaf.

• Despite the traditional character of the dish, you can safely add something new to it, which makes the taste of pilaf not worse: put in addition to onions and carrots zirvak and other vegetables: tomatoes, sweet peppers, and asparagus beans. The main thing is that they, like the rest of the ingredients, be well roasted before laying the rice.

• When cooking pilaf in a slow cooker, be sure to fry the meat with vegetables first and only then place all the ingredients in the bowl. So the dish will taste better.

• Do not rush to mix prepared pilaf, it needs to be drawn for at least 20 minutes, only after that the rice is mixed with zirvak.

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