Fast pilaf - we will do no worse than Uzbek! Various recipes for lean pilaf: with mushrooms, raisins, chickpeas, buckwheat, soy meat

Fast pilaf - we will do no worse than Uzbek! Various recipes for lean pilaf: with mushrooms, raisins, chickpeas, buckwheat, soy meat

The pilaf itself is very nourishing and tasty, even if you do not add meat to it.

Therefore, the dish is great for fasting and will not allow starvation.

And in order to make it completely boring, you can master different recipes and prepare pilau in a new way every day.

Lenten pilau - general principles of cooking

Rice for pilaf choose quality, which does not boil soft, does not stick together. Devzira, Uzbek long rice, is ideal for lenten meals. But you can also use brown rice, basmati instead. Sometimes the recipe indicates the desired type or variety of cereal.

What else is added to the fast pilaf:

• different vegetables;

• mushrooms;

• dried fruits;

• different cereals;

• Soy meat.

And, of course, an abundance of spices. But then he and pilaf, not rice porridge. Spices can be used as indicated in the recipes. Or add your own.

Recipe 1: Lenten pilaf with mushrooms

For an extraordinary lean pilaf, you can use absolutely any kind of mushrooms, but it’s better not to be frozen. Otherwise there will be a lot of liquid, the product will be difficult to fry. And this will affect the taste of the dish. Fresh champignons will be used here.


• 0.5 kg of mushrooms;

• 1.5 cups of rice;

• salt;

• seasoning for pilaf (or any other);

• 4 spoons rast. oils;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• 2 carrots;

• 1 onion head.


1. Put the cauldron with oil on the stove, we heat it.

2. We wash the mushrooms and cut them in any way, but not finely. Throw in the cauldron and begin to fry. First, there will be a lot of liquid. Our task is to evaporate it. Therefore, we make a big fire.

3. As soon as the mushrooms begin to redden, that is, all the moisture leaves, add the chopped onion to them.

4. After two minutes, put the carrot cut into strips. Fry together.

5. Wash the rice several times with cold water. It is believed that for a tasty pilaf, this must be done at least seven times.

6. Add rice to the cauldron, followed by spices and salt. We take the spices to your taste, you can simply use the already prepared mixture of seasonings for pilaf or collect it yourself. 7. Add garlic cloves.

8. Fill with boiling water so that it covers a flat layer of rice for 2 fingers.

9. Cover cauldron and wean on a small fire for 20 minutes. Then turn off the stove and let stand for another half hour. Do not open the lid.

Recipe 2: Fast pilaf with vegetables

The taste of this lean pilaf is given not so much by vegetables as spices. To make the dish tasty and rich, we do not regret the different seasonings. You can use not only those that are listed in the recipe, but also others to your taste.


• 2 glasses of rice;

• 1 bunch of parsley;

• 1 onion;

• 1 sweet pepper;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• 2 carrots;

• 3 spoons tomato. pastes;

• 1 tsp. hops suneli;

• 0.5 tsp. seasonings for pilaf;

• salt;

• black pepper;

• 50 ml of olive oil.


1. We wash rice, water needs to be merged. Give the croup to stand for 10 minutes, then fry in a skillet with a drop of oil until rosy color, the grass will give a pleasant aroma and the pilaf will be tastier.

2. Pour the remaining oil into the cauldron, add chopped onions into strips and begin to fry.

3. Next, throw the carrot, grated or cut into strips. Fry a couple of minutes.

4. Add Bulgarian pepper last, in a couple of minutes tomato paste. Fry two more minutes.

5. Add rice and spices, throw garlic cloves.

6. Fill pilaf with boiling water, which should cover it by a centimeter.

7. Give boil. As soon as the dish starts to boil, reduce the fire to a minimum, cover the cauldron and cook for 20-25 minutes.

8. Turn off and after half an hour you can open the cover.

9. Serve lenten pilaf by adding chopped parsley.

Recipe 3: Lenten pilaf with prunes and raisins

A wonderful version of lean pilaf, a special taste which give dried fruit. This dish turns out very tasty in the spicy version with the addition of red pepper. But you can cook and the usual dish with a moderate addition of spices.


• 0.5 kg of rice;

• 0.3 kg of carrots;

• 0.2 kg of onions;

• 0.1 kg of raisins;

• 0.12 kg of prunes;

• black and red pepper;

• 120 ml of oil;

• salt;

• 3 cloves of garlic.

Cooking 1. Cut the peeled onion heads into large half rings. Run in a cauldron with hot oil and quickly fry for about a minute.

2. Add the chopped carrot. Grater is better not to use. Fry another 2 minutes.

3. We wash the raisins, send them to the vegetables and fry too.

4. Add spices, stir.

5. Put washed and freed from excess liquid fig. Spread with a spatula so that the layer is even.

6. We stick garlic cloves and in a circle near the walls of a cauldron we put out the washed prunes. If you wish, they can be cut in half. But it is not worth shallowing.

7. Fill pledged products with boiling water on two fingers above their level. From above you can throw a bay leaf, but you should not deepen it, otherwise the aroma will be too intrusive.

8. We give to boil on the maximum fire, then we put it on a minimum and cook under a lid of pilaf for half an hour. Let it brew and stir.

Recipe 4: Lenten pilaf with chickpeas

This is an unusually tasty and unusual dish. For it uses the so-called lamb peas - chickpeas. It must be soaked in water, it is better to withstand 1.5 days. After this time, a sprout will begin to form in the peas, which will make the product softer and tastier.


• 2 glasses of rice;

• 2-3 juicy carrots;

• 1 cup of oil;

• 1 head of garlic;

• 100 grams of chickpea;

• 2 large onions;

• 2 tsp. salt.

You will also need the following spices: barberry, cumin, red and black pepper, ground paprika.


1. Shred half rings onions, carrots cut into strips. We start everything in a cauldron with hot oil and fry for three minutes.

2. Add the swollen chickpeas and fry for a few more minutes.

3. Laying different spices and warming up to reveal their flavor.

4. Wash rice to clear water. Well drain the liquid and add to the cauldron. Also fry lightly with vegetables, two minutes is enough.

5. Fill the products with boiling water. Salt and add garlic. Water should be above the level of products on the finger.

6. Cover and simmer on low heat for thirty minutes. Turn it off, stir well before serving, fill with greens.

Recipe 5: Fast pilaf with rice and buckwheat

Option mixed lean pilaf, which uses two grains. The dish is unusual, but very fragrant, crumbly and tasty.


• 0.15 kg of rice;

• 0.15 kg buckwheat;

• 2 carrots;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• 50 ml of oil;

• 1 piece of onion;

• spices.


1. As usual, fry the onions and carrots in butter. Vegetables are not small and chop quite large.

2. Wash the cereal. Rice until the water is clear, it is enough to rinse buckwheat a couple of times. Lay in the cauldron.

3. Add spices to your taste, lay the garlic, salt and mix well. Level with spatula.

4. Fill with boiling water so that the water covers the products on two fingers.

5. After boiling, cover the pilaf and cook until ready for about 25 minutes.

Recipe 6: Fast pilaf with soy meat

Soy meat is a wonderful product that will help diversify the diet in the post. If you cook lenten pilaf correctly, you get very tasty and nutritious. We use soy texturate.


• 0.4 kg of rice;

• 2 onions;

• 2 carrots;

• 0.5 cups of oil;

• 1 bag of seasoning for pilaf (10 g);

• 80 grams of soy meat;

• salt.


1. Fry carrots and onions in oil. Cut into large.

2. Rice must not only be rinsed well, but also allowed to stand for five minutes in water. Then the liquid is drained, add cereal to the cauldron.

3. Put the salt and spices, pour water so that it covers the product on 3 fingers.

4. Cover and cook for exactly 10 minutes.

5. Add soy meat, stir, cover again and simmer on low heat for another 10 minutes. Turn off, give insist. On a warm stove.

Recipe 7: Sweet Lenten Pilaf

For the preparation of sweet lean pilaf you need quite a few products. And the result is sure to please. The dish can be served at any meal, regardless of the time of day.


• 0.3 kg of rice;

• 0.1 kg of raisins;

• 1 carrot;

• 0.1 kg dried apricots;

• 0.1 kg of prunes;

• 60 g plums. oils;

• salt;

• 3 spoons of sugar.

Cooking 1. Boil rice in salted water until almost ready. We make sure that the grains do not fall apart and keep their shape.

2. Put oil on the pan, give it to melt.

3. Add the grated carrot and fry.

4. Put the dried fruits in the pan. Just wash the raisins. And prunes and dried apricots are cut into cubes or straws. We warm up for a moment.

5. Add cooked rice and sugar, stir.

6. Cover the pan with the lid and simmer the dish for about five minutes.

7. Serves such pilaf hot or cold. It goes well with fruit sauces, cinnamon, nuts.

Lenten pilau - useful tips and tricks

• After cooking, the pilaf is always left in the cauldron to reach the desired state. But what if there is no cauldron? If the dish is cooked in a saucepan, saucepan or pan, then the vessel must be wrapped in a warm blanket or old coat and let it brew.

• Garlic does not have to be cleaned before laying in pilaf. Dental can be put together with the husk. And in real Uzbek pilaf they lay the whole head of garlic, only by removing the top husk (which is thin and dry).

• Soy meat is a product that can be added to any pilaf recipe. But before that you need to read the instructions on the package. Some types of product require prior preparation, for example, soaking in water or boiling.

• Red and brown rice differ from our usual cereal not only in appearance. They have a different taste and are considered more useful and safe for the figure.

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