Apple jam cake - a soulful tea party. Surprise relatives and friends with recipes for apple jam

Apple jam cake - a soulful tea party. Surprise relatives and friends with recipes for apple jam

Of course, you can treat your friends with tea with cake or cakes bought on the way home, at the nearest confectionery or bakery - this will be an ordinary warm reception, with a delicious dessert, following all the rules of etiquette and the laws of hospitality. If you serve tea cake, cooked before the arrival of guests, the warm welcome will be remembered for a long time, along with the taste of freshly baked cake. The aroma of homemade cakes, noticeable even behind the front door, will tell the guests how the hosts value them, how diligently they prepare for their arrival. Even if the cake turns out to be the easiest, the tea party will be soulful and unforgettable.

Apple jam cake - basic technological principles

There is hardly a more numerous range of baked goods than pies. They are open and closed, large and small, for holidays and everyday life, with a simple and complex filling, from different types of dough. Home baking is so good that it does not require strict adherence to a strict recipe.

A tasty pie can be baked even half an hour before the arrival of guests, if there is a little apple jam, eggs, sugar, a little butter, and, of course, flour in the house. You can cook the dough from the same flour and water, adding a little cinnamon and sugar. For homemade pie with jam, the main thing - creative initiative and the presence of a minimum amount of fresh produce.

Below are the recipes for baking from various types of dough, about the technology of preparation, which you can write a whole book and it is impossible to tell in one small article. But, if you cook it once, with your own hands, then no advice will be needed. The best teacher is your own experience.

Read recipes, choose, refine and change them to your liking. If you like any idea - write it in your culinary notebook.

Recipe 1. Yeast pastry with apple jam


Flour 650 g

Cinnamon - to taste

Vanillin 2g

Sugar 120g

Kitchen salt 8 g

Milk, whole (3.2%) 250 ml

Eggs 3 pcs.

Margarine 100 g

Jam apple 350 g

Yeast pressed 50 g

Working order:

Combine eggs with sugar and salt, whisk. Melt cream margarine or butter in a water bath; cool to room temperature. Heat the milk and dilute the yeast by adding a tablespoon of sugar and 200 g of sifted flour. As soon as bubbles appear on the surface of the mass, add the remaining liquid components of the dough to the bowl. Stir.

Prepare a dry mixture. In the sifted flour, add vanilla, fine salt, sugar. Add the dry mixture to the liquid in small pieces, kneading the dough until it stops sticking to the hands and dishes.

Cover with foil and place in a warm place. When it rises to the edge of the bowl, place it on a work surface, oiled, and begin cutting it.

Separate? part and place in a bowl, covered with foil. From the rest of the test roll out a circle. Transfer it to a pre-prepared form. Cover the edges of the dough on the side of the form.

In the jam, add the cinnamon and mix. If the jam is very thick, add a little water and boil it over low heat. Cool and then evenly cover the bottom layer of the semi-finished product.

Roll out the second half of the dough and cover it with jam. Connect the edges of both layers of the cake. Optionally, you can change the appearance of the cake, and make it open. In this case, from the second part of the test, after its rolling, it is necessary to cut the strips and lay them crosswise over the surface of the product, and close the edge with a woven flagellum or pigtail. For better adhesion of small parts with the base (bottom layer) lubricate the rim with egg white.

After proofing, bake at 180-200 ° C. Once the product is reddened, remove it from the oven, using a brush, brush the surface with a whipped yolk with sugar and melted butter. Put on a dish after cooling.

Recipe 2. Sponge cake dough with apple jam

Product List:

Eggs 5 pcs.

Flour, wheat 125 g

Rum extract 4 ml

Vanillin 5g

Salt, kitchen 7 g

Sugar 100 g

Jam 350 g

To decorate:

Powder 70 g

Protein 3 pcs.

Vanilla 4 g

Candied fruit 90 g

Working order:

Separate the whites and yolks of pre-cooled eggs. Whisk separately. Add 5-6 drops of citric acid to whites in the whites, and fine salt in the yolks. Combine the protein and yolk mass, putting the yolks in one spoon and gently mixing the dough with a spatula.

Gradually add sifted flour. Finish the dough immediately shift into a baking dish, greased with vegetable fat. Bake immediately, in a preheated oven, over medium heat. Before the appearance of a ruddy crust on the surface of the cake, the biscuit dough should not be touched: at this time, do not open the oven, try to carefully handle the stove to avoid mechanical damage to the cake. Biscuit dough can lose its pomp from being hit by the oven door - it is very "capricious." After about 25-30 minutes, the biscuit will be baked. Take out the form and place it on the grid for cooling. Remove the cooled cake from the mold. Divide into two identical cakes with a thread. Grease each of them with jam and connect with each other.

Beat the whites with powdered sugar until stable peaks form, adding vanilla to the protein cream. Using a cornet or pastry bag, drop the cream on the surface of the product. Put the cake on a baking sheet, put in the oven heated to 150 ° C for 7-10 minutes. Turn off the oven and do not get the cake to cool completely, but slightly open the door. Then garnish with chopped candied fruit.

Recipe 3. Rice cake with apple jam and pears


Yolks, raw 6 pcs.

Soft oil 180 g

Sugar 200 g

Crystal Vanillin 2 g

Flour 250 g

Lemons 300 g (2 pcs.)


Apple jam 150 g

300 g rice

Water 600 ml

Milk or cream 300 ml

Pears, fresh 2 pcs. (large)

Icing sugar 50 g

Cooking Procedure: Pour the sifted flour on the table, slide, make a hollow and put 100 g of sugar, 2 yolks, salt, grated lemon zest (1 pc.), Soft butter, vanilla.

Knead the dough, wrap it in film and put it in the fridge for half an hour. Boil water in a saucepan, put the washed rice and salt. Cook over moderate heat. When rice absorbs water, reduce heat and pour in milk; continue cooking until milk is absorbed. Cool, add sugar, apple jam, zest of the second lemon, 4 yolks. Stir to a smooth consistency.

Prepare a head start and preheat the oven. Roll out the dough on the table to fit the shape, shift, lining the bottom. Put the rice mixture on top, bake at 180? C, about 50 minutes. Cut the prepared pears into thin slices. Put on a pie in a circle after it has cooled. Pour with melted butter (30-50g) and sprinkle with sugar. Preheat oven to 250? C. Place the cake on the top shelf to browse the fruit. Sprinkle with powdered sugar when cool.

Recipe 4. Apple jam and candied fruit cake

Product Composition:

Fresh lemons (medium size) 250 g


Eggs 4 pcs.

Sugar 300 g

Oil, softened plums. 125 g

Apples 1 kg (or jam - 0.6 kg)

Candied lemon 100 g

Candied Cherries 150 g

8-10 dry biscuits

Flour (high grade) 350 g

Cooking Technology:

Pour the sifted flour on the table. Make a slide with a hollow in which you put 3 egg yolks, grated lemon zest, butter, salt and sugar. Make the dough and, wrapping, put in the refrigerator for half an hour.

Peeled apples cut into slices or cubes (without skin), and put in a pan with sugar, zest of the second lemon. Pour in a few tablespoons of drinking water, and cook on low heat for half an hour. Cool the apples and mash.

If you use apple jam, then add lemon juice and zest to it, a few spoons of water and boil until moderately thick.

Roll out the dough in the shape of a square with a side of 22-24 cm, in the size of the mold, and 0.5 cm thick. Preheat the oven. Treat the inner surface of the mold with oil and tart with flour. Move the prepared layer into the mold and make the notches with a knife. Cover the dough with a layer of dry biscuits, put apple jam on top of it, level the surface with a spatula or knife. From the remnants of the test, make flagella, and spread them diagonally. Brush with egg white. Bake 30 minutes at 180? C. After fifteen minutes, without getting out of the oven, sprinkle icing sugar over the cake. Place candied cherries and candied fruit on the cooled cake between the flagella and diamonds to decorate the product.

Recipe 5. Curd cake with apple jam

Ingredient list:

Ready dough, puff 0.5 kg

For the filling and decoration:

Cottage cheese (18%) 500 g

Canned apricots (halves) 350 g

Eggs 2 pcs.

Apple jam 350 g

Potato flour 30 g

Amaretto 100 ml

Sugar 150 g

Working order:

Cottage cheese, povilo, starch and liqueur, place the bowl of the blender and whisk.

Preheat oven to 160? C. Lubricate the form of oil, sprinkle with flour through a strainer. Roll out the dough and put into shape. Cover the sheet with parchment and sprinkle dry beans or peas on the parchment. Bake 10 minutes. Remove the semi-finished product from the oven, remove the parchment with the beans and fill with cooked cream.

Return the cake to the oven. Bake another 20 minutes. Cool the finished product and then decorate with apricot halves.

Recipe 6. Country cake with apple jam, nuts and dried fruits

Product Composition:

Flour 550 g

Yeast 150 g

Rum 100 ml

Milk, homemade 200 ml

Raisins, dates - 100 g

Butter, creamy 120 g

Jam 300 g

Honey, liquid 3 tbsp. l

Lemon Peel - 2 Fresh Lemons

Cocoa powder 30 g

Sugar 50 g

Hazelnuts, almonds - 100 g



Wash dried fruits. Cut the dates, add the raisins and fill with rum.

Pour warm milk into the bowl and dissolve the yeast. Add 150 g of flour, cover the brew with a towel for 30 minutes. Combine the remaining flour with cocoa, sugar and salt.

Combine the mixture with brew. Knead the dough to an elastic consistency. Cover with a towel or wrap, place closer to heat to lift.

Using a knife, remove the zest from the lemons, and cut it into very thin straws. Put dried fruit, lemon zest, nuts and softened butter in the risen dough. Grease round the form and sprinkle with flour. Put the dough into it, after having rolled it into a ball, cover it with a towel and let it rise.

Preheat oven to 180? C. Bake for about an hour. Mix a small portion of honey with rum and grease the ready and hot cake. Cover it with a cotton towel for a few minutes.

Apple jam cake - tips and tricks

A good result in the preparation of dough depends on the consistency of butter. For yeast dough, the oil should be soft and have a room temperature. For puff and shortbread dough, the oil should be chilled and firm.

To save time on cooking the cake, take the frozen ready-made dough.

Thick jam for an open pie, boil it with a little water.

To grind nuts in a blender, add a little sugar so that it absorbs the peanut butter. Then the nuts will not stick to the bowl.

To jam did not spread over the surface of the dough when baking, pour a thin layer of cookie crumbs under it.

If the hot cake, taking out of the oven, immediately cover with a cotton towel, the crisp will become soft and the cake will not crumble when sliced.

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