Pink salmon with cheese in the oven: the best recipes for holidays and weekdays. Cooking pink salmon with cheese in the oven to please the home

Pink salmon with cheese in the oven: the best recipes for holidays and weekdays. Cooking pink salmon with cheese in the oven to please the home

Pink salmon with cheese in the oven is one of those dishes that look great on a festive table, but they are also suitable for an ordinary family dinner, because fish is cooked for a short time, and usually even picky children eat it with a ruddy cheese crust.

Only it is necessary to cook it properly, taking into account the tastes of family members.

Pink salmon is a rather fatty fish. Therefore, in the process of cooking pink salmon with cheese in the oven, you should avoid using excess fat, and it is better to take cheese that is not very fat if you have a choice.

Pink salmon with cheese in the oven: general principles

Pink salmon should be bought in a store that you trust, remembering that now you can often find tinted fish, which is a red one, on sale. If the color of the product seems unnatural to you, it is better to refuse the purchase.

It is better to choose a whole carcass with the head. First, it is easier to determine the quality of the fish: fresh fish have clear eyes and bright gills; dull colors are characteristic of not too fresh product.

Secondly, if the fish is frozen, then more juice is preserved in the whole carcass, and the fillets or steaks may be too frozen.

To cook pink salmon with cheese in the oven, you can take a large fish, and smaller. If you need a fillet with a recipe, it is best to cut it yourself from the carcass. The same applies to the pieces.

If, when preparing a pink salmon with cheese in the oven, you decided to use spicy herbs, then stop choosing traditional parsley and rosemary. Just remember that rosemary has a rather strong specific taste and aroma, first make sure that it is to everyone's liking.

The same applies to lemon. No doubt, lemon-fish is very pleasant, but you can't overdo it, because pink salmon and cheese in the oven is a dish with a delicate and mild flavor, excessive acid can hopelessly spoil all the pleasure.

For roasting pink salmon with cheese in the oven, you can use either glass or metal molds (the first is preferable: they quickly part with the smell of fish) and envelopes of foil.

Recipe 1. Pink salmon with cheese and vegetables in the oven

To prepare such a pink salmon with cheese in the oven, you can take “uncomfortable” slices: from the tail, from the head, and the like, because the fish will still have to be cut.


Pink salmon - a piece weighing about a kilogram

Cheese - 150 g, preferably mozzarella or other unleavened fatty cheese

Onion - 1 onion

Carrot - 1 piece, quite large

Sweet pepper - 1 - 2 fruits

Brussels sprouts - 200 g frozen

Cherry Tomatoes - 5-7 Stuff

Rosemary, parsley - at will and to taste

Vegetable oil - a little


Method of preparation

Washed and peeled pink salmon cut into pieces of small size, pre-cleaned and freed from the bones.

Cut the carrots or grate quite large, cut the onion into half rings, chop the sweet pepper. Cut cabbage and cherry in half. If you do not want to use Brussels sprouts, you can do without it, and you can replace it only with broccoli: any other will significantly change the taste of the dish.

Cherry, in principle, can also be replaced with other tomatoes, although it is also undesirable. Then they should be cut into small slices, and take less, a couple of pieces literally.

Spicy herbs chopped. Cheese grate.

In a deep baking dish, lightly oiled, put a small layer of fish, then herbs and a mixture of vegetables, sprinkle with cheese and bake in the oven.

Recipe 2. Pink salmon with cheese and sour cream in the oven

This option of pink salmon with cheese in the oven is suitable for children and those people who need a more sparing diet. Sour cream in the recipe can be replaced with cream for the sauce, they have a fat content of 20-25%.


Pink salmon (fillet cut from carcass) - 500 g

Sour cream (cream) - 0.2 l

Cheese type “Kostroma” - 200 g

Parsley - a small bunch

Method of preparation

The salmon fillet prepared for baking should be carefully freed from bones and skin and cut into beautiful small pieces.

Cheese rub and mix with sour cream or cream (you can mix sour cream with cream in equal shares). Parsley leaves (stalks used for other purposes - for example, put in broth) chop and add to the sauce. Salt is usually not required, but if the taste seems too bland, add some salt. Place the pink salmon pieces in the mold and pour over the sauce, then bake.

Recipe 3. Pink salmon with cheese and olives in the oven

Spicy and spicy fish in the Italian style is a rather unusual recipe of pink salmon with cheese in the oven; A good option in order to diversify the menu, but often you should not prepare such a “balm” for the liver.


A piece or steaks of pink salmon - about a kilogram

Parmesan type cheese - 200 g or more

Olives without stones - half-cans of 400 g

Pesto - a couple of tablespoons

Mayonnaise - 1 - 2 tablespoons


Onions - 1/2 onions

Method of preparation

Clean and wash the selected fish for cooking, cut the piece into steaks or other portioned pieces.

Mix pesto with mayonnaise and this mixture is well lubricated pieces of fish. Marinate them for at least half an hour, placing them under a film in a cool place (in the refrigerator, for example).

Chop onion finely, olives - each across 3 - 4 circles. Chop herbs if they are fresh. Put in the form of fish, on it - herbs, then onions and olives, generously sprinkle with cheese, grated large enough, and place in the oven.

Recipe 4. Pink salmon with cheese and mayonnaise in the oven

According to this recipe, you can make a pink salmon with cheese in the oven with purchased mayonnaise, and you can make mayonnaise sauce yourself, which, of course, will be tastier and healthier.


Pink salmon (steaks) - about 1 kg

Eggs (yolks) - 2 pieces

Mustard - about half a teaspoon

Vegetable (olive or sunflower) oil - 3/4 cup

Lemon juice - 1 spoon

Small capers - 2 teaspoons

Pickled cucumber - 1 large or 3 - 4 gherkins

Onion - 1 onion

Green onions - a few feathers

Gouda type cheese - 300 g

Pomegranate seeds - a couple of tablespoons

Tomatoes, small and fairly dense - 4 pieces

Method of preparation

Peeled fish cut into steaks of medium thickness.

Cook mayonnaise. To do this, put two yolks, mustard, lemon juice and butter in the bowl of a blender or mixer. If you want a salty mayonnaise, then you need to add salt right away.

Beat the mayonnaise, keeping the blender or mixer at the very bottom; raise the blender up only when the oil remains only on the surface of the already thickened mass. Grind capers and cucumber and also mix in mayonnaise. Cut onions finely, tomato - slices.

Place the pink salmon in a mold or on a baking sheet, sprinkle generously with onions and place the tomato slices on top. For each piece, put a sufficient amount of mayonnaise and place in the oven, where to bake for about 15 minutes. Remove, sprinkle with grated cheese and chopped green onions and return to the oven at 220 degrees for 3 - 5 minutes.

Already in a plate, pink salmon sprinkled with pomegranate seeds, serve hot.

Recipe 5. Pink salmon with cheese and potatoes in the oven


Pink salmon - 1 kg

Potatoes - 1 kg

Mayonnaise (purchased or homemade) - 5 - 6 tablespoons

Semi-hard cheese - 0.2 kg

Onion - 1 piece

Vegetable oil for baking

Method of preparation

Fish divided into relatively small pieces, free from bones and skin. Peel the potatoes and cut them into very thin circles or (if the tubers are large) in semicircles.

In a deep form pour a little oil, then pour onions, chopped into rings. Place fish pieces on the bow, covering them with a small amount of mayonnaise. Put the potatoes, also smeared with mayonnaise and lightly salted. Sprinkle with cheese and place in the oven, heated to about 200 degrees.

Recipe 6. Pink salmon with cheese and green beans in the oven (in foil)

This is probably the most dietary variant of pink salmon with cheese in the oven. Cheese is also worth taking dietary: low fat.


Fish - about a kilogram

Carrots - 2 pieces

Onion - 1 onion

Frozen green beans - 400 g

Low-fat cheese - 200 g

Soy sauce - a pair of spoons

Lemon juice

Black pepper, herbs - to taste

Method of preparation

Pink salmon cut into portions, sprinkle with soy sauce and lemon juice and leave for 20-30 minutes.

Rub carrots, chop onions. String beans to defrost. Finely chop greens.

Put a piece of fish on the squares of the foil, on it - greens, onions, carrots and beans. Salt the vegetables lightly and cover with a piece of cheese, wrap the foil and put the envelopes with fish and vegetables on a baking sheet and put in the oven, well heated to 180 degrees, for about half an hour.

Recipe 7. Pink salmon with cheese and citrus in the oven

The exquisite and original recipe of pink salmon with cheese in the oven can be used as a dish for any holiday table. Although the taste of the fish is peculiar.


Pink salmon (fillet) - 4 pieces

Canned pineapples - 4 washers and a couple spoons of syrup

Oranges - 2 pieces

Kumquat (if possible) - 4 things

Cheese (soft, mozzarella type) - 200 g

Pepper white, black and pink - slightly

Pomegranate seeds - a couple of tablespoons

Method of preparation

Slightly moisten slices of pink salmon fillet with pineapple juice from a can. From one orange, wipe off the zest and sprinkle half of it, as well as white and black pepper fish. Leave a half an hour to marry.

The second orange is cut into very thin circles, just cut the kumquats.

On a baking sheet or in a form, slightly oiled, put the pieces of fish, on them - one puck of pineapple, then a cup of orange and a few circles kumquat. Sprinkle fruits with a large amount of pink pepper (you can do without it), cover with grated cheese immediately bake to obtain a ruddy cheese crust.

Decorate the finished dish with leftover rind and pomegranate seeds.

Recipe 8. Pink salmon with cheese and mushrooms in the oven

Probably the most festive version of this dish. It is better for him to take mushrooms with a more pronounced taste: for example, oyster mushrooms or chanterelles. But the mushrooms will do. In the latter case, it is enough to wash and chop the mushrooms, while oyster mushrooms and chanterelles should be boiled first: oyster mushrooms - 10 minutes, and chanterelles - 20 - 25.


Pink salmon - about a kilo of fillet

Mushrooms - 500 g

Sour cream (or cream with a fat content of 20 - 25%) - 200 - 300 ml

Onion - 1 piece

Parsley and dill - bunch

Saffron - half a teaspoon

Cheese - 300 g

Lemon juice - about a spoon or a little more

Method of preparation

Free the pink salmon from the bones and cut into pieces of approximately the same size that there are two or three pieces per serving. Moisten them with lemon juice and leave in a cool place, covered with cling film, for about half an hour.

Finely chop the onion, cut the mushrooms too. If it is oyster mushrooms or chanterelles, then boil them the right amount of time. Fry lightly onions and mushrooms for 5 - 6 minutes. Cheese rub. In a cream or sour cream mix saffron and some grated cheese. Leave the rest of the grated cheese to sprinkle.

Put the fish in a deep shape, put mushrooms and onions on top of it, pour over the saffron sauce and put in the oven at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes. Then get it, sprinkle with cheese and return to the oven for 5 minutes, increasing the temperature to 200 degrees.

Pink salmon with cheese in the oven: tricks and tips

  • To bake a pink salmon with cheese in the oven, many tricks are required. It is in fact not difficult to prepare and a fairly quick dish. The main thing is to choose a good fish, not frozen. If the fish is very dry, do not bake it with cheese. It is better to cook dry pink salmon in tomato sauce or make it into mincemeat and bake cutlets or meatballs, not forgetting to put a small cube of butter in each product in the middle: this will make the dish juicier.
  • Another way to deal with the problem is to bake such fish with cream or in an envelope of foil. But this does not quite help.
  • Rosemary can serve as a wonderful decoration for fish, and not just seasoning.
  • If you like, you can make pink salmon with any cheese, even melted or sausage. Before rubbing, you must put such cheese in the freezer for a while, otherwise it will not rub. Do not forget that it will not melt. And these types of cheese give the fish a peculiar taste and smell.
  • Not only potatoes are good as a garnish for fish - very good salmon is combined with vegetable stews or cereals. Such a side dish will make the dish even healthier.
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