Gentle and juicy pink salmon in a slow cooker. Remarkable recipes of pink salmon in a slow cooker: with vegetables, rice, mushrooms, cheese

Gentle and juicy pink salmon in a slow cooker. Remarkable recipes of pink salmon in a slow cooker: with vegetables, rice, mushrooms, cheese

Valuable Far Eastern pink salmon has a delicious, healthy, tender meat. Under its silvery skin there is an abundance of high quality highly digestible protein, unique amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids. By eating pink salmon regularly, it is possible not only to maintain the shape and skin in perfect condition, but to delay the onset of old age.

However, some housewives treat pink salmon with prejudice. The complete absence of fat in the diet meat is scary, which can make the finished dish dry and tough. Multicooker will help: even the driest fish spoil it is very difficult.

Pink salmon in a slow cooker is prepared according to traditional recipes, adapted to the characteristics of the device. Pink fish is good both by itself and in combination with vegetables, rice, potatoes, mushrooms, cheese. To give the meat extra juiciness, you can bake it in various sauces: creamy, cheese, tomato, ginger, lemon.

Pink salmon in a slow cooker - general principles of cooking

When roasting pink salmon in a slow cooker, the main thing is to properly carve a carcass. All the rest will make a smart device. You need to defrost the fish before leaving it in the fridge for the night or leaving it for two hours on the kitchen table. After thawing the fish, scrape off the scales, wash and gut the carcass. With particular care to remove the gallbladder.

Head, tail and fins should be cut. To get the steaks in the bone, the carcass is simply cut along the ridge into pieces of the desired thickness.

To obtain the fillet, it is necessary to rid the fish of bones and spine. Skin does not need to be removed. The carcass must be cut along the back to the beginning of the costal part. Hands, helping yourself with a knife, remove from the flesh of the ridge, then from the ribs. If there are bones on the fillet, you need to select them.

Pink salmon in a crock-pot with carrots and onions

The classic combination of fish with carrots and onions is time tested. It is from him that you can start mastering the device: pink salmon in a slow cooker with vegetables will turn out juicy, sweetish and very tasty. Ingredients:

• average pink salmon;

• small carrot;

• two small bulbs (or one large);

• ready seasoning for fish;

• black pepper, salt;

• spoon of vegetable oil;

• two spoons of ordinary mayonnaise.


Prepared pink salmon cut into pieces no thicker than three or four centimeters.

Salt pieces, season with spices and pepper, leave to marinate.

Onion bulb cut into semi-ribs.

Coarsely rub red carrots or cut into thin cubes.

Smear the bowl of the device with vegetable oil.

At the bottom to shift half of grated carrots and onions.

Mayonnaise dissolve a little water or liquid sour cream.

Pour mayonnaise sauce over vegetables.

Put fish slices over the vegetable cushion.

Cover pink salmon with remaining vegetables.

Pour the remaining mayonnaise.

Cook in baking mode for thirty minutes.

Pink salmon in a slow cooker with sour cream and cheese

Roasted pink salmon in a slow cooker, filled with sour cream, will surprise you with excellent taste and delight with juiciness.


• a small pink salmon;

• a glass of sour cream;

• some vegetable oil;

• two hundred grams of cheese;

• spices for fish;

• salt.


Pink salmon carcass cut into steaks.

Lightly salt and pepper the fish.

Pour two spoons of oil into the slow cooker and turn on the frying mode.

When the oil warms up, fry the fish pieces on both sides. A crust should form.

Dilute sour cream with a small amount of water (half a glass is enough), adding half a teaspoon of salt and a bag of spices.

Finely grate the cheese.

Put the fish on the bottom of the bowl.

Pour cream sauce, trying to cover all the pieces.

Under a closed lid, cook pink salmon for twenty minutes.

Then pour the fish chips with cheese chips, close the lid, cook in free mode for another ten minutes.

When serving, decorate with greens, lemon slices and olives.

Pink salmon in a multicooker with potatoes

Multivarka able to cope with the task and more difficult. A good option for pink salmon in a slow cooker with cream-egg sauce will help solve the problem of a family dinner.


• fillet of one salmon;

• four medium potatoes; • two small carrots;

• two medium sized bulbs;

• half a cup of sour cream;

• that grams of semi-hard cheese;

• two chicken eggs;

• pepper, salt.


Cut the potatoes into thin slices and place on the bottom of the steaming vessel.

Cut the fillets into slices and spread over the potatoes.

Sprinkle with pepper.

Grate the carrot finely.

Chop the onion in any way.

Pour a glass of water (multi-glass) into the bowl.

Finely grate cheese.

Mix eggs, sour cream.

Pour the sauce over the fish pieces.

Put cheese crumb on top of the sauce.

Enable steam cooking (20 minutes).

Pink salmon in a slow cooker with rice

Delicate and delicious pink salmon in a slow cooker is very simple and convenient to cook with rice. Tomatoes, bell peppers and onions give the dish a fantastic flavor


• a small pink salmon;

• salt pepper;

• two multi-cups of white rice;

• large onion;

• average Bulgarian pepper;

• large carrot;

• a glass of ready broth or water;

• some oil;

• large tomato;

• a bunch of any greens.


Slice pink salmon on filet.

Fish marinated in salt and pepper.

Shredded carrots shredded on a Korean grater.

Sweet pepper cut into thin sticks.

Chop the onion and tomato in small cubes.

Cut the greens with a knife.

Pour the oil into the bowl

Fry all vegetables in frying mode until golden brown.

On top of the vegetable zazharki put fillets.

Cover with washed rice.

Pour multistakan water or ready broth.

Cook on the mode of stewing or cooking milk porridge.

When serving, decorate with greens.

Pink salmon in a slow cooker with mushrooms

Mushrooms and pink salmon in a slow cooker - the original combination of taste and benefit. The creamy freshness, aroma of citruses, cheese note make this dish worthy of a festive table.


• average pink salmon;

• four hundred grams of fresh mushrooms;

• two large onions;

• two medium carrots;

• lemon;

• a glass of heavy cream;

• 150 grams of semi-hard cheese;

• a third cup of sour cream;

• pepper, salt;

• some cooking oil;

• seasoning for fish.


Mushrooms cut arbitrary slices. Pour the butter into the bowl and fry the mushrooms in the frying or baking mode (cover with lid). The liquid should evaporate.

Pink salmon fillet and marinate in lemon juice, salt, spices.

Onions cut into large rings.

Coarse grate carrot.

A piece of cheese grate finely.

Mushrooms from the bowl lay out.

Again, pour in a little oil and fry the onions with carrot until golden brown.

Prepare a creamy sauce, mixing cream, sour cream, cheese.

On top of the carrot and onion zazharki spread fish fillets.

Half a cream sauce pour pink salmon.

Put a layer of mushrooms.

Pour the rest of the sauce over the mushrooms.

Cook under the lid closed in baking mode for half an hour.

Open the lid, let the cheese harden a little, then serve.

Pink salmon in a slow cooker in a creamy garlic sauce

Sweet butter gives pink salmon in a slow cooker a rich taste, and garlic - a spicy aroma.


• 800 grams of finished fillet;

• 400 ml low-fat cream;

• one hundred grams of butter;

• two cloves of garlic;

• salt.


Cut onion bulbs into quarter rings.

Chop garlic garlic.

Turn on frying mode and disentangle oil.

Fry the onion first (until soft), then add the garlic and fry all together literally a mint.

Put the frying pan on the plate, leaving the butter.

Cut fillets into small portions.

Without turning off the frying mode, put the pieces of fish in the bowl with the skin up.

As soon as the meat turns white, turn it over.

Put onion on top of pink salmon.

Pour the cream.

Cook for ten minutes under the lid until the sauce begins to thicken.

Sprinkle with pepper.

Close the lid and leave the dish to infuse for twenty minutes.

Pink salmon in a crock-pot in tomato sauce

Tomato sauce, sweet peppers, onions and carrots give the pink cooker in a slow cooker a special fresh flavor. Be sure to try this wonderful dish!


• medium size pink salmon;

• three carrots;

• one large onion;

• two bell peppers;

• half a cup of ketchup or tomato sauce;

• some vegetable oil;

• salt pepper.


To cut fish on rather narrow steaks. Remove the skin from the scalded tomato with boiling water and cut the flesh into small pieces.

Cut the remaining vegetables into thin slices.

Preheat some butter in a bowl in frying or baking mode.

Fry the vegetables until the juice is separated, without closing the lid.

Put steaks, slightly add salt and pepper (if you want).

Dilute ketchup with a glass of hot water.

Pour fish with tomato sauce (liquid should reach the top of the steaks).

Cook under the lid for thirty minutes.

Pink salmon in a crock-pot in cheese sauce

Very simple and tasty recipe of pink salmon in a slow cooker. With such a dish, an aspiring cook will easily steer.


• a small pink salmon;

• 400 ml of cream;

• 150 grams of semi-hard cheese;

• pepper, salt;

• two tablespoons of flour.


Slice pink salmon on filet. Marinate the fish in pepper and salt.

Grate the cheese finely.

Fresh cream pour into the bowl, turn on the mode of milk porridge or baking.

Carefully shift the cheese into the cream.

Pour flour, breaking lumps.

Boil the sauce, stirring necessarily.

When the sauce thickens, dip the fish in it.

Continue cooking under the lid until the end of the baking mode (another twenty minutes).

Pink salmon in a slow cooker with beans in ginger sauce

Ginger sauce will add notes of freshness to the classic taste of pink salmon. Green beans will make the dish a full-fledged version of a hearty, but light dinner.


• small carcass of pink salmon;

• bag of spices for fish;

• large onion;

• a pound of green beans;

• Spoon grated fresh ginger;

• two tablespoons of vinegar, rice or balsamic;

• three spoons of high-quality soy sauce;

• spoon of vegetable oil;

• orange;

• A tablespoon of roasted sesame.


Remove the zest from the orange and squeeze out the juice.

Pink salmon cut into several steaks.

Bulb chop half-wheeled.

Pour some vegetable oil into the bowl.

In frying mode, fry beans for about fifteen minutes.

Prepare ginger sauce by mixing orange juice, zest, ginger, soy sauce, spices and sesame.

Pour the beans over the sauce.

Put the fish slices over the beans.

Pour in the remains of ginger sauce. Put onion rings.

Close the lid and cook in baking mode for thirty minutes.

Pink salmon in a multicooker with pickled cucumbers under a cheese coat

A very interesting recipe, which basically does not use salt and spices. It's all about the sharpness of pickled cucumbers and grated cheese.


• pink salmon;

• salted (or pickled) cucumbers;

• fifty grams of cheese per steak;

• some oil.


Fish cut into steaks.

Cheese grate medium.

Take one cucumber per steak and grate too.

Grease the bowl with oil.

To breed pieces of fish.

For each piece, put a portion of cucumber puree and cheese.

Cook with the lid closed on the baking program for exactly half an hour.

Pink salmon in a slow cooker - tricks and useful tips

  • You can pickle pink salmon before putting it into the slow cooker in lemon juice, kefir, sour cream, cream, milk, mayonnaise. Meat will be more tender and juicy.
  • Pink salmon cannot be cooked for too long: thirty to forty minutes is enough.
  • Serve ready red fish with mashed potatoes, boiled rice, fresh sliced ​​vegetables, and stewed vegetables.
  • To reduce the calorie content of a dish if you need to lose weight, you can cook pink salmon in a slow cooker without oil, cream, cheese and other high-calorie supplements. It is enough to marinate the fillet for a few minutes in soy sauce, natural yogurt, lemon juice and spices and bake in baking or steaming mode for twenty minutes. In a bowl pour a quarter cup of water.
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