Carrot and meat salads are so different, so tasty, so healthy! Classic and exotic: recipes for carrot salad with meat

Carrot and meat salads are so different, so tasty, so healthy! Classic and exotic: recipes for carrot salad with meat

Carrots, due to their inherent sweetness and juiciness, are one of the best ingredients for meat salads.

Where the carrot is, there is the onion, it is practically an axiom of home cooking, but, adding meat, how can you give up the spices?

What is the result?

Yes, almost the range of Korean national cuisine!

And yet we diversify it, adding, where necessary, prunes, replace the exotic meat with more familiar beef and garnish with nuts and potato chips.

Carrot salad with meat - the basic principles of cooking

• To add a special flavor to carrot-to-meat salads, various ingredients are added to them, such as prunes, walnuts, canned vegetables, mushrooms, cheese, and more.

• Use carrots both raw and heat-treated - boiled or fried.

• Very often, for preparing salads from carrots with meat, they take ready-made spicy “Korean” carrots.

• When choosing a carrot, pay attention to its color; the brighter the root crop is, the more sweeter and more nutritious it is. Saturated color indicates a high content of carotene - an extremely useful substance for the human body.

• Take short, thick, cylindrical roots, they are the most juicy.

• Before using, the root crop is well washed under water and cut off the skin, trying to make it as thin as possible, since all the necessary nutrients are just under the outer layer. If the carrot is young and its surface is not replete with irregularities, try it just scrape.

• Meat can be prepared for cooking both fresh and smoked.

• Fresh before use, boil a whole piece, and then cut. Or, first cut and fried with vegetables or without them.

• Carrot salads are good with any kind of meat, but cooked from boiled chicken are considered the most dietary.

• Fill such foods with both vegetable oil and mayonnaise; some types of dressing are not recommended at all, for example, warm or dietary.

“Sharp” carrot salad with Korean meat


• one kilogram of carrots;

• 500 grams of white sweet onions;

• 250 ml of soybean oil, can be replaced with purified vegetable;

• 250 grams of lean young pork;

• 1 tsp. refined sugar;

• eight cloves of hot garlic;

• 15 ml of vinegar 9%.

Add to taste:

• black and red pepper;

• salt;

• soy sauce without additives.

Cooking Method:

1. Grate the peeled and washed root vegetables with a special vegetable grater “for the Korean carrot”. If not, you can simply chop with a thin sharp knife on a long straw, no thicker than 3 mm. Add salt, sugar, mix and slightly remember with your hands so that the juice comes out.

2. Mix the vinegar well with the crushed garlic. To add flavor, add black pepper crushed in a mortar, and red for sharpness, and place the mixture in the main dish. Again, mix everything well and let it sit a little.

3. During this time, save onions, cut into small pieces, in a well-heated soybean oil to transparency. Add the sliced ​​meat into thin strips and continue roasting until cooked.

4. When the meat is cooked, transfer the contents of the pan to the container with the carrot, mix all the ingredients thoroughly and put in a cool place to cool.

Carrots salad with meat “Obzhorka”


• four large carrots;

• half a lemon;

• two medium bulbs;

• 300 gr. pulp of steam veal;

• three small prongs of spicy garlic;

• 100 grams of vegetable oil;

• salt and crushed pea mill with a hand mill.

Cooking Method:

1. Dry the meat well washed with cold water, cut into thin slices and fry to obtain a soft golden crust in hot oil.

2. Then pour some water into the pan and simmer until the moisture is completely evaporated and the meat is soft. Add salt and pepper to your taste and cool.

3. In a clean skillet, lightly fry a little onion, until light ripeness, cut onion into thin half rings and mix it with meat. 4. Chop carrots into thin strips, pour them with squeezed lemon juice and leave to stand for a quarter of an hour.

5. Drain the excess juice and add the crushed garlic, shift the meat with the fried onions, add some salt, pepper and mix well.

6. Let it sit and soak from an hour to two.

Carrot salad with meat “Men's Joy”


• 1 kg of carrots, juicy varieties;

• onion;

• 350 gr. boiled lean veal or beef;

• vegetable oil;

• black, hand-ground, pepper;

• salt;

• sugar refined;

• vinegar 6%.

Cooking Method:

1. Freshly, peeled carrots, coarsely rub.

2. Cut the bulb into four pieces and chop not very thinly. Add a teaspoon of fine salt and refined sugar, pour in some hot water so that it covers the onion completely and, topping up with a tablespoon of vinegar, leave to marinate for ten minutes. After the marinade, drain, and shift the onions in a colander.

3. Boil in advance, chilled beef cut into strips as thin as possible and, after combining with pickled onions, let stand for half an hour.

4. Add grated carrot, season with pepper to your taste, salt, and pour in a little oil, mix.

Carrot Salad with Meat and Pickled Sunflower Champignons


• 300 gr. white chicken meat;

• three boiled hard boiled eggs;

• 250 grams of pickled champignons;

• small leek head;

• 200 grams 67% mayonnaise.

For decoration:

• a small stack of chips;

• 400 grams of canned sweet corn.

Cooking Method:

1. Boil thoroughly washed peeled carrots in water with added sugar until ready.

2. In the meantime, cut the chicken fillet into small pieces and fry in butter until tender golden crust forms. Be careful not to dry it.

3. Drain the carrot from the carrot, and put the finished chicken meat in a separate bowl and cool.

4. Cut the pickled mushrooms into small-sized cubes, remove the peel from the leek and cut into half rings.

5. Put the cooled chicken meat on a serving flat dish, rub the boiled carrots on top and grease with mayonnaise. 6. Then spread out a thin layer of chopped champignons, half rings of onion, and rubbed on top of the onions on a large grater of eggs, again smear with mayonnaise and salt.

7. Decorate the dish by spreading the corn on its surface with the thickened side up, and put the chips around. Corn can be replaced with cut in half olives without pits.

Korean carrot salad with meat and melted cheese - “Grandma's bed”


• 400 grams of chicken breast;

• two eggs;

• 200 grams of “Korean” carrots;

• a pair of orange slices;

• one “Dutch”, “Friendship” processed cheese, etc .;

• mayonnaise 40%;

• chips for serving.

Cooking Method:

1. In salted water, boil a whole piece of chicken fillet and, after cooling, cut into small cubes.

2. Boiled hard-boiled eggs finely chop or grate.

3. Remove the films from the orange slices and cut them thinner.

4. Put the salad out of the prepared ingredients in layers: boiled chicken meat, a thin layer of mayonnaise, “carrot-cha” (leave for decoration), chopped orange, mayonnaise again, grated eggs, rub grated cheese from above and again mayonnaise.

5. Decorate with chips, placing them in the center, and around put the net of carrots.

Carrot Salad with Meat, Prunes and Nuts “Orange Mosaic”


• 550 grams of fresh carrots;

• two small bulbs;

• a jar (0.5 l.) Of pickled non-sour mushrooms;

• 120 grams of prunes pitted;

• 150-200 grams of mayonnaise, non-fat;

• two cloves of garlic, small size;

• half a cup of walnut kernels.

Cooking Method:

1. Fry a thin carrot straw and onion half rings in different hot pans in clean hot oil.

2. Put everything in a colander, and, after the excess oil has gone, gently mix.

3. Add chopped mushrooms into small sized straws. They need to fry in butter, the remainder of the frying vegetables. There will also go chopped nuts and soaked in water and chopped prunes.

4. Half an hour before serving, add garlic, pounded in a mortar, and season the salad with mayonnaise, salt, taking a sample.

Carrot salad with meat and egg omelet “Light”


• 250 grams of boiled pork;

• three large carrots;

• two eggs;

• two cloves of mild garlic;

• mayonnaise without additives, for salad dressing;

• salt;

• curry;

• black pepper;

• for frying an omelet a little pure cl. oils.

Cooking Method:

1. To the carrots chopped on a large grater, add pepper and curry to your taste, salt and brew.

2. While the base of the salad absorbs the aromas of the added spices, fry in a griddle of scrambled, slightly salted eggs thin pancake. When the omelet has cooled, cut it into narrow strips and shift to carrots.

3. Add boiled meat cut into thin long strips, minced garlic, mayonnaise and mix everything well.

4. Approximately in half an hour serve to the table, during this time the salad is sufficiently soaked.

Dietary carrot salad with smoked chicken meat and thin waist beans


• 250 grams of smoked chicken breast;

• red canned beans;

• 200 grams of “Korean” carrots;

• on request fresh parsley, dill.

Cooking Method:

1. Put the diced smoked chicken meat into a container prepared for the salad.

2. Add canned beans, chopped greens, chopped greens, a few twigs can be left for decoration and pickled carrots.

3. Stir, sprinkle with greens on top.

4. This salad is not seasoned with either butter or mayonnaise, and salt is also not required.

Warm carrot salad with meat


• two large carrots;

• 100 grams of lean pork;

• small onion;

• garlic clove;

• red hot and black pea pepper (ground) to taste;

• 50 ml rast. oils.

Cooking Method:

1. Chopped short, thin straws (about 3 mm.) Fresh carrots, dip in boiling water.

2. When the water boils again, reduce the heat and continue to boil for three minutes with a slight boil.

3. Carrot so blanched in a colander to remove excess water. 4. Pork, sliced ​​about the same, in size, straws, quickly brown in oil and, a little pour boiling water, bring to readiness. Do not pour a lot of water when the meat is ready, the liquid should not remain.

5. Straw the onion straws to transparency in a separate pan and combine with blanched carrots and meat.

6. Add, taking into account your taste, peppers, table salt and warm well on the smallest heating for about three minutes.

7. Serve warm.

Carrot salad with meat - tricks and helpful tips

• If you find that the top part has a greenish tint when cleaning corn fruit, cut it off, as it is bitter and can ruin the taste of the salad.

• You can diversify the taste of carrot-filled salads with butter, by replacing refined, non-odorous vegetable oil with vegetable types, or specially flavored oils, for example, corn, olive, sesame or soy.

• When cooking carrot salad with meat, in the recipe of which nuts are indicated, try replacing walnuts with cedar or roasted peanuts.

• In the water for blanching, or when boiling carrots, put a little sugar, it will turn brighter.

• If vegetables and meat were fried in butter during cooking, add mayonnaise moderately when dressing salad, and, if possible, discard it altogether. These salads are quite fat in their own right.

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