5 secrets of cooking delicious desserts that will save your time. Sweet life without the hassle!

5 secrets of cooking delicious desserts that will save your time. Sweet life without the hassle!

Learn from the Italians. No, we will not cook tiramisu today. We will simply borrow one of the principles of the Italian “Dolce Vita”: food is a pleasure. The same should be her cooking. Simple, beautiful and tasteful.

How to add sweets in your life, while managing for her frantic rhythm? Prepare a simple dessert! Moreover, cook quickly, but without haste - do not forget, we all do in pleasure.

Desserts are far from always capricious dough, fragile meringues, beating proteins up to stable peaks, dancing with tambourines around a cunning cream or a spectacular icing. Cooking treats can be easy and quick. And it's not about fruit salad with yogurt, but about more interesting sweets.

Secret one - proper preparation saves time

So that the preparation of dessert in the literal sense of the word does not result in a mass of spoiled ingredients and piles of soiled dishes, we think through a plan of action in advance. Just think in your head what you need. In this good housewife will give odds to any military strategist. If there is not enough time for cooking, we choose a simple and clear recipe. Experiments with a mirror icing or multilayer cake leave for another case. Everything you need - a mixer, mixing bowls, measuring spoons, molds - should be at hand. Ingredients buy the list. That's all. Extremely simple, but such a minimal preparation really saves time. Agree, to run around the kitchen in search of a whisk, or suddenly discover the absence of vanilla - neither add mood nor speed the process.

The second secret is the minimum of ingredients with their ideal compatibility.

For a quick dessert, choose a win-win. Cottage cheese and berries, chocolate and nuts, apples and honey. We take what is friendly with each other without any problems. When the ingredients are few, no more than 4-5, then time is spent on cooking a little, and the chance of confusing something is minimal. We have selected for you examples of such desserts. Curd in chocolate

250 grams of cottage cheese;

dark or milk chocolate bar;

2 tablespoons of sugar;

fruits or berries (banana, kiwi, strawberry) - to taste.

Melt the chocolate in the microwave. We take small silicone molds, for example for cupcakes, and cover their walls with a thick layer of melted chocolate with a cooking brush. Put the molds in the freezer.

Beat cottage cheese with sugar using a blender, add finely chopped fruit.

During this time, the chocolate walls of the molds will just grab a little. We take out from the freezer, fill it with fruit and cottage cheese mixture, pour chocolate on top. And back to the cold. After 5-10 minutes, we get it, extract the dessert from the molds and enjoy it.

Sweet baked apples

4 medium sized apples;

4 teaspoons of honey;

50 grams of peeled walnuts;

prunes without stones and dried apricots - 4 pieces each;

Cinnamon - to taste.

Prunes and dried apricots are washed and briefly filled with hot water to become a little softer. In apples, remove the core, making them a small recess.

Walnuts finely cut, as well as dried fruits. Mix prunes, dried apricots and pieces of nuts with honey and cinnamon.

Starting a sweet mix of apples. We spread them on a baking sheet, covered with baking paper, and sent to the oven. At 200 degrees in about half an hour, the fragrant hot dessert is ready.

Fast Chocolate Pudding

100 grams of natural cocoa powder;

half a pack of butter;

120 grams of sugar;

6 tablespoons flour without slides;

0.5 liters of milk.

We take a saucepan, put on medium heat. Melt the butter. Then consistently pour sugar, flour, cocoa powder. Adding each ingredient, mix the mass thoroughly.

Now, gradually, in a few tricks, we pour out the milk, do not stop interfering. Just add the fire, wait a couple of minutes until the mixture thickens. After boiling, stir for another half a minute.

Remove from heat, pour into cups or ice-cream bowls, let cool. 30 minutes cool in the refrigerator. You can try!

The third secret - the simplest ingredients can magically transform

So, cookies can be the basis for the cake, even from the usual small cracker and sour cream a very delicate dessert is obtained. A chocolate paste with the addition of only two ingredients, you can make brownie cakes.

Brownies “in a hurry”

200 grams of chocolate or chocolate-nut paste;

2 eggs;

240 grams of flour.

Mix chocolate paste with eggs in a smooth homogeneous mass. Constantly stirring, gently, gradually pour the flour.

We shift the finished dough into portions. We put in an oven heated to 180 degrees for 10-12 minutes. On top of the cakes should crack a little, and inside remain slightly moist, check with a wooden toothpick. We get ready-made brownies, cool a little before removing from the molds.

Fish Cake

0.5 kg of small cracker “fish”;

0.5 kg sour cream 20% fat;

1 cup of sugar;

fruit and chocolate - for decoration.

Easier does not happen! Beat sour cream with sugar using a mixer. We pour out small cookies into the resulting sour cream. We mix well. We lay out a slide on a dish and send for a couple of hours in the fridge. If there is time, leave for the night. Decorate the cake decorated with grated chocolate, pieces of any fruit - everything you like!

By the way, you can modify this recipe by putting layers of fish and sliced ​​fruit, such as bananas or kiwi, soaked in sour cream, add nuts or chocolate droplets (drops) to the mass.

Secret Four - simplify and speed up the cooking method itself

Today, in the arsenal of the hostess a whole army of kitchen assistants. Blender, mixer, all kinds of graters - just do not count. We will use the microwave. With its help, desserts are prepared in minutes.

Cottage Cheese Soufflé

200 grams of cottage cheese;

1 apple or pear;

2 tablespoons of sugar;

2 eggs.

Separate the whites from the yolks. Using a blender, mix the yolks with cottage cheese and sugar. Protein whisk mixer with foam. Apple or pear three grated or cut into small pieces, add to the curd mass. Enter the whipped proteins, gently mix, so as not settled. Put the curd mass in small glass or ceramic cups. We put in a microwave for 5 minutes at maximum power. If the top has become dense, the souffle is ready. Quick Cupcake

5 tablespoons of flour;

2 tablespoons of vegetable oil;

1 egg;

2-3 tablespoons of sugar;

1.5 tablespoons of cocoa powder

75 ml of milk;

1 teaspoon baking powder.

Mix the egg with sugar, add vegetable oil. Then pour the milk. Pour flour, cocoa powder and baking powder, mix everything. We get the dough, the consistency is similar to thick cream. We bake in a glass form for the microwave oven of 5 minutes on the maximum power.

Secret Five - we are interested in other people's secrets

Everyone loves secrets. And especially strangers. But seriously, it never hurts to borrow a few life hacks from experienced chefs. They will help simplify the creation of dessert. For example:

• cream will beat faster and better if they are cold, you should also cool the bowl and whisk;

• A pinch of salt will help beat the egg whites well;

• ice cream can be made literally in a matter of seconds if you use frozen berries. This is a secret we have spotted from the famous British chef Jamie Oliver. Here is a recipe for his ice cream, which will require less than a minute of time!

Jamie's Ice Cream

250 ml of yogurt;

a pound of frozen berries (strawberries);

tablespoon honey.

Beat all ingredients with a blender until smooth. Immediately lay out in the pre-cooled ice-cream bowls. And enjoy a light popsicles.

That's really true - dolce vita without the hassle!

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