Milk shake recipe at home: with berries, fruits, chocolate, nuts. The best milkshakes are here!

Milk shake recipe at home: with berries, fruits, chocolate, nuts. The best milkshakes are here!

Fans of milk and ice cream are doubly lucky: they can enjoy the taste of their favorite drink for the benefit of the body.

And you can at least twice a day to change the recipe, each time getting a new delicious taste.

Milk and vanilla ice cream can be varied with fruit, berries, nut and chocolate chips, juice, fruit syrup, yogurt, and even a drop of brandy or rum.

Light, harmonious drink - a source of calcium, vitamins and good mood.

Milk-based cocktail gives pleasure to both kids and parents. And he can help in the difficult task of losing weight, if you know the secret recipe.

Milkshake - General Cooking Principles

The simplest recipe for a milkshake at home includes your own milk, a little ice cream and sugar or fruit syrup. The main thing is to thoroughly whisk the products so that you get a gentle air drink with a wonderful foam. When choosing ice cream, preference should be given to a milk or cream product, without fillers and flavors.

Based on the basic recipe, you can make almost any type of milk based cocktail. Instead of ice cream, add yogurt, kefir, ryazhenka, or even do without the second milk component.

To make a basic classic recipe for two glasses of milk, you need to take a glass of cream, 250 grams of ice cream, a pinch of vanilla and two spoons of powdered sugar.

To whip the ingredients you will need a blender. Beat time - at least three minutes. Then the drink will turn out not only tasty, tender, but also be filled with oxygen, it will become even more useful.

Serving a cocktail traditionally made in tall glasses with special tubes. On request, add one or two ice cubes to the glass.

Milk shake “Bananovo-caramel”

A nice summer version of a milkshake recipe at home can be prepared with the addition of a ripe banana. Sweet caramel notes give the drink lightness and tenderness. Ingredients:

• a glass of milk;

• one hundred grams of ice cream;

• a glass of finished caramel pudding;

• two bananas.

Cooking Method:

Milk cool, removing for two hours in the refrigerator.

Peel banana, cut into slices and put in a blender.

Add pudding, milk, optionally - a spoonful of powdered sugar.

Beat, pour into glasses and serve.

Milk cocktail “Carrot-honey”

A very useful drink is obtained if you enrich the recipe of a milkshake at home with carrot juice and natural honey. Beautiful golden color adds originality to the drink. In combination with milk fat, the carrot will give up all its beta-carotene charge, in fresh honey it will increase both taste and benefit.


• 200 ml of fresh milk;

• 200 ml of natural carrot juice;

• two teaspoons of flower honey;

• some whipped cream for decoration;

• pinch of grated nutmeg;

• two leaves of fresh mint.

Cooking Method:

Milk cool.

Prepare carrot juice from fresh carrots or open the stock for the winter. In a pinch, you can get by the store option.

Pour juice, milk into the bowl of the blender.

Add honey and ice cream.

Beat the cocktail and pour it into glasses.

Add whipped cream to each glass.

Decorate the creamy “cap” with nutmeg powder and mint leaf.

Milk Shake “Raspberry Oatmeal”

Of all the recipes of a milkshake at home, the most summer, vividly this one is obtained. And all thanks to the magic raspberry. In combination with light flakes of hercules, milk becomes not only fragrant, but also more nutritious. This version of the drink - five minutes smoothie, and therefore may well be a substitute for dinner or breakfast.


• a glass of fresh or frozen raspberries;

• two tablespoons of the usual “Hercules”;

• 75 grams of granulated sugar;

• 200 grams of vanilla ice cream;

• 300 ml low-fat milk.

Cooking Method: Put raspberries in a saucepan or ladle.

Pour sugar.

Put on a small fire and bring the mass to a boil.

When the raspberry syrup has cooled slightly, put the mass in a sieve and wipe.

Put mashed potatoes in a blender, add oat flakes and beat.

Put in a lot of ice cream, beat.

Add cold milk, beat again for at least two minutes.

As soon as the thick foam has risen, pour into glasses and serve.

Milkshake “Exotic Island”

Small sweet teeth will surely like drinking yoghurt, whipped with ice cream and tasty, juicy exotic fruits. An excellent recipe for a milkshake at home, which will create a good mood for the whole day.


• half a liter of fresh drinking yogurt;

• two hundred grams of ice cream;

• a glass of any exotic fruits (kiwi, banana, pineapple, papaya).

Cooking Method:

Fruit washed, peeled and cut into small pieces.

Put in a blender, add yogurt and ice cream.

Take in at high speed.

Pour into glasses and offer for breakfast.

Milk shake “Magic Nutella”

It is not necessary to buy exactly Nutella to make a cocktail according to this recipe. You can take any chocolate paste. Fresh yogurt is used instead of ice cream, so the drink is thick and tasty.


• half a cup of nutella;

• half a liter of natural fresh yogurt;

• a glass of chilled milk;

• fruit syrup or juice (half a cup).

Cooking Method:

Mix all ingredients in a blender.

If there is no ready fruit syrup, you can rub the pulp of any fruit to taste.

Beat everything and serve in decorated glasses.

Pear and Cinnamon Milkshake without Ice Cream

The warm aroma of cinnamon will add a simple pear sweetness to a touch of oriental elegance. Honey and lemon juice complement the taste with new shades. But the ice cream in this recipe is not. Nevertheless, this is a very good recipe for a milkshake at home. Ingredients:

• half a liter of fresh nonfat milk;

• lemon;

• teaspoon ground cinnamon;

• two spoons of liquid flower honey.

Cooking Method:

Pear washed, cut off the skin, remove the core and cut into small pieces.

Squeeze juice from lemon. It should make at least a quarter of a glass.

Blender load pear, honey, milk and lemon juice.

Beat for two minutes, until the foam appears.

Decorate the cocktail in glasses with a pinch of cinnamon.

Refreshing milkshake with ginger and parmesan

Spicy recipe milkshake at home is easily prepared with the addition of celery and ginger. A special taste to an unusual milk drink is given by fragrant grated Parmesan.


• four stalks of fresh celery;

• half a spoon of grated fresh ginger;

• 400 ml low-fat milk;

• a few sprigs of celery grass;

• 150 grams of parmesan.

Cooking Method:

Grate celery stalks or mince and squeeze the juice.

Peel and grate a piece of ginger root.

Finely grate Parmesan.

In a blender, mix all the ingredients and beat them well.

Spill in glasses, garnish with celery leaves.

Milk Shake “Chocolate Banana”

Unusual recipe for a milkshake at home is difficult to prepare. However, the chocolate-banana version is just one of them. A layered drink in two accounts will relieve adults from depression, and the kids will give a sense of celebration. Be sure to please them with a delicious dessert drink.


• half a liter of cold milk;

• three hundred grams of real ice cream or ice cream;

• four bananas;

• dark chocolate bar.

Cooking Method:

Ice cream and milk divided into two parts.

Melt chocolate in a water bath.

Shake one part of the milk components in a blender with bananas.

Beat the second part with chocolate.

Pour into glasses in layers.

Make the top layer white and decorate with chocolate chips.

Milk cocktail “Coffee-rum”

This recipe for a milkshake at home is prepared quickly, but it turns out quite strong. Such a drink can not be served to children, but for an adult party it will be good.


• three spoons of instant quality coffee;

• striped dark chocolate;

• 300 grams of ice cream;

• half a cup of milk;

• 50-100 ml of light rum.

Cooking Method:

Pour coffee half cup of boiling water.

Combine ice cream, milk and coffee in a blender, mix well.

Pour rum, mix.

Melt chocolate in a water bath.

Pour cocktail into glasses.

Decorate with melted chocolate.

If you do not want to drown chocolate, you can take ready-made chocolate syrup.

Milk cocktail “Coffee”

Non-alcoholic recipe milkshake at home is also prepared without difficulty. Honey note does not interfere with enjoying the coffee aroma.


• liter of nonfat milk;

• 200 ml of coffee (boiled or instant);

• 200 grams of ice cream;

• three spoons of liquid honey.

Cooking Method:

Brew or brew coffee.

All ingredients are folded in a blender.

Beat at high speed.

Pour into glasses and serve.

Milkshake - Tricks and Tips

  • To make the drink tasty and right, the milk must be cooled sufficiently before beating. The optimum temperature is six to eight degrees.
  • The density of the drink can be adjusted to your taste by increasing or decreasing the amount of ice cream.
  • The whipping speed must be high so that a thick foam is obtained.
  • If there is no blender on the farm, an ordinary mixer can replace it.
  • Ice cream for homemade cocktail, choose not fat. Drink get tastier and easier.
  • It is impossible to add to the cocktail fruits that do not work well with the milky environment: citruses, sour fruits.
  • You can come up with your own options for serving cocktails. For example, make them layered. Put berry or fruit puree on the bottom of the glass and pour a milkshake, basic or chocolate on top.
  • Sugar and icing sugar can be replaced with honey or cane sugar (syrup).
  • Drink a whipped milkshake right away: you cannot store the drink. It is especially dangerous to leave for future use (even in the refrigerator) a cocktail prepared with the addition of fruits or berries. Under the influence of acids, milk protein will be curtailed and the product will disappear.
  • To decorate the finished drink, you can use store or homemade whipped cream, pieces of waffles, cocoa powder, whole berries, cinnamon sticks, grated chocolate or nuts.
  • A glass decorated with a sugar rim will give extra pleasure from a wonderful drink. An empty glass should be dipped in the water, and then in regular or berry tinted sugar. Once the sugar dries, the glass can be used.
  • Milk shakes - high-calorie drink. Therefore, when losing weight it is better to refuse. However, occasionally you can indulge yourself with a low-calorie version of the drink. You can cook it from skim milk yogurt (yogurt), mixed with a light fruit: kiwi, apple, pear, watermelon slice. No sugar! If within a few days to replace such a cocktail dinner, you can lose some weight.
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