Ice cream: a step-by-step recipe for the well-loved delicacy. Ice cream, chocolate, banana and cottage cheese ice cream (step by step recipes)

Ice cream: a step-by-step recipe for the well-loved delicacy. Ice cream, chocolate, banana and cottage cheese ice cream (step by step recipes)

How many different ice creams in the store! Eyes scatter from the range! But, unfortunately, the composition of the delicacy is not encouraging and is not always clear. Sugar with eggs and milk remained in the distant childhood, they were replaced by strange letters and numbers.

What they add to modern desserts. Much safer and more interesting to cook at home. Here are the most simple step-by-step recipes for delicious ice cream.

Ice Cream - General Cooking Principles

For homemade ice cream will need cream or milk. Some recipes use both ingredients, for example. In the classic ice cream. From the milk is usually prepared mass like custard. Chocolate can be added. If cream is used, they are whipped into a lush foam that, after adding other ingredients, hardens and makes delicacy splendid.

What else is added to ice cream:

• yolks;

• sugar;

• butter;

• cocoa, vanilla.

Below is a wonderful step-by-step recipe for banana ice cream, which turns out to be tender and fragrant. There are also options using other fruits. In any case, the treat will take time to harden. If it is immediately frozen, ice pieces may appear. Therefore, as freezing. Ice cream should be beaten periodically or just stir it well several times.

For freezing, you can use special molds. Usually they are made of silicone and have popsicle sticks. Either spread out the mass into another improvised dish or freeze it in the total mass, then collect the required amount and form portions, supplement with berries, fruits.

The most creamy ice cream: a step-by-step recipe of a real ice cream

In the step-by-step recipe for ice cream indicated cream 33%. If you take a less fatty product, then it will not be able to whip, the ice cream will be dense. You can use vegetable cream for whipping, with them, too, ice cream is obtained, but the taste is different. Ingredients

• 100 ml of milk;

• 200 ml of cream with fat content of 30% and above;

• two raw yolks;

• 60 grams of sugar;

• small vanilla pod.


1. Take the pan, in which the milk does not burn, pour it. Add prescription sugar.

2. For the preparation of this ice cream is better to use vanilla pod. But, if it is not, then replace the bag with vanilla sugar. The pod is cut, thrown into the milk.

3. Put the saucepan on the stove, heat the milk almost to the boil, remove the vanilla pods.

4. Beat the yolks with a whisk, inject a hot milk in a thin stream, stir very quickly. Yolks should not boil lumps.

5. Pour it all back into the saucepan, put on the stove. Cook custard until lightly thickened. We do not actively boil as soon as the first bubbles appear, quickly remove from heat. During cooking, stir the mass so that it does not burn.

6. Cool the cream to room temperature. To make it all faster, you can put the saucepan in cold water.

7. Pour into a clean bowl, heavy cream, whip in a dense foam.

8. As soon as the cream becomes thick and fluffy, add custard to the spoon. Now we do not do high speed, just gently stir with a mixer.

9. Put the ice cream in the freezer for 30 minutes. Or just focus on the education of the crust.

10. We take out a delicacy that starts to freeze, interrupt again with a mixer, or simply stir it with a spoon, it is necessary to break the frozen layers. Sent in the freezer for another 30-60 minutes.

11. We take out again, re-mix. This is necessary so that there are no ice crystals and frozen solid lumps in the mass.

12. Put ice cream in cups or in special molds. But you can leave it in a container in order to collect balls with a special spoon later. We remove again in the freezer. Now we withstand 3-5 hours to complete freezing.

Chocolate ice cream without eggs: a step-by-step recipe

Step-by-step recipe for ice cream with chocolate flavor. Of course, cocoa can be used for it, but it will be completely different. Choose a good high quality tile with a cocoa content of at least 70%. This delicacy is prepared without eggs. Ingredients

• 100 g dark chocolate;

• 300 ml of cream of 33%;

• 125 ml of whole milk 2-3.5%;

• 7 Art. l Sahara.


1. Pour sugar into a saucepan, add milk, put on the stove. While stirring, dissolve everything on low heat, it is not necessary to overheat.

2. Open the chocolate bar, break the tile into pieces or chop with a knife, add to milk. Continue heating until all of the chocolate is completely dissolved. The fire is big not to do, stir it regularly.

3. Remove from the heat chocolate milk, cool to room temperature. But make sure the mixture does not thicken.

4. Remove the cream from the refrigerator, measure the desired amount, beat the cool foam with a mixer.

5. Add chunks of chocolate with milk to whipped cream. Stir until smooth. At will in addition we throw pinch of vanilla, we stir.

6. Put chocolate ice cream in the fridge for an hour, cover the container.

7. Remove the curing mass, mix thoroughly or mix with a mixer. We do everything quickly so that the ice cream does not heat up or melt.

8. Now you need to quickly decompose the chocolate mass in molds, put in the freezer for full solidification.

9. Either close again, cool the entire container, as you prefer.

10. When serving such ice cream, you can additionally sprinkle with chocolate chips or pour with melted tiles, any glaze, sprinkle with nuts.

Banana ice cream: a step-by-step recipe for the simplest delicacy

Detailed homemade step-by-step recipe for banana-milk ice cream. This delicacy has a very pleasant aroma and delicate taste. Ice cream is easy. Since it does not contain fat cream.


• four medium sized bananas;

• 0.5 cup of granulated sugar;

• 0.5 glasses of regular milk;

• half a lemon.


1. Choose ripe, but not black bananas. It is advisable to smell them in the store. If the fruit smells even through the peel, then it will definitely be sweet and tasty. If no flavor emanates, then the banana is fodder. Peel the fruit, cut bananas into small pieces. 2. Shifts the main ingredient. In the bowl of a blender or just convenient for grinding dishes.

3. Beat the banana slices a minute before getting a smooth mash.

4. Squeeze out the juice from the lemon to the banana. This ingredient will not give mashed potatoes darken and lose a pleasant shade. If a large citrus is caught, then we take only a quarter, otherwise the ice cream will turn sour.

5. Beat a few seconds with lemon juice.

6. Now add sugar. It is possible to take brown sugar for ice cream, it will turn out even better. When using sweet bananas, you can reduce the amount of sugar.

7. And immediately add whole milk. You can take instead cow's cream with a small fat content of 10-15%.

8. Now we beat all this for about three minutes so that the mass is not only homogeneous, but also fluffy.

9. Shift banana cream in a bowl, send it to the freezer for an hour.

10. Get out, quickly stir. If necessary, lay out in portioned molds.

11. We remove in the freezer. Leave until fully frozen for 5 hours.

Cottage Cheese Ice Cream: A Step-by-Step Recipe

Step-by-step recipe for ice cream from curd flavored creme brulee. Very tasty and healthy delicacy for children and adults. To get the taste of creme brulee we use condensed milk. Extra sugar is not needed.


• 250 g of cottage cheese;

• 60 ml of milk;

• 0.5 cans of thick boiled condensed milk.


1. Cottage cheese should be rubbed through a sieve or smashed with a blender, there should be no large pieces in the product. It is better to use a fatty product in excess of 9%, in this case ice cream will turn out gentle, uniform, there will be no lumps in it, the astringency inherent in the product will go away.

2. Put boiled condensed milk from a jar into a bowl, on average you need 150-200 grams.

3. Add the usual whole milk of any fat content to boiled condensed milk. Beat all together or just rub well, the mass should resemble a cream of semi-liquid consistency.

4. Now combine the previously prepared cottage cheese and a lot of boiled condensed milk. Immerse the mixer and beat for a few minutes to make the mixture a little lush. 5. If desired, add caramel pieces or chopped chocolate to the curd mass, you can cut one half of the marshmallow or a few pieces of marmalade. Fall asleep in cottage cheese ice cream. Stir well.

6. This ice cream can be immediately decomposed into portions and put to cool in the freezer.

7. Or we leave in the general container, we put so. In this case, after an hour you can stir the frosting layer with a spoon.

Homemade ice cream - tips and tricks

• If there are no special molds for ice cream, then you can use small cups of cottage cheese and yogurt.

• The taste of any ice cream can be changed by adding chocolate chips, chopped and roasted nuts, dried fruits, seeds. But you need to put all this into the prepared mass before solidification. When forming a portion delicacy in the molds, you can lay out the ice cream and the filling layers.

• If you add a small spoonful of brandy to the ice cream, then the delicacy will have a light nutty flavor.

• Some of the sugar in ice cream can be replaced with honey, this product gives a very pleasant aftertaste and a special aroma.

• Does ice cream not want to be taken out of the molds? Dip it for a few seconds in hot water, and get a treat is not difficult. Only you need to do this carefully so that hot water does not get on the ice cream itself.

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