The best recipes for homemade cow milk from cow's milk. Cow milk cheese: basic rules for homemade cheese making

The best recipes for homemade cow milk from cow's milk. Cow milk cheese: basic rules for homemade cheese making

Home-made brynza from home-made cow's milk is an excellent snack, a filling for baking, salads, and just a tasty and nutritious addition to the morning breakfast.

Moreover, cheese is not only an appetizing delicacy, but also a healthy dish rich in vitamins, proteins and microelements.

Brynza is a soft cheese made from goat, cow or sheep milk.

This most delicious product was loved by many, but not everyone knows how to cook it at home.

So, it is very simple and easy to please yourself and eat the home-made cheese on weekdays and holidays. The main thing is to have on hand a recipe, to comply with the sequence and proportions of cooking this dish.

Brynza at home from cow's milk and the general principles of its preparation

• To make a tasty and high-quality product, such as cheese, you need to select home-made ingredients that will give this dish a special taste and nutritiousness, and its consumers will be incredibly useful.

• Milk for cooking cheese should be taken only fresh.

• Of course, for the manufacture of cheese, you can use a pasteurized product (meaning milk), but in this case the nutritional value of the future cheese will decrease and it can be safely attributed to a dietary fat-free dish.

• Sour cream for cheese can be vinegar or pepsin (which can be purchased at any pharmacy).

• The composition of cheese should include the main components, such as milk, salt and ferment.

• The color of the cheese should be white, and the consistency is soft and slightly fragile.

• The smaller the holes and voids turned out in the cheese, the more qualitative and healthier this tender and delicious dish, prepared according to all the rules, will be considered.

Recipes and features of cooking cheese at home from cow's milk

Recipe 1. Cheese in home conditions from cow's milk (Classic version)


• Milk (fresh cow) - 3 liters.

• Vinegar (9%) - 3 tbsp. spoons.

• Salt - 30 mg.

Cooking Method:

Milk should be poured into the pan and put it on the fire to wait for the product to boil. While the milk boils, pour vinegar (or lemon juice) into a glass.

When the milk boils, it is necessary to pour vinegar into it, add salt and stir for a few more minutes for the best folding result.

As a result, the milk will be a kind of cheesy ingredient, consisting of whey and curd mass.

Now on the prepared colander you need to put gauze on top and strain the contents of the pan.

Future cheese will remain in a colander on gauze, and strained whey in a saucepan. Then the gauze with the contents must be collected and screwed into a bundle and left in a colander.

Next, on the cheese you need to put the oppression, for draining excess liquid in the pan. For example, you can take a bottle or a can of water, or you can simply take a large cobblestone.

Under the yoke of cheese should be left for several hours. The longer the brynza is under the yoke, the more salty it is, the sharper and further it is cut better.

Recipe 2. White cheese at home from cow's milk (hot-salty taste)


• Milk - 2 liters.

• Pepsin (small amount).

• Salt.

Cooking Method:

For cooking cheese, you need to take pepsin (at the tip of the knife) and dissolve it in water.

Important! Do not overdo it with pepsin to avoid a certain taste in the brynza in the future.

Next, you need to bring the milk on the fire to 40 degrees. Then remove the milk and pour into it the solution with pepsin. And then set aside the resulting consistency for 20 minutes.

Next you need to mix the mixture with a whisk for about half an hour, and when the milk and pepsin begin to harden, this mass will need to be shed in a colander to drain off the whey. Then the cheese in gauze will need to give a certain shape and lower it into the brine with salt for a day. During this time, the cheese must be rotated and rotated for uniform salting.

This cheese can be served to the table with greens and tomatoes.

Recipe 3. Brynza at home from cow's milk (Home version)


• Milk - 2 liters.

• Eggs - 6 pcs.

• Salt - 70 gr.

• Sour cream - 0.5 kg.

Cooking Method:

Milk needs to boil. Beat with an egg mixer and sour cream. The resulting mixture of eggs and sour cream must be mixed with boiled milk and salt.

Next, over low heat (to avoid milk sticking) constantly need to interfere with the contents of the pan until the milk is better rolled up in the form of flakes.

After folding, the resulting curd mass must be separated from the whey and allowed to drain for several hours.

After the curd mass was freed from the excess liquid, the gauze in which it was necessary to wrap tightly and, putting on top of the oppression left for the night.

Important. In order for the cheese to be cut better and not to crumble, the cutting knife must be heated on a fire.

Recipe 4. White cheese at home from cow's milk with herbs


• Milk - 3l.

• Sour cream - 0.5 l.

• Kefir - 400 ml.

• Eggs - 9 pcs.

• Salt - 80 gr.

• Dill (fresh) - a bun.

Cooking Method:

In the pan you need to pour fresh cow's milk, salt and put on the fire. Then in the milk, when it boils it is necessary to pour the eggs beaten using a mixer or a blender, add kefir and sour cream.

Then all components must be thoroughly mixed.

Next you need to wash the greens and finely it, crumbled add to the pan with milk.

It is recommended to boil the resulting mixture for several minutes, until the curd part of the milk is separated from the whey.

Next, the existing mass should be thrown back onto gauze in a colander, and after all the liquid has been drained, send the cheese under the weights to a cool place. A few hours later the most delicious and nutritious product is ready.

Recipe 5. Brynza at home from cow milk “Dietary”


• Milk - 1 liter.

• Kefir - 1 liter.

• Eggs - 6 pcs.

• Salt - an amateur.

• Spices (black and red pepper, cumin, garlic).

• Greens (dill, parsley).

Cooking Method:

For the preparation of dietary cheese, you need to combine the milk and kefir, drain them into a saucepan and put on a small fire for boiling.

Next you need until the formation of foam using a mixer or blender, beat eggs and pour them into a saucepan with milk and kefir.

After all the ingredients must be brought to a boil, stirring constantly.

Then, when whey appears, remove the pan from the heat, cool the mass and add to it finely crumbled greens, salt and spices.

Next, the mixture must be filtered through cheesecloth and then put under the oppression for half a day.

The cheese should be spicy, savory and fragrant.

Recipe 6. Brynza at home from cow's milk (Bulgarian version)


• Milk - 5 liters.

• Sourdough (Pepsin).

• Salt.

• Vodichka.

Cooking Method:

Milk must be poured into a saucepan, bring to a boil and put out the fire. Next, add pepsin to the milk and close the saucepan with a lid.

Important. Do not touch, twist or shake the saucepan. In addition, the saucepan must be wrapped with a blanket to cool the contents gradually.

As soon as the mixture has cooled and thickened, it should be laid out on a gauze base, folded in several layers, twist and hang overnight to drain the whey.

The cheese remaining in the gauze base must be put under pressure and leave it there for another seven hours.

After cheese from gauze you need to pull out and put in a saline solution prepared from water (serum) and salt.

It is in this brine cheese can be stored for quite a long time.

Recipe 7. Brynza at home from cow's milk (pasteurized)


• Milk (pasteurized) - 2.5 liters.

• Sour cream (20% fat) - 0.5 kg.

• Eggs 7 pcs.

• Salt - 75 gr.

Cooking Method:

In one third of the milk poured into a saucepan and brought to a boil you need to dissolve the salt.

As the milk boils, it is necessary to pour the remaining product into it and bring it to the boil again.

Separately, using a mixer or blender, you need to beat the eggs with sour cream to a uniform consistency and pour it into the milk.

Sour cream whipped cream with eggs should be poured in portions with thorough mixing.

After all the ingredients collected in the saucepan, put on a small fire and bring the mixture to a boil again.

As soon as the separation of the whey from the curd goes, the gauze will spread into the colander and the contents of the saucepan will spill onto it.

When the whey is drained through gauze and a colander in a special pot, the cloth needs to be twisted well, and the brynza squeezed and put away in a cold place, for example, in a refrigerator for half a day.

In order for the brynza to go out smoothly and firmly on top of it, you need to put a plate pressed against the prepared cheese and put pressure on top.

After 12 hours, a tasty dish will be ready to eat.

Recipe 8. Brynza at home from cow's milk (using sourdough)


• Milk - 2 liters.

• Sourdough - 10 droplets.

• Yoghurt - 60 gr.

• Salt, water.

Cooking Method:

In the warmed milk to 30 degrees you need to put yogurt and mix both components thoroughly. Then add the leaven to the milk with yoghurt and mix all the products again.

Next, the resulting consistency should be drained into the jar to wrap it with a towel and tidy in a warm place for an hour.

Mix a couple of times to mix.

Next, in a clean pot, you need to install a colander and spread gauze on it. After a colander, you need to fold the curd mass and leave for half an hour to further drain the whey.

Then the product in gauze you need to twist, tie and leave for the night. After this time, the cheese must be transferred to a salt solution prepared from water, whey and salt. In a day the cheese will be ready.

Cows in the home of cow's milk - cooking tips and helpful tips

• In order for cheese not to turn sour while under the yoke in the summer and when it is hot it must be removed in the refrigerator.

• For the manufacture of cheese, it is better to pick up dishes consisting of glass or enameled container.

• The best way to store cheese is with your own pickle.

• To prepare brine per liter of water and whey you need to put a glass of salt. It is recommended to keep the cheese in such a brine for at least 10 days. But in this brine cheese to get brackish and spicy, and this is an amateur.

• In order for cheese not to deteriorate and not turn out to be too salty without soaking it and brine can be put in the refrigerator and sprinkled with salt.

• Leaven can be cooked on its own - clean and wash the stomach of a lamb, dry it, cut it into thin pieces. With proper use of this ingredient, the starter will turn out great.

• In order for the cheese to be spicy and savory, you can add additional ingredients to the main ingredients, such as red pepper, black pepper, mushrooms, greens, paprika, garlic and others.

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