How to quickly cook suluguni at home: the recipe for young white cheese. Cooking gentle suluguni cheese at home

How to quickly cook suluguni at home: the recipe for young white cheese. Cooking gentle suluguni cheese at home

The Georgian word “suluguni” means “cheese”. In the Caucasus, no meal begins without cheese. Delicious Suluguni is served with greens and homemade flat cakes, baked with him khachapuri, eaten with wine.

In our country, suluguni has long become a popular variety of young cheese. It is distinguished by a special layered consistency, pleasant salinity and pronounced fermented milk taste. To prepare homemade suluguni, cow's milk is used, although in industrial conditions cheese makes them other types of milk. There are many recipes for home Suluguni: there are more complex, there are very simple. Whatever the hostess chooses, the product will be healthier and more beneficial than that bought in the store. Yes, and cheaper.

How to quickly cook suluguni - general principles of cooking

The cooking technology of Suluguni goes back centuries, but in every Caucasian family they make cheese according to their own recipe. In modern kitchen, you can easily make young pickled cheese, very tasty and healthy.

To make suluguni cheese at home you may need different ingredients:

• milk;

• sour cream;

• cottage cheese (used in some recipes);

• a curdling component (it can be an industrial microbial ferment, such as pepsin, or just lemon juice).

Cheese from natural country dairy products will turn out more tasty. They are fatter, more aromatic. However, Suluguni made from store products will also be good. You will have to give up only UHT milk, since it does not roll up. Sour cream should be at least 30 percent fat. If you can find a product without starch and vegetable fat, it will be very good. Pepsin milking is sold in pharmacies. In addition to the actual food you need to stock up on a large piece of gauze. It should be folded 3-4 times: it is convenient to filter the curd base through this filter. Gauze can be replaced with a white cotton cloth.

Very good to have on hand a kitchen immersion thermometer. From the correct temperature of boiling milk depends on how successful the suluguni cheese will be at home.

How to quickly cook suluguni according to the classic recipe

A rather complicated version of the preparation of Suluguni can, which is suitable for a notebook of an experienced hostess. If you want to get a new experience and try your hand, this recipe for home suluguni will be useful.


• eight liters of pasteurized milk;

• 3 ml of liquid pepsin or other starter enzyme;

• three hundred grams of salt.


Milk heat to 35 degrees.

Pour pepsin into the pot.

Stir the enzymes and milk, cover the pan with a lid and leave on the stove for an hour and a half. During this time, the milk is curled: opening the lid, you will see dense milky-white lumps.

Place the colander on the pot and cover with gauze. Do not pour out the drained serum: brine will be made from it. In addition, it is a valuable food product that can be used.

When all the glass serum, in the gauze will remain a young tender cheese - Adyghe (or Imeretinsky). It must be left in gauze for an hour: at this time fermentation processes end in cheese.

To check the suluguni for readiness, you need to break off a piece from the mass and put it in a bowl with hot water.

Five minutes later, try to stretch the cheese. Ideally, it should be elastic and stretch well. If the cheese is torn, it means that he needs to give a little more time for proofing.

When the process is fully completed and the torn piece will stretch without problems, you need to cut the entire piece into large pieces and put in a bowl of cold water for twenty minutes. The cold will completely stop the fermentation process. Cut the cheese into small slices, pour with hot water, bring the temperature to 65 degrees. Water to drain.

Repeat the water bath, stirring the cheese. It should melt and turn into a homogeneous mass, very elastic.

Put the cheese in a suitable bowl.

The remaining whey is well salted (the percentage of salt in the liquid must be equal to 20%) and dissolve the salt.

Put the young Suluguni in the brine and leave for 12 hours.

Remove the cheese from the brine, dry with paper napkins, store in the refrigerator.

After the cheese has cooled, it is ready to eat.

How to quickly cook a suluguni using a simplified recipe

Suluguni cheese at home can be prepared much easier. It will save time and allow you to enjoy the fresh, sweet taste of cheese slices in a few hours.


• four liters of milk;

• a teaspoon of salt;

• tablespoon of salt;

• one hundred ml of lemon juice.


Pour the milk into a suitable saucepan and heat to forty degrees.

Pour into the milk normal salt and juice, squeezed from fresh lemon.

While stirring the mass, wait until it is folded.

With the help of the skimmer to shift into a gauze-lined colander.

When the serum is drained, connect the ends of the gauze filter and tie them together.

The resulting bag is left for four hours in a colander.

Make a saline solution (per liter of water a tablespoon of salt).

Remove the cheese ball from the gauze and immerse in salt water.

Leave the cheese in brine for 10-12 hours.

How to quickly cook suluguni from cow and goat milk

From a mixture of milk of dairy animals, you can get high-quality home suluguni, the recipe of which is given below. If you can buy goat milk, be sure to try making brine cheese from it. The product will be very delicate and fragrant, with a predominant hint of goat cheese (cow's milk is used as a base for the leaven). Ingredients:

• five liters of goat milk;

• a glass of cow's milk;

• a glass of yogurt;

• one gram of pepsin;

• a teaspoon of salt.


Pepsin dissolved in a glass of warm milk and strain.

Goat milk put on fire to warm to 40 degrees.

Pour the starter in a saucepan and heat to a temperature of 30 degrees.

In the main pan with goat milk pour sour milk and sourdough, mix, cover with a lid and leave to warm for half an hour to ferment.

Turn on the fire again, salt the coagulated milk and heat it to 30 degrees.

Pour the curdled mass into a colander with a gauze filter, wait for serum to drain.

Wrap the ends of the gauze and tightly assemble on top of the piece, put pressure on the cheese and put it in this form for 3-4 hours in the refrigerator.

Remove the oppression, put the cheese in a storage container or serve it.

How to quickly cook suluguni from cottage cheese

Prepare the original young cheese can be from good cottage cheese. This recipe for homemade suluguni is suitable for beginners, as it is very easy to prepare the product.


• liter of milk;

• kilogram of cottage cheese;

• three eggs;

• one hundred grams of butter;

• teaspoon of soda;

• a teaspoon of salt.


Pour the milk into the pan and bring to a boil.

When there are continuous bubbles, put the cottage cheese in the milk and stir.

Boil with constant stirring for about twenty minutes.

Pour the mass from the colander with gauze and wait for serum to drain.

Return the curd mass to the pan, turn on the heat, add the eggs and butter, mix.

Add soda and salt, mix again.

Cook for about ten minutes until the cheese starts to melt.

In advance, you need to prepare a container for storing cheese, smearing its walls with vegetable or butter.

Put ready suluguni in a container, flatten with a plastic spatula or spoon. After cooling, send Suluguni in the refrigerator for 10-12 hours, that is, overnight.

How to quickly cook suluguni with greens from milk, sour cream and eggs

Tasty suluguni cheese at home can be made from milk and sour cream. If you add some fresh herbs to the cheese dough, the taste of the cheese will be spicy, fresh. This is an excellent option for sandwiches, salads, homemade khachapuri.


• two liters of milk;

• two hundred ml of sour cream;

• three eggs;

• one and a half tablespoons of salt;

• a tablespoon of dried Provencal herbs;

• some fresh or dried dill (to taste).


Cut fresh greens.

Break eggs into a bowl, combine with sour cream and beat with a whisk or a mixer (at low speed).

Boil milk and salt.

Gently pour the egg-sour cream mixture into the milk and stir.

Add fresh and dried herbs, mix again.

Boil until large white flakes appear, boil for another five minutes and remove from heat.

Drain the curd in a colander as described above.

Twenty minutes to tighten the ends of the gauze, it is good to press.

Put suluguni on a plate, put the oppression for three hours. Serum from the plate periodically merge.

Remove from the gauze and put on the shelf of the refrigerator.

Recipes home Suluguni varied. Depending on what products are in stock, you can quickly get a piece of delicious, delicate milk cheese.

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