Homemade cheese: a step-by-step recipe for a natural dairy product with no additives. The secrets of delicious homemade cheese (step by step recipes)

Homemade cheese: a step-by-step recipe for a natural dairy product with no additives. The secrets of delicious homemade cheese (step by step recipes)

Making cheese at home is not as difficult as many people think. The secret of a good homemade cheese - the right and quality products!

Fat farm milk and cottage cheese, fresh eggs and flavorings - all this is the basis for the manufacture of cheese. Milk for cheese take a high degree of fat cow or goat. In accordance with the selected milk, the cheese turns out a certain taste.

You can add flavoring and aromatic additives to the cheese mass - various fresh or dried greens, spices and seasonings to taste. You can make a quick homemade curd cream cheese, and you can be patient and make a real suluguni!

Homemade cheese (step-by-step recipe) - general principles of cooking

There are two ways to make homemade cheese. The first is the melting of certain dairy products. This method is used much more often in home cooking. In this way, you can make all the famous Philadelphia or Mascarpone cheese. The second way is to mix ordinary milk with lactic acid bacteria and with special clotting enzymes. Hard cheese is prepared using this method.

It is better to cook cheese from real country milk, but if it is not possible to buy one, then you can take the usual fresh store milk with high fat content. Shelf life milk should be a few days. Dairy product in a paper hard shell with a long shelf life will not work.

Cooking cheese is desirable in a pan with a very thick bottom, otherwise there is a chance that the cheese mass will burn. Boil the mixture preferably on low heat, while constantly stirring.

The finished mass should be placed in any convenient form, cover, press down with a load, if necessary, and put into the cold for solidification (preferably at night).

Step-by-step recipe for homemade cheese with kefir garlic


• 1 l of fat milk (more than 3.2% fat);

• 1 l of fat kefir;

• three chicken eggs;

• 25 g turmeric or saffron;

• three cloves of garlic;

• 50 g parsley or cilantro;

• half of a medium-sized lemon;

• salt to taste.


1. Rinse the eggs under running water, wipe with napkins and break into a bowl. Stir with a whisk until smooth.

2. Turmeric pour in a small bowl and pour a tablespoon of warm water. Stir and leave to infuse.

3. Squeeze the juice out of half a lemon. This can be done by hand or using a special citrus fruit juicer.

4. Sort parsley greens, choosing only fresh green leaves. At will it is possible to take also other greens: dill, basil or rosemary.

5. Immerse the herbs in a bowl of clean water and mix.

6. Then remove the parsley from the bowl and place it on a clean kitchen towel to dry at room temperature.

7. Grind all greens in a blender until mashed. To make it easier to do, pour the squeezed juice of half a lemon into the blender bowl.

8. Peel and rinse garlic in water.

9. Pass the garlic through a press or chop with a knife on a cutting board. Garlic mass should resemble mush.

10. In a saucepan with a thick bottom, pour kefir and milk.

11. Stir and put on a moderate heating plate.

12. Mixing, wait until the milk starts to curl.

13. Reduce heat to low.

14. Without stopping the stirring, pour the egg into the pan.

15. Add gruel from parsley, garlic.

16. Pour the turmeric mixture.

17. Season with salt. Here you need to try homemade cheese. Step-by-step recipe does not indicate the mass of the required salt in the composition of the products, since its quantity depends on taste. If you add a teaspoon of salt, the cheese will be slightly salty. To get the right flavor cheese, you need to focus on your own opinion.

18. Stir a little more for about 15 minutes on low heat without boiling. 19. During this time, clean gauze folded in several layers and lay on an iron sieve or colander.

20. Pour the cooked mass out of the pan on the gauze.

21. Leave in order for the whole glass serum. To do this, you can put a colander in the pan.

22. Now you need to prepare a form for cheese. You can take a small detachable form.

23. Put the dense gauze in the form and put the cheese mass with a spoon.

24. Cover the top of the mass with the edges of the gauze. Cover with a saucer size pans.

25. Put up the load. It can be a glass jar (0.5 l) filled with cold water and tightly closed with a lid or just a stone wrapped in a clean cloth.

26. Put the saucepan in the fridge or other cool place for 12 hours.

27. After this time, you need to remove the load and pull out cheese from the cheesecloth. This step-by-step recipe is considered complete. It remains only to chop the cheese into plates and serve with the bread to the table. This savory cheese is perfect as a snack on a festive table.

Step-by-step recipe of homemade cottage cheese and cream cheese


• a pound of fat cottage cheese;

• half a liter of milk;

• two egg yolks (chicken);

• 90-100 g of butter 82.5% fat;

• 20 g of baking soda;

• 20 g of salt;

• 10 g cumin seeds;

• 20 g of dill.


1. Cumin seeds should be ground in a mortar or cut with a sharp knife on a cutting board. So they give homemade cheese all their essential oils and flavors.

2. Sort dill greens, rinse in cold water and dry. Then finely chop and set aside.

3. Pour the milk into the pan.

4. Add cottage cheese. Stir with a spoon.

5. Put on the heating plate.

6. While stirring, bring the milk-curd mixture to a boil.

7. Reduce heat to minimum.

8. Boil for 5-7 minutes, stirring constantly. Otherwise, the mixture will burn at the bottom.

9. Now cook a thick layer of gauze and lay it on an iron sieve, which must be installed above the pot. 10. Pour hot milk-curd mixture onto cheesecloth and allow excess broth to drain.

11. Mass dump back into the pan without the serum.

12. Add yolks, soda, salt, soft butter, cumin and dill.

13. Stir the mixture until smooth.

14. Put the pan on a slow fire and stir constantly.

15. As soon as the mixture begins to melt, remove it from the stove.

16. In the prepared form for cheese (you can silicone), put the melted cheese mass.

17. Smooth the top with a spatula and cover with a flat plate or saucer, depending on the width of the silicone mold.

18. Put homemade cheese in the fridge. Step-by-step recipe implies exposure to cold cheese for 10 to 12 hours. You can stand the night, and in the morning the cheese cooked at home will be ready.

Step-by-step recipe for homemade hard cheese Suluguni


• 10 liters of farm milk (goat or cow milk);

• 3 ml of a mixture for souring milk (sold in pharmacies);

• salt.


1. Making homemade cheese according to this step-by-step recipe starts with the processing of its main component - milk. It is necessary to pour the milk into the pan with a thick bottom.

2. Put on the fire and warm to 35 ° C. To determine the temperature, you can use a special thermometer.

3. Mix with a mixture for souring milk and mix.

4. Turn off the stove fire and close the pan with a lid.

5. Insist half an hour.

6. Turn the slow fire under the pan again.

7. Stir the contents, simmer for about 5 minutes. A cheese clot, the germ of Suluguni, should already form.

8. Prepare a colander and cover it with a clean, dense cotton fabric.

9. Pour the coagulated milk into a colander. When the fluid drains, hands form a lump.

10. Pour some of the whey back into the pan.

11. Put a lump in a pan with whey, it should cover a lump.

12. To sustain 3-4 hours. This is the time of fermentation (ripening) of cheese.

13. After this time, you can determine the readiness of the cheese lump. Its mass should stretch, not tear. 14. Pull out the cheese from the whey (do not pour it out) and cut it into flat pieces.

15. In a separate saucepan, heat the water to 70 ° C (not boiling) and reduce heat to minimum.

16. Put the pieces of cheese in the water.

17. Then you need to mix the cheese in water in one direction until it starts to melt.

18. Pull the layered cheese mass out of the water and sculpt balls of the desired size from it with your hands.

19. Put the balls in the form (for example, silicone or small detachable) and give them a flat-rounded look.

20. Mix the remaining whey with salt until the latter is dissolved. The ratio of salt and serum 1: 0,2.

21. Forms with cheese immersed in salty whey (brine) and incubated for about 12 hours.

22. Take out the cheese and let it dry slightly. This cheese can be used for cooking hot dishes or snacks.

23. This step-by-step recipe for homemade cheese takes a long time to cook, but its result will surprise you with its appearance and taste.

Home-made cheese (step-by-step recipe) - tricks and useful tips

• Salt in cheese should be added to taste.

• In order for the cheese to acquire a shape, it must be placed under the load or evenly distributed in a special form.

• If the milk is not fresh, it can ruin the taste of the cheese.

• It is better to take milk, kefir and cottage cheese for cheese with maximum fat content.

• In order for the cheese to ripen better, its quantity should not be less than 500 g.

• The longer the cheese is aged, the richer it will turn out.

• The remaining whey can be used for baking.

• Keep cheese in the refrigerator for no more than a week.

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