Sour milk cheese is a natural dairy product. Variants of cooking cheese from yogurt at home

Sour milk cheese is a natural dairy product. Variants of cooking cheese from yogurt at home

The taste of homemade cheese is significantly different from that purchased in the store. After all, for its preparation use only natural products. Homemade cheese is made from milk, kefir, sour milk or yogurt.

Cheese from sour milk - the basic principles of cooking

Sour milk is a traditional Russian drink. It is a uniform consistency drink made from fermented milk. Calorie drink depends on the milk from which it is prepared. Milk is desirable to take home. If you want to get fatty cheese, make yogurt from whole milk. A less high-calorie product will turn out if you first remove the cream from the milk.

For the preparation of yogurt at home, milk is heated to a warm state. Pour it into a clean jar and add to it 100 g of ready yogurt or a couple of spoons of sour cream. Mix well and leave to heat for six hours, and preferably overnight. As a starter, use special bacteria that are sold in a pharmacy.

Cheese is prepared only from yogurt and eggs, or with the addition of milk, cottage cheese, kefir.

The sour milk is poured into a saucepan and put on a slow fire. From time to time, gently mix to warm the contents evenly.

When the whey acquires a greenish tint and separates from the curd, the fire is turned off and left for some time.

Colander or sieve covered with gauze and poured into it cottage cheese with whey. Leave until it is drained. Cottage cheese is transferred to the pan, poured with milk and sent to a slow fire and cooked, stirring constantly. The softness of the cheese depends on the cooking time. The longer they cook, the harder the product is.

Milk-cottage cheese mixture again recline in a colander, previously lined with gauze. Leave for half an hour. In a separate bowl, shake the eggs with melted butter, soda and salt. The resulting mixture is combined with cooked cottage cheese and mix well. They are sent to a water bath and cook, stirring vigorously so that the mixture warms evenly. When cheese gets a uniform consistency, it is shifted into the form, smearing it with vegetable oil. Leave until fully cured.

Fresh greens, pieces of vegetables, olives, etc. can be added to the cheese.

Modern housewives can cook cheese in a slow cooker.

Recipe 1. Sour milk with greens


yogurt - 400 ml;

table salt - pinch;

fresh milk - 1 l 800 ml;

dill and parsley - a bunch of fresh herbs;

Large chicken eggs - three pieces.

Method of preparation

1. In yogurt we drive in eggs. Shake everything together with a whisk or mixer until smooth. Pour the milk into a large saucepan and start to warm up on the stove. As soon as the contents begin to boil, we reduce the fire to the minimum, and pour in the milky-egg mixture with a thin stream. Cook, stirring continuously, until the whey begins to separate.

2. Colander covered with a thin cloth or gauze. Curd mass spread on the gauze. Leave until all the serum is drained. Rinse the greens, lightly dry them and grind with a sharp knife. Add to the curd mass, salt, mix well, wrap the contents of the colander in cheesecloth and send for nine hours under the press.

3. We put the finished cheese with greens in a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator. The cheese will be ready in about a couple of hours.

Recipe 2. Sour milk cheese in a slow cooker


yogurt - one and a half liters;

table salt - two teaspoons;

two large chicken eggs;

freshly squeezed lemon juice - one and a half tablespoons.

Method of preparation

1. Pour the yogurt into a deep bowl, add salt and chicken eggs.

2. My lemon, cut in half and squeeze out two spoons of juice. Add lemon juice to yogurt. Beat the mixture well with a fork or a whisk.

3. Put the resulting mass into the multicooker container. Install it into the device, close the lid and turn on the “Heating” program. We set the time for two and a half hours. At the end of the preparation, leave the mixture in the slow cooker for another forty minutes so that it cools to a warm state. 4. Spread the cheese mass in a colander or sieve, stained with a mariy or thin cloth, and leave to serum glass completely.

5. Wrap the cheese blanks in cheesecloth, spread in a small bowl. From above we put a flat plate on which we place the load. Leave under pressure for three to four hours. We take out cheese from a gauze, we put in a package and we store in the refrigerator.

Recipe 3. Sour milk with sweet pepper


pasteurized milk - two liters;

teaspoon of attorney salt;

half a liter of yogurt;

fresh dill;

four chicken eggs;

sweet pepper pod.

Method of preparation

1. Pour milk into a large saucepan, and put it on a small fire. We bring to boil.

2. Pour the yogurt into a separate bowl, beat the eggs into it and whisk it with a whisk until a homogeneous, creamy mass is obtained.

3. When the milk boils, reduce the heat to minimum and, while continuously stirring, inject the mixture of yogurt with eggs. While stirring regularly, keep the mixture on fire until the whey separates. It may take from seven to ten minutes.

4. We cover the colander with gauze. Put the curd mass on gauze and leave it until all the whey is drained.

5. Pepper pod free from the stalk. We clean the seeds. Vegetable flesh cut into small pieces. It is advisable to take a yellow or red meaty pepper. Dill rinse and grind.

6. Salt the cheese blank, add the greens and pepper. Stir. We wrap the workpiece in gauze, tamped into the form. On top we place a jar of water. Leave the cheese for eight hours.

7. We release the finished cheese from the gauze, rub it with salt, wrap it in plastic wrap or put it in a plastic bag. We clean the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

Recipe 4. Sour milk cheese without milk and eggs


sour milk;

Method of preparation

1. Sour milk is poured into a large saucepan and thoroughly stirred. 2. Put on a slow fire and bring to a boil. Boil until whey separates.

3. Drain the whey, and tear off the curd with your hands as small as possible. Squeeze the remaining serum. We shift the cottage cheese in bags of cloth and put them under pressure to get rid of the remaining moisture.

4. Put the cottage cheese in a bowl and grind it with salt. We form small round cheeses and place them under oppression.

5. We cut the well-pressed cottage cheese into small pieces, season with salt and cumin and leave to dry at room temperature.

6. Then we wrap each piece of linen with a cloth moistened it in a beer or strong kvass, and put the cheese in the fridge. From time to time we wet the cloth. A month later, the cheese will be ready.

Recipe 5. Sour milk with holes


cottage cheese - half a kilo;


yogurt - liter;

baking soda - teaspoon;

sour cream - a tablespoon.

Method of preparation

1. Sour milk is poured into a deep container, add cottage cheese into it and mix. Put a wide saucepan on the stove. As soon as the water in it boils, place the container with yogurt and cottage cheese on top. Cook, stirring in a water bath, for about half an hour. We cover the colander with gauze. Put the mixture in it and leave it in to the glass serum completely.

2. Add salt and baking soda to warm sour cream. Mix well. Add the mixture to the cottage cheese and carefully rub with a spoon. Keep in a water bath until the cheese mass becomes homogeneous and begins to stretch like melted cheese.

3. Lubricate the form of vegetable oil and lay out the cheese mixture in it. Smooth and cool. Cover the form with cling film and send the cheese to the fridge. In the cheese, you can add spices or chopped fresh greens.

Recipe 6. Soft sour cream cheese


400 g sour milk;

400 g of kefir;

400 g sour cream;

5 ml of vinegar;

5 g of salt;

olive oil; dry Provencal herbs;

two cloves of garlic;

dried tomatoes;

5 g Pesto.

Method of preparation

1. Kefir, sour cream and clabber lay out in a deep plate and stir. Add salt and vinegar. Once again, shake with a fork or a whisk.

2. Gauze fold several times and lay it in a colander. Pour the prepared mixture into it. We collect gauze in the bag and hang. Under the bottom put the bowl, which will drain the serum. It can later be used for cooking pancakes or other pastries.

3. Leave the cottage cheese in the bag for ten hours. Then put them in the fridge, putting the bag in a colander.

4. After two days, roll the balls out of the cheese formed along the contour and put them in a jar with a mixture of olive oil, Provencal herbs and garlic slices.

5. Finely chop dried tomatoes. In the remaining cheese add pesto and tomatoes. Stir, put in a jar and put it in the fridge.

Cheese from yogurt - tips and tricks

Fermentation of milk can be accelerated by adding a piece of rye bread to the milk.

Cook the cheese in a non-stick cookware.

In the process of cooking, continuously mix the cheese so that the mixture is homogeneous and not burnt.

Cheese can be made sweet by adding raisins, chocolate pieces, cinnamon or vanilla.

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