How to make goat cheese at home.

How to make goat cheese at home.

Goat milk is the real elixir of youth and health. And fresh, just from a goat - it is generally a cure for all diseases. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to drink it in this form, some have never tried it at all, in any form. Products made from goat milk are also considered valuable and stored longer. Therefore, for those who do not have the opportunity to drink fresh milk every day, I suggest making goat cheese.

Goat cheese concentrates all the nutritional value of milk. It should be used by children for better bone formation. It has almost no cholesterol, so the product is indispensable for cores. Some people think that goat cheese is very fat, but when it is cooked, almost all fats are split. So it can be eaten without harm to the figure. Well, in the end, it's just delicious.

Let's start cooking from the beginning.


Goat milk - 5-6 liters;

Butter - 100 g;

Eggs - 2 pcs .;

Soda - 1 tsp;

Salt and spices to taste.

Preparation: for making cheese, we need cottage cheese. 1 kg. cottage cheese is obtained from about 5-6 liters of goat milk (from cow's need more, because there is less protein content). Fresh goat's milk sours twice as long as cow's milk, so you need to help him. Lactic acid bacteria that are used in the production of cheese are not available to us, so we use what we have at hand. But I beg you, not vinegar. You can put a crust of black bread in a jar of milk or add a spoonful of kefir. After a couple of days, the milk will turn sour and you can make cottage cheese from it. Directly in a jar, sour milk is slowly heated in a water bath. I will reveal my grandmother's secret, the slower it gets heated, the softer and softer the curd will turn out. When the whey has separated, the curd can be folded back to drain excess liquid. By the way, goat serum is also very useful, pour it into a separate jar and put it in the fridge. In order to drain the cottage cheese, we take a colander and put gauze into it in 4 layers, so that the corners remain. When the liquid merges, we tie up the corners and hang the curd over some container. During the night all the excess liquid will go completely.

Now go directly to the preparation of cheese. In a saucepan, melt butter, beat eggs, add salt, soda and spices. All mix well and lay out the same cottage cheese. Put the saucepan in a water bath and begin to slowly heat, stirring constantly. Soon the cottage cheese will begin to melt and stretch, which means our cheese is ready. While it is liquid, it is necessary to pour it into a form, greased with vegetable oil and put in the refrigerator. In a few hours you will have already tasted a wonderful, tasty and healthy homemade goat cheese. Goats are very intelligent animals, they eat only the most useful grass, all the benefits of this grass are transferred to milk.

Yesterday, the last goat lambed, the delivery was very hard, all three goatlings were booty, I had to call the vet, he did not help very well, you know, March 8 on the nose. But they did it, mom feels good, the last, the smallest goat was taken home and given a bottle.

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