Potato with meat and mushrooms - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook potatoes with meat and mushrooms.

Potato with meat and mushrooms - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook potatoes with meat and mushrooms.

Russian cuisine is so multifaceted, because it combines not only customs, but also the taste preferences of the peoples of the Caucasus, Tatarstan, Siberia, Bashkortostan, the Urals, Central Asia, Poland, the Czech Republic and even the inhabitants of France and Germany.

This ingredient, as the potato was used by Russian cooks at the beginning of the XIX century.

Dishes from potatoes were gradually supplanted by turnip, which was fried, steamed, baked and added to various treats. Today, potatoes are an indispensable product that is combined with almost all products. We also dedicate this post to potatoes, and more specifically to dishes with such wonderful combinations as potatoes with meat and mushrooms.

Potatoes with meat and mushrooms - the best variations of its preparation

Recipe 1: Potatoes with meat and mushrooms

Potatoes with pork, mushrooms cooked according to this recipe, like the taste of roast cooked in earthenware. But, this treat will have to spend a little more time, since the ingredients are pre-fried before they get into the oven, but the result is worth it.

Ingredients Required:

- pork (pulp) - 500 grams;

- potatoes - 6 pieces;

- mushrooms (at your discretion) - 200 grams;

- kefir - 100 milliliters;

- milk - 100 milliliters;

- carrots - 2 pieces;

- sour cream - 5 tablespoons;

- onions - 2 pieces;

- cheese (durum) - 200 grams;

- white wine - 3 tablespoons;

- pepper, salt, vegetable oil.


To cook “Puff” - potatoes with pork and mushrooms, it takes 1 hour 35 minutes, including the preparatory stage - 20 minutes, heat treatment - 1 hour 15 minutes.

Phased plan, cooking “Puff” - potatoes with pork and mushrooms.

The first stage is preparatory:

- Potatoes are cut into thin slices and lightly seasoned with spices. Cutting potatoes will be beautiful and uniform if used with a vegetable cutter. - Pork is twisted through a meat grinder, diluted with milk, salted and pepper. Pork mince should be soft, and the consistency - watery.

- Mushrooms are cut into cubes, carrots are grated.

- Onions, finely chopped, divided into two parts.

- Cheese is cut on a fine grater and combined with sour cream and kefir. The mixture has a consistency of thick cream.

The second stage is heat treatment:

- Mushrooms are fried with onions.

- Carrots are fried with onions and wine.

- Ingredients are stacked in a greased baking form in the following order: potatoes (half), minced meat, fried mushrooms with onions, roasted carrots with onions, the remaining potatoes, which are poured on top with milk mixture (cheese, sour cream, kefir). “Puff” is baked in an oven heated to 200 degrees for 40-50 minutes.

The finished hearty meal is served for lunch, as a second or for dinner - as hot. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe 2: Potatoes with chicken and mushrooms (“Blanket”)

This is a treat of French cuisine. The basis of the dish is white meat (chicken, lamb, veal), potatoes, served in white sauce. The dish turns out gentle, fragrant with dairy taste.

Ingredients Required:

- chicken fillet - 500 grams;

- potatoes - 400 grams;

- leek (stalks) - 2 pieces;

- marinated mushrooms (small) - 150 grams;

- Onions (small) - 3 pieces;

- carrots - 3 pieces;

- cream - 100 milliliters;

- flour - 50 grams;

- egg yolk - 2 pieces;

- butter - 50 grams;

- salt, pepper, greens.


To cook “Blanket” - potatoes with chicken fillet and mushrooms, on average, take 1 hour and 10 minutes, including preparing the ingredients - 10 minutes, the heat process - 60 minutes.

Phased plan, cooking French dishes “Blanket” - potatoes with chicken and mushrooms.

The first stage is preparatory:

- Potatoes, onion is cut into 4-6 pieces, depending on the size of the vegetables. - The carrot is cut into small circles.

The second stage is heat treatment:

- Chicken fillet is dipped in boiling, salted water and boiled for 30 minutes. Then in the pan laid cutting of vegetables and spices. After 15 minutes leek stalks are added to the meat. Cooking continues until the carrots and potatoes are ready.

- Ready vegetables and meat recline in a colander. The cooled meat is cut into small pieces and combined with vegetables.

- In a separate container melted butter. In it, small portions of flour is injected (so that there are no lumps). Then pour cream and egg yolks. The ingredients are mixed, added spices and previously cooked broth (1.5-2 cups). The consistency of the liquid base of the “Blanket” dish should be like liquid sour cream.

- Boiled vegetables (except leeks), meat and canned mushrooms are poured with white sauce, heated for a couple of minutes.

The finished dish is sprinkled with chopped greens and served for lunch, as a second or for dinner - as hot. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe 3: Potatoes with meat and mushrooms (“Winter Garden”)

This dish is truly Russian. It seems to me that only our cooks could create a treat: beef melting in the mouth, fragrant potatoes, the taste of which is emphasized by the mushrooms in cream and all this yummy under a cheese hat.

Ingredients Required:

- beef - 600 grams;

- potatoes - 1 kilogram;

- Honey agaric - 200 grams;

- Tomato - 3 pieces;

- garlic - 3 cloves;

- onion - 1 piece;

- cream - 300 milliliters;

- hard cheese - 150 grams;

- Mustard - 1 tablespoon;

- salt, marjoram, pepper.


To prepare the “Winter Garden” - beef with potatoes and mushrooms, on average, it takes 1 hour and 45 minutes, including the preparation of ingredients - 35 minutes, the heat process - 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Phased plan, cooking Russian cuisine “Winter Garden”.

The first stage is preparatory: - Beef is cut into flat, no more than one centimeter, slices. The meat is salted on all sides, peppered and smeared with mustard. The meat pieces are marinated for 20 minutes.

- Onions are cut into half rings, tomatoes - into rings, garlic - pounded.

- Potatoes and fresh mushrooms are cut into medium slices, salted and peeled.

- Cheese is crushed on a coarse grater.

- Baking tray or flat, covered with foil. Meat is laid on the foil; crushed garlic, mushrooms, onions and tomato rings are laid out on each piece. Potatoes laid out one tier, next to the meat. All the ingredients laid out sprinkled with marjoram and poured cream.

The second stage is heat treatment:

A baking tray with ingredients is sent to a heated oven up to 180 degrees. After 40-45 minutes, the meat is sprinkled with cheese, after which the heat treatment lasts 25-30 minutes

The ready meal “Winter Garden” is served hot for lunch, as a second or for dinner - as hot. Enjoy your meal!

Potato with meat and mushrooms - recommendations from chefs

Chefs advise in dishes where the main ingredients are potatoes, meat and mushrooms, cut into slices, to use varieties of potatoes that are not boiled soft so that its shape is preserved after long-term cooking.

As for fresh mushrooms, before heat treatment (except cooking), mushrooms are boiled several times.

Baked potatoes with meat and mushrooms, where the recipe provides chopped meat, that is, minced meat, milk, broth or water must be added to the twisted meat.

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