Chicken sauce - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook gravy from chicken.

Chicken sauce - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook gravy from chicken.

A person's diet consists of 50% of cereals and pasta. First, porridge is useful, secondly - satisfying, thirdly - quickly. But, despite all these advantages, cereals have a bland taste. Automatically for women and men who love to cook the question arises, how to diversify it. The answer is obvious - gravy. It not only makes the dish juicy and fragrant, but also sets off the color of the main dish, which excites the digestive organs and increases the appetite.

It is considered that gravy is a variation of liquid sauce. However, cooks distinguish three main differences:

- first, the gravy is made from the juice that is released when frying the meat, vegetables, or on the broth;

- secondly, sauce with meat is poured on top of the dish, and not served in a separate dish - sauceboat;

- thirdly, the gravy has a non-uniform consistency, and the density of the yushki is regulated with the help of spices, greens, tomato paste, wheat flour or cornstarch.

In this post we will explain how to quickly cook chicken sauce for various side dishes. Chicken sauce is served on almost all types of porridge, potatoes and pasta. Chicken sauce cannot be such if chicken meat, onions, water or broth, spices, vegetable fat and flour are not included in its composition. In addition to this basic composition, such additional components as mushrooms, carrots, bell pepper, greens, garlic, butter, cream, sour cream, mayonnaise, tomato paste, and paprika may be included in the gravy.

Chicken Dip - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Neapolitan chicken sauce for boiled rice

To diversify the taste of boiled rice, you can use meat gravy. Gravy from chicken meat prepared according to this recipe is obtained rich, fragrant, moderately spicy and thick.

Ingredients Required:

- chicken drumsticks - 1 kilogram;

- tomatoes in their own juice - 300 grams;

- onions - 2 pieces;

- rich cream - 5 tablespoons;

- butter - 50 grams;

- garlic - 4 cloves;

- Paprika - 1 tsp;

- water - 1 cup;

- red hot pepper (capsicum), salt, - vegetable fat,

- flour for deboning meat,

- bay leaf, allspice.


To prepare chicken gravy for rice, it takes 55 minutes: preparatory stage - 15 minutes, heat treatment - 40 minutes.

Phased cooking plan, chicken gravy for rice.

Preparatory stage:

- Onions, hot peppers, garlic, finely chopped.

- Tomatoes wipe.

- Chicken drumsticks roll in wheat flour.

Thermal process:

- Chicken drumsticks in flour, fried in vegetable fat, until golden brown appears.

- Garlic, hot pepper and onion are stewed in butter. After 3-5 minutes, mashed tomatoes and paprika are poured into the frying pan. As soon as the tomatoes are warm, roasted drumsticks, cream, water, bay leaf, salt and allspice are laid. Gravy with meat is mixed and stewed under the lid for 25-30 minutes. During the heat process, the meat is turned over several times.

Ready gravy with meat laid out on top of rice. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe 2: Chicken sauce for mashed potatoes

Such a combination of foods like potatoes, mushrooms and chicken meat, the most common and win-win combination in cooking. That is why the sauce with mushrooms and chicken pieces perfectly emphasizes the taste of mashed potatoes.

Ingredients Required:

- Chicken fillet - 400 grams;

- champignons - 250 grams;

- onion - 1 piece;

- flour - 3 tablespoons;

- water, salt, pepper, vegetable fat.


To prepare chicken gravy for potatoes, it takes 40 minutes: the preparatory stage - 10 minutes, the heat process - 30 minutes.

Phased cooking plan, mashed chicken sauce for mashed potatoes.

Preparatory stage:

- Chicken fillet is cut into bars, champignons - plates.

- Onion finely shred.

Thermal process:

Meat is fried in vegetable fat, onions are laid in a few minutes. As soon as the onions become transparent, mushrooms, flour, salt, pepper and water are added to the pan. The amount of water depends on the consistency of the gravy. Ingredients are stewed on medium heat for 20-30 minutes. Ready gravy with meat laid out on top of mashed potatoes. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe 3: Spaghetti Chicken Dip

The golden rule of hostesses is not enough time for cooking dinner, boil spaghetti. Butter pasta few people will like. But spaghetti with minced chicken sauce, fresh tomatoes and greens is not only a tasty and beautiful dish, but also food rich in vitamins.

Ingredients Required:

- Chicken fillet - 500 grams;

- onion - 1 piece;

- Tomato - 2 pieces;

- garlic - 3 cloves;

- Tomato paste - 1 tablespoon;

- water - 1 cup;

- dill, parsley - small bunches;

- salt, pepper, vegetable oil.


To cook chicken sauce for spaghetti, it takes 30 minutes: preparatory stage - 15 minutes, heat treatment - 15 minutes.

Phased cooking plan, spaghetti chicken sauce.

Preparatory stage:

- Minced meat is prepared from chicken fillet.

- Tomatoes are cut into slices, onions, garlic, greens - finely minced.

Thermal process:

- Chicken mince, stirring constantly, fried in vegetable oil. As soon as the mince is reddened, onion is laid on it, and in five minutes slices of tomatoes. As soon as the tomatoes are warm and empty, tomato paste, garlic, water and greens are put into the pan. Gravy is mixed, brought to taste with spices, and languish after boiling for 5-8 minutes.

Ready gravy with meat laid out on top of spaghetti. Enjoy your meal!

Chicken sauce - recommendations from chefs

The basis of chicken gravy is the liquid released during the heat treatment of meat. But, as a rule, this juice is not enough for making gravy, so the chefs use this secret: to the pre-fried meat and vegetables pours the broth draped in flour pastry, that is, the broth is filled with flour, fried in butter. The same mixture (browned flour) regulates the consistency of chicken gravy.

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