The pearl of Spanish cuisine is Spanish tortilla. Discover the secrets of cooking Spanish tortilla at home

The pearl of Spanish cuisine is Spanish tortilla. Discover the secrets of cooking Spanish tortilla at home

There is no single opinion on what the Spanish tortilla is. Some say it is an omelet with potatoes. Others that this potato pie with the addition of eggs. Third, that is casserole.

It is known that initially it consisted of potatoes, onions and eggs. Over time, the culinary thought made its own adjustments, and there were so many varieties of tortilla that it was difficult to list everything. No matter what anyone says, first of all, this is a very tasty dish and it is quite enough to cook it in your kitchen.

Classic Spanish tortilla


• large potato - 720 g;

• olive oil;

• salt;

• large chicken eggs - 4 pcs.


1. Wash the potatoes. Peel off. Wash again. Cut into a thin slice.

2. Heat olive oil in a pan. Put the prepared potatoes in it. Cook until soft over moderate heat. Stir regularly, otherwise the product may burn and the taste of the tortilla will be spoiled.

3. When the potato is ready, you need to move it to a large bowl with a skimmer. So excess fat will remain in the pan.

4. In a bowl of potatoes, break the chicken eggs. Salted. Mix the contents of the bowl thoroughly. If the content is thickish, you need to drive another egg.

5. On the same pan, on which the potatoes were prepared, put the resulting mass. Align it to the surface. For this it is convenient to use a silicone spatula.

6. Cook the contents of the pan on low heat for about 20 minutes, not more. This time is enough for the future tortilla to bake to the desired degree.

7. Then the pan should be closed with a lid. Carefully turn the pan over so that the tortilla is on the lid. Then let the tortilla slide back into the pan. So the upper side will be down.

8. Cook the second side for about 10 minutes on moderate heat. Then remove from heat. Move to the right dish. 9. Before serving, Spanish tortilla can be portioned, or served on the table as a whole and already there cut into portions.

10. You can serve any sauce based on sour cream or one of your favorites to the dish.

Spanish tortilla in the oven


• potatoes - 300 g;

• bulb average;

• Chorizo ​​sausage (or any uncooked smoked sausage, preferably with spices) - 100 g;

• olive oil;

• salt;

• large chicken egg - 4 pcs.


1. Peel the potatoes, wash them. Cut into thin slices, no thicker than 3 mm. Put in a bowl.

2. Wash and peel the onions. Finely chop with a knife or kitchen hatchet. Pour into a bowl of potatoes. Mix.

3. Lightly pour the contents of the bowl with olive oil. Mix thoroughly again.

4. Cover the bowl with film. Thoroughly tuck the film under the edges of the container.

5. Place the bowl in the microwave. Set the power to 200 watts. Warm up the contents for 40 minutes.

6. In another bowl with a mixer, punch chicken eggs with salt. There also lay finely chopped sausage. Mix thoroughly. Set aside.

7. When the signal sounds about the end of the microwave cycle, carefully remove the bowl from the stove. Cool content slightly. The film must be removed very carefully (to avoid burns) immediately after removing the bowl from the microwave.

8. Onion-potato mass combined with egg-sausage mixture.

9. Place the resulting mass in a baking dish. Smooth on the surface.

10. Put the mold in an oven heated to 180 ° C. Cook the dish for 15 minutes.

11. When ready to get Spanish tortilla out of the oven. Cool slightly. Put on a large plate.

Spanish tortilla with salmon and mushrooms


• canned mushrooms (without vinegar) - 160 g

• salmon fillet - 160 g

• olive oil 50 ml

• parsley - 30 g

• salt;

• eggs - 3 pcs.


1. Fillet salmon (you can use any red fish) without skin and bones, rinse. Dry on a kitchen towel.

2. Wash and peel the onions.

3. Mushrooms discarded from the jar to the colander. Allow the fluid to completely drain. 4. Chopped onion. Pour into a pan with heated olive oil (10 ml). Sauté onions for 3 minutes. Stir constantly - finely chopped onions can quickly burn.

5. Cut the mushrooms, add to the pan to the onion. Mix thoroughly. Fry it all together for 5 minutes.

6. Cut fish fillets in small cubes or any other form of slicing. The main thing is that the pieces were small.

7. Add sliced ​​fish to the pan with the onion-mushroom mixture. With thorough mixing, prepare the mass until the fish is light.

8. Remove the griddle from the heat. Remove to the side.

9. In a separate bowl with a mixer or a whisk, beat the eggs with salt.

10. Add mushrooms and fish from the griddle to the egg mixture.

11. Rinse the greens. Drain. Grind and pour into the same bowl.

12. In a frying pan in which fish and mushrooms were prepared, pour in the remaining oil, heat.

13. Move the mass from the bowl to the pan. Cook for 6 minutes on low heat.

14. After this time, turn the Spanish tortilla over with the lid of the pan. Cook another 4 minutes.

15. Turn off the fire. Carefully remove the finished tortilla from the griddle on the dish.

16. Serve with your favorite sauce.

Spanish tortilla with bacon


• smoked bacon - 100 g;

• fresh tomato - 100 g;

• sweet pepper - 1/2 pod;

• small onion - 1/2 part;

• large chicken egg -2 pcs .;

• milk - 65 ml;

• pepper;

• salt.


1. Cut the bacon into small strips. For Spanish tortilla it is better to buy Hungarian bacon in strips. It is very convenient to work with him. And this is really a delicious and quality product.

2. Heat the pan. Fry the chopped bacon in it without adding oil.

3. Wash and cut the tomato into small cubes. Pour into a pan of bacon.

4. Pepper cut into small cubes. Pour into the pan for the rest of the products.

5. Wash and treat the onion. Finely chop with a knife or kitchen hatchet. Add to the pan.

6. Thoroughly mix the contents. Cook for 5 minutes. 7. During this time, use a mixer or a whisk in a separate bowl to beat the eggs with the addition of milk, salt and pepper.

8. Egg-milk mixture pour the contents of the pan. Fry until thick all mass.

9. When ready, carefully remove the tortilla from the pan to a cutting board or immediately onto a dish. Roll up roll. Set on the table.

Spanish tortilla with tuna


• boiled potatoes in a uniform - 500 g;

• Canned tuna - 100 g;

• sweet pepper - 150 g;

• canned green peas - 100 g;

• paprika - 5 g;

• garlic - 15 g;

• salt;

• butter;

• large chicken egg - 4 pcs.


1. Boil the potatoes in salted water. Cool it down. Clear. Cut into circles. Fry in hot butter for about 7-8 minutes on moderate heat.

2. Grind canned tuna with a fork.

3. Treat the garlic. Grind. Add to tuna.

4. In a bowl to drive chicken eggs. Pour salt and wig. Beat with a mixer.

5. Cut the pepper into a small cube. Pour with tuna and peas in a skillet with potatoes. Cook for a couple of minutes.

6. Add egg mixture to the pan with vegetables. Cook, covered with a lid, over low heat until the contents thicken.

7. Transfer the finished Spanish tortilla to the dish and serve.

Spanish tortilla in a multicooker


• potatoes - 400 g;

• sweet pepper - 150 g;

• tomatoes - 150 g;

• Canned corn - 150 g;

• dry basil;

• fresh parsley - 30 g;

• garlic - 15 g;

• olive oil;

• Large chicken eggs - 3 pcs.


1. Peel the potatoes, wash them. Cut into thin circles no more than half a centimeter.

2. Peel the garlic. Grind into a crumb with a kitchen hatchet or knife. You can push it with a press.

3. Slice the bowl of the multicooker with the help of a silicone brush.

4. Put the potatoes in the bowl. Sprinkle with chopped garlic. Set the “Baking” mode. Time - half an hour.

5. While the potatoes are preparing, cut the pepper into small cubes.

6. Wash tomatoes and chop in the same way as pepper. 7. Drain the corn.

8. Rinse greens, dry. Finely chop.

9. After 20 minutes, remove the multicooker lid. Throw in a bowl chopped peppers, tomatoes, canned corn. Add salt.

10. Mix thoroughly. Close the multicooker with a lid. Cook until the signal ends the cycle.

11. While the products in the multicooker are being prepared, it is necessary to make an egg fill. For this you need to drive the eggs in a bowl. Add salt, basil, parsley and mix everything well.

12. After the signal about the completion of the cycle of work of the multicooker, you need to remove the cover. Pour the egg mixture into the bowl. No need to mix.

13. Set the program "Baking". The time is 20 minutes.

14. As soon as the alarm sounds, turn off the multicooker. Remove the cover. Carefully, using a bowl turning method, extract the Spanish tortilla to a suitable-sized dish.

Mistress of the note

1. In non-classical versions, Spanish tortilla recipes, by and large, include everything that is combined with each other. The main thing is cooking technology.

2. Do not go through with the addition of spices. Quite enough dried basil. And without it, the tortilla does not lose in taste.

3. It is advisable to use olive oil. It is needed not so much, but the taste will be different than that of a tortilla cooked in vegetable oil.

4. You can add any seafood to the tortilla. The main thing is that they should be of high quality, and not the “dead” cocktail that is sold in domestic markets.

5. Always choose high-quality products, and on the table there will be a really tasty dish, and not “something that you can try once”. Treat your body with love and respect.

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