How to fry dumplings in a pan, boiled, frozen

How to fry dumplings in a pan, boiled, frozen

Few people realize that the familiar and familiar to all of us can be so unusual and tasty. Today I want to tell you how to fry dumplings in a frying pan, because it is about them. Boiled, frozen, in-store or cobbled together, you can fry them all and not just fry, but with different additives and sauces, so much so that your fingers will lick.

I first tried fried dumplings at a conscious age. I was probably 19 years old when the Gyoza dumplings factory was opened on Sakhalin, where we lived then. Such fish dumplings, in the form of dumplings, only from rice flour. So they liked everything in a fried form. Then we and our usual addicted too fry.

How to fry dumplings in a frying pan correctly - cooking tips

So, I’ll warn you right away that fried dumplings are somewhat more nutritious, so consider that you shouldn’t get carried away. And especially if they are cooked in large quantities of oil.

Dumplings can be fried not only in a frying pan, but also in a slow cooker and in a deep fryer. But today we will consider exactly the first method, as the most popular.

So, with what you can fry dumplings?

  1. In oil, both in creamy, and vegetable (in deep fat)
  2. With vegetables
  3. With cracklings
  4. With a bow
  5. With eggs
  6. With cheese
  7. With greens
  8. With mushrooms

You see, there are many options, and you can serve the dumplings with various sauces. But, that's not all, dumplings can be fried

  • Freshly spathed
  • Frozen
  • Boiled completely
  • Welded to semi-ready

All this also affects the taste. For example, if you fry the dumplings raw, the crust will be crisp and elastic. If you first boil them, then only the edges will be fried, and the middle will be soft. Frozen semi-finished products are also roasted, but first you need to defrost them just a little, spread them out on the towel for about fifteen minutes, and slightly flatten them on the sides before cooking.

Here's another question sometimes asked how to fry dumplings? Not for long, 15-20 minutes, it all depends on the size.

When frying it is not necessary to close the pan with a lid, especially with frozen foods, then water accumulates under the lid and starts to shoot terribly.

For the same reason, it is not recommended to shower dumplings immediately from the freezer into hot oil.

How to fry dumplings in a pan, boiled, frozen

How to fry frozen dumplings

As I have already described above, it is better to defreeze the frozen ones, just let them move away.

Pour oil into the pan, quite a bit to cover the bottom. We turn on the fire medium, do not need aggression, so that the crust turns out to be even and golden.

Pelmeski laid out not in a dense, God forbid, pour them into the pan from the bag, as we do when cooking.

On each side, fry for three minutes at first, so that the crust grabs, then pour water, so that it reaches half of the pelmenka lying on its side. Water can be mixed with sour cream or mayonnaise.

Now we need about five minutes to steam the dumplings so that the mince is cooked and not left raw. During this time, just the liquid will evaporate and you will only have to bring the dish to readiness, so that the crust has browned better.

How to fry cooked dumplings in a pan

Dumplings dipped in boiling water and after boiling we will catch two or three minutes, all the time it is advisable to stir, so that nothing sticks.

Cooked ravioli, boiled until half ready, need to be dried so that there is no water on them. Next, heat the butter in the pan, literally a couple of spoons. You can add another spoonful of cream, then it will be even tastier.

Sprinkle the dish with your favorite seasonings on top, season with salt and fry on both sides until a crust appears. Serve can be sprinkled with greens on top.

If the dumplings are boiled completely, then they should not be stirred in a frying pan, they will fall apart and the stuffing will fall out.

Dumplings, fried with cheese

Try to fry with cheese, it turns out very elegant dish, you can safely entertain guests.

We take:

  • Four hundred grams of frozen dumplings
  • Glass of water
  • One hundred grams of any kind of hard cheese
  • Salt and spices at discretion
  • Three large spoons of oil of any vegetable

Cooking process:

Pelmeski a little hold on the air to freeze frost. Pour oil into a thick-walled pan and add water. When it begins to boil, lay the semi-finished products, add spices and cover with fifteen minutes.

The water will evaporate, remove the lid and fry them for three minutes on each side. After sprinkle with grated cheese and fry for another three minutes.

We take out on a dish and sprinkle with chopped greens.

Deep-fried dumplings

Here we have to stick them ourselves. We will fry fresh, not frozen.

The oil needs to be purified without smell, and a deep pan with thick walls will still be needed.

We heat the oil very well and lower the dumplings one by one, stir with a slotted spoon. It takes only five to seven minutes to complete the preparation. Put them on a dish covered with a paper towel to absorb excess oil.

Fried dumplings with onions

We just adore this dish, cook quickly, you can from the purchased dumplings.

We take:

  • Four hundred grams of frozen dumplings
  • Two medium sized bulbs
  • Three large spoons of sunflower oil
  • A large spoonful of butter (optional)
  • Seasonings, salt

Cooking process: Onion finely chop into cubes, fry quite a bit, lay out the dumplings to it. Fry over medium heat for about eight minutes, stirring. At the end we will cover for a couple of minutes so that the dish is steamed. Immediately serve.

How to fry dumplings in a pan, boiled, frozen

How to fry dumplings with mushrooms

Very tasty are dumplings with mushrooms. The dish is truly festive. I usually fry with champignons. Sometimes I add forest mushrooms, I always keep them pre-boiled in the freezer. If you have these fresh, be sure to cook them in advance.

We need:

  • Three hundred grams of dumplings
  • Three hundred grams of champignons
  • Two small bulbs
  • A piece of butter butter
  • Salt with spices optional

Cooking process:

Onion cut into cubes, slightly let in and add mushrooms, cut into medium-sized fragments. We fry for ten minutes, we need the water to evaporate and the mushrooms start to roast.

Dumplings lightly welded, three minutes, then let the water drain. Send them to the mushrooms, season and fry everything together until fully cooked. Before serving, it will be delicious to pour all over with sour cream sauce and sprinkle with greens.

Dumplings, fried in a skillet with vegetables

In the summer, when our vegetables have already arrived, it’s time to cook such a dish. It does not overload, it turns out beautiful and moderately satisfying.

We take:

  • Four hundred grams of dumplings
  • Two small zucchini
  • One small carrot
  • Medium Bulb
  • Two Tomatoes
  • Spices at discretion
  • Lean oil

Cooking process:

Dumplings boil for about three minutes, lay out to dry. In the meantime, fry the onions a little, add grated carrot to it, and after five minutes lay out the zucchini pieces. As soon as a little fried, lay out the tomatoes, also cut into cubes. Slightly sweat the vegetables and add the dumplings, season and stir-fry for about three minutes, after another five minutes, then everything under the lid. Decorate on the dish with fresh greens.

How to fry dumplings with eggs

We always have a few dumplings after dinner, no matter how much you put your daughter, she does not “fit in”. So, I do not throw out the dumplings, but I put them in the fridge and at dinner I cook a simple and tasty dish.

We take:

  • Ten pre-cooked dumplings
  • Two big spoons of butter, I have melted
  • Two chicken eggs
  • A slice of cheese
  • Two big spoons of milk
  • Condiments
  • Greens

Cooking process:

Heat oil, lay out the dumplings, let them fry. Mix eggs with milk and grated cheese, add to the dumplings and fry everything like an omelette. Greens can be added immediately, but you can sprinkle it later, after readiness.

How to fry dumplings in a pan, boiled, frozen

Fried dumplings in Chinese

Everyone knows that the dumplings are not only Russian, but also the Chinese national dish. What only they are not there to do. But we will not be very sophisticated, we will prepare what we are accustomed to.

We take:

  • Four hundred grams of lean pork
  • Four hundred grams of fresh Beijing cabbage leaves
  • Small Onion Head
  • Salt
  • Teaspoon of soy sauce
  • Vegetable oil in dough and for frying
  • Pinch of sugar
  • Two glasses of wheat flour
  • A glass of boiling water

Cooking process:

Make custard fresh dough, flour should be poured into a bowl and mixed with salt, then pour boiling water and stir to avoid lumps, just add vegetable oil. We knead elastic dough.

For minced meat, mix twisted pork with chopped cabbage leaves, add sugar and soy sauce. You can add white pepper to taste, it will add flavor. We roll out small dough from dough and lay out the stuffing, just sculpt not as dumplings, but as dumplings. In general, they should be small, but if you want to quickly, then make the usual size.

Heat oil in a pan and spread the dumplings evenly. Fry on the one hand, turn over and do the same on the other, when a crust forms we pour in a little boiling water, so that it is only at the bottom. Steam under the lid five minutes and can be served at the table.

How to fry dumplings in a pan, boiled, frozen

How to deliciously fry dumplings under a sauce with cheese crust

Very tasty dish with cheese and unusual sauce for us. Try it, it's really tasty and easy.

We take:

  • Half a kilo of frozen ready-made dumplings
  • One hundred grams of any kind of hard cheese
  • Half a glass of kefir
  • Half a glass of sour cream
  • Half a glass of mayonnaise
  • Head of garlic
  • A bunch of green onions
  • Salt, a mixture of peppers, a mixture of dried herbs

Cooking process:

The first thing is to do the sauce, so he was ready for the approach of pelmenk. Mix sour cream with kefir and mayonnaise, squeeze the garlic in there, pour the pepper and herbs. Mix the mass and let it infuse for half an hour.

You can grate cheese in advance. A little dumplings let otlezhatsya from the freezer.

Pour oil into the pan and set the average temperature. We pour half a glass of water into it at once and stew the dumplings under the lid for about five minutes. As soon as the water evaporates, add more oil and fry the dumplings on one side, then turn it over to the other, wait until a golden crust appears and sprinkle with cheese. Cover with a lid and let it walk to readiness in just five minutes.

Cheese during this time will melt and take a crust. Now we can divide the dish into portions, pour over the sauce and sprinkle with finely chopped onions.

Tajik dumplings, fried

For this dish we will sculpt the dumplings themselves. It turns out very satisfying, this is a full-fledged dinner for a large family.

We take:

  • Half a kilo of pig-beef mince
  • Four hundred grams of ready dumplings dough
  • Two-thirds cup of ready-made meat broth
  • Two large spoons of purified sunflower oil
  • A teaspoon of wine vinegar
  • Medium Bulbs
  • Condiments

Cooking process:

In the mince, add finely shredded onions, roll out the dough into a thin layer, cut into squares. Stuff the stuffing in the center of each square and close it up on the corner to make triangles.

Heat the oil over medium heat, send the dumplings there, fry on both sides, then pour the hot broth and simmer for five minutes under the lid. Sprinkle ready dumplings with wine vinegar.

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