Dumplings with potatoes and cabbage: quick, tasty, inexpensive. A selection of the best dietary dumplings recipes with potatoes and cabbage

Dumplings with potatoes and cabbage: quick, tasty, inexpensive. A selection of the best dietary dumplings recipes with potatoes and cabbage

Dumplings - a traditional dish of Slavic cuisine.

You can start the dough in different ways, however, dumplings with potatoes and cabbage remain one of the most favorite options for a hearty and tasty dish.

Serve it should be hot, flavored with onion, sour cream, mushroom or oil filling.

Serving options with mayonnaise and ketchup are also occasionally found, but traditional Slavic sauces are good for dumplings with potatoes and cabbage.

Dumplings with potatoes and cabbage - general principles of cooking

There is nothing difficult in cooking dumplings with potatoes and cabbage. Dumpling dough and plain filling - that's all you need. Dough you can just buy, although it is cheaper and easier to cook it yourself. You will need water, salt, egg and flour. Sift the flour, make a hole in the center of the flour slides, gently drive an egg in there, then pour in water, salt and replace the dough.

Instead of water, dumplings dough can be made on potato broth or kefir. Get the original, soft dough. The test must be given time to relax after kneading, so that it acquires a pleasant elasticity.

It remains to cook the filling and arrange the dumplings correctly. Boil potatoes for the stuffing, mash with a crush practically without water, so that the filling turns out to be dense. The fried onions are usually added to a potato basis - so it is more tasty.

Cabbage can be used fresh or fermented. Fresh need to wash, finely chop and stew on oil and water. Before stewing, pickled from the brine, optionally washed with cold water. Together with the cabbage you can put out the grated carrots and finely chopped onions. Optionally, add bay leaf, grated Bulgarian pepper.

Mix potatoes with onion and cabbage, salt, pepper and mix if desired. The basic filling is ready. Doughing dumplings for dumplings is possible in two ways.

1. Roll out a dough layer no more than two millimeters thick. With the help of the mug cut the same circles, fill each with filling and gently close up.

2. To form from a half of the test a thin long bar 3-4 cm in diameter. Cut the “sausage” into pieces no more than one and a half to two centimeters thick. Dip each piece into flour, giving a rounded shape, and roll out.

When forming the dumpling, you need to carefully seal the edges of the product so that the filling does not fall out during cooking. For cooking, you need a large pan, half full or two-thirds full of water (the dumplings should not be cramped in it). After boiling dumplings immersed in water, stir with a slotted spoon. After secondary boiling, boil for five minutes.

Dumplings with potato and cabbage “Homemade”

The easiest recipe for dumplings with potatoes and cabbage. The highlight of the recipe is the dough cooked in potato broth. Egg in the dough is not necessary.


• a glass of potato broth (two hundred milliliters);

• two and a half cups of flour (the same volume);

• tablespoon of vegetable oil;

• some salt;

• five to six medium potatoes;

• a third of a large head of fresh cabbage (about a pound);

• two bulbs;

• sunflower oil for the pan.


Boil the potatoes until ready.

Pour broth into a separate bowl and cool.

Potato mash.

Shred the onion.

Heat oil well and fry onions.

Mix mashed potatoes and fried onions.

Cabbage finely chop.

Pour more oil into the same pan, put the cabbage, fry for about ten minutes.

Pour half a glass of water or broth into the pan, cover with a lid, reduce the heat and simmer the cabbage until ready for another twenty minutes.

From potato broth, salt, flour, knead the dough, seeking its elasticity. Leave to rest for about fifteen or twenty minutes.

Roll out the dough in any way. Lay out the stuffing, form dumplings and boil.

Hot dumplings with potatoes and cabbage spread out in plates and serve with butter, shop or rustic sour cream, pepper and ghee.

Dumplings with potatoes, cabbage and mushrooms

An unmatched surprise duet on the same plate is a simultaneous, simple and effective option for lunch or dinner. The dough on the basis of kefir is soft, juicy, very tasty.


• a pound of flour;

• two hundred milliliters of kefir;

• three chicken eggs (one for the test);

• pinch of soda;

• teaspoon of soda;

• five potatoes;

• four hundred grams of sauerkraut;

• three to five tablespoons of vegetable oil;

• two bulbs;

• three hundred grams of champignons or forest mushrooms.


From kefir, flour, one egg, quenched with vinegar soda and salt, knead the dough.

Boil the potatoes and puree it for the filling.

Two remaining eggs boil, cool and chop finely.

Cabbage wash, chop finely (if necessary), fry in vegetable oil.

Pour a quarter cup of water into the cabbage and put it out.

Mushrooms cut, fry in a separate pan in vegetable oil.

Chop the bulbs, fry them.

Prepare two fillings. The first: potatoes, onions and mushrooms.

The second: onions and chopped egg.

Roll out the dough, cook dumplings with two types of toppings.

Boil and serve with sour cream garlic sauce or with melted butter.

Dumplings with potatoes, cabbage and bacon

The original recipe for making such dumplings with potatoes and cabbage is usually kept secret. It turns out to be an incredibly tasty, original, nourishing dish that does not cause trouble for the stomach. Serve these dumplings better with sour cream or butter.


• two kilograms of ready dumplings dough;

• four hundred grams of fresh pork (layers of fat and meat);

• kilogram of sauerkraut;

• kilogram of fresh potatoes;

• half a cup of flour;

• some salt.

Preparation: Pork with lard twist in a meat grinder.

Twist the washed cabbage.

Heat the pan, put twisted lard and fry until ready.

Boil potatoes and puree.

With the cabbage squeeze extra pickle.

Mix the fried lard with the fat, cabbage and potatoes.

Roll out the dough and cut circles out of it.

Put on the middle of each cup stuffing, form a dumpling with a grooved edge. To do this, use your fingers to make side tucks-waves

Part of the dumplings to boil and serve with butter or sour cream.

The remaining items freeze.

Dumplings with potatoes, cabbage and cracklings

Very hearty version of dumplings with potatoes and cabbage, served with roasted crispy cracklings.


• three glasses of flour;

• glass of water;

• pinch of salt;

• egg;

• four medium bulbs;

• six potatoes;

• vegetable oil (three tablespoons);

• four hundred grams of fresh cabbage;

• 150 grams of pork fat without skin and meat veins;

• salt, pepper, herbs as desired.


From water, salt, flour and eggs to replace the elastic dough.

Shred two onions and fry in hot oil until golden brown.

Boil potatoes and ceiling.

Mix mashed potatoes and fried onions, pour, if desired, pepper and flavor with a slice of butter.

Cabbage chop thinner and smaller, fry until cooked in the same pan, where the onions were fried.

Mix potatoes with cabbage.

Roll out the dough, form the dumplings.

Put water for cooking vareniki.

Cut the lard into small cubes and put it on a hot red frying pan.

While the fat is being heated, chop the remaining onions into half rings or cubes.

Throw dumplings in boiling water.

Fry the bulbs in the melted fat, without throwing the grill.

Put the ready dumplings with potatoes and cabbage on a plate and pour over the lard with the onions and bacon.

Dumplings with potatoes and cabbage with mushroom sauce

The rich taste of this variant of dumplings will surely be remembered by anyone who has tried this hearty, multifaceted dish.


• a glass of warm water;

• two and a half glasses of white flour;

• half a teaspoonful of milled salt;

• five potatoes;

• four medium bulbs;

• average carrot;

• a pound of fresh cabbage;

• half a cup of olive oil;

• some fresh greens;

• a pound of fresh champignons;

• a little pepper and salt;

• three cloves of garlic.


Knead soft dough from flour, salt, water and leave to rest for an hour.

Put potatoes in salted water and cook.

Two finely chopped onion.

Grate carrots finely.

Heat the oil and fry the onion in it.

When the onions lightly browned, put carrots on it.

Mash potatoes in mashed potatoes.

Chop and fry until cabbage.

Mix the mashed potatoes, cabbage, carrots with onions.

Chop the greens.

Salt and pepper the filling, mix with greens.

Dough and fillings to form dumplings.

Cut the mushrooms.

Chop two more bulbs.

In a heated pan fry the onions first.

Ten minutes later, put the mushrooms, fry until done.

Salt, add spices to taste, chopped garlic.

Set aside mushroom dressing.

Cook the dumplings, arrange in plates.

Post, watering mushroom zazharkoy.

Dumplings with potatoes and cabbage “Lazy”

The original recipe of dumplings with potatoes and cabbage will surprise you with an unusual tomato sauce.


• seven hundred grams of white flour;

• egg;

• 230 ml of water;

• spoon of vegetable oil in the dough;

• a pound of potatoes;

• a pound of sauerkraut;

• two large onions;

• average carrot;

• cooking oil for the pan;

• a tablespoon of natural tomato paste;

• a little salt, a mixture of peppers.


From flour, water, vegetable oil and eggs to knead the dough.

Chop one onion finely, fry until golden in oil. Rinse cabbage quickly under cold water, put in a colander or wring out hands.

Put the cabbage to the fried onions, bring to readiness.

Boil the potatoes, fry it.

Mix cabbage and potatoes, salt and sprinkle with pepper.

Cut the dough into large rectangles the size of fifteen by ten cm.

Put the stuffing inside each strip and form long “dumplings” that look like narrow patties.

Put water for dumplings.

Carrot grate.

Chop the remaining onions.

Fry carrots and onions in butter.

Five minutes later add the tomato paste, a quarter cup of water and stew under a lid for ten minutes.

Boil the dumplings in boiling water.

When serving, pour tomato and vegetable sauce.

Dumplings with potatoes and sauerkraut

A simple version of quick dumplings made from potatoes and sauerkraut.


• ordinary glass of boiled chilled water;

• one egg;

• two and a half glasses of white flour;

• one and a half glasses of sauerkraut;

• five potatoes;

• salt;

• one medium bulb.


Knead the dough with water, eggs, flour, and a pinch of salt.

Pickled sauerkraut from brine.

Potatoes put to cook.

Shred onion as small as possible.

Heat the pan and fry the cabbage and onions on it.

Mash potatoes and mix with fried cabbage.

Form dumplings.

Cook them and serve with sour cream or ghee.

Dumplings with potatoes, cabbage and onion gravy “Ukrainian”

Dumplings are considered by many to be a Ukrainian traditional dish. In Ukraine, the dish is often served with onion fried in unrefined sunflower oil. Lukova gravy - a business card of dumplings with potatoes and cabbage in Ukrainian.


• four glasses of white flour;

• one egg;

• ordinary glass of water;

• two carrots;

• a pound of fresh cabbage;

• a pound of potatoes;

• one third cup of tomato paste;

• three onions;

• incomplete glass of sunflower oil; • to taste a little salt.


Knead the dough out of water, flour, eggs and salt.

Boil and mash the potatoes.

Chop the cabbage finely and fry in vegetable oil.

Five minutes before the end of frying, put the tomato paste, simmer until cooked over low heat.

Grate carrots.

Cut one onion.

Separately fry the onions and carrots.

Prepare the filling of mashed potatoes, cabbage, onions and carrots. Salt and mix.

Form dumplings.

While they are cooking, make onion sauce.

Heat half a cup of oil.

The remaining two onions chop “garlic” or rings and fry.

Put the dumplings on a common dish.

Pour onion sauce, mix and serve.

Dumplings with potatoes and cabbage - tricks and useful tips

  • If the cooked dumplings turned out to be more than planned for cooking, the remains should be spread out onto a floured board and sent to freeze in the freezer. After 12 hours, when the dumplings are cold, remove them from the board, put them in bags and store in the freezer.
  • If the edges of the dough are not plucked well, then the dough is a lot of flour. To make the edges stick together better, they should be moistened with water.
  • While a portion of the dough is being rolled, the other must be removed in polyethylene so that the dough does not lose elasticity.
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