Shurpa at home according to classic recipes. Cooking shurpa at home in a cauldron, saucepan, multicooker

Shurpa at home according to classic recipes. Cooking shurpa at home in a cauldron, saucepan, multicooker

Shurpa is the same pride of Eastern cooks, as is pilaf or sweets famous for the whole world. Another feature of Asian cuisine is the almost unchanged menu in the Khan’s palace and nomad’s tent. So, the delicious aroma of shurpa is equally familiar to commoners and nobles. In our collection there are various variations on the subject of a hearty dish, which, if you wish, it is easy to cook in the home kitchen, regardless of whether it is in Persia, Kaliningrad or beyond the Arctic Circle.

General principles of making shurpa at home

• To make a delicious shurpa at home, you need a large cauldron or a large double-bottomed saucepan. You can use the multicooker, if it is.

• There are two types of shurpa: boiled and fried. In the first case, meat broth is cooked for a long time, in which vegetables are laid. In the second variant, the meat is fried in a pan with vegetables, after which it is transferred to a cauldron or saucepan and poured with water or broth prepared in advance. In both cases, the dish turns out excellent, but with completely different tastes.

• Traditionally, shurpa is cooked from lamb, but if you want, you can try to cook it from any kind of meat. The main thing is that these should be the best pieces of carcasses with bones: brisket or brisket. Ribs also fit, but not enough meat for shurpy. The taste of the soup will turn out to be almost a reference, if the broth is cooked from meat of different varieties.

• As for the vegetable part of shurpa, it consists of carrots, onions, potatoes, bell peppers. Turnips and fresh tomatoes are often added.

• In addition to vegetables, shurpu can be supplemented with other products, such as chickpeas. It needs pretreatment, soaking the chickens for eight hours in cold water.

• The taste of the dish depends on the spices. As a rule, they use cumin, coriander, black pepper. To spice up add hot pepper pods. Sometimes fruits are added to the shurpa, it can be quince or green apples.

• You can’t make real shurpa without fresh herbs - cilantro, fresh dill, young basil or parsley, any will suit, choose according to taste. A prerequisite - the green should be a lot. It is added at the end of cooking or during tempering, in portions.

Shurpa at home in Uzbek


• ribs of young lamb - half a kilo;

• fat tail - 50 g;

• 300 gr. bitter onions;

• sweet purple onions - 200 gr .;

• carrot - 250 gr .;

• two large potatoes;

• two bell peppers;

• 300 gr. black turnip;

• hot peppers;

• fresh tomatoes - two large ones;

• cumin, cilantro, coriander, basil - to taste;

• parsley;

• small quince fruit, can be replaced with a green sour apple.

Cooking Method:

1. Chop the lamb into pieces and place in a saucepan, in three liters of cold water. Removing the foam from the surface of the broth, at the maximum of the fire bring to a boil. Then add to the broth on a small pinch of jeera and coriander, cover the pan with a lid and cook, not allowing for too much boiling, for exactly one hour.

2. After that, we put in the broth half rings of bitter onions and medium-sized cubes of fat tail. Add coarsely chopped carrots and potatoes, thick turnip sticks, hot peppers. We continue to cook in the same mode for another hour.

3. At this time, immerse the tomatoes in hot water, soak in it for two minutes and quickly cool under the pressure of cold water. We remove from a peel of tomatoes.

4. From the peppers we extract the seeds, and wash off their remnants. Cut the flesh into small cubes.

5. Pour water on quince and cut into slices. You will need a sharp powerful knife, as the quince pulp is very dense. If in the middle of a fruit pulp of a dark shade - do not throw out, and accurately cut out this part.

6. Slice the quince, slices of sweet pepper and tomatoes into the broth, when the potatoes begin to soften, 10 minutes after its addition. At the end, enter the half-rings of sweet onion into the shurpa, adjust the taste by adding sugar and salt, bring to the boil again and remove from the heat.

7. Chop parsley garnish with shurpa when serving.

How shurpa is prepared at home in a cauldron


• any non-poultry meat on the bone (brisket, loin) - a kilogram;

• three onions;

• one Bulgarian pepper;

• 400 gr. fresh tomatoes;

• three large carrots;

• 700 gr. potatoes;

• large head of garlic; • incomplete spoon of jeera;

• a large bunch of cilantro;

• a tablespoon of ready seasoning “For pilaf”, or “For harcho”.

Cooking Method:

1. Without separating from the bones, wash the meat and boil in three liters of water until ready. First, quickly bring to a boil, all the while removing the foam, then cook under a lid on low heat for at least two hours. We take out a piece of meat from the broth and, putting it in a bowl, let it cool.

2. Cool and broth. At the same time on the surface will be collected fat. It will need to be removed and set aside, it is useful for frying.

3. Remove the boiled meat from the bones and cut it into large pieces, 3 * 4 cm in size. Chop the onion into half rings. Place the tomatoes for three minutes in boiling water, immerse in cold water for a minute and remove the skin without effort. Cut the remaining vegetables into equal, fairly large pieces.

4. We transfer the fat collected from the broth to the cauldron, heat it well and pass in half the onion half rings in it. As soon as they become transparent, add the boiled meat and fry the pieces until golden brown. Watch for the bow, its strips should get an amber shade, but not burn.

5. Put in a cauldron carrots with bell pepper, add spices and, having mixed thoroughly, continue to fry for another couple of minutes. Next, pour a little beef broth and give a quarter of an hour slowly simmer.

6. Add large slices of potatoes, pour into the cauldron all the remaining broth and cook after boiling on low heat until ready. It may take about 20 minutes.

7. After that, omit whole tomatoes without peel in shurpu and cook for another quarter of an hour. Fill the soup with herbs and chopped garlic, bring to a boil again and immediately turn off the fire.

8. Before serving, let the shurpa stand for at least 10 minutes so that it absorbs the aroma of garlic and cilantro.

Tasty and simple homemade shurpa with chickpeas


• pulp on the bone - 500 gr .;

• 100 gr. dry chickpea;

• onions - 2 large heads;

• five medium potatoes;

• a small green turnip;

• two carrots;

• fresh tomatoes - 2 pcs .;

• five large cloves of garlic;

• fruits of red sweet pepper - 2 pcs .; • cumin and coriander - 1/3 tsp .;

• a small pod of hot peppers;

• Fresh greens of choice - cilantro, young dill, garden parsley;

• refined oil - 50 ml.

Cooking Method:

1. First of all, you need to prepare chickpeas. Soak it overnight in a large amount of warm water. After this we wash several times - the water should be absolutely transparent.

2. In a large cauldron pour oil and place it on a strong fire. As soon as the fat ceases to crackle, drop large pieces of meat and fry until dense crust.

3. Add the half rings of onion to the meat, add, season with spices. Cook, regularly stirring and slightly lowering the heat, until the onion is transparent. Then pour two liters of water to the meat and, carefully removing the foam that forms, wait for boiling.

4. Lay in the shurpu swollen chickpeas and whole, peeled garlic cloves. Omit the coarsely chopped carrots, and turnips whole. Cooking soup on the quietest fire for about an hour.

5. Lay the large slices of potatoes, and after 25 minutes - large strips of sweet pepper and tomatoes without peel. We continue to cook shurpa until chickpea and potatoes are ready.

6. At the end, add spices to the soup, add salt to the taste. Fall asleep chopped greens and, bringing to a boil, remove from heat. We give shurpe to stand for a quarter of an hour under the lid.

How to prepare shurpa at home in a multicooker


• Ribs or pork on the bone - 400 gr.;

• two liters of water;

• a pound of potatoes;

• two large onion heads;

• three small tomatoes;

• one carrot;

• large Bulgarian peppercorn;

• vegetable oil;

• to taste - cumin, ground pepper and ready seasoning hops-suneli.

Cooking Method:

1. Turn on the slow cooker in baking mode and pour vegetable oil into the bowl, about 40 ml. Having waited, when it will well heat up, we lower large pieces of pork and we fry 25 minutes. Try to separate the edges so that there are two bones in each piece.

2. To the fried meat lay out carrot sliced ​​into circles, half rings of onion, large pieces of bell pepper flesh and large slices of tomatoes. Fry vegetables with meat for another 20 minutes. 3. Put the potatoes, season with spices, put a teaspoon of fine salt. Fill the bowl with two liters of fresh boiling water and, having stirred well, transfer the slow cooker to the “Quenching” mode for exactly one hour.

4. After the end of the program, give shurpe stand on the heater for 10 minutes. Done!

Shurpa at home pork


• kilogram of fat pork on the bone;

• seven small potatoes;

• carrot;

• red bell pepper;

• big meaty tomato;

• garlic;

• spices: paprika, cumin, ground pepper;

• Greens to taste: a mixture of cilantro with dill or parsley.

Cooking Method:

1. Put the washed meat in one piece in two liters of cold water. Bringing to a boil, constantly remove the resulting var. Dip large pieces of carrot and onion halves in broth, cook on low heat for an hour and a half.

2. We get the meat, let it cool a little and, separating it from the bones, cut it into pieces. Do not shallow. Return the boiled meat back to the broth.

3. Cut the peeled potato tubers into two or four parts and send them to the pan after the pork. Cook potatoes until tender, about forty minutes, depending on the size of the pieces.

4. Add large slices of tomatoes and wide strips of Bulgarian pepper to shurpu. Boil with medium-low heat for a quarter of an hour, season the soup with spices. Enough to put on a third of a teaspoon of each seasoning.

5. Cook shurpu five more minutes. We fill with chopped greens, press two slices of garlic with a press. We warm up a minute and turn off the heat.

How to make a thick shurpa at home from beef with tomato paste


• pair beef brisket - a kilogram;

• 600 gr. raw potato;

• one onion;

• 5 gr. ground pepper (black);

• 100 gr. carrots;

• three bay leaves;

• large pod of Bulgarian pepper;

• 60 gr. tomato paste;

• five peppercorns;

• refined oil;

• Zira - 5 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Brisket thoroughly washed and chopped into pieces. We make them small, but not small. Desired size - 4 * 5 cm.

2. Clean the potatoes, cut the tubers in half and fill with water so as not to darken. 3. We clean the carrot, paprika and onion, chop the vegetables - carrot into thin cubes, and the onion with pepper - straws.

4. In the pan for a short time, warm the oil and dip all chopped vegetables into it at once. Stirring over low heat until the carrots soften.

5. While stirring, add meat to vegetables and leave to stew with the lid closed until tender. Approximately 7 minutes before the end you need to enter a tomato.

6. We shift the stewed meat with vegetables to a double-bottomed saucepan and pour water over it. It is advisable to boil the broth in advance under the bones. Having set the average heat, bring to a boil, and then cook on low heat for half an hour, add potatoes with salmon and spices. Cook for another half hour and check the readiness of the potatoes.

7. When serving shurpa, sprinkle with greens, add a little chopped garlic.

The tricks of cooking shurpa at home - useful tips

• Shurpa does not have to be fat. You can cook and lean dish of poultry or lean meat pieces. Often it is boiled from game and even fish.

• If the meat does not have enough fat, you can add a little fat tail, cut into small pieces, when cooking the broth.

• Turnip can give shurpe characteristic root vegetables bitterness, so it is undesirable to grind it. To impart a specific taste, it is enough to boil the whole root vegetable in the broth and then remove it.

• It is acceptable to replace the fresh tomatoes missing in the winter season with tomato juice or putting tomato puree and fresh greens with dried ones.

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