Shurpa in Uzbek is a win-win version of nourishing hot. Cooking flavored, delicious Uzbek shurpa with lamb, beef

Shurpa in Uzbek is a win-win version of nourishing hot. Cooking flavored, delicious Uzbek shurpa with lamb, beef

A piece of meat, fresh vegetables, herbs, spices are all that is needed to make Uzbek shurpa.

Let's start?

Uzbek shurpa - general principles of preparation

Immediately prepare a cauldron or a thick-walled pot, the shurpa is cooked only in such dishes. You can use the slow cooker.

Ideally, shurpu is made from young lamb, but using other types of meat will not affect the taste of the dish, it will just slightly change it, so you can safely replace lamb with veal, home-made chicken, pork, duck. The main thing is that the pieces were fat and on the bone, brisket or brisket are best suited.

Vegetables use potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, zucchini and others. Not rarely add beans, mostly chickpeas, or grits - rice.

The spices and herbs used also affect the taste of the food: coriander, white, black and red pepper, cumin, basil, cilantro, dill, laurel, cumin are suitable.

Uzbek shurpa can be prepared in two ways: by boiling or frying all the ingredients. Boiled shurpa is the one where meat broth is first boiled, into which chopped vegetables are then laid. Fried - the one where first the meat and vegetables are separately fried in oil in pans, then mixed in a cauldron and poured with boiling water, brought to readiness.

Uzbek shurpa is especially good if you give a brew after cooking for 10-30 minutes.

1. Shurpa in Uzbek


• 300 g mutton;

• 5 small pieces of fat tail fat;

• 6 potato tubers;

• carrot - 1 pc .;

• tomato - 1 pc .;

• onion head;

• black and red pepper powder, salt - 10 g each;

• 2 leaves of laurel;

• polpuchka any greens.


1. Cut the lamb into medium cubes, cover with water, add fat, put laurel leaves and let the water boil over high heat.

2. When the water boils, reduce the heat and boil the meat for 1 hour and 20 minutes, removing the froth.

3. Add the carrot, cut into thin strips, onion - fine crumbs, crushed tomato without skin, potatoes - diced, pepper, season with spices, salt and cook until softened all foods over moderate heat. 4. Pour shurpa into plates, sprinkle with dill.

2. Kaurma-shurpa in Uzbek


• fillet of beef - 0.5 kg;

• a pair of onions;

• a couple of carrots;

• 4 potatoes;

• fresh paprika - 2 pcs .;

• A couple of garlic cloves;

• oils for frying - 3 tbsp. spoons;

• a little tomato paste;

• Lavrushka - a couple of leaves;

• salt, black pepper - on a pinch;

• cilantro, basil, cumin (dry) - 20 g each;

• parsley - 3 sprigs.


1. Place the prepared (thoroughly washed and dried) piece of beef in a metal container, pour water, bring to a boil over high heat.

2. Put the onion in a saucepan, whole grenade, turn down the heat and cook a little less than half an hour with the lid closed.

3. Put the second onion on the red-hot frying pan with butter, cut it into half rings, fry on a low heat until transparent color, temporarily place it on the plate.

4. Remove the cooked meat with a slotted spoon from the broth, cut into cubes and fry to the crust on a small flame.

5. To the meat in the pan add the previously fried onions, carrots - diced, tomato paste, stirring, fry.

6. In a saucepan with strained broth, place the potatoes, cut into large slices, let the broth boil.

7. Add seasoning, cilantro, basil, cumin, salt, pepper, and boil for 15 minutes.

8. From the sweet pepper, remove the seeds, cut into strips.

9. After 15 minutes of cooking, add sweet peppers and garlic to the soup. Boil for 2 minutes, remove from heat and leave for half an hour.

10. When serving, put some meat with carrots and onions on the plate, cover with soup, sprinkle with chopped parsley.

3. Fried Uzbek shurpa


• some lamb bones;

• a piece of mutton pulp (from the neck);

• a small piece of fat tail;

• onions - 3 heads;

• a couple of carrots;

• fresh paprika -4 pcs .;

• 1 quince;

• 3 tomatoes (can be in own juice);

• 4 potatoes;

• a few cloves of garlic;

• salt, hot pepper powder, turmeric, cumin, basil powder - on a pinch. Preparation:

1. In a frying pan with a thick bottom, put a piece of fat, heat the fat, take out the skimmer with a skimmer.

2. Put quince in slices into fat, add salt, add zira, fry a little, put in another dish.

3. Put the carrot chopped into circles in a frying pan, fry until golden brown.

4. Put the stones on the carrot, fry a little and add pieces of lamb pulp, fry for 1 minute.

5. To the meat and carrots, place the Bulgarian pepper into a large cube, fry and add the onion with half rings and garlic with large plates.

6. When the onion becomes golden, place the diced tomatoes without skin.

7. Pour hot pepper, turmeric, salt.

8. Put potatoes in slices in a frying pan, cover with water until completely covered and cook on moderate heat for a little over an hour.

9. At the very end, try on the salt, add basil, and roasted quince, cook for another 15 minutes, remove from the stove and leave for half an hour.

10. Pour into plates.

4. Uzbek shurpa with peas and rice


• 4 potato tubers;

• a small piece of lamb;

• pinch of rice cereal;

• 1 egg;

• a slice of margarine;

• pinch of dry peas;

• onions - 1 pc .;

• carrot - 1 pc .;

• a couple of tomatoes;

• pepper fragrant powder, salt - half a teaspoon.


1. Scroll the lamb fillet several times through a meat grinder.

2. In the resulting mince, add the egg, salt and pepper.

3. Boil rice cereal in water until half cooked, put in mince, mix well.

4. Mince sticks from mincemeat that look like sausages.

5. Put the minced meat sticks in boiling water, cook until they ascend.

6. Put sausages in a plate, put potatoes in a broth - dice, cook for 15 minutes.

7. In a pan, fry the onion - half rings, carrot - straws, put in the soup.

8. Boil the peas in meat broth or in water, put into the soup, cook until softened.

9. On a plate when serving, put on 1 sausage, soup ladle, sprinkle with herbs.

5. Uzbek spicy shurpa


• lamb ribs with meat - 5 pcs .;

• 5 potato tubers;

• peas (chickpeas) - 1 cup;

• 1 fresh paprika;

• 1 carrot;

• onion head;

• some fat tail and cooking oil;

• 2 tomatoes;

• a few cloves of garlic;

• coriander, cumin, black and red pepper, salt - 40 g each;

• half a bunch of greens.


1. Soak the peas chickpeas in hot water for 2 hours.

2. In the pot, pour fat and sunflower oil, heat, fry fat in ribs to a golden crust on low heat.

3. Put the onions to the ribs, cut into half rings. Fry, stirring, until golden.

4. Peel the carrots, cut them into strips and put them in the pot, fry a little.

5. Pour hot water in the pot until full coverage of food, boil for 10-14 minutes.

6. Pour the swollen peas chickpeas, adjust the fire to the strongest, bring the shurpa to a boil.

7. Boil another hour on a small flame.

8. Put the potatoes in shurpa - cubes, boil a little.

9. Peel paprika from seeds, cut into circles and add to the shurpa.

10. Tomatoes hold in boiling water to make it easier to remove the skin, chop and put in the pot.

11. Lastly, squeeze the garlic through the garlic, add coriander, cumin, sprinkle with pepper, salt, remove from the stove and leave for 40 minutes.

12. When serving, pour the shurpa in portions, place a little sour cream in each and sprinkle with herbs.

6. Shurpa in Uzbek with a sour apple


• a large piece of lamb;

• fat fat tail - a few pieces;

• 5 bulbs;

• pod of fresh paprika;

• potatoes - 5 tubers;

• 1 apple green sour;

• 4 tomatoes;

• 2 carrots;

• fresh cilantro, dill - 3 branches each;

• a few cloves of garlic;

• leaf of laurel;

• seasoning zira powder, black pepper, salt - on a pinch.


1. Put pieces of bacon in the pot, warm it up a little and add sliced ​​lamb pulp, fry until golden brown.

2. In the meat, add the onions, cut into strips, fry until the onions are tender. 3. Put the tomatoes - cut into large pieces, paprika - slices, fry for 5 minutes.

4. Add the circles of carrots, fry a little on low heat until softened.

5. Pour hot water into the iron pot, stew for 15 minutes.

6. Put the potatoes in large pieces, cook for a few minutes.

7. Pour more water into the pot, add seasoning, cast the bay pepper, salt, pepper, cook for 20 minutes.

8. Add apple - dice, stew until potatoes are ready.

9. Leave the finished shurpa for 30 minutes.

10. Serve on a plate, sprinkle with cilantro and dill.

Shurpa in Uzbek style - subtleties and tips

• Tastier shurpa and richer broth, if the meat before frying pre-fry.

• Eat shurpa only in a freshly prepared state; the reheated dish loses its taste.

• Serve shurpu with various sauces: this will diversify and emphasize the taste of the dish. Use adjika, mayonnaise, mustard, sour cream, tomato sauce.

• To make the taste more saturated, put a pair of laurel leaves, twigs and parsley roots and dill into a bag of gauze, release the bag for half an hour into the languishing shurpa, then remove and discard.

• Put spices at the end of cooking, in 10-15 minutes.

• Do not lose sight of another important component of the dish - greens. Especially good shurpa with parsley, basil, dill, green onions, tarragon, dzhusay.

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