Mutton Khashlama is a juicy, fragrant, nourishing Caucasian dish in your kitchen. The best recipes for lamb khashlama

Mutton Khashlama is a juicy, fragrant, nourishing Caucasian dish in your kitchen. The best recipes for lamb khashlama

Caucasian cuisine pleases us with delicious meat recipes.

Often properly cooked meat with vegetables becomes a cult dish at the hostess, that its cooking brings, in addition to hearty hot, pleasure from the process itself.

Similarly, lamb khashlama is a tasty dish that is cooked really simply and quickly, and you get both meat and vegetable garnish at the same time.

Mutton Hashlama - General Cooking Principles

There is no “right” or “wrong” cooked khashlama, each housewife has this specialty in her own way, she has her own subtleties and cooking secrets. The basis of the two main ingredients are: meat and vegetables. Different sources say that one or another kind of meat should be taken as a basis, but in reality there are no clear rules. Both beef, and pork, and chicken suit, but more tasty, more saturated and fragrant than khashlama turns out nevertheless with mutton.

The principle of cooking is as follows: spread lamb and vegetables in a thick-walled pot: usually take sweet peppers, tomatoes, onions, less often potatoes, eggplants, zucchini, garlic. There is no exact proportions and the presence of any ingredient - this is the good recipe for Khashlama: prepared what is in the refrigerator, put it in a container and wait for cooking tender, juicy meat soaked in juice of fresh vegetables, spices, herbs and herbs.

In addition to vegetables and meat, hops-suneli, peppers of peppercorns, parsley, basil, cilantro, tarragon, black pepper, cloves, celery, and other spices are added to the khashlama.

Often the dish is supplemented with good pink or red wine. Serve lamb khashlama hot with garlic and fresh herbs.

1. Mutton Hashlama


• a little more than a kilogram of mutton ribs;

• 0.5 kg of potatoes;

• 4 tomatoes;

• 3 sweet peppers;

• garlic - 2 heads;

• a bunch of parsley and dill;

• hot and black ground peppers - 20 g; • salt - half a teaspoon.


1. Prepare the vegetables. With peppers and tomatoes, take out the seeds.

2. Tomatoes cut in medium circles and laid in a cast iron pan.

3. Wash the ribs of lamb, put them in a cast iron on tomatoes, sprinkle with pepper and salt.

4. Peeled garlic cut with thin plastics and put on ribs.

5. On the garlic, put the Bulgarian pepper, chopped into thin strips.

6. On the pepper lay out the potatoes, cut into large cubes.

7. Put another thin pepper on the potatoes and tomatoes.

8. All add salt, sprinkle with chopped parsley with dill, pour in some water and simmer on moderate heat for up to 4 hours.

9. At the time of quenching, open the lid two times and remove the scum.

10. When serving, lay out on a la carte plates, sprinkle with chopped parsley leaves.

2. Armenian lamb khashlama


• 1.5 kg lamb fillet with bone;

• 6 medium tomatoes;

• 2 bell peppers;

• any greens (parsley, celery, dill);

• various spices as desired

• liter bottle of beer;

• black pepper - 15 g;

• salt - to taste.


1. We wash the pulp of lamb, release it from the bone, cut out all the veins.

2. Cut the meat in small pieces of about 3 centimeters thick each.

3. Chop the bone with an ax into 3 parts and put it in the iron pot.

4. Place the sliced ​​flesh on the bone, add some salt, sprinkle with pepper and spices.

5. Wash greens, dry them in paper towels and put them on sliced ​​meat.

6. Cut the prepared Bulgarian pepper into a medium cube, put on the greens.

7. Tomatoes my, soak them in boiling water for 3 minutes, remove the skin from them, cut into slices and spread on the Bulgarian pepper.

8. The contents of the pot pour beer up to half the volume.

9. Stew for 2 hours on low heat.

10. Ready lamb khashlama stewed in beer, put on a flat plate, sprinkle with herbs.

3. Georgian lamb khashlama


• lamb brisket with carriages weighing 0.5 kg;

• 5 cloves of garlic; • 1 bouquet of fresh parsley and dill;

• 1 carrot;

• onion head;

• 1 parsley and celery root;

• 2 bay leaves;

• salt - 5 g;

• spices as desired.


1. Wash the brisket, cut the veins.

2. Chop the meat with an ax into small pieces, so that each part has a bone.

3. Put the chopped brisket in the iron pot, add 1.5 cups of water, cook over low heat, not forgetting to remove the foam after boiling.

4. Peel celery and parsley root, wash, cut into medium cubes.

5. Carrot clean, wash, cut into thin circles.

6. Onion - cut into small pieces.

7. Wash parsley and dill leaves and dry with a paper towel.

8. Put the parsley and dill on the slightly cooked meat.

9. Top lay out all the other products in order.

10. Add a little salt, pepper, seasonings, add bay leaf and simmer with the lid closed for 4 hours on moderate heat.

11. After this time, the existing broth is poured into another deep cup.

12. We take out celery root, parsley, bunches of dill with parsley, bay leaf from the pot.

13. Put the stew on a serving plate.

14. In the broth, squeeze garlic through the garlic press and pour the meat over it.

15. Next to the meat, place stewed vegetables with greens.

4. Mutton hashlama in a slow cooker with mushrooms


• lamb meat with stones - a little less than a kilogram;

• 3 carrots;

• 5 medium eggplants;

• onions - 3 heads;

• 3 bell peppers;

• 3 tomatoes;

• 5 cloves of garlic;

• 1 bunch fresh parsley, cilantro, dill;

• 8 fresh champignons;

• any seasoning;

• salt - at the tip of a teaspoon;

• 4 leaves of laurel.


1. Prepare all the vegetables: wash, clean, take out the seeds.

2. Onions cut into thin strips, put in a multicooker container.

3. Carrots - thin circles, lay on the onion.

4. Cut the meat cleaned from all the veins into medium pieces (it is better to take the meat along with the bones, since it is from the bones that the dish will turn out to be even more fragrant and more appetizing). 5. Put the meat on the vegetables, salt, sprinkle with pepper and spices.

6. On top of the meat lay out sliced ​​strips of sweet pepper.

7. Put the eggplant circles on the pepper.

8. Cut the mushrooms into medium plastics and lay them on eggplants.

9. Tomatoes are kept in boiling water for about 5 minutes, peeled, cut into slices and put on mushrooms.

10. The last layer put garlic plates, sprinkle again with spices.

11. Set the slow cooker to the “extinguishing” mode and stew for 3 hours.

12. During the fire, open the multicooker lid several times and mix all the products thoroughly.

13. After complete softening of all products, again, mix everything and lay out on a large portion plate, sprinkle with chopped parsley and dill leaves.

5. Spiced lamb khashlama with potatoes in beer


• 0.5 kg of lamb meat;

• 7 medium potatoes;

• 6 tomato;

• 3 eggplants;

• 4 bell peppers;

• 5 onions;

• 6 cloves of garlic;

• 300 ml of not strong beer;

• a bunch of fresh basil;

• 7 cilantro stalks;

• salt - 10 g;

• any seasoning.


1. Prepared tomatoes cut into 4 parts and put in the pot.

2. Two my bell peppers, take out the seeds, cut into thin strips, put on tomatoes.

3. Cut a few onion heads with a crumb, spread on pepper.

4. Cut the meat into medium pieces.

5. One part of the meat is laid in the pot on the vegetables, sprinkle with spices and salt.

6. Grind the washed greens with a knife and pour out to the second half of the meat.

7. On the first part of the meat lay out the peeled potatoes as a whole, the second part of the meat with greens, sprinkle with salt and spices again.

8. Fill the entire contents with beer, simmer for 4 hours on moderate heat.

9. Before serving, mix everything and spread on a flat dish.

6. Mutton Khashlama with green beans, cabbage and quince


• lamb ribs - 1.5 kg;

• 3 onions;

• 3 medium potatoes;

• 300 g of eggplants;

• 3 tomatoes;

• 3 sweet peppers;

• 2 quinces;

• 2 medium cabbage leaves; • 4 pods of green beans;

• 1 head of garlic;

• a bunch of parsley;

• condiment zira - pack floor;

• salt - 10 g;

• hot pepper mixed with black - 20 g.


1. Separate the ribs of mutton from each other and put them in the pot with the fat side down, add some salt, sprinkle with ground peppers and zira.

2. On the ribs lay out the onion, chopped fine crumb.

3. Onions - tomatoes, cut into 4 pieces.

4. On top of the tomatoes lay out the small diced eggplants without skin and the potatoes - dice (the potatoes must be put on top of the tomatoes, because if you put it under the tomatoes, it may not cook well due to the tomato juice).

5. On the potatoes lay out sweet peppers - thin straws.

6. On the peppers lay out the pods of beans and diced quince.

7. In the middle of all the ingredients we stick the head of garlic in the peel, spread over the entire surface of pieces of cabbage and coarsely chopped parsley.

8. Close all of the large cabbage leaf, put on a strong fire before the bubbling bubbles.

9. After boiling, reduce the heat and simmer another 1 hour.

10. Put the stewed khashlama on a flat plate, hot, next to put the cake baked in the pan.

Lamb Khinkali - useful tips

• An unusually tasty is obtained Hashlama, seasoned with cheese.

• It is not necessary to put a large amount of laurel, cloves and allspice into Khashlama. The fact is that these spices do not immediately reveal their aroma, but after lying in a dish for some time, they can give a hot bitter aftertaste and a strongly pronounced specific aroma.

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