Shrimp fried in soy sauce - delicious gusto! Various recipes for ruddy, fragrant, juicy shrimps, fried in soy sauce

Shrimp fried in soy sauce - delicious gusto! Various recipes for ruddy, fragrant, juicy shrimps, fried in soy sauce

Fried shrimp is just a divine dish! It can be served independently to any alcoholic drink, used to decorate salads, as a supplement to all sorts of snacks.

In any case, fried shrimp are considered a delicacy and are tasty, especially when adding soy sauce.

Shrimp fried in soy sauce - general principles of cooking

Shrimp for frying can be used absolutely any. They are prepared in purified form or entirely in the shell with the head, sometimes without it. It all depends on the recipe used. It is important to thoroughly wash the mollusk; a black tube, that is, an intestine, must be taken out. Next, the product is marinated in soy sauce or fried immediately. Usually in a skillet with butter. But you can use the grill.

What else is added:

• garlic, onions;

• lemon juice;

• honey or sugar;

• various spices, dry or fresh herbs.

You will need butter for frying. The number in the recipes is usually not indicated, as the shrimp can be cooked in a barely greased pan or in deep fat. The first option allows you to get less fatty dish, and when using the second method, you can get a crispy, ruddy crust from all sides.

Shrimps are served hot or cold, decorated with greens, you can immediately spread on sheets of lettuce. As an addition, tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, and Bulgarian pepper are often used.

Shrimp fried in soy sauce in oil

The simplest recipe for shrimp fried in soy sauce. For the preparation of this wonderful snack will need only three ingredients. According to this recipe, a clam is prepared in shell, but without a head.


• 10-12 fresh large shrimp;

• 150 ml of soy sauce;

• any oil.


1. We wash large shrimps, each head is cut off, it is not useful.

2. With a sharp knife make a cut along the abdomen, but not deep. He needs to make the sauce better soaked shrimp. 3. We process all shrimps in this way, throw them into a bowl.

4. Add soy sauce. Nothing more is needed. Stir. Leave fifteen minutes to marinate. You can fry shrimp before, but it will not be so tasty.

5. Pour into the pan a thin layer of oil, enough three millimeters. Turn on the stove. We warm up well.

6. Take out the shrimps from the bowl, shake off the sauce so that there is no splashing. We put on a heated pan.

7. Fry the shrimp for about five minutes on one side. Then gently turn over, and also brown the other side.

8. We spread ruddy fried shrimps on a plate, serve as a snack to beer or to other drinks, as an addition to different dishes.

Shrimp fried in soy sauce with garlic and lemon

Marinade for shrimp is prepared on the basis of a popular trio: soy sauce, fresh garlic and lemon juice, which is also perfectly suited to seafood. Best used for frying butter or olive oil. This dish is made from peeled mollusks.


• 700 grams of tiger shrimp;

• 50 g of soy sauce;

• 1 bunch of greens;

• 1-2 slices of fresh garlic;

• shrimp frying oil;

• pepper as desired;

• 20 ml of lemon juice.


1. Shrimps need to be cleaned from the shell, do it carefully so as not to damage the body. If the product was frozen, first let it thaw. Do not forget to remove the intestinal vein.

2. Chop the peeled garlic very finely, add black or red pepper to it, pour in lemon juice and send soy sauce. Stir marinade thoroughly.

3. Spread the shrimp, mix, leave to marinate for thirty minutes. It is advisable to stir periodically, as the sauce will drain to the bottom of the bowl.

4. Melt the butter or pour a little olive oil into the pan.

5. Spread the shrimp, try not to add a lot of marinade. Fry until rosy color, but not more than five minutes. Since the shell is cleaned, the product is easy to overdry, it will become hard, dry. 6. We spread ruddy shrimps on a plate, sprinkle with fresh greens, serve to the table!

Shrimp fried in soy sauce with honey

Honey marinade with soy sauce is truly versatile. It is suitable for any meat, poultry, fish, even clams turn out in it simply delicious.


• 300 g peeled shrimp;

• 1 tbsp. l honey;

• 70 ml of soy sauce;

• 1 tsp. mustard;

• 0.5 tsp. paprika;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• 4 spoons of butter.


1. Honey must be melted so that it is easily combined with the other ingredients of the marinade. Add the mustard, two cloves of garlic, put the paprika, then mix well, pour in soy sauce.

2. Pour marinated peeled shrimps, mix, leave for at least fifteen minutes. Better for an hour.

3. Pour the shrimp into a colander to get rid of excess marinade.

4. Pour olive oil into the pan or throw a creamy slice. We warm up.

5. The last clove of garlic must be peeled, cut into four parts. Put in the pan, fry until ruddy color, remove, throw away.

6. Put all the shrimps in the pan at once. Fry them over medium heat until rosy color. Constantly stir, because they can burn because of honey.

7. We spread on a plate, covered with leaves of lettuce.

Shrimp fried in soy sauce with onions

Shrimps fried in soy sauce with onions can be served with side dishes, for example, with boiled rice. They can also perfectly complement the Italian pasta. Dried herbs are used for dressing. You can restrict yourself to dill and parsley, but oregano will also suit, an Italian mix will fit perfectly into this dish.


• 250 g peeled shrimp;

• 1 large onion;

• 50 ml of soy sauce;

• 0.5 lemon;

• 0.5 tsp dry herbs;

• 0.3 tsp. black pepper;

• olive oil.


1. Cut the onion into cubes. Heat the oil in a skillet. Add the vegetable, fry over medium heat until transparent.

2. Spread the shrimp, fry with the onion for a couple of minutes. Then immediately squeeze lemon juice on them. Stir. There is a similar recipe with white wine. You can pour mollusks with an alcoholic drink, then evaporate it. 3. Combine the soy sauce with spices, add herbs and stir.

4. Fill the fried shrimp with soy sauce, cook another two minutes, transfer it from the pan to the plate.

Spicy prawns fried in soy sauce on the grill

The marinade recipe for cooking shrimp on the grill. The dish is very easy to prepare, you do not need to clean the mollusks. In addition to this brazier, you can use any electric grill or a grooved griddle.


• 500 g large shrimp;

• 120 ml of soy sauce;

• 1 hot chili pepper;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• 0.3 tsp. ground ginger;

• 0.5 lemon;

• olive oil;

• 1 tsp. sugar or honey.


1. Chop the garlic into slices or thin slices, mix it with sugar, add ground dry ginger to it. You can use and fresh spine. In this case, it must be cleaned, rubbed.

2. Add the peppers, chopped very finely, stir, pour the soy sauce into the marinade and squeeze the lemon juice. If the citrus is small, then use it entirely.

3. Wash the shrimp. Cutting off is not necessary, but making an incision along the shell, removing the intestines.

4. Immerse the shrimp in the marinade, carefully rub it with your hands so that the sauce soaks the clams as best as possible.

5. Leave to marinate for an hour, but you can and longer.

6. Cooking grill or grill, or simply put a griddle on the stove, warm it up.

7. Remove the mollusks from the marinade, sprinkle with olive oil.

8. Spread the shrimp on the grill, cook until ruddy color. If small clams are used, they can be pre-strung on a wooden skewer, it will be more convenient to cook.

Shrimps fried in soy sauce with tomatoes

Recipe for quick shrimp fried in soy sauce. For the dish, you will also need ripe tomatoes, you can even take sour varieties, mollusks love it.


• 250 g peeled shrimp;

• 3-4 tomatoes;

• 5 cloves of garlic;

• 70 ml of soy sauce;

• greens, oil.


1. Marinating does not need anything in advance, but you will need to remove the skin from the tomatoes. Omit them in boiling water for a minute, cool, remove all unnecessary. We cut into circles or slices, throw away the seal at the place of attachment of the stem. 2. Clean the garlic, chop into small pieces, but you can rub or skip through the press.

3. Heat up the butter, put the shrimp, fry over high heat for a minute.

4. Fill with soy sauce.

5. Sprinkle the previously chopped garlic on top and immediately lay out the tomatoes. They can be salted, pepper, but not much, as there is salt in soy sauce.

6. Cover the pan, reduce the fire, simmer for 5-7 minutes.

7. When serving, we put everything together with a spatula and turn it over so that the shrimps are on top. We supplement the dish with greens.

Fried shrimp in soy sauce - tips and tricks

• If the shrimp were frozen, it is important to thaw them properly. Do not rush to use a microwave or warm water, this can only spoil the seafood. Also, you can not fill the shrimp without packaging with cold water, which will take away the aroma and taste. It is best to leave it in the refrigerator for several hours.

• Shrimps will look spectacular if sprinkled with sesame seeds and added with lemon slices.

• If it is not possible to fry shrimp on the stove in the pan, you can use the slow cooker. Also, the clam is perfectly baked in the oven with any sauces, but the temperature should be set at least 200 degrees and not keep the dish for a very long time.

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