How to clean shrimp? Shrimp cleaning rules and tips for using shrimp shells

How to clean shrimp? Shrimp cleaning rules and tips for using shrimp shells

Residents of the deep sea have always been considered delicacies served on the table as a luxurious treat for guests.

Seafood products are recommended by nutritionists instead of meat for those who want to keep their body shape.

Shrimps are certainly considered one of the most popular and consumed mollusks.

There are many varieties on the market, they usually differ in size and color. How to clean shrimp? After all, for each dish you need only cleaned meat. Let's figure it out.

How to clean raw shrimp

Cleaning raw or boiled shrimp involves a few simple steps. Whatever type of shrimp you buy, it will not be difficult to handle cleaning them.

So ​​let's start in order:

1. Rinse the shrimp. Place the shrimps in a colander, wash them thoroughly with cold water.

2. Inspect the shrimp and discard any that will have mucus, dullness and those that smell bad.

3. Purification of raw shrimp should be started by tearing off the head (if there is one). To do this, squeeze the head between the index finger and thumb, only where the body is already beginning. Hold the body firmly on the other side. Start turning your head clockwise until your head comes off.

How to clean shrimp? Shrimp cleaning rules and tips for using shrimp shells

4. Then remove the shell, starting at the wide end and moving towards the tail. The legs will come off with a shell. The tip of the tail can be left for a more presentable look. But if you still need to remove the tail, just push it and squeeze it out of the meat.

5. After shrimp need to cut and remove the intestinal tract (dark vein along the body). Using a sharp knife or scissors, make a cut in the center of the external bend, about a third with the body. This is how you can remove the intestinal tract of shrimp. The easiest way to do this is toothpick. Cutting gives a more attractive look, as they are slightly twisted and torn off during cooking.

How to clean shrimp? Shrimp cleaning rules and tips for using shrimp shells

Because of this, the shrimp dish should not be bitter. Next, rinse the shrimps in cold water and dry on a paper towel. Shrimp ready for cooking.

How to clean frozen shrimp

How to clean the shrimp, we disassembled. Here are just a few who may ask if there are peculiarities of cleaning frozen shrimp. Let's understand, because some features still exist.

Before you start cleaning the frozen shrimp, first of all, they need to be thoroughly rinsed under cool water. After on a napkin or towel dry a little. Shake the dried, but still frozen shrimps in a deep bowl and cover with coarse salt. We are waiting for a couple of minutes and proceed. Since in most cases, frozen shrimps are already sold without a head, we will skip this stage. Cleaning rules for frozen shrimp:

1. Wash the product under cold water until they completely melt.

2. Carefully, so as not to tear off the meat, we begin to remove the shell. For this shell need to notch and remove the plate. If the shrimp is large, do it carefully and slowly, as there is a high probability of tearing off the meat.

3. We remove the intestines by a method already known to us, but this must be done slowly (in thawed shrimps, the intestinal tract can easily be torn).

After all procedures, shrimp is washed again under running water and dried with a towel. You do not need to crush them when drying, just blot gently with a dry towel or napkin.

Important tips on choosing shrimp

How to clean shrimp? This question worries everyone who first encountered a similar product. Here we figured it out. But how to choose the right shrimp - this is a lot of important question. After all, the taste and aroma of the prepared dish will depend on the quality.

Of course, it is best to buy them alive from a special aquarium, but this is not always and not always possible. The second option is frozen shrimp. When buying them, it is important to carefully consider the appearance of each separately. Properly processed shrimp should not be stuck together. Legs and tails pressed to the calf, and the head should have a green or brown color. The ice on each carcass should be minimal so that it seems as if the shrimp is enclosed in the thinnest coating. The presence of snow and pieces of ice in the package as a whole is unacceptable.

How can I use shrimp remote shells

And finally, another tip. After cleaning raw shrimp, do not rush to throw away the shells. From them you can make a wonderful soup or an exotic sauce. Put them in the pan. Pour the water so that it only covers the shells, bring to a boil and cook on low heat for 30 minutes. After you need to remove the pan from the heat, strain the contents and start cooking soup in broth from the shells of shrimp.

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