Seafood pasta - the best recipes. How to cook pasta with seafood.

Seafood pasta - the best recipes. How to cook pasta with seafood.

Pasta with seafood - general principles and methods of cooking

Residents of the Far East and the Mediterranean abroad do not think of their cuisine without seafood, but in our country the situation is a little different. Despite the large number of seas and even oceans around, seafood is still a delicacy. Most likely, this is explained not even by the cost, but by the national traditions (well, we love a good piece of meat, after which seafood “does not go”). If you want something unusual, then pasta with seafood is the most. Nourishing, nutritious, not caloric, unusual and very tasty. It is also useful during the diet.

Seafood is considered to be all edible, which can be caught in the world's oceans, except for fish and mammals (for example, whale). By the way, the increasing popularity of mollusks, squid and other marine life has led to the fact that entire industrial sectors began to grow them in artificial reservoirs using stimulants and dyes. For example, now almost all King prawns are bred in this way, which fall into stores from China and Vietnam, so they are often not worth eating. But sometimes it is possible, especially in the composition of other dishes, such as real Italian pasta.

Seafood pasta - food preparation

No Italian feast is complete without this versatile dish. Pasta is primarily pasta and sauce. Those products that are used in restaurants and sold in stores are made from the highest quality flour. Flour is cleaned, sprouts and bran are removed from it. But it is even better to use whole-grain pasta, although not so tasty. There are even green species, tinted spinach - this, as they say, an amateur. The universal filling of the dish will be the sea cocktail, which is a mixture of squids with mussels, shrimps, tentacles of octopus and cuttlefish, but separately the dish will turn out just as good. For 4 servings, approximately 500 grams is required. Pasta with seafood - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Pasta with seafood and tomatoes in its own juice

Tomatoes in their own juice are best suited for fast food. If you use fresh tomatoes, it is better to remove the skin, for this, pour over boiling water and fry. If there are no tomatoes at all, add two tablespoons of tomato paste.

Ingredients: (seafood, you can mix 500 grams), canned tomatoes (300 grams), cream (200 grams), olive or vegetable oil (30 grams), garlic. Pasta (350 grams).

Method of preparation

Boil pasta (at least 2 liters of salted water). Use the data on the packaging, as the time may be different. Fry the garlic in a pan and pour the contents of the package with frozen blanks. After 5-7 minutes, add the tomatoes, after clearing them and slicing. Stew still 5 minutes. At the end mix the pasta with the sauce and simmer a little. When serving, sprinkle with herbs or a special dry mixture “for spaghetti”.

Recipe 2: Pasta with seafood (shrimps) and champignons

Cooking will take us no more than 20 minutes since the water boils. You can take any pasta, horns or noodles, both Italian and domestic. Champignons are fried very quickly, autumn gets delicious in sour cream. In this case, we do not use tomatoes, but the lemon juice, which goes very well with shrimps, gives a pleasant sour taste.

Ingredients: Italian spaghetti (200 grams), olive oil (1 spoon), onions (1 pc.), Garlic (a few cloves), champignons (150 grams), lemon (1 pc.). sour cream (4 spoons), tiger shrimps. (150 grams), green salad (40 grams), dried dill, salt.

Method of preparation

Boil spaghetti a little not until the end, washed. Finely chop the onion and garlic, fry in vegetable oil for 2-3 minutes. Add the sliced ​​mushrooms. Shrimps should be thawed and washed, it is best to put them in cold water. Squeeze out lemon juice and add lemon zest, shrimp and sour cream. Season to taste. Mix the spaghetti with the sauce and leave on the fire for no more than 2 minutes. Immediately lay out the plates and serve to the table.

Recipe 3: Carbonara pasta with shrimps and cheese

The famous pasta carbonara is served in almost every Italian restaurant. Delicious and fragrant cheese sauce will not leave you indifferent. Such a dish is good for a romantic dinner, tete-a-tete or for parties with friends.

Ingredients: cheese (150 grams of durum, such as carom), peeled shrimps (300 grams), spaghetti or horns (250 grams), vegetable oil, basil or parsley, salt.

Method of preparation

Boil the spaghetti almost to readiness (undercooked for just 1 minute). We make the preparation for the sauce: fry the shrimp in olive oil (2-3 minutes), grate the cheese and mix with the eggs. The sauce, in contact with the paste, will begin to melt, forming a delicious elastic mixture. Do not over-shrimp so that they do not become rubber.

Combine the pasta ingredients into a single dish - we shift the pasta to the pan and mix. If a small amount of broth falls into it - it is even good, a more juicy and tasty dish will turn out. Serve it hot. Likewise, pasta is cooked in a creamy sauce - add a little cream along with cheese and fried green onions. Delicate cream sauce with pasta in a plate sprinkle with diced cheese.

Pasta with seafood - tips from experienced chefs

Like shrimps, they use squid to make pasta. They need to be cleaned and boiled for 2-3 minutes in boiling water, then peeled from the remnants of the skin and cut into strips. Otherwise, you can use the same recipes as with shrimp. Delicious pasta can be obtained with squid, fried with onions. Optionally, in such a dish, you can add chili pepper or more garlic, tomato sauce, roasted celery root.

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