Pies with cherries in the oven from different dough. Secrets of leaking cherry pie filling in the oven

Pies with cherries in the oven from different dough. Secrets of leaking cherry pie filling in the oven

This ruby ​​berry got into Russian cuisine, famous for its huge assortment of dough products, from Byzantium. These trees have settled remarkably on a large territory of the Old Russian state, and therefore became the classic filling for pies.

But choosing a berry for the filling is still better to pay attention to its grade. Preference should be given to sweeter and more fleshy berries. The best option for baking is the Black Forest variety.

Cherry pies in the oven - basic technological principles

Cherry in combination with any dough is incredibly tasty. But if, as a rule, there are no problems with dough preparation, then it is rather difficult to mold cherry pies filled with cherries, because this berry, like all berries, is very juicy.

Everyone loves to have a lot of stuffing in pies, but this is not always possible to do. It is impossible to increase the amount of berry filling, because when baking, the dough expands, displacing the berry juice. It comes out on a baking sheet and the pies turn out burnt. Typically, the ratio of filling and dough in pies is 4: 6 per 100 g of baked product. Juicy berries before molding cakes lightly sprinkled with thickeners: dry milk, starch, roasted flour. When baking, these additives are rolled up with the juice of the berries inside the pie. In addition, there are some methods of modeling pies with such a filling, allowing you to bake beautiful and high-quality products, without a trace of juice flow.

Recipe 1. Yeast Cherry Pies in the oven


Vanilla 5g

Rum essence or rum 2 mg

Orange Peel 50 g

Juice, orange 100 ml

Milk, warm 300 ml

Flour 0.8 kg

Yeast, instant 10 g


Eggs 3 pcs.

Potato starch 50 g

Oil, purified 100 ml

Sugar 250 g

Butter, melted 150 g

Fresh pitted cherry 300 g


Pour the milk warmed from 25 to 40C into the bowl. Put in it the crushed yeast, 100 g of flour, 30 g of sugar. Stir with a whisk. Cover the vial with a film so that the bubbles of released gas linger in the tank and place it closer to the heat for half an hour. Cherry, washed and pitted, put in a colander put on a tray. Let the juice flow. After that, sprinkle the berries with starch, transfer to a bowl. Pour 100 g of sugar into the cup separately for the filling.

Mix 200 g of sugar with vanilla, fine salt, orange zest and rum. Beat all the ingredients into a fluffy mass. Add the juice, melted butter, continuing to beat.

Combine the dough with a whipped liquid mass, whisk and start kneading the dough, adding the sifted flour. When it becomes dense enough, put the whisk back and continue kneading it with your hands. Cover again, leave it to rise.

Lubricate the work surface with oil, prepare a baking sheet to immediately lay patties on it, and turn on the oven for heating (180-200C).

Rising dough divide into pieces of 80 g (20% of the dough is added per pack), roll the balls. Let them climb right on the table. Take each one, turn it over so that the upper part of the dough is lying on the table (after a little proofing, it will be slightly windward and will not stick to the table). Roll the harvested pieces in a thin layer. It is necessary that the diameter of the mug is large enough so that the cherry filling can be wrapped well in the dough. Spread 4-5 cherries in the center of the billet, sprinkling them gently with half a spoonful of sugar on top. It is necessary to overlap the filling overlap so that the baking does not leak juice: first cover the cherries with one edge of the dough and press it immediately behind the filling, not connecting the cakes with the opposite side, as when making dumplings or dumplings; Then pinch the opposite edge of the dough on the side of the semi-finished product. Turn the molded pie over with the seam downwards. Grease the lower part with butter and dip it in flour: this will create an additional crust during baking, which will protect the cakes from leaking.

Place the baking tray for a few minutes so that the cakes rise and bake for ten minutes. Take out the pies for a minute in their oven when they are almost ready. Brush them on top of the prepared mixture: oil, vegetable, sugar and water combine in equal parts, mix and bring to a boil, allow to cool slightly. You can also grease the patties with a beaten egg or sugar syrup to give them a gloss. Put the greased pies in the oven for another five minutes to lightly browned. After baking, place the baking sheet on a damp napkin, and start putting the pies on the dish covered with parchment when they become warm so as not to mash.

Recipe 2. Cherry pies in the oven of puff pastry yeast-free dough

Product Composition:

Cherry 300 g

Powdered milk 80 g

Egg 2 pcs.

Creamy margarine 200 g

Flour 800 g (including 100 g on subfire)

Baking soda 25 g

Vinegar 30 ml

Sour cream 200 g

Sugar 150 g

Working order:

Sift the flour on the desktop, spread it over the surface and place small pieces of frozen margarine on top. Cut the margarine with flour into a homogeneous mass with the cutting movements of a knife. Collect the resulting crumb by a slide, make a well, pour in it sour cream, soda (quench with vinegar) and quickly knead the dough.

Begin to roll the dough in thin layers, sprinkling with flour and folding each layer with an “envelope”. Do this at least 12-16 times in order to get a good puff pastry. Flour for dusting requires very little: it is necessary that the dough does not stick to the rolling pin and work surface, and to get a layered structure of the dough.

When rolling the dough should be constantly cool so that it does not emit fat. Therefore, prepare dishes in which it will be possible to remove the dough for a while in the refrigerator for cooling, if necessary.

Prepare the oven, warming it up to 200C, sand the pan with flour. Cut the dough into pieces, roll the balls out of it. Get each portion from the refrigerator and roll out on a prepared table in the shape of a circle with a diameter of 15-16 cm. The thickness of the workpiece is 5 mm. Divide the circle with a knife into 8 identical triangles.

At the base of each triangle formed, place a cherry filling, pre-sprinkled with starch. Spread the cherry in a row of 4 pieces and lightly sprinkle with sugar. Roll each triangle with berries from the base to the center of the circle, wrapping cherries. Spread rolls on baking sheet. Grease the egg. Hot rolls, immediately taken out of the oven, grease with melted butter and sprinkle gently with sugar. When cool, transfer to the dish.

Recipe 3. Cherry pie in shortcrust oven

Ingredient list:

Sugar 280 g

Salt, fine 10 g

Yolks 4 pcs.

Oil (spread) 300 g


Flour 500 g

Cherry Marmalade 350g

Icing sugar 50 g

Cooking Procedure:

Mix pre-sifted flour with dry products. We interrupt butter with the help of a blender and first add flour to it, then yolks, one by one. Rub the dough until smooth. If, when kneaded, the butter will melt a lot and the dough will become too fat, roll it into a ball and put it in the cold for a while, but do not overcool to keep the plasticity, and then begin to form pies.

Roll out the finished dough into a layer, cut into pieces in the shape of circles and, as described in the two previous recipes, arrange the stuffing in circles, mold the pies. Grease the semi-finished products with an egg and immediately put the pan in a hot oven. After baking, cool the products with powdered powder.

Recipe 4. Cherry pies in the oven, yeast puff pastry

Product Composition:

Flour 1.0 kg

Water 200 ml

Cottage cheese, homemade 500 g

Yeast, live 70 g

Sugar 150 g


Oil or spread 200 g

Vanilla 30g

Cherry jam 450 g

Egg 1 pc.


Sift flour and combine with salt, vanilla sugar. Put the yeast in water, dissolve them, add a little flour (250 g). Water for yeast puff pastry should be cool, like all other ingredients. Yeast should begin to work only in time proofing finished products. Therefore, so that the yeast is dissolved in water, you can kill them with a mixer. In 800 g of flour mixture, put the cooled pieces of butter, chop it up, having prepared the crumb.

Prepare the desktop, sprinkle it with flour, grease the rolling pin and hands periodically with oil.

Knead the yeast dough cool enough and roll it into a layer. Tread the surface with a crumb of flour and butter, roll it up and roll it out again. Next, cover the layer with a layer of fat cottage cheese, roll again and roll out. In order, alternating butter chips with cottage cheese, rub them into the dough with a rolling pin. Put the dough in the fridge for a while. Prepare a baking sheet to put ready-made pies on it. Turn on to warm the oven.

Roll out the cooled dough with a thin layer on the table, cut into squares. In the center of each piece of dough, put the jam and pinch the edges of the dough in the form of an envelope. Put the semi-finished products on a baking sheet and put it closer to the heat: now you need the dough to warm up and rise.

In a preheated oven, place a pan with hot water on the bottom shelf, and a baking tray with pies on the middle shelf. Close the door, and after 5 minutes, open it slightly to let off steam. Set the temperature to 180C and bake the envelopes until ready.

Beat the egg with sugar and brush with the cooked mixture of hot, just taken out of the oven, cakes.

Recipe 5. Cherry patties in an oven of yeast-free dough on sour cream

Product Composition:

Egg 2 pcs.

Flour 800 g

Ammonium carbonate 5 g

Salt 15 g

Sour cream 25% 200 g

Sugar 450g

Powder 70 g

Spread or oil 72% 250 g

Vanillin, crystalline 4 g

Cherry 400 g

Agar 20g


Melt the margarine steamed. Beat sour cream with sugar, adding 1 egg. Combine with melted margarine, continuing to beat at low speed. Add salt, ammonium powder, vanillin. Gradually add flour, knead the dough. Wrap it in film and leave it on the desktop for half an hour.

Prepare the cherry. Crush with a blender or meat grinder. Puree combine with sugar. Squeeze 100 ml of juice from the resulting mass and, boiling it, dissolve the agar in it. Heat a bowl of cherries and sugar to 70-80C and pour the dissolved agar into it. Stir and allow the jam to cool.

Recipe 6. Cherry pie in the oven of sweet sand dough with cocoa

Cherry according to its taste properties is a self-sufficient berry and it is quite difficult to choose a suitable “fruit company” for it. But on the background of chocolate and brandy (brandy, rum) the “naughty” berry looks like a king.

Products: Oil 82.5% 150 g

Cocoa (100%) 40 g

Flour 0.5 kg

Egg 1 pc.

Sugar 250 g

Baking powder 20 g

Vanilla sugar 10 g

Rum 70 ml

Cherry jam (berries)


Soft butter, mash with sugar and whisk, adding an egg. Sift flour and combine it with dry ingredients. Knead the dough by adding the dry mixture to the butter in pieces.

1.0 liter of cherry jam flip through a colander, letting the syrup drain: it will be useful for making other desserts, and in baking it will interfere with the flow of short pastry.

Sprinkle berries with rum.

Roll the dough sausage, cut into pieces and roll in the shape of an oval. Wrap the stuffing in the dough. On one side of the oval, make the notches with kitchen scissors and place the semi-finished products on a baking sheet, sent out with oil-coated foil. Let the baked pies cool down; powder them with powdered sugar.

Recipe 7. Cherry patties in the oven of straight-on yeast dough

Ingredient list:

Orange juice 300 ml

Refined oil 100 g

Flour 600 g

Salt 10 g

Fast Yeast 5 g

Cherry 200 g (seedless)

Cocoa, natural powder 50 g

Sugar 150 g

Milk or cream condensed 150 g

Working order:

Sift flour, combine with salt, sugar. You can add vanilla or other flavors, if desired. Warm up orange juice, add 50 ml of butter and yeast. Add a portion of the dry mix to the liquid. Stir. As soon as bubbles appear on the surface, pour out the rest of the flour, knead the dough. Cover the bowl with dough and place closer to heat.

Squeeze out fresh pitted cherries to reduce the amount of juice. Mix condensed milk and cocoa, add the cherry.

Prepare the table, baking tray and oven as described in recipe # 1.

Dividing the dough into 100 g portions, form the balls first, and then roll them into cakes, making parallel cuts along the edges. Put the prepared stuffing and wrap it with dough, interlacing the strips. Cherry pies in the oven - tips and tricks

When kneading yeast dough, try not to “hammer” it with flour. Very cool dough, with a lot of flour, quickly mixed, but suitable for a long time.

The consistency of the dough should be plastic and soft due to the gluten contained in the flour and air bubbles, which when kneaded fall into the dough, and holding the air gluten fibers make it light and airy. When baking, air bubbles increase when heated. This dough is quickly and efficiently baked. Therefore, the dough should be kneaded for a long time, so that it is filled with air.

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