Strawberry Cupcake is a delicious berry delicacy. Recipes flavored cake with strawberries for soulful summer tea

Strawberry Cupcake is a delicious berry delicacy. Recipes flavored cake with strawberries for soulful summer tea

Baking with berries is always light and fragrant.

She will please even the most demanding gourmet.

Of course, this is a seasonal delicacy: you can decide to spend delicious berries on baking only when there are really a lot of them.

In winter, such a dish with imported strawberries will be too expensive, and the flavor of this will not work. A frozen berry for a strawberry muffin is no good: it is too liquid and can spoil pastries.

The only thing that can be advised to the hottest fans of such a cake: prepare strawberries, ground with sugar. It can be kept in the fridge for a few months in a closed (not hermetically sealed) jar and used to make drinks and muffins, or you can just knock it off with fat sour cream - and a delicious dessert is ready. When using such strawberries, it is necessary, of course, to reduce the amount of sugar, but you can not add it at all.

General principles for making strawberry muffins

In the cake dough with strawberries can be put cocoa, spices, cottage cheese. The main thing is that various additives do not repel the basic taste.

For example, vanilla strawberry combines well, but she loves cinnamon less. However, this is a matter of taste that you add to the cupcake with strawberries: vanillin, cardamom, cinnamon or anise. Just do not overdo it.

Naturally, flour is necessary before preparing a cupcake with strawberries, sift. This should be done even if you are confident in its quality: the flour will become lighter and airier.

If you decide to cook a cupcake with strawberries and cottage cheese, you should wipe it through a sieve. And you can make homemade cottage cheese - baking will be even tastier.

Cupcakes with strawberries are baked at a temperature of from 170 to 190 degrees, and a large cupcake is cooked for about 35 minutes, small ones - for 15-20 minutes.

Check their readiness should be a wooden splinter (toothpick), piercing the product closer in the middle and looking, dry splinter or in the dough. If dry, baking is ready; if not, you need to bake more.

Recipe 1. Cupcake with strawberries and chocolate icing


Strawberry - one and a half glasses

Butter - a pack (200 g) + 50 g

Bitter chocolate - 1 piece 100 g

Granulated sugar - a glass or a bit more

Flour - 300 g

Eggs - 3 pieces

Baking Powder - Teaspoon

Method of preparation

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees in advance.

To put off 3-4 large berries for decoration, and chop the rest, for example, with a blender or just with a knife.

Melt the butter, but it should not be warm: cool if overheated. Mix the yolks and sugar into it, beat well with a whisk or a mixer.

Separately shake whites.

Mix the flour with the baking powder and, little by little, whipping, add to the oil mixture. Knead the dough, gently enter the whipped proteins into it, and then - chopped strawberries. All again very carefully knead and put in a prepared (missed and sprinkled semolina) form. Put to prepare for an hour.

Melt chocolate in any way: in the microwave or in a water bath. Cut the butter very finely, put in the chocolate and stir until it dissolves. Cut the strawberries into 6-8 lobules.

Take the cupcake out of the mold, cool slightly and spread it with chocolate icing, and on top of it spread the slices of strawberries nicely.

Recipe 2. Cupcakes with strawberries in molds

For the preparation of these muffins with strawberries is better to use a mixer or a combine.


Flour - glass

Cookies like "Anniversary" - 5-6 cookies

Butter - 200 g

Strawberry - a glass or more + 1 berry for each cake to decorate

Egg - 1 pc

Sugar - half a cup

Vanilla sugar, cardamom - a little bit

Baking Powder - Teaspoon

Method of preparation

Put the butter on the table out of the fridge. When it becomes softer (but not liquid!), Cut into pieces, put in a bowl, cover with sugar and start to beat with a mixer, gradually increasing the speed.

After a while, beat the egg, continue beating. Sift flour, mix with baking powder, a drop of cardamom and a small amount of vanilla sugar or vanilla. Knead a little in the dough, still a mixer.

Rinse strawberries well, cut into pieces of medium size. Roll the cookies with a rolling pin to make large crumbs.

Put the dough in prepared molds to half the volume. Place slices of strawberries on top of it. Sprinkle them with crumbs.

Bake in the oven preheated to 180 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Recipe 3. Lenten muffins with strawberries and nuts


Water - half a cup

Flour - one and a half glasses

Sugar - 3 tablespoons

Strawberry - glass

Any nuts - half a cup

Cocoa - 4 teaspoons

Baking Powder - 1 teaspoon

Vegetable oil - half a cup

Method of preparation

Mix butter, water and sugar in one bowl and flour, cocoa and baking powder in the other. Combine both mixtures and knead very carefully.

Wash strawberries, cut into halves or quarters.

Peel the nuts, spread them out in one layer on a plate and dry in the microwave at low power for about 7 minutes, making sure that the nuts are not burnt. Then cool them and roll with a rolling pin to grind, but not much. Can be chopped with a knife.

Mix the nuts and strawberries into the dough, put it into a mold, which before this should be slightly greased with butter and sprinkled with breadcrumbs (of course, homemade) or semolina.

Bake a cupcake with strawberries at 190 degrees 45 minutes.

Recipe 4. Strawberry Surprise Cupcake


Eggs - 4 pieces

Margarine or butter - 200 g

Granulated sugar - half a cup

Vanilla sugar - 2 teaspoons

Almond peeled - about 100 g

Baking Powder - Incomplete Spoon

Cream 20% - about a third of a glass

Flour - one and a half - two glasses

Strawberries - 15 pieces

Sugar powder - 3 - 4 spoons

Method of preparation

Dry almonds slightly in the oven or microwave, peel.

Grind it in a coffee grinder. Mix flour with baking powder. In a separate container, beat the very softened butter with sugar. Continuing to beat the mixture with a mixer, beat the egg in there. When the mixture becomes homogeneous, drive a second egg, also stir until smooth, and do this with all four eggs.

In the cream, stir until vanilla sugar is dissolved and pour into the egg-butter mixture.

Stir in the almond flour and beat again with a mixer.

Gradually add flour (in this recipe it is difficult to calculate its quantity, so you need to check the consistency of the dough all the time: it should be thicker than for pancakes, but still able to flow a little).

Strawberries well and wash thoroughly, drain with a napkin. Put sugar powder in a saucer and dip berries there so that they are covered with a thin layer of powder.

Take and oil molds (or use paper: you can not coat them). Put in them a spoon with the top of the dough. On top of it, put a berry in powdered sugar and cover with dough too.

Bake cupcakes with a strawberry surprise for about 25 - 30 minutes at a temperature of 175 - 180 degrees.

Recipe 5. Chocolate Cake with Strawberry


Bitter chocolate - 1 tile 100 g

Eggs - 2 pieces

Vegetable oil - a glass

Strawberry - glass - one and a half

Sugar - 3/4 cup

Baking Powder - Teaspoon

Milk - 3/4 cup

Salt - Pinch

Flour - one and a half glasses

Method of preparation

Chocolate put in the fridge.

Beat eggs with a mixer. Continuing to beat, add sugar and then vegetable oil.

When the mixture becomes completely homogeneous in appearance, add milk, add baking powder, salt, whip and start to fill the flour. Flour may need more or less than indicated in the list of ingredients. The dough should resemble a thin dough for fritters.

Rinse strawberries very thoroughly, dry a little and chop with a knife arbitrarily, but not too finely.

To get the chocolate out of the refrigerator and grate it on a coarse grater, mixing it in small portions into the dough so that it does not have time to melt and stick together. Put the dough with chocolate in the form, pre-anointed with butter, and put the sliced ​​strawberries on top.

Bake 40 minutes in the oven, which is heated to 170 degrees.

Recipe 6. Cupcake with strawberries and cottage cheese


Cottage cheese - 250 g

Kefir - a glass

Sour cream - pack (200 g)

Flour - 2 - 2.5 glasses

Cocoa - tablespoon with top

Soda - or baking powder - incomplete teaspoon

Eggs - 2 large pieces

Granulated sugar - glass

Vanilla sugar - a tablespoon

Strawberry - glass

Method of preparation

Curd cheese through a sieve and beat with a blender with sugar (one third of a glass), sour cream and vanilla sugar. Devide into two parts.

Rinse the strawberries with great care, clean them from the sepals and dry them a little with paper napkins.

Beat one part of the curd with strawberries (you can, if you want the strawberry pieces to be larger, beat the cottage cheese stuffing separately and mix the berries, cut with a knife into arbitrary pieces).

In another part of the cocoa mix.

Mix flour with baking powder or soda.

In another bowl, beat kefir with eggs with a mixer or whisk. Add vegetable oil and beat again. Then fill the sugar and whip the mixture again.

Combine the flour with baking powder and egg-kefir mixture, and dry the ingredients to fill a little, mixing each part until homogeneous.

In the prepared form (it is better to cover it with paper or use a paper (cardboard) baking mold for the cake, in the extreme case - silicone) to lay out part of the dough. On it, in two longitudinal stripes, lay out both fillings: cottage cheese and strawberry and cottage cheese and chocolate.

Cover with the remaining dough.

Bake 40 minutes in the oven at 170 degrees.

Recipe 7. Oatmeal Strawberry Cake


Strawberry - about a glass

Oatmeal (rolled oats) - a glass

Sugar - half a cup

Flour - glass

Baking Powder - Teaspoon

Salt - Pinch

Milk - glass

Butter - in a half glass of melted Egg - one

Vanilla sugar - a tablespoon

Method of preparation

Beat the eggs with a whisk until lightly foaming, add milk and melted butter, mix.

Mix flour with oat-flakes, sugar, salt, baking powder and vanilla sugar.

Carefully pour the dry mixture into the liquid and mixing it in parts, knead the dough.

Rinse strawberries well and cut into small pieces of any shape. Stir the berries into the dough.

Put the cake in a form covered with paper and bake for 30-40 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees. Cool to a warm state in the form and only then remove.

Strawberry Cupcake: Tricks and Tips

To choose a good strawberry for sale, go only to those trays from which there is a strong strawberry flavor. Then look at the color of the berries: it should be bright red. If the berries are white, they have not ripened, very dark - overripe, may have been slightly spoiled, or they contain a lot of nitrates. These should not be taken for a cupcake with strawberries. And you can also look at the leaves: they should be fresh and green. These are the berries that will allow your strawberry muffin to please you with taste and aroma.

Wash strawberries should be carefully. First, tear the sepals and lower the berries for 5 minutes in a bowl of water. Carefully remove the berries in a colander and rinse under cold water. If you still have doubts, rinse the strawberries with the weakest (barely pinkish) solution of potassium permanganate, and then again with water.

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