Shrimp paste - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook pasta with shrimp.

Shrimp paste - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook pasta with shrimp.

Shrimp paste - general principles and methods of cooking

For most people, the word pasta is associated with Italy and its famous spaghetti. This is not any pasta, bought by weight, and not even the usual long straw! “Correct” pasta is simply obliged to consist of durum wheat. Such pasta is always sold in packaging, they do not need rinsing and do not boil soft for a long time.

Spaghetti, of course, a hearty and tasty delicacy, but serving the dish in a “bare” form is somehow boring and unacceptable. That is why there are thousands of recipes for Italian pasta sauces that light a new “light” in a dish. Depending on the dressing, the taste of the paste can be changed beyond recognition. Spaghetti - universal, they are combined literally with all the ingredients. They also found their combinations with shrimps.

In order to cook pasta with shrimp, pasta and shrimp are boiled separately and then combined. Often the sea inhabitants are fried and mixed with cream sauce. Whatever cooking method you choose, remember one thing - the shrimp “do not like” the long exposure to high temperatures. The more they boil them, the tighter and not appetizing their meat becomes. As practice shows, the ideal heat treatment time varies from 3 to 7 minutes depending on the size of individuals.

Shrimp paste - food preparation

If everything is simple with spaghetti - authenticated (you should look at the composition on the package), bought and boiled according to the instructions, then you will have to tinker with the shrimps, provided that they were not originally purchased in a purified state (such shrimps are ready to eat) . So, if the shrimp is still not processed, then it is necessary to clean them, gut, remove the head, shell and inner lining film, and then rinse in running water. Now our crustaceans are ready for the next stage - heat treatment. By the way, in some cases, the inner film can be removed only after boiling. If the shrimps need to be fried, and the notorious film does not want to get out, first pour them with boiling water. After such a manipulation, the shrimp will literally “crawl out of the skin”.

Shrimp Pasta - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Paste with shrimp in cream

King prawns, amazing creamy sauce, delicate parmesan, a stunning aroma of basil and garlic - all this makes spaghetti just amazing in taste. By the way, you can experiment with pasta. For example, instead of long spaghetti to buy pasta farfalle (in the form of bows) - it will turn out not only tasty, but also beautiful.


- 450 gr. spaghetti

- peeled shrimp 350 gr.

- fat cream (more than 30%) - 200 gr.

- 200 gr. dense tomatoes

- two or three cloves of garlic

- salt to taste

- to taste pepper

- to taste basil

- Parmesan to taste (about 50-70 gr.)

- butter (can be replaced with vegetable)

Cooking Method:

1. Medium tomatoes cut into large pieces (if you take the cherry, it is enough to cut them in half).

2. Heat the frying pan with butter (vegetable or cream), lay out the shrimp. Add salt, pepper (or spices) and fry them for 3-4 minutes, stirring constantly.

3. Next, in the container lay out sliced ​​tomatoes, put garlic through a press and hold for about three minutes. Next, throw basil and pour cream. Keep the dish on the fire for about three to four minutes. Do not bring to a boil.

4. According to the instructions, boil the pasta, spread on a dish and pour them slightly cooled and thickened shrimp sauce with cream. Sprinkle with grated parmesan on top with a fine grater.

Recipe 2: Shrimp paste in a spicy sauce

Spicy notes of the dish are given by such ingredients as garlic, sprigs of mint, parsley leaves and the “nail” of the sauce - white wine. In addition, you must pre-boil vegetable broth. We need it only half a glass, but the taste of the dish changes dramatically. Try it! Ingredients:

- 250 gr. shrimp

- 250 gr. small tomatoes

- 200 gr. macaroni

- one clove of garlic

- a couple of sprigs of mint

- olive oil - about three spoons

- 100 ml good white wine

- 100 ml of fresh broth

- to taste salt, pepper

Cooking Method:

1. Shrimp cleaned in the standard way. Cut the tomatoes in half. Cut the garlic into thin rings. Finely chop the necessary greens. Put the boil water on the pasta, well salted it.

2. Put on the fire tank for frying, calcined, add olive oil. Throw garlic and fry so that the oil is saturated with its taste and aroma. Next, remove the garlic.

3. Fry the shrimp in the same butter for about four minutes. Then put them aside. In the remaining oil after the shrimp add tomatoes, broth, wine. Bring the mixture to a boil, not forgetting to pepper, salt and season with a portion of greens. Turn off the stove, mix the sauce with shrimp.

4. The water in the pot boiled. Boil spaghetti according to package instructions (about 6-8 minutes). We throw them in a colander, and then - in the pan with a spicy sauce. Add the remaining greens and insist on low heat for about ten minutes, until the spaghetti is soaked in spicy sauce.

Recipe 3: Pasta with shrimps and green beans

This simple dish is prepared very simply and quickly. Not a long-awaited result is simply wonderful. Beans combine very well with pasta and shrimp. Frozen green beans for a dish can be purchased at almost any food point, regardless of the season.


- 250 gr. spaghetti

- 250 gr. shrimp peeled

- One tablespoon of lemon juice

- butter

- one onion

- a pair of garlic cloves

- two glasses of fresh-frozen beans

- two table. spoons of cider vinegar or apple

- two table. soy sauce spoons

- to taste salt, pepper Cooking Method:

1. According to the instructions, boil the spaghetti, recline in a colander, and then lay out in a dish, mixed with butter.

2. Mix lemon juice with pepper, chopped garlic and coat the peeled shrimps with marinade. Leave them alone for now. Next, fry the green beans in vegetable oil. Separately, fry the onion with garlic until polished.

3. Add the seasonings and vinegar to the half cooked beans. We bring to readiness. Then mix with onions, garlic, soy sauce. In the pan where the onions and garlic were fried, fry the pickled shrimps for about four minutes.

4. Next, mix them with beans. The resulting mass is mixed with spaghetti. The dish is ready. Serve it to the table, decorated with a sprig of mint or parsley. Enjoy your meal!

Shrimp paste - tips from experienced chefs

- In order to prepare the “correct” pasta, one should not buy pasta by weight - after all, it is hard to determine by eye what kind of flour they are made of. In addition, you must comply with the cooking time of pasta indicated on the package. Real spaghetti is better not to boil over than boil down;

- Fresh shrimps should have a curved tail, the color of their head, as a rule, varies from a light shade to a slightly greenish (but not gray and black). The presence of a large layer of ice covering shrimp should alert you. It is not recommended to acquire such crustaceans.

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