Gooseberry jam with oranges is a fragrant, healthy delicacy. Original and simple recipes of gooseberry jam with oranges

Gooseberry jam with oranges is a fragrant, healthy delicacy. Original and simple recipes of gooseberry jam with oranges

Gooseberry jam with oranges is a fragrant, healthy delicacy. Original and simple recipes of gooseberry jam with oranges

What only delicious jams, jams, jam did not invent a man to meet their needs for healthy and tasty food. There are a lot of recipes that seem to combine incompatible ingredients, giving the dessert interesting and savory flavors.

Gooseberry jam with oranges is a delicacy that has conquered the housewives with its exquisite taste, appetizing appearance and unmatched aroma.

Gooseberry jam with oranges

Most often, the composition of jam includes only three ingredients:

• Popular, growing in our latitudes, berry - gooseberry.

• Tropical, but we have a very common and long-loved fruit - orange.

• Granulated sugar.

Jam made from this simple product range is distinguished by a bright citrus flavor and a piquant, slightly acidic, fragrant gooseberry flavor.

Oranges and gooseberries are washed, peeled and crushed, and then covered with sugar. Jam can be rolled up both raw and after heat treatment. Due to the presence of sugar, dessert, cooked in any way, is stored in a cool place for a year.

Additionally, other ingredients can be put into the dessert. For example, kiwi, lemon, mandarin, raspberry. As well as spices: cloves, cinnamon, vanilla. In addition to the dainty put nuts, seeds. All this gives jam additional flavors and aromas.

Recipe 1. Simple gooseberry jam with oranges


• three kg gooseberry;

• three kg of orange;

• one and a half kg of granulated sugar.


1. Put the gooseberries in a large bowl, rinse thoroughly. Tear off each tail tail.

2. Rinse the oranges with a clean sponge. Do not peel the fruit, cut them into small pieces. Take out the bones. 3. Pass the prepared gooseberry and orange through the middle grill.

4. Transfer the mass to a large copper or ceramic dish.

5. Pour sugar over the fragrant mass.

6. Bring the jam to a boil, simmer on low heat, stirring for 3-4 minutes.

7. Remove the pan with the jam to the side, let the product cool.

8. Repeat the procedure with boiling, broiling and chilling two more times.

9. Put the cold gooseberry jam with oranges in a sterilized small jars, roll up the lids.

10. Store the product in a cool, dark place.

Recipe 2. Gooseberry jam with oranges and lemon without cooking


• kilo gooseberry;

• two oranges;

• one lemon;

• 1.7 kilograms of sugar.


1. Sort out the entire gooseberry, rinse, dry, and lay it on the cloth Trim the tails.

2. Rinse the lemon and oranges thoroughly. Cut along with the peel into large lobules.

3. Twist all the prepared ingredients in the meat grinder.

4. Add sugar, mix well.

5. Wait 15-30 minutes for the sugar to completely dissolve in the berry juice. Stir again.

6. The ready-made gooseberry jam with oranges is ready, it remains only to roll up the sterilized cooled jars and close them with plastic covers.

7. Keep the jam, cooked without heat treatment, in the refrigerator.

Recipe 3. Fragrant gooseberry jam with oranges


• five glasses of gooseberry;

• two oranges;

• eight glasses of sugar;

• 10-12 leaves each from cherry tree, currant and raspberry bushes;

• four glasses of water.


1. Rinse all collected leaves, put in a saucepan, cover with water.

2. Bring water to a boil, simmer on low heat for a couple of minutes.

3. Cool your broth.

4. Rinse the gooseberries, cut off the tips. Put the gooseberries in the broth, remove the pan for 8-10 hours in the refrigerator.

5. After the time allotted for the infusion, pour the broth into another pan, add sugar to it. Boil for 5 minutes, you should have a soft aromatic syrup. 6. Put in the syrup gooseberry, minced or grated oranges.

7. Bring mass to a boil, boil after, stirring for 20 minutes. If necessary, remove the foam.

8. Pour the hot jam into a sterile container, roll up.

9. After cooling the jars at room temperature, store them in a cool place.

Recipe 4. Spiced gooseberry jam with oranges and bananas


• 800 grams of ripe gooseberry;

• two oranges;

• two large bananas;

• kilogram of sugar;

• cinnamon stick;

• 7-8 clove buds.


1. Put the washed, peeled berries into the bowl of the blender, chop.

2. Remove the peel from the orange, remove the bones, chop the pulp in a blender.

3. Put the berry and fruit mass into a pan of suitable size.

4. Add peeled, diced bananas.

5. Place the sugar and mix well. Leave the mass for a couple of hours at room temperature to isolate the juices.

6. After two hours, put the pan on the hob, turn on the quiet fire. Bring the jam to a boil.

7. As soon as the first bubbles appear, put the clove buds and cinnamon stick in the jam.

8. Boil about five more minutes.

9. Before pouring the finished jam into sterilized clean jars, remove the cinnamon and, if possible, cloves from it.

Recipe 5. Gooseberry jam with orange zest, seeds and nuts


• kilo gooseberry;

• kilogram of sugar;

• one orange;

• half a cup of peeled sunflower seeds;

• half a cup of crushed walnut kernels;

• vanillin.


1. Clean the washed gooseberries from the tails, pour it with sugar, leave for a couple of hours at room temperature.

2. Add vanilla and finely grated orange zest to taste. Leave for another two hours.

3. Place the saucepan with the berries on the stove, turn on high heat. As soon as the first bubbles appear on the surface of the jam, reduce the heat, simmer the gooseberries, stirring for 30 minutes. 4. Remove the saucepan from the heat and let it cool. Add peeled sunflower kernels and chopped walnuts.

5. Again put the pan on the fire, boil after boiling literally five minutes, then immediately pour into sterilized jars.

6. Gooseberry jam with orange roll up, cool in an inverted form, remove for storage.

Recipe 6. Gooseberry jam with oranges and kiwi


• two oranges;

• a pound of gooseberry;

• two kiwis;

• kilogram of sugar;

• 30 grams of vodka;

• jelfix - 20 grams.


1. Peel oranges from peel and seeds, kiwi from skin. Rinse gooseberry, cut off the tips.

2. Twist all prepared ingredients through a meat grinder or chop with a blender.

3. Sprinkle berries and fruit with vodka, mix, remove for 3-4 hours in the refrigerator.

4. Add gelifix, sugar, mix.

5. Set the pan with the fragrant mass on the fire, simmer after boiling, not forgetting to stir, 15 minutes.

6. Put the hot jam in prepared jars, roll up. Store, after the mass has cooled, in a dark cool place.

Recipe 7. Gooseberry jam with oranges in a slow cooker


• one and a half kilograms of berries;

• one and a half kilograms of sugar;

• two oranges.


1. Prepare gooseberry berries for cooking: wash, dry, cut off the tips.

2. Wash and cut oranges, without removing the peel, into slices.

3. Twist both ingredients in the meat grinder.

4. Transfer the resulting mass to the multicooker bowl, add sugar. Stir.

5. Set the fire mode to 30 minutes.

6. That's all, it remains to wait for the beep, mix the jam again, and then expand on sterile jars and roll up.

7. Such jam, like any other, is also stored in a dark, cool place.

Gooseberry jam with oranges - secrets and tricks

• To make the jam beautiful emerald green, pick gooseberry berries in its immature form, green. • Cooking jam in several stages is also necessary to preserve a beautiful transparent color. Long languor makes the jam cloudy.

• Since the berry is small, it is rather difficult to remove the tails from it, but the process can be facilitated by using the usual nail scissors.

• Often, the orange is placed in a jam with the peel, therefore, responsibly treat the pre-processing of fruit. Oranges in our country do not grow, which means that during transportation so that they do not deteriorate on the way, they are covered with special means. Therefore, wash the oranges especially carefully, rubbing the peel with a sponge, paying attention to the places where the fruit was fastened with a branch. As the final part after washing, pour the fruit with boiling water.

• If a lemon is included in the jam, do not forget to get rid of the white film between the zest and the fruit pulp itself, otherwise the jam will be bitter. It is best to first rub the zest, then remove the streaks, and only then twist the pulp itself.

• To avoid the oxidation process during the preparation of the treat, use only enamel pots or pots.

• A foam is always formed during cooking. Clean it with a spoon, otherwise your jam will turn out not so beautiful, muddy. Yes, and accidentally caught mote, rise up during boiling, it is together with the foam.

• Be sure to roll up the pre-rinsed jars and sterilized jars in any convenient way, otherwise the product will quickly deteriorate.

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