Cooking chicken Kiev cakes at home - a classic recipe from a cook

Famous Kiev cutlets - every person who lives in the USSR is familiar with this dish. Truly, this recipe can be considered a Soviet classic. Every cook has some doubt when they ask him whether you cooked Kiev cutlets according to the classic recipe. In spite of the simple name of this dish, it would seem that it is difficult to cook burgers, but many people know that the dish is complex in its execution.

Cooking chicken Kiev cakes at home - a classic recipe from a cook

How to cook the right chicken Kiev — a classic recipe

According to the culinary canons, Kiev-style cutlets are made from chicken breast, but in a modern version, any kind of fresh meat can be used for a dish. In this recipe, we use chicken or chicken, since the tenderness of their meat contrasts perfectly with the crisp.

Cooking time for meatballs is one and a half to two hours. Here I share with you a recipe from a chef who told me how to cook this dish at home. Cutlets will fry in a pan.

There are several options for using chicken breast for chicken Kiev. In some cases, it is cut from a common carcass, leaving the bone, you probably were served just such a dish in a restaurant - chicken Kiev with a bone. But for our recipe, we take cut breasts without pieces of bone. And the first and second options are the classic recipes of these cutlets.

Composition of products for making chicken Kiev

four breasts, about 200 grams each, butter, herbs (dill, parsley and another), two chicken eggs, salt and pepper, vegetable oil for frying, two tablespoons of flour and breadcrumbs.

The process of cooking chicken Kiev classic recipe from the cook

1. First, let's do the butter (it should be soft). Mix the melted butter at room temperature with finely chopped greens, add a little salt. Wrap everything in plastic wrap and form a long thin sausage. If desired, you can add finely chopped or squeezed garlic, a couple of drops of lemon or lime juice into the butter. I do that, the dish is more aromatic.

2. Chicken breast cut along not fully, so that you can open it like a book. Expand the parts of the breast and beat with a kitchen hammer. If not, then you can use a rolling pin.

3. Salt and pepper the resulting fillet, put a slice of green butter inside and form cutlets. It is important - make sure that in the process of repulse there are no holes in the meat, otherwise the contents will flow out.

For breading, we need eggs, flour and breadcrumbs.

4. Beat the eggs a little beforehand. Observe the sequence of breading patties: flour - eggs - crackers. Repeat twice to make the breading thick, this will prevent oil from flowing out of the patty when frying. After the breading, remove the cutlets in the freezer for half an hour.

5. After 30 minutes, get the patties out of the refrigerator, we will fry them in oil in a deep frying pan. Fry in a large amount of vegetable oil, cutlets should be completely immersed in butter. According to the rules, you first need to heat the vegetable oil in a deep frying pan and dip the cutlets in hot oil, in which case (in hot oil) the cutlets fry for only 7-8 minutes.

When frying, turn the cutlets on all sides so that the crust is evenly crunchy and brown. It is important not to overcook.

Cooking chicken Kiev cakes at home - a classic recipe from a cook

The correctness of cooking chicken Kiev is assessed by the condition of the oil with greens inside. When serving, butter should drain, mixing with chicken juice and forming a sauce on a plate around the patties. If you did it, then you cooked the right chicken Kiev.

Enjoy your meal!

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