Anthology of liver cake - recipes from pork liver. Features of the preparation of liver cakes from pork liver: tasty, healthy, inexpensive

Anthology of liver cake - recipes from pork liver. Features of the preparation of liver cakes from pork liver: tasty, healthy, inexpensive

A dish that can decorate any holiday table - a cake. It is not necessary that it be sweet. As the latest experiments and achievements of home cooks show, a cake is a way to decorate a dish. In appearance, it can resemble a sweet cake, with the same attractive pattern, but not from sweet cream or chocolate, but from ordinary vegetables or other gastronomic products that are not related to the category of dessert dishes.

Very useful in terms of valuable vitamin and mineral composition, the product is pork liver. In addition, its price captivates with its affordability even for people with a minimum level of income. True, pork liver contains more fat than beef, chicken or turkey, and therefore it is not so dietary. But this deficiency can be corrected by adding to it low calorie and cholesterol foods. Let's see how housewives, tempted in this question, offer to do this.

Liver cake: pork liver recipes - basic technological principles

To begin with, in the usual traditional sense, a cake is a festive cake consisting of cakes, a filling (cream), decorated with the same cream, icing, and all sorts of decorative elements. For the cake, the basis of different types of dough is baked, and then the prepared cakes are collected, spreading them, separately prepared cream, and decorated. But there are also many recipes for sweet cakes, for which it is not necessary to bake cakes: such desserts are prepared in a cold way, for example, jelly cakes, “broken glass” desserts.

For vegetable, fish and meat cakes, you can also use all of these methods.

Pork liver does not require prolonged heat treatment, so it is enough to put it out in the pan, and then prepare a tender pate, which will replace the cream in a savory cake. A savory loaf, a loaf of bread or a loaf of bread can serve as a basis for a cake with liver pate. Of course, everyone has different tastes, but I must say that bakery products made from wheat flour are more suitable for dishes from the liver. The liver goes well with buckwheat flour, but it does not contain gluten. Therefore, in the manufacture of cakes (pancakes) with buckwheat flour liver, a little starch or wheat flour should be added for viscosity. For the liver cake any preparation options are acceptable. It is important to choose the best combination of products. It all depends on the taste and imagination of the chef. Unsweetened cakes are decorated, usually with the same products that are used in cooking. Wonderful material for decorating meat cake - vegetables: they are in harmony with meat products, from the point of view of proper nutrition. In addition, almost all vegetables, raw, boiled or pickled, are easy to curly cut. Some simple techniques, even without the use of special tools, in their own kitchen can master any housewife.

The cake must be decorated, especially when it comes to preparing a festive dish. If you don’t have enough time or you can’t cut a chrysanthemum out of a carrot, do not be upset: decorate your work with grated cheese, egg yolk, chopped nuts or greens, and add one or two of any large elements in the center of the composition. This may be a slice of lemon, halves of eggs or tomatoes, mushrooms. All the listed products are most often used in the preparation of dishes from pork liver.

1. Liver cake - recipes from pork liver with passaged vegetables under mayonnaise


Carrot Fresh 400

Garlic 50g

Milk 250 ml

Liver 0.5 kg

Eggs 6 pcs. (including - boiled egg 1 pc.)

Onions 450g (4 pcs.)

Flour 200 g


Sugar 30g

Rosemary, ground 10 g

Mayonnaise (67%) 180 g

Vegetable oil 70 ml (for frying)

Marinated carrots, parsley, fresh cucumber - for decoration

Operating procedure:

Cook the liver pancakes:

Crush the liver, having previously cleaned it of the film and bile ducts;

Peel and chop 2 onions, add them to chopped liver;

5 raw eggs, one by one in a liver mash with onions;

Add salt, milk, pepper and flour; beat the mass with a whisk until a thick, uniform consistency is formed;

Leave the dough for half an hour to dissolve the gluten flour.

In the meantime, prepare the filling for the cake: Shred the second part of the onion in small circles (half rings); grate the carrots and chop the garlic;

Season the vegetables in a pre-heated pan with oil. Season with rosemary, salt, and sugar;

Kill the finished vegetable mass until mashed, and after cooling, add mayonnaise; mix it up.

In a pancake pan, with a diameter of 24-26 cm, fry the pancakes. Warm up pancakes with cooked filling and stack them on top of each other. Grease the surface of the cake with mayonnaise. Rub the boiled egg and sprinkle with the top of the cake in the center. Place figurally sliced ​​vegetables around the egg with a wreath: pickled carrots, cucumber, leaves of fresh parsley.

2. Liver cake - recipes from pork liver with buckwheat flour, carrots and eggs

For pancakes:

Liver, pork and chicken (1: 1) 0.5 kg (net)

Sour cream, natural 150 g

Buckwheat flour 200 g

Krupchatka (flour extra) 90 g

Eggs 3 pcs.

Onions 250 g

Soda 15 g


Pepper and rosemary, ground to taste

For the first filling:

Carrots 250 g

Garlic 50g

Sour cream 15% 200 g

Crushed walnuts 150 g (net)

Spices - to taste

For the second filling:

Boiled mushrooms (or raw champignons) 500 g

Boiled eggs 5 pcs.

Chopped Dill 100 g

Mayonnaise 150g

Onions 200g

Butter (for passaging)

For decoration: boiled eggs, fresh greens


Prepared liver smash in a blender. Beat until fluffy creamy consistency. Chop the onion in the same way. Combine onion and liver, add eggs, sour cream, spices and flour. It should make the dough of the same consistency as for ordinary thin pancakes. Mix well, pour in 5-6 tablespoons of butter so that the pancakes do not stick to the hot pan. Pour the dough in small portions and bake the pancakes.

Prepare two fillings for the interlayer:

Fresh carrot rub on a fine grater, chop nuts, combine and season with sour cream. Season with spices to taste;

For the second filling, fry the mushrooms with onions, in butter, salt and season them. Crush the mushrooms in a blender, add the chopped dill, mayonnaise. Stir. Collect the cake: grease each pancake and stack each other, alternating the fillings. Decorate the cake with grated boiled eggs, greens.

3. Liver cake - recipes from pork liver with pickled cheese and apples

For the filling:

Suluguni 450g

Mayonnaise 120g

Parsley, chopped 100 g

Garlic 30g

Apple, peeled (without peel) 200 g

Pancakes from the liver - according to prescription number 1


In fact, a liver cake can have a different taste if you make pancakes using the same recipe, but use different fillings. Try to add cheese filling to the liver pancakes.

Grate cheese, apples and garlic. Crush the greens and, combining the ingredients, season with mayonnaise. Collect pancake liver cake by placing cooked stuffing between pancakes. Decorate on your own, as fantasy tells.

4. Liver cake - recipes from pork liver: “Dome” from meatloaf with scrambled eggs


7 eggs

Milk, whole 250 ml

Potato starch 50 g

Flour 70 g


Soda 15 g

For the form:

Vegetable oil

Breadcrumbs, white breading

Liver, pork (or any) 800 g (net)

Sour cream 20% 200 g

Chicken Breast 1.2 kg

Butter, creamy 300 g (for frying and frying)

Onion 250g

Carrots 350 g

For decoration: fresh cucumber, “cherry”, greens, boiled quail eggs - as required

Working order:

Cut the prepared liver into small pieces, season with spices, add sour cream. In a skillet, dissolve the butter and simmer the liver for 5-7 minutes over medium heat. Transfer to a bowl, cool. Shred the carrots and onions, and fry them in butter. Pass the vegetables to the liver and smash the paste to a pasty consistency.

Chicken breast cut into plates, across the fibers, repel. Place the prepared chicken meat on a sheet of foil lined on the work surface. Form a rectangular strip on which lay a layer of cooked liver pate. Roll the breast into a roll, wrap it in foil and bake 40 minutes at 200? C in a heated cupboard. Cool the roll and cut into slices (1 cm). Beat the eggs until the volume increases 3-4 times. Continuing the whipping, pour in a thin stream of milk. Combining the starch, flour and salt, pour them into the whipped mixture, stirring with a spatula.

Take a silicone or metal shape in the form of a hemisphere. Oil it and sprinkle with breadcrumbs. Lay out slices of roll in layers, filling each of them with egg-milk mixture. Begin to lay out the pieces of the roll on the walls of the form, gradually moving to the center.

Preheat the oven and place the filled baking dish for 5-7 minutes, at a temperature of 180? C. Turn off the oven, but do not reach the cake for another fifteen minutes. Then shift it to the dish, turning the form.

Whip sour cream or cream, cover the top of the cake with cream. Sprinkle with greens on top. Place the side of the halved boiled eggs and cherry tomatoes, cut across the zigzag, in the form of a flower. Cut out the leaves and decorate the cake with plates of fresh cucumbers - vegetables will perfectly complement the meat dish.

5. Liver cake - recipes from pork liver: the original cold appetizer

Product Composition:

Cream Cheese 400 g

Prunes 200 g

Nuts 150 g

Lemon 200 g


Spices, ground - to taste

Korean carrots

Butter 120g

Onions, white 250 g

Liver 700 g (net)

Gelatin, instant 35 g

Meat broth 300 ml

Milk 180 ml

Boiled eggs, greens, cucumbers, fresh or salted - for decoration

White bread (round loaf)

Cream (30%) 150 g

Sesame 50 g

Cooking Procedure:

Slice the liver, season with spices. In a skillet, dissolve the butter (50 g) and pass the chopped onion in it until transparent. Add milk, bring it to a boil and put the liver pieces. Stew until tender. Cooled to 20? With a liver, smash the blender to a creamy consistency, adding the remaining oil. Pour the diluted and filtered gelatin (20 g) into a liver pate while whisking. Then put the nuts in the mass and mix with a spatula.

Take the bread, cut the crust from the bottom, no more than 1 cm thick. Place the resulting round, bread base in a round-shaped, suitable for diameter, without a bottom. If there is no such form, put the bread on the dish and make it out of cardboard: the height of the side must be equal to the height of the cake. The surface of the bread grease with a mixture of mayonnaise and lemon juice with spices, so that the “cake” is well soaked. You can also sprinkle with chopped greens. Put the liver pie with nuts evenly on the bread. Remove the cake, about an hour in the cold, to set.

Whip cream cheese with cream. Add in it, cut into thin strips, prunes. Put cheese cream on liver pate. Again, level the surface of the cake well. Lay out a pattern, cut from vegetables and eggs, decorative elements.

In the warm broth, dissolve the remaining gelatin, strain the broth, and when it starts to freeze, pour it onto the surface of the cake. Wait until the jelly hardens well, and remove the form.

Korean carrot mix with mayonnaise and place on a dish, around the cake. Powder with sesame and chopped greens.

6. Liver cake - recipes from pork liver. Cake with two fillings on a waffle base


Hepatic paste 0.6 kg

Waffle cakes, round 7 pcs.

Boiled eggs, 8 pcs.

Hard cheese 300 g

Cream, fatty 150 ml

Mayonnaise 250g

Garlic - to taste

Meat broth 150 ml


To decorate:

Corn, canned

Marinated Ginger and Onions



Leafy greens to taste

Cooking Method:

Prepare liver pate according to the recipe proposed in the previous recipe. Boiled eggs, hard cheese chop the blender to a delicate texture, add the garlic and mayonnaise.

On the dish set a round shape without a bottom, for convenience when assembling the cake. Put the waffle cake inside the mold. Sprinkle it with broth to soak. Lavishly coat the first cake with liver pate. Put a second waffle cake on it and spread the egg-cheese cream as well. Similarly stack the remaining cakes, alternating the filling.

Leave the top cake without the filling: cover the surface and sides of the cake with whipped cream. Cut out vegetables with a carving knife. Vegetable “bouquet” lay ornament on the surface of the cake. Also use leaflets of leafy greens, corn.

To prevent the leaves of parsley or other fresh greens from wilting before serving, whisk the egg white into the foam, and brush the leaves with a brush. Dry them on a napkin, and then, to add shine, treat them with vegetable oil.

Liver Cake: Pork Liver Recipes - Tips & Tricks

The liver must be salted only before the end of heat treatment. Salt, as you know, draws moisture, instantly folds the protein, making the meat dry and tough.

Before cooking, it is desirable to keep the liver in milk, so that it becomes softer and acquires a delicate, creamy taste.

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