Chicken with vegetables - the best recipes. How to properly and cook chicken with vegetables

Chicken with vegetables - the best recipes. How to properly and cook chicken with vegetables

Chicken with vegetables - general principles of cooking

Balanced nutrition is a guarantee of beauty, health and longevity. To eat right, you need to know how to combine foods. Nutritionists say that the best combination in dishes is a combination of protein and vegetables. Therefore, chicken with vegetables is the best option for a tasty and healthy meal and without gaining extra pounds.

Cooking chicken with vegetables is always fun - there is something to experiment with. After all, a set of vegetables and spices can be varied at their discretion: on the principle of “what is in the refrigerator”. Chicken dishes with vegetables can be baked and stewed, fried and steamed. In any case, it will be satisfying, tasty and healthy. The combination of chicken and vegetables is so harmonious that it appeals to both adults and children.

Most vegetables are combined with chicken meat. And in order for dishes to acquire a stunning aroma and be able to rekindle even the worst appetite, do not feel sorry for spices. However, with them, too, need to be careful - you should not overdo it. For seasoning, use bay leaf, cloves, pepper, garlic, turmeric, paprika, rosemary, and their bold combinations.

Chicken with vegetables: food preparation. Choosing the right chicken

To make the chicken with vegetables tender and of high quality, it is extremely important to carefully choose the chicken carcass. Try to get a chilled carcass, not a frozen one. It is best to buy the meat of young chickens up to one year old and weighing up to one and a half kilograms.

Pay attention to the freshness of products. Fresh bird has a well-developed muscle tissue, a pleasant slightly sweet smell, a flat rounded breast, a light yellow color with a pinkish tinge. If there are gray spots on the carcass and yellowish obsessions sticking out on all sides, you should not buy such a bird, you will not be able to cook tasty dishes from such a chicken.

Chicken with vegetables - recipes

Recipe 1: Chicken with vegetables in the oven

Chicken baked in the oven and covered with a crispy crust, with vegetables - the best solution for a light and hearty lunch. It is prepared quite simply, and the pleasure will deliver a colossal one. If desired, the recipe can be adjusted by supplementing it with other vegetables and spices. In general, experiment! Ingredients Required:

- chicken legs or ham 700 gr.

- one bell pepper yellow or red

- one red onion

- to taste garlic (2-5 cloves)

- 6 medium potatoes

- one big zucchini

- 10 pieces. mushrooms (can be replaced with other mushrooms)

- 1/2 tsp of chili powder

- to taste ground pepper

- Olive oil. 3 tbsp. lie

- universal salty chicken seasoning with vegetables

- mayonnaise

Cooking Method:

1. Treat the washed and dried gammon with seasoning and spices. Place them on a baking sheet covered with foil. Peel the potatoes, slice them and place them around the chicken.

2. Spread the mushrooms nearby. Pepper Bulgarian pepper from the seeds and, cut into cubes, mix with vegetables (for convenience, vegetables can be mixed separately, and then put around the chicken). Add chopped onion, garlic, as well as olive oil, zucchini and ground pepper. Salt, season the vegetables.

3. Top anoint the vegetables with chicken solid (but do not overdo it) a layer of mayonnaise. Cover the baking sheet with foil and send the chicken and vegetables in the oven, pre-heated to 200C, for 45-55 minutes. 10 min. Remove the top foil layer until ready to form a beautiful crust.

Before serving, decorate the dish with chopped greens.

Recipe 2: Chicken Stew with Vegetables

Do you want to surprise your close ones with original stewed chicken with vegetables? Then cook it Mexican with the addition of yellow canned corn. At home, this dish is served only with hot rice. Well, we are not picky people - we and any other garnish will do: be it pasta or homemade mashed potatoes.

Ingredients Required:

- 3 medium chicken breasts

- 120-130 gr. canned corn

- olive oil

- garlic 4 cloves

- 1/2 teaspoon cilantro (dried coriander)

- 500 gr. ripe tomatoes

- solid bunch of green onions

- chilli powder

- salt

Cooking Method:

1. Fry the chicken a little over medium heat, using olive oil (you can use any vegetable oil) for frying. After that, put the breasts for some time to the side.

2. Chop the green onion, chop the garlic finely. Within a minute, pass the ingredients where the chicken was roasting so that the onions and garlic soften. 3. Next, add dried coriander, chili, and other favorite seasonings to the pan. Salt and passuse for another minute if necessary. Peel the tomato off of the tomato, pouring boiling water over them, chop the tomatoes and place on the onion and garlic.

4. Place the chicken breasts in a pan with the tomatoes and simmer the dish for 15 minutes. under the lid. Then put the corn in it and leave on the minimum heat for another 5-7 minutes. That's it, Mexican chicken is ready!

Recipe 3: Chicken with vegetables in a slow cooker

Chicken with vegetables can be cooked not only on the stove or in the oven, but also a modern “miracle oven” - a slow cooker. There are many recipes for chicken in a crock-pot: you can stew it, bake it, fry it or steam it. In any case, it will turn out both tasty and healthy.

Ingredients Required:

- 500 gr. chicken fillet

- 7 potatoes

- Onions 2 pcs.

- carrot 1 pc.

- 200 gr. pumpkins

- 100 gr. medium fat sour cream

- 100 gr. mayonnaise

- 70-100 gr. hard cheese

- half water multistack

- seasoning and greens

- vegetable oil, mustard

Cooking Method:

1. Cut chicken fillet into several pieces, coat with mustard, mayonnaise, seasoning and pepper. Season the bowl of multicooker with oil, place the chicken on the bottom. Fry the pieces for about 10 minutes. on each side (use “Baking” mode). Get out and set aside.

2. Peel the vegetables, cut the potatoes and carrots into slices, pumpkin and onions - diced. Fold the ingredients in the bowl of the wonderful oven, put the chicken on top. Pour the vegetables with sour cream mixed with water and spices. Set the device to the “Quenching” mode (2 hours). In ten minutes open the lid until ready, sprinkle the dish with grated hard cheese and chopped greens.

Recipe 4: Rice with Chicken and Vegetables

A full dish with Thai slant! Despite the fact that the dish belongs to such an exotic cuisine, it is very simple to cook it, because it does not require any “excesses”. Basil, red pepper and curry can be replaced with universal seasoning for chicken and rice.

Ingredients Required:

- 1 chicken fillet (600 grams)

- Bulgarian pepper 1 pc.

- onion

- half a cup of long-grain rice

- three tomatoes - dry basil

- pinch of dried red pepper

- pinch curry

- salt to taste

Cooking Method:

1. Boil half a cup of rice in salted water. Put aside. Crush the onion, fry it in vegetable oil until soft.

2. To cut the chicken fillet in small pieces, put in the pan and stew with the onions under the lid for 7-10 minutes. Next, add the chopped Bulgarian pepper (do not forget to clean it from the seeds) to the fillet and onion.

3. Also send the sliced ​​tomatoes. Salt, season with spices and cover the pan with a lid. Stew until cooked vegetables.

4. Put the rice on a plate and place the stewed vegetables with chicken pieces on top, pour the dish with liquid from the pan, sprinkle with greens. It turned out perfectly!

Recipe 5. Chicken with vegetables - sauté

Ingredients Required:

- chicken thighs - 4 pieces;

- potatoes - 3 pcs .;

- Eggplant - 1 pc .;

- carrot - 1-2 pcs .;

- tomatoes - 3-4 pcs .;

- garlic cloves - 4 pcs .;

- Red sweet pepper, paprika, salt, pepper and vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

I hope the caring owner always keeps all these products in her fridge. We take a deep stewpan and pour into it a little vegetable oil, about 3 tbsp. Chicken Budra washed and dried, and sent to the stew pan to fry. We seal the meat from all, reduce the heat, cover the saucepan with a lid, and leave it to let the meat stew.

During this time we will quickly prepare vegetables. In a kettle boil some water and scald the tomatoes. Remove the skin and finely chop its flesh. Pepper is cleaned and cut into large pieces. Peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes. Cut the carrots into circles of medium thickness. Eggplant can be cut in any way - cubes, rings, half rings, but try to remove the grain, especially if you are not young. So, the meat in the skillet is stewed, and we are now adding to it a carrot, eggplant and unpeeled cloves of garlic. Pepper and salt, pour a glass of boiling water. To make your dish even more delicious, instead of a glass of water, I recommend that you add to the dish 0.5 cups of dry white wine and 0.5 cups of water. Bring to a boil, add paprika, salt and pepper. Let us boil again and send the tomato and bell pepper to the stew pan. Gently mix, reduce the fire to a minimum and continue to cook the dish for another 25-30 minutes. After that, we will send potato cubes, mix with a spatula, and leave to cook for another 15-20 minutes. Immediately hot dish served to the table, garnish with greens and - bon appetit !!!

Recipe 6. Chicken with vegetables

I want to share with you a recipe for Italian cuisine.

Ingredients Required:

- chicken breasts - 2 pcs .;

- red onion - 1 pc .;

- Corn oil and soy sauce.

For vegetable garnish:

- zucchini - 2 pcs .;

- carrot - 2 pcs .;

- Fennel - 1 pc. (can be replaced with bell pepper)

- green beans - a handful;

- ginger - 2 cm.

Cooking Method:

We proceed to the magical process of cooking. First, dice the chicken fillet. In principle, you can use other parts of the chicken, just be sure to chop it into small portions. Pour flour on a plate, and roll each piece of meat in it from all sides.

Take a red onion and cut it into slices. Pour some corn oil in a wok pan and fry the chopped onion in it. As soon as he begins to change his color, immediately send him pieces of meat. Quickly grate the peeled ginger and send to the meat. Stir and fry the meat until fully cooked on medium heat. Now we add to your taste soy sauce, salt and pepper.

The rest of the vegetables we cut into cubes and fry them in another pan in corn oil. When the vegetables are almost ready, that is, they will acquire the condition of al dente, add to them a little soy sauce and ground black pepper. Gently mix and remove from heat.

On a serving plate, first lay out the vegetables, and the top fried pieces of meat. Super!

Recipe 7. Chicken with vegetables in Chinese

Chinese cuisine is firmly in our menu. So why don't we cook Chinese chicken.

Ingredients Required:

- chicken fillet - 400 g;

- Bulgarian peppers green and red;

- onions - 100 g;

- carrot - 1-2 pcs .;

- olive oil;

- soy sauce - 5 tbsp. l .;

- sugar - 1 tsp.

Cooking Method:

Wash the chicken breast and let the water drain completely. While the water drains, clean the onion and cut it into bars. Cut the peppers into straws and cut the carrots into rings of medium thickness. Carefully peel the chicken breast off the film and cut it into cubes.

Pour some olive oil into the pan and at intervals of 2-3 minutes, we begin to consistently lay out the prepared ingredients. First, the carrot - mix with a spatula and fry. Then add the onion - just stirring with a silicone spatula, fry it for 2-3 minutes. Following the onion, we will send Bulgarian peppers to the pan - fry over medium heat. The contents of the pan should not stew !!! Pour soy sauce into a cup and stir sugar in it. In the event that your soy sauce and sugar-free sweetish taste, you do not need to add sugar to it, just pour it into the products and continue frying for another 2-3 minutes.

Everything, chicken with vegetables in Chinese is ready. Enjoy the incredibly amazing taste of Chinese cuisine!

Chicken with vegetables - useful advice from the best chefs

To make chicken meat even more juicy and tender after heat treatment, soak the carcass (or its parts) in a special brine for about 3 hours before cooking (small pieces are enough to withstand no more than 30 minutes). The brine is prepared according to the following formula: 1/4 cup of table salt and the same amount of sugar is taken for one liter of cold water. Dip the meat in a pickle and put it in the fridge for a while, and you will definitely feel the difference after cooking.

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