Chicken vegetable soup can be a masterpiece! The best recipes for chicken vegetable soup with cream, cheese, ginger, corn, pumpkin

Chicken vegetable soup can be a masterpiece! The best recipes for chicken vegetable soup with cream, cheese, ginger, corn, pumpkin

A wide variety of previously unknown products are available to modern man, the dishes from which are piquant and delicious.

But despite this, the soup has not lost its important place and value. This is a hearty, healthy and, of course, tasty dish. Therefore, it is constantly present on our table.

Environments of many of its species stand out chicken vegetable soups. Due to the variety of spices, herbs, greens, they can give an unusual taste, a different consistency. The components that are present in soups, nutritious and low-calorie.

Chicken Vegetable Soup - General Cooking Principles

To prepare the soup, you must first cook the chicken. It is preferable to cook meat with a bone, and for an absolutely dietary dish, choose a fillet.

The broth is brewed for certain rules: you need to load the chicken into cold water, drain it after boiling and be sure to replace it with fresh one, collect the foam with a ladle.

Vegetables for cooking soup must be in excellent condition: not spoiled, not rotten. Otherwise, the dish will not taste good. Vegetables are most good fresh, but some of them can be frozen or canned.

Methods for their preparation and cutting depend on the recipe.

Salt broth is desirable when the meat is ready and you can load the rest of the ingredients.

Almost all known spices, seasonings and spices and are suitable for chicken vegetable soup. Only you need to use them in moderation so as not to “overshadow” the taste of vegetables.

1. Chicken vegetable soup with melted cheese

The creamy consistency of the soup will appeal to not only adults, but also children.

The ingredients retain their color and combine in an unusual, but pleasant taste.


• Chicken fillet.

• Three potatoes.

• Two carrots.

• 0,200 kg green peas.

• Large onion.

• Two processed cheese.

• Salt.


After washing and cutting the meat, prepare the chicken broth. Put the cooked fillet in a separate container and leave to cool. It can be cut into pieces arbitrary, but small. Cut potatoes and carrots into small cubes.

Onion cut a little on one side.

We load the vegetables into the soup, add salt and simmer on low heat.

When they are fully cooked, the onion should be removed.

Add the green peas, bring the soup to a boil again and continue cooking over low heat.

Melted curd cheese crush on a grater and fall asleep in a saucepan. As soon as they are dissolved, turn off the soup. Sliced ​​fillet can be poured into a saucepan with a ready dish, or straight into the plate.

2. Chicken vegetable soup with ginger and orange zest

The usual soup with chicken due to ginger and orange turns into a delicious dish, tasty and fragrant.


• Chicken thighs (2 pcs.).

• Two bulbs and carrots.

• 1/2 teaspoon dried ginger.

• Two boiled beets.

• Four canned tomatoes.

• 0.100 liters of orange juice and Art. spoon zest.

• Olive oil.

• Rye bread.

• Two Art. spoons of spiced butter.

• Mint for decoration.

• Pepper, salt.


Rinse the meat thoroughly, fill it with water and cook the broth. When the legs are fully cooked, remove them and separate the flesh from the bone. Cut into pieces and leave in a closed saucepan.

Cut into small pieces of vegetables. Tomatoes only free from the skin.

In a saucepan, pour the spoons of four olive oil and pass the onion ring, then add the carrot. Pour dry ginger into vegetables.

Stew for three minutes and pour whole canned tomatoes and sliced ​​beets into a saucepan.

We continue to cook for another five minutes, stirring occasionally.

Fill vegetables with chicken broth. Salt, pepper and check for taste. Leave the soup to boil for about half an hour.

Add orange juice, boil for another two minutes and grind to a puree consistency. Pour into a saucepan and mix with pieces of meat.

Cut slices of rye bread into rhombi, sprinkle with spicy butter a little and send to the oven for five minutes (180 degrees). The result is fragrant croutons.

From the orange we remove the zest in small thin strips.

Puree soup is poured into large plates, do not forget to add pieces of meat to each. Top lay out the stripes of orange peel and mint. We supplement the dish with rye croutons.

3. Chicken vegetable soup “Meat with cream”

Soup with vegetables and crispy chicken pieces, with a pleasant creamy taste - the perfect option for a rich and tasty first course.


• Chicken wings and legs - 400 grams.

• Tavern.

• Potatoes.

• Two bell peppers.

• Two onions.

• 70 grams of butter.

• Spoon table flour.

• Milk - 250 ml.

• Ginger grated.

• Green onions - 100 grams.

• A mixture of peppers and salt.


Cook the chicken broth by adding a notched whole onion and a pinch of ginger to the water. Take out the meat and fry in sunflower oil.

Cut the second onion into rings. Peel potatoes and zucchini peeled and cut into cubes.

Bulgarian pepper freed from the seeds and cut into small slices.

Melt butter in a deep saucepan, toss the chopped onion. Pour flour and stir. Without stopping to mix, we fill in milk. After waiting a little, add chicken broth and sprinkle potatoes, Bulgarian pepper and zucchini. Cook until cooked potatoes.

Sprinkle the soup with a mixture of peppers and salt to taste. Fry the meat thrown in a saucepan.

We continue to cook no more than two minutes. Chop the green onion stalks and pour them into the finished soup.

4. Chicken tomato and onion vegetable soup

The simplest recipe for delicious chicken vegetable soup for every day. The combination of tomatoes and onions will give the dish such a familiar and very pleasant taste.


• Half chicken.

• Three onions.

• Five tomatoes.

• Olive oil.

• Oregano - two pinches.

• Parsley and dill - at 0.100 kg

• Ground red pepper.

• Salt.

• Lavrushka.


Cut the chicken into pieces and boil the broth. At the beginning of cooking add three bay leaves. When the broth is cooked, they must be removed along with the chicken. Meat cut.

Cut tomatoes and onions into small pieces.

In a non-stick skillet, fry the onion in olive oil until soft. Then you need to add and stew tomatoes. Salt and pepper.

Pour the obtained vegetable mixture into boiling broth. Pour the oregano and half of the chopped greens.

Boil the soup until the tomatoes are done. Add chicken and boil a little more. In the finished dish put a pinch of green dill and parsley.

5. Chicken Vegetable Soup “Light Dinner”

The dish is light and low-calorie, but, thanks to a whole bunch of vegetables, appetizing and nutritious. Meat, cooked with the addition of ginger, sharp in moderation and melts in the mouth instantly.


• Chicken fillet - 400 grams.

• Carrot.

• Three potatoes.

• 0,300 kg of white cabbage.

• Green peas - glass.

• Onion.

• Tomato paste - Art. spoon

• Bell pepper.

• Bunches of parsley and dill.

• Art. spoon of ginger.

• Two lavrushki.

• Vegetable seasoning, kitchen salt.


Put the chicken fillet in a saucepan with water and boil. Add two bay leaves and fresh ginger to the broth.

Wash and peel the vegetables. Grate the carrots and grate the potatoes into cubes. Chop the cabbage and cut the onion in half rings.

Sweet pepper chop as much as possible.

We take out the meat from the finished broth and, cut it into small pieces, send it back to the saucepan. Put green peas in the soup.

Behind the chicken meat fall asleep potatoes, then cabbage. We send onions and carrots in soup.

When the potatoes are cooked, put the tomato paste in the dish, slightly diluted with water. Next came the turn of sweet pepper.

Salt the soup and add a spoonful of vegetable seasoning. Five or seven minutes later, we put the chopped fresh herbs in the dish and finish cooking.

In a plate with chicken vegetable soup be sure to put more sour cream.

6. Chicken Green Vegetable Soup

Juicy, aromatic, rich in spring greens fill the soup with energy.

A beautiful fresh dish is eaten instantly.


• Chicken fillet - 400 g.

• Celery - two stalks with leaves.

• Two potatoes.

• Onion.

• A bunch of green onions, sorrel and parsley.

• Spinach bunch.

• Sea salt.

• Art. a spoonful of lemon juice (half a lemon).


Chicken fillet cut into small pieces and cook broth.

Lay in a saucepan with meat celery, cut in half. After twenty minutes, the broth is ready and it needs to be filled with vegetables.

Onion fray with food processor. The resulting gruel is sent to the soup. Chop the potatoes and gently throw in the saucepan.

Next you need to prepare the greens. Shred spinach and finely chop green onions.

Grind parsley and sorrel. We combine all the greens together and still slightly chop it.

When the potatoes are fully cooked, we take out the celery soup and fall asleep the green mass. Salt to taste, mix and add lemon juice.

The dish is recommended to serve cold. Poured sour cream on top and decorated with a sprig of green parsley.

7. Chicken vegetable soup with corn cobs

Chicken vegetable soup combines the sweetness of corn and salad onions with the sharpness of chili pepper and tomato sourness. All vegetables soaked in meat broth create a satisfying and tasty dish, which is very easy to prepare.


• Chicken thighs - 800 g

• Onion.

• Carrot.

• Two ears of sweet corn.

• Two tomatoes.

• Two Bulgarian peppers.

• Salad onions.

• Coriander seeds - teaspoon.

• Fresh basil - 100 g.

• Two potatoes.

• Chili pepper dry.


Cook the broth from the chicken pieces.

Cut vegetables: potatoes, onions, carrots, tomatoes. We clean the Bulgarian pepper and cut it into four parts. Corn cobs razlamyvaem in two.

Add onion, carrot and dry chilli to the broth. Salt to taste.

Pour coriander seeds and lay corn. Add the potatoes.

Having waited for boiling, we throw tomatoes and sweet pepper.

After twenty minutes the soup is ready. Fall asleep chopped salad onions, basil. Close the saucepan lid. The soup should stand a little on a warm stove.

8. Spanish Chicken Vegetable Soup

Unusual ingredients in combination with standard vegetables create an original and savory taste. The soup is aromatic and very nutritious.


• 0,500 kg chicken fillet.

• Two medium potatoes.

• 400 g pumpkin.

• A tomato.

• Big green pear.

• Onion.

• Two garlic cloves.

• 0.250 kg of green beans.

• Bank of chickpea.

• Salt.

• Cumin - h. Spoon.

• Mint.

• Paprika - h. Spoon.

• Bay leaf.

• Olive oil.

• Art. spoon flour.


Cut the meat into small pieces and cook until half cooked.

Cut pumpkin, potatoes, onions. Pear divided into four pieces, and green beans - into three parts. Remove the tomato from the peel and crush, turning it into a puree.

Add potatoes, pumpkin, bean pods, pear to the broth. After that, salt and cook for another twenty minutes. All vegetables should be boiled soft.

While cooking soup, you need to fry a little onion and add tomato sauce to it. Chop the garlic and also fall asleep in the pan. Pour a spoonful of flour, mix everything and simmer a little.

Add cumin, paprika and laurel to the vegetable mixture.

Pour into chickpea soup and roast from a griddle. The dish should stew on the stove for another ten minutes. Ready soup poured into a large plate and decorated with mint.

Chicken Vegetable Soup - Tricks and Tips

  • In order for the soup not to lose its transparency, it should not boil much. Therefore, cook the dish on low heat.
  • If someone dislikes onion in the soup, then you can add it whole, and then take it out. The onion flavor will remain, but the vegetable itself will not.
  • It is better to salt the soup after adding potatoes, when the water boils. Then this vegetable will not be tough.
  • If the broth is boiled with onions and ginger, the chicken can be pierced with a toothpick and filled with the aromas of these ingredients.
  • A piece of butter improves the taste and somewhat speeds up the process of cooking soup.
  • Vegetables can be cut in different ways, but remember that their pieces must be placed in a spoon.
  • Stir soup and roasting to it preferably only clockwise.
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