What can be cooked from cauliflower quickly and tasty is the first and second course, side dish and appetizer. Simple cauliflower dishes

What can be cooked from cauliflower quickly and tasty is the first and second course, side dish and appetizer. Simple cauliflower dishes

Cauliflower is known as a versatile vegetable in terms of its cooking options.

What can be cooked from cauliflower quickly and tasty - the basic principles of cooking

Cabbage is baked stuffed and composed of casseroles, stewed in sauces, meat stews, roasted in a pan and grilled, boiled in soup and steamed, mashed potatoes and chops made from it, marinated inflorescences for the winter.

For many dishes (fried cabbage in batter, stews, casseroles), cauliflower is pre-boiled in salted water until half cooked, which usually takes about five minutes, and until fully cooked, the vegetable is boiled for ten to fifteen minutes.

Due to the neutral taste, cauliflower is wonderfully combined with any products, it is almost impossible to spoil any recipe.

Recipe 1. What can be cooked from cauliflower quickly and tasty: soup with meatballs and cauliflower


· 230 g minced chicken or turkey;

· 1.25 liters of chicken broth;

· one egg;

· 160 g of cauliflower;

· 180 g of potatoes;

· One medium carrot;

· A small piece of onion;

· sunflower oil;

· Fresh parsley;

· 45 grams of rice;

· Ground black pepper, salt.

Method of preparation

· Mince salt, pepper, mix with egg and form meatballs with walnut in size;

· Place on the stove in advance cooked fragrant and rich chicken broth and throw boiled potato cubes into it;

· Cook grated carrots and chopped onions;

· Cut each inflorescence of fresh cauliflower into several pieces and throw in the soup to half-cooked potatoes;

· Put in meatballs broth;

· After five minutes, put the rice in the pan and almost immediately after it - the fry;

· Sprinkle the soup with parsley for five minutes until cooked.

Recipe 2. What can be cooked from cauliflower quickly and tasty: fried cauliflower in breadcrumbs


· 280 g of cauliflower;

· 2 eggs;

· 45 ml of milk;

· 125 g of hard cheese;

· sunflower oil;

· 125 g bread crumbs;

· Ground black pepper.

Method of preparation

· Boil cabbage inflorescences until half ready;

· Beat eggs with milk;

· Grate cheese and mix with breadcrumbs, pepper;

· Dipping the inflorescences in the egg, roll them in breadcrumbs and fry until ready, if you want to get a more rich breading - dip and roll the cabbage twice.

Recipe 3. What can be cooked from cauliflower quickly and tasty: a cauliflower casserole with potatoes and vegetables


· 220 g of cauliflower;

· 360 g of potatoes;

· 340 g zucchini;

· 350 g fresh tomatoes;

· 110 g of cheese;

· 250 g sour cream;

· 200 g of mayonnaise;

· sunflower oil;

· butter;

· Flour for breading;

· A tablespoon of a dry mixture of herbs, for example, Provencal;

· Salt, pepper, ground white and black.

Method of preparation

· Cauliflower inflorescences boil until half cooked and cut each into 4-6 parts;

· Sliced ​​the zucchini sliced ​​in a flour and fry quickly in sunflower oil;

· Slice potatoes and tomatoes;

· Combine mayonnaise and sour cream, salt, pepper, add aromatic herbs;

· Baking dish grease with a piece of butter;

· Layered potatoes, half a tomato, cauliflower, tomatoes and zucchini again, coat each layer with a creamy mayonnaise sauce;

· Smear the top of the casserole with the remnants of the sauce mixed with grated cheese;

· Put the form with the dish in the oven, heated to 180 degrees, for 35-45 minutes.

Recipe 4. What can be cooked from cauliflower quickly and tasty: jellied pie with cauliflower


For the test:

· 450-500 ml of kefir;

· 2-3 eggs;

· 330-360 g of wheat flour;

· Half a teaspoon of sugar;

· A teaspoon of salt;

· A teaspoon of soda.

For filling:

· 210 g of cauliflower;

· Large potato;

· Onions and a bunch of green onions;

· 2 eggs;

· 250 g of ham;

· vegetable oil; · Salt, ground black pepper.

Method of preparation

· Soda pour into kefir and mix, leave for 5-10 minutes;

· Rub eggs with salt and sugar and add to kefir;

· Gradually, to avoid lumps, add flour. The dough should be thin, so that it slowly drains from the spoon;

· Baking form sprinkle with flour;

· Boil cabbage inflorescences until tender and chop finely;

· Boil the potatoes in a uniform, peel and cut into cubes;

· Chop hard-boiled eggs, cut ham into strips, chop up green onions;

· Chop the onion finely and pass to a ruddy caramel;

· Mix all the products for the filling, salt and pepper;

· Pour into the form one third of the dough, pour out the filling, smooth out its layer and pour out the remaining dough;

· Put the cake in the oven, preheated to 190-200 degrees, for about 45 minutes.

Recipe 5. What can be cooked from cauliflower quickly and tasty: cauliflower cutlets


· 430 g minced beef and pork;

· 280 g of cauliflower;

· 120 g of carrots;

· 80 g onions;

· 2 small eggs;

· sunflower oil;

· 50 g of semolina;

· Flour;

· Ground black and red pepper, salt.

Method of preparation

· Boil cauliflower until half cooked;

· Boiled cabbage mash mashed potatoes in a tolkushka or blender;

· Finely chopped onions and grated carrots, passe in oil;

· Minced meat, cabbage puree, carrots with onions, eggs and semolina, mix everything into a mass of cutlet, salt, add spices and form small oval cutlets;

· Roll them in flour and fry until cooked;

· Serve cabbage patties hot or cold, preferably with sour creamy cream sauce.

Recipe 6. What can be cooked from cauliflower quickly and tasty: pasta with cauliflower


· 225 g of small pasta, for example, “feathers”;

· 125 g of cauliflower;

· Half of sweet pepper;

· 6 cloves of garlic;

· 80 g of dried tomatoes in oil;

· 4 tablespoons of tomato paste;

· Melted butter; · 250 g of mozzarella cheese;

· Dill;

· Ground paprika, salt, ground black pepper.

Method of preparation

· Ready boiled cauliflower cut into strips;

· In melted butter, fry chopped garlic, add sliced ​​strips of sweet pepper and, after turning off the heat, wait until the vegetable is soft;

· Put the dried tomatoes in the pan first, then the tomato paste, dilute the sauce with hot water, add salt and spices, add the heat, bring to the boil;

· Put the cabbage and fresh chopped greens in the dishes last, mix everything up;

· Arrange the ready-made hot pasta, add the contents of the pan to them, and finally - the mozzarella cheese in slices.

Recipe 7. What can be cooked from cauliflower quickly and tasty: cauliflower with meat in pots


· 450 g of pork;

· 170 g of cauliflower;

· A couple of sour-sweet apples;

· 230 g of potatoes;

· 80 g onions;

· 115 g of butter;

· sunflower oil;

· Bay leaf, black pepper peas, salt.

Method of preparation

· Divide raw cauliflower into inflorescences;

· Cut pork into cubes and fry in sunflower oil until golden brown;

· Put the pork in a plate and in the same pan fry the onion rings first and then the small pieces of potatoes;

· Put potatoes and onions in layers for baking, add bay leaf, salt and pepper, cabbage, and apple slices (do not peel the skin), put a piece of butter on top and pour hot boiled water in the pots or, better, meat or vegetable broth;

· Close the pots with food foil and send to the oven for 45-55 minutes, stew at 200 degrees.

Recipe 8. What can be cooked from cauliflower quickly and tasty: “cauliflower rice”


· 260 g of cauliflower;

· Fresh parsley, cilantro and dill;

· Onions and garlic;

· one egg;

· Butter and olive in proportions 1: 2;

· Turmeric, ground coriander, salt.

Method of preparation · Fresh cauliflower inflorescences chop finely and in such a way that there is no cereal, but a crumb like rice. This can be done either in the bowl of the blender by selecting the pulsed mode, or grated;

· Finely chop the onion with garlic and fry until golden brown in the mixture of oils;

· Break an egg into a pan and quickly stir with a spatula, dividing it into crumbs;

· Add spices and salt to the pan and, having laid the ground cabbage, begin to fry it, stirring continuously;

· The cabbage will soon acquire golden color and dryish friability, and it will reach readiness in 15 minutes;

· Before serving, add the dish with fresh herbs and mix;

· Cabbage “rice” is good to serve as a side dish to meat, poultry or fish dishes.

What can be cooked from cauliflower quickly and tasty - tips and tricks

· Cauliflowers are not only white but also orange, green and purple. A good head of any color must be firm to the touch, without dark spots, with leaves bright and fresh;

· Before any cooking of cauliflower or sending it for storage in the freezer, you need not only to wash the vegetable, but also to get rid of the insects that are probably in it. To do this, head out soaked in cold salted water (40 g per liter) for 15 minutes, and then washed with running water;

· For cutting cauliflower into a form suitable for cooking, remove leaves from the head of cabbage and cut off damaged inflorescences. Then they cut the head out and cut the inflorescences, leaving them with one or two centimeters in length;

· So that the white cauliflower does not darken during cooking, add some sugar to the boiling water.

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