Dishes from canned fish - the best recipes. What can be cooked from canned fish.

Dishes from canned fish - the best recipes. What can be cooked from canned fish.

Now you can’t find anything in the shops - meat, chickens, fresh fish and other products. Each of us is not alone in our love for fresh salmon or trout, however, the price of this gastronomic addiction sometimes flies into a pretty penny, which cannot be said about canned fish, which are still available to any hungry citizen.

Canned fish are considered to be a kind of trash, although they are still not only tasty but also correct - there is almost no soy and other chemicals in them, opening a can - you can immediately see the entire contents - no jumble, every bit visible.

This is especially true of old recipes, which were used in the old days of sardines, herring, salmon, salmon and other canned goods. Yes, take the same bulls or sprat - before they could feed the family, if you add them as a component in some dishes.

Recipe 1: Canned Fish Soup

This is exactly the recipe for soup we will consider today - one can of fish is enough to cook dinner for the whole family. In addition, the soup is obtained with such a pleasant aroma, fish and spices do their work. For its preparation, you can use any canned food, except for sprats, a particularly good result is obtained from ordinary saury or ivashi in oil; a preserved pink salmon is great for this.


One and a half to two liters of water is taken in a can of canned food, usually they weigh 250 grams, potatoes (4-5 pieces), onion, bay leaf, greens, dill, barley or rice (optional).

Method of preparation

Finely chopped onions put in boiling water, cover the pan with a lid and set the minimum heat. Those who do not think of any soup without a sweet carrot flavor can put grated carrots together with onions, either raw or pre-spiced.

Rinse diced potatoes with cold water, bring to a boil again and reduce heat. To make the soup thicker add a little boiled cereal (50 gr), if you do not want to complicate the cooking process with the preparation of cereal, put it first along with the onions.

Fish in a tin can divided into small pieces, choose bones and ridges. Put the fish, add bay leaf, salt and cook for 1 minute. Leave the soup to infuse for at least 5 minutes. It will be very pleasant to eat such a hearty, appetizing, hot soup together with finely chopped appetizing greens.

Recipe 2: Canned fish pie

This gorgeous cake made from yeast dough and rich salmon and egg stuffing will appeal to the whole family. Super easy to prepare dish! Moreover, it can be eaten in a cold form, so it is even tastier.


Dough: milk (1 cup), eggs (2 pieces), sugar (1 tbsp.), Salt (1 tsp.), Yeast, margarine (50 grams, preferably creamy), yolk. Flour - how much will be needed until the desired consistency of dough.

Filling: canned salmon in oil - 2 jars, eggs - 4 pcs, onions, carrots - 1 pc each, vegetable oil for cooking vegetables.

Method of preparation

In the milk warmed to 35 - 40 degrees, pour in sugar and salt, stir. Add the yeast and some flour, stir again, cover with a napkin and leave to heat for 15 minutes. Now let's take a margarine - slowly melt it over low heat, add some beaten eggs to it. Mix the resulting egg-oil mixture with the brew and gradually add the sifted flour through the sieve. The dough should not be very cool. The main thing is to knead it so that it does not stick to the hands. Cover the dough with a napkin. Do not forget to press it a couple of times so that it fits evenly.

For the filling, boil the eggs and rub them on a coarse grater. Fry finely chopped onions and shabby carrots in the oil, in canned food, separate from the butter and knead slightly, removing the large bones, but not mixing them with other ingredients. Divide the dough into two uneven pieces and roll out the larger of them and place in a form that is greased with a small one. Lay the filling on the layer of dough - eggs, fish, passaged. Cover with a second layer of dough and pinch the edges. In order for the cake to be lush, he needs to “come up”, we will leave it for 20 minutes in a warm place. In order for the cake not to be sold at the seams, the dough must be chopped in the corners so that the steam can safely go out.

In a preheated oven put the cake and bake until golden brown at 200 degrees. Approximately 10-15 minutes before the end, lubricate its surface with yolk. This cake is guaranteed to be enjoyed even by the biggest fish lovers, the main thing is it is very satisfying and nutritious, perfectly removes hunger.

Recipe 3: Canned Fish Cutlets

At a time when funds are limited, and the salary is still far away - cutlets from canned fish can be an excellent budget dish. If there are no stocks in the fridge - in any store you can buy a jar of any canned fish and, in addition, the necessary vegetables in a quite inexpensive way. The biggest delay here is to boil the vegetables, but in this case the cutlets themselves will be ready very quickly.


Canned fish in oil (1 can).

Vegetables: potatoes (3 pcs.), Carrots (1 pc.),

Eggs (2 pcs.), Semolina (2 tablespoons), salt, pepper.

Method of preparation

To begin, boil potatoes and carrots, rub them on a large grater. We lay out canned food on a platter - saury, herring, salmon, pink or other, mix with eggs and semolina. Salt and pepper to taste, add a mixture of vegetables. It will take quite a bit of time to form small cutlets from the minced meat and fry them in vegetable oil, since all the ingredients are ready. This dish can be called “hungry husband on the threshold”, serve him meatballs with a lot of sour cream, and he will be very pleased!

Dishes from canned fish - useful tips from experienced chefs

- Dishes from canned fish are easy to prepare. You can diversify their taste with a certain twist: add a little butter to the minced fish, which, when heated, will kill the concentrated smell of canned fish and give the dish a creamy taste.

- In order to make your fish day more intense, prepare canned fish sandwiches for fish soup. To do this, mash some canned fish with oil with garlic and put on roasted black bread slices. Garnish with parsley sprigs and pieces of cucumber or tomato - your fish-lunch menu will be complete!

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