Mulberry jam

Mulberry jam

Mulberry (mulberry, mulberry) is an unpretentious plant whose fruits are sweet and contain many useful substances. Outwardly, they resemble blackberries, but the taste is unique. Gardeners are increasingly paying attention to this berry, getting sufficient yields to use it for harvesting for the winter. One of the most exquisite options for sweet canned food is mulberry jam, which any housewife can cook at home if she is familiar with the peculiarities of the technological process.

Cooking Features

Mulberry jam has a delicate jelly-like composition, has a pleasant taste, can be served separately or as an addition to other desserts. Cooking is not an easy process. It requires patience, but not the presence of high culinary skills. Showing zeal, even an inexperienced cook will cope with the task. To get the best result will help him to know a few moments.

  • The most appetizing is red mulberry jam, although all its varieties can be used for this.
  • Mulberry is a fragile berry; it is not worth washing it under running water. It is better to use a shower or rinse the berry, pouring into a large container filled with clean water.
  • After washing, the berry should be dried well. It dries faster if you put it on a towel that absorbs moisture well.
  • It is not necessary to remove the twigs from the mulberry immediately. To get a jam with a delicate texture, you will have to wipe the berry through a sieve so that small bones do not get into the dessert. Sieve will not miss and twigs.
  • Mulberry contains pectin, and if it is boiled for a long time, it will acquire the consistency of jam without adding gelling components.
  • When using thickeners, pay attention to the directions on the package with the selected product. The composition and consistency of gelling agents may be different, depending on the characteristics of their application. If the instructions on the packaging disagree with the information in the recipe, you need to follow the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Ready-made mulberry jam is reminiscent of fresh honey. After cooling, it becomes thicker.
  • When preparing mulberry jam for the winter, the jars for it should be sterilized. Close the jam with metal lids, which are boiled before use.

The storage conditions for mulberry jam depends on which recipe it is prepared for. Usually the product is well worth it at room temperature.

Classic recipe of mulberry jam

Composition (for 0, 5-0, 75 l):

  • mulberry - 1 kg;
  • sugar - 0, 4-0, 5 kg;
  • citric acid - 1 g.

Method of preparation:

  • Sort out the mulberry, put it in a saucepan with clean water, drain it in a colander, let it drain.
  • When the berry dries, put it in the bowl of the blender and chop.
  • Rub the berry mass through a sieve. It will remain bones and twigs. At the exit you will get about 0, 4-0, 6 liters of berry juice.
  • Add sugar. Its quantity should coincide with the amount of juice obtained or be slightly smaller.
  • Stir, put on the stove. Simmer gently for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • Add citric acid, boil the jam to the desired consistency.
  • Sterilize the jars and their lids.
  • Pour the jam over the prepared jars, seal them cork tightly.
  • Turn the jars over, cover with a blanket. Leave to cool in a steam bath for additional preservation.

After cooling down, jars of silk jam can be moved to the pantry, the dessert is well worth it at room temperature.

Mulberry jam with honey and gelatin

Composition (per 1-1, 25 l):

  • mulberry - 1 kg;
  • honey - 150 ml;
  • sugar - 150 g;
  • gelatin - 30 g;
  • water - 0, 5 l.

Method of preparation:

  • Sort, wash the mulberry, let it dry.
  • Grind with a blender, grind through a sieve.
  • Boil a glass of water, add honey to it, stir to achieve complete dissolution of the sweet product.
  • Gelatin mix with a glass of cool water, leave for 10 minutes.
  • Mix silk juice with sugar, heat until boiling. If you are making jam for the winter, let it boil for 10 minutes. If you are going to eat jam in the next two weeks, it is enough to wait for the sugar to dissolve.
  • Add honey, mix. After 5 minutes, add the gelatin, mix again. After 2-3 minutes, remove the jam from the heat.
  • Without waiting for the jam to cool, distribute it among prepared banks. Hermetically close them.
  • Allow the jams to cool in a steam bath, turning the jars with it and covering them with a blanket.

When the jam has cooled to room temperature, it must be placed in the refrigerator. Dessert for this recipe is not only tasty, but also useful, but at room temperature is bad. Even in the refrigerator, it can be stored for no more than 6 months.

Mulberry Cherry Jam

Composition (for 0, 75-1 l):

  • mulberry - 0, 5 kg;
  • sugar - 0, 75 kg;
  • cherry - 0, 5 kg.

Method of preparation:

  • Wash and dry the cherry and mulberry.
  • Cherry free from seeds, chop up with a blender, put in a bowl.
  • Recycle the mulberry blender. Press the juice through the folded gauze.
  • Pour the mulberry juice into a bowl of cherry puree.
  • Add sugar, mix. Leave on for 30-60 minutes to dissolve.
  • Boil the berry mass until it acquires the consistency of jam.
  • Transfer to sterilized jars, roll them up.

Cherry gives the mulberry a lack of sourness and additional flavor, with the result that the jam is tasty and mouth-watering. It costs well at room temperature.

Mulberry jam is an unusual, but tasty and healthy delicacy. Its preparation has some difficulties associated with the need to get rid of the bones, but the result justifies the effort spent.

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