Spaghetti with minced meat and spaghetti with minced meat and tomato paste - favorite! The best recipes for spaghetti with minced meat: it is impossible to pass by

Spaghetti with minced meat and spaghetti with minced meat and tomato paste - favorite! The best recipes for spaghetti with minced meat: it is impossible to pass by

Spaghetti with minced meat.

General principles

Spaghetti with minced meat is ideal for a fairly low-cost and quick-cooked dish that can be enjoyed at home, if you don’t have time or the opportunity to cook something more substantial.

And as for pasta and minced meat, then these ingredients, perhaps, will be at home at any.

At the same time, you can add almost anything to the dish, giving the classic recipe a special flavor.

As additives to spaghetti with minced meat and tomato paste, various vegetables, cheese, greens, cream or sour cream, spices can serve. Minced meat can be used from beef, pork, poultry or mixed.

Spaghetti with minced meat and tomato stew is a dish that involves considerable creative freedom. But there are some principles that are best followed.

First, it is better to prefer durum wheat pasta. Of course, they are more expensive, but at the same time much more useful. In addition, in the preparation they are not so capricious: they do not stick together, keep their shape, look more appetizing. Of course, any macaroni can be used to make it into porridge, but cheap and low-quality ones are boiled soft without assistance.

Secondly, spaghetti is better not to boil it slightly than to digest. In the sauce, they reach, while becoming more aromatic and tasty, soaked with the taste of minced meat and tomato.

Third, cook pasta for spaghetti with minced meat should be on low heat, stirring several times, otherwise they may become sticky and “tousled”.

Fourthly, tomato paste can be supplemented already with any additives that are especially loved by the family, and you can make tomato sauce better than. To do this, free the fruit from the skin (dipped in boiling water and then immediately in cold water), grind them with a blender and boil for about half. However, if sauce based on tomato paste is required for spaghetti with minced meat and tomato paste, then there is no point in boiling down so much: it will be necessary to dilute it anyway. Mince, of course, is also better to do independently, and not to buy in the store. Then, at least, you can be sure that it is made from quality products, without “horns and hoofs”, as well as that the stuffing is fresh. For cooking spaghetti with minced meat, it is better to skip the meat through a coarse grate - the dish will be juicier.

If cream is required for making the sauce, then it is better to take those whose fat content is 20%. Cheese for spaghetti with minced meat and tomato paste, it is desirable to use a solid or semi-solid and fairly fat. In addition to classic Parmesan, you can take Maasdam, cheddar, etc.

Recipe 1. Spaghetti with minced meat and tomato paste “Once and ready”

It can be said that the basic recipe for spaghetti with minced meat and tomato paste is the basis for culinary creativity.


Spaghetti - 1 full pack (400 g)

Minced beef or mixed - 400 g

Onion - 1 small

Butter - 50 g

Tomatoes - 4-5 pieces

Tomato paste - 2-3 tablespoons

Cooking oil for frying

Salt, freshly ground black pepper, spicy herbs: oregano, basil, saffron, etc. - taste

Method of preparation

Put the minced meat in a frying pan with vegetable oil and a small amount of water or broth and cook for about 5 minutes, stirring constantly and breaking the lumps using a spatula.

To free the tomatoes from the skin and mince or chop with a blender. Stir in herbs, salt and pepper.

Finely chop the onion and sauté in a deep frying pan for several minutes, then put the chopped tomatoes and tomato paste in the same frying pan. Mix well and simmer under the lid for 3-4 minutes, making sure that it does not stick.

Put in mince sauce, mix and cook for another 5 minutes. Turn off the gas and leave the sauce to infuse, putting butter there.

Cook the spaghetti to the degree of readiness al dente. Let stand for a couple of minutes. Then arrange spaghetti on plates and pour over the sauce.

Recipe 2. Spaghetti with minced meat and tomato-cream sauce


A pack of spaghetti - 350-450 g

Mince (better from beef and pork) 300 g

Garlic - 3-4 cloves

Cream 20% - 200 ml Tomato paste - 3 tablespoons

A mixture of Italian herbs or oregano and separately bvzilik


Vegetable oil for toasting

Butter - 60 g

Creamy Viola-type cream cheese in a bath - 3-4 tablespoons

Method of preparation

Put the minced meat in a pan with heated vegetable oil and lightly fry it, breaking the lumps with a spatula. Add a couple of spoons of water, cover and bring to full readiness. Put stuffing in a bowl.

Put the finely grated garlic in the same frying pan and cook for about two minutes, stirring constantly. Then pour the cream, add tomato paste, herbs, butter, salt, pepper, mix well and cook for another couple of minutes.

Cool the sauce slightly, mix in soft cream cheese, pour in the mince and let it brew, while spaghetti is cooked.

Boil spaghetti in accordance with the instructions on the pack to the degree of readiness al dente. Cover the pan with a lid and let stand for two minutes.

Put the spaghetti on the plates and pour over the sauce with the minced meat. Sprinkle with fresh chopped parsley or mint.

Recipe 3. Spaghetti with minced meat and tomato paste with mushrooms

For cooking spaghetti with minced meat, except for champignons, you can take oyster mushrooms, chanterelles or wild mushrooms. But in the last two cases, the mushrooms must first be boiled for 10 minutes, dipped in cold water, pour the broth, pour fresh water and cook until done, and then use it for the dish.


Spaghetti - 1 pack, 400 g

Stuffing (can be chicken or from poultry and pork) - 300 g

Champignons - 400 g

Mayonnaise - 3 tablespoons

Sour cream - 3 tablespoons

Tomato paste - 2 tablespoons

Onions - 1 small onion

Parsley, dill, celery - in any combination, about half a sheaf

Salt, pepper mix

Vegetable oil

Method of preparation

Form mince meatballs (with a nut) and lightly fry them on all sides in oil, then reduce the heat to a minimum, add a spoonful of water, cover and cook until ready (minutes 5). Remove the meatballs from the pan.

Put a spaghetti stew.

Meanwhile, chop the onion, and cut the champignons into medium-sized slices and stew all together for about 5 minutes in the pan, where meatballs were cooked. Mayonnaise mixed with tomato paste and sour cream, add salt, pepper, chopped greens and a little water and pour mushrooms over the sauce. Cook for another couple of minutes, dip in meatballs and boiled spaghetti. Let stand for about two minutes and arrange in plates. You can sprinkle with grated cheese.

Recipe 4. Spaghetti with minced meat and vegetables


Durum wheat spaghetti - 400 g

Stuffing any, but better not too dry - 200 g

Tomatoes - 5-6 medium sized pieces

Bulgarian pepper - a pair of fruits

Eggplant - 1 large

Zucchini - 1 small

Tomato paste - 1 spoon

Salt, pepper mix

Any greens

Vegetable oil

Method of preparation

Mince fry for about three minutes in vegetable oil, breaking the lumps with a spatula. Pepper and eggplants cut into rather small cubes and stew with a small amount of water and oil in another pan, it will take more time, 10 minutes.

Scald the tomatoes with boiling water, immediately immerse in cold water, peel and chop with a blender. Put to the vegetables, add salt, pepper, tomato paste, minced meat there and stew it all together for about five minutes, then turn it off and leave on the stove.

Cook spaghetti.

Zucchini cut into thin strips and fry on both sides in a separate pan. Roll up rolls or roses.

Put spaghetti on plates, sprinkle with sauce on top, then decorate with zucchini rolls and sprinkle with greens.

Recipe 5. Baked spaghetti with minced meat and tomato paste

If you just get bored with spaghetti and minced meat, you can try to think of something more interesting, such as casserole or something else in this style.


Spaghetti - 1 pack (400 g)

Stuffing any - 400 g

Mayonnaise - 3 tablespoons

Tomato paste - 3 tablespoons

Eggs - 2 pieces

Any cheese, preferably semi-hard - Gouda or Dutch - 200 g

Sweet pepper - 3 fruits

Champignons - 200 g

Onion - 1 onion medium size

Salt, pepper mix

Vegetable oil

Method of preparation

Boil spaghetti to the extent of al dente.

Put the minced meat in a frying pan with hot oil and fry, stirring all the time and breaking up the resulting lumps.

Put the stuffing and fry the mushrooms, cut into plates.

Mushrooms, too, lay out and fry in the same pan sliced ​​"noodles" onions and sweet peppers.

Mix onions and peppers with spaghetti. In a bowl, beat mayonnaise with tomato paste, salt, pepper, eggs and one hundred grams of finely grated cheese. Stir in spaghetti. In a mold, buttered, put a third of spaghetti with pepper and onion, then lay out the stuffing. Again a layer of spaghetti, cover them with fried mushrooms. Put the remaining pasta and sprinkle with the remaining cheese.

Bake in the oven at 170 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Recipe 6. Spaghetti with minced meat and “Mont-Baton” tomato paste

Another version of spaghetti casserole with minced meat.


Spaghetti - 500 g

Stuffing (better from poultry) - 400 g

Small champignons - 300 g

Garlic - 3-4 cloves

Sheep cheese - 200 g

Any cheese - 200 g

Smoked Bacon - 300 g

Eggs - 2 pieces

Tomato paste - 3 tablespoons

Olives (or olives, or both) - half a can

Salt, pepper mixture, vegetable oil

Method of preparation

Boil spaghetti to the degree of readiness al dente. Minced meat put in a pan with hot oil, fry until tender.

Cheese smash into small pieces.

Wash the champignons and place in a saucepan with oil and a few spoons of water, cover and simmer until the mushrooms noticeably decrease in size.

Finely grate cheese and mix with eggs and tomato paste. There, squeeze the garlic through a press, add salt and pepper mixture.

Mix the spaghetti with minced meat, cheese, mushrooms, olives, gently enter the egg mixture there. Let stand 10 minutes.

Put strips of bacon on a sheet of foil, and put spaghetti with additives on top of them, giving an elongated shape. Raising the edges of the foil with the ends of the slices of smoked meat, form a loaf in bacon, connect the edges of the sheet of foil and bake the spaghetti in the oven at 160 degrees 15 minutes. Then take the pan, remove the top of the foil and return to the oven, increasing the temperature to 200 degrees. Bake until golden brown. When serving cut into chunks.

Recipe 7. Spaghetti with minced meat and “Bolognese” sauce


Spaghetti - 400 g

Stuffing (mixed pork and beef) - 400 g

Onion - 1 piece

Carrot - 1 piece

White dry wine - 1 glass

Tomatoes in their own juice - 1 pound

Salt, a mixture of Italian herbs

Vegetable (better, of course, olive) oil

Method of preparation Fry, kneading lumps, mince, pour wine into it and leave on low heat until evaporated.

Grate carrots, chop the onion, add them to the stuffing and continue to simmer another 15 minutes. Salt and sprinkle with herbs.

To get tomatoes out of the jar and chop finely with a knife (the blender will be too fine). Put them out and pour the tomato out of the jar into a saucepan, cook another 40 minutes over low heat.

Spaghetti boil until ready al dente. Hold in water for another 2 minutes, drain in a colander. Put on plates, place bolognese sauce on top.

Spaghetti with minced meat: tricks and useful tips

  • To prevent spaghetti from sticking together, it is advised to add one spoon of olive oil to the water. However, note that olive oil will give a spaghetti flavor.
  • When cooking, spaghetti must be stirred several times: when you put them in boiling water, when the water boils again, 2-3 times for the rest of the cooking time.
  • To cook spaghetti al dente, it will take about 7 minutes of cooking and 2 minutes in hot water. But more precisely it is better to look at the package.
  • You can add minced meat or smoked smoked meat in a mincer.
  • Without the need for better not to mix spaghetti with sauce, and put the sauce over pasta, so they will look more aesthetic.
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