Fish patties from whiting - solid savings! Recipes for fish patties from whiting in a griddle, in the oven, steamed

Fish patties from whiting - solid savings! Recipes for fish patties from whiting in a griddle, in the oven, steamed

Cutlets can be made from both river and sea fish. But preference is given to the inhabitants of the ocean expanses. From it and the dishes are tastier, and the utility is higher.

Whiting is not the most popular fish, although it is well known to cooks. If you cook it correctly, the taste of the food will not be worse than that of the more common types.

Fish quassas are a great option for those who do not like fatty foods that are heavy for the stomach. Cooking will take a little time, and the result will be a fragrant and delicate dish.

Fish whip patties - general cooking principles

Blue whiting can most often be purchased frozen. And therefore, before cooking, the fish must be thawed at room temperature.

Prepared fish must be washed, and then cut off the fins, tail, head, if there is, clean inside.

Peel is removed and ridge is removed: the carcass is ready for processing into patties.

If the fish is small, the bones can not be removed, and skip the pieces of blue whiting a couple of times through the meat grinder.

A piece of bread, previously soaked in milk or water, eggs, onions, and vegetable oil is added to the minced fish. Salt and pepper, each puts to your liking.

Also in the patties you can fill the semolina, oatmeal, add hard cheese, carrots, potatoes and garlic.

Form cutlets can be any. Before cooking, they roll in flour, breadcrumbs or starch-flour mixture.

Cutlets are cooked most often in a griddle. They are fried on both sides for five or seven minutes. A good taste of fish patties from whiting, baked in the oven or steamed.

The dish goes well with fresh or baked vegetables, mashed potatoes. Spinach, steamed and dressed with butter - a great side dish for meatballs.

Finished cutlets are best eaten hot. But if they remain for the next meal, then let them be stored in the refrigerator. Cutlets can be easily heated in the microwave, and they will be just as tasty. For cooking, you will need a blender or meat grinder, a frying pan, a baking sheet or heat-resistant dishes, a knife, a spatula and a plate. Do not hold gloves, paper towels and cling film at hand.

Recipe 1. Fish cakes from whiting “Grandma's recipe”


• 150 gr. long loaf;

• 1.2 kg blue whiting;

• 175 ml of milk (3.2%);

• onion;

• tsp. salts;

• garlic clove;

• 100 gr. flour;

• two eggs;

• 40 gr. vegetable oils;

• 100 gr. bacon

Cooking Method:

We cut the crust from the loaf. Pulp soak in milk for a couple of minutes.

Onion cut into four parts.

Blue whiting free from the bones. Grind pieces of fish along with the loaf pulp, bacon and onions.

The ground ingredients salted. Then add the yolks and mix the mixture with your hands until smooth.

Cover the cooked mince with a film and leave for ten minutes in the refrigerator.

Preheat pan and pour vegetable oil into it. Garlic cloves crush with a knife and fry. Then remove them from the pan.

From the cold stuffing we blind patties of our favorite form and roll in flour.

We fry them in turn from each side. In total, it will take about ten minutes for cooking fish patties from the blue whiting on the skillet.

Put ready meal on a plate with a paper towel. This will help get rid of external fat.

Recipe 2. Fish dumplings from whiting “Home Alone”


• 600 gr. whiting;

• egg;

• 30 gr. black bread;

• three l. Art. semolina;

• h. Spoonful of salt;

• one onion;

• bread crumbs.

Cooking Method:

Blue whiting free from fins and bones.

Fish and onion cut into medium pieces. Twice we let them through the meat grinder.

Stir the bread in water and add it to the cutlet mass. We put also grits and eggs. Salt it.

Make a few chops. Let them well in breadcrumbs and send them to a hot frying pan.

Recipe 3. Whutass “Delicious Dinner” Fishcakes


• half a kilogram of blue whiting;

• onion;

• 100 gr. white bread;

• for tsp. red pepper and salt;

• 70 gr. flour.

Cooking Method:

With whiting we remove the fins and skin. Remove the ridge.

Cut the small pieces of the fish with the tip of a knife.

Onion cut very finely. Add it to the fish.

Pieces of bread, soaked in advance in the water, put in the fish mass. Salt and pepper.

Hands knead minced. Then sculpt the patties, pour out in flour and place on a preheated pan.

Whutass fish cakes need to be roasted for about four minutes on each side.

After a short time, you can start dinner.

Recipe 4. Whitass fish cakes in the oven


• 700 gr. whiting;

• 0.1 kg of any fatty fish (salmon, salmon, trout);

• carrot;

• onion;

• five art. l oat flakes;

• red pepper;

• salt;

• two spoons of art. refined olive oil;

Cooking Method:

Prepare the fish for processing in a meat grinder and turn it into stuffing.

Clean the onion and carrot. Cut into several pieces. Grind in a meat grinder and add to the minced fish.

In a bowl with a cutlet mix put oat flakes. Salt and sprinkle with pepper, taking into account your taste wishes.

Mix the stuffing and leave it for about twenty minutes. This time will allow the oatmeal to swell.

Pan grease with olive oil.

We place on it the minced patties.

Bake in the oven for about twenty minutes. Before laying the pan, heat the oven to 180 degrees.

The finished dish goes well with a vegetable salad or diet garnish.

Recipe 5. Fish cakes from whiting “Favorite recipe”


• 900 gr. fish;

• 0.1 kg loaf;

• egg;

• two bulbs;

• two articles. l starch and flour;

• water;

• salt;

• sunflower oil.

Cooking Method:

Soak in water pieces of loaf.

We cut the fish into fillets. We load it into the blender. Bulbs clean and cut in half. Put the pieces in a blender.

Squeeze the loaf, put it in the bowl of the kitchen assistant.

We drive an egg in here, we launch a blender. Turn it off after it cooks uniform mincemeat.

Add salt to the blender and a tablespoon of sunflower oil and water. Turn it into work for another minute.

Mix starch with flour.

Hands wet with water and blind patties. Wrap them in a mixture of starch and flour. Send to the pan.

Fry on both sides for a few minutes, and shift the patties into heat-resistant dishes.

Finish cooking fish patties from whiting in the oven. We will hold dishes with dishes in its middle shelf for about fifteen or twenty minutes (180 degrees).

Recipe 6. Cooked Buttered Fishcakes


• half a kilogram of whiting;

• pepper;

• salt;

• tsp. dry garlic;

• onion;

• egg;

• white bread crackers;

• 1/4 cup milk;

• two spoons of art. mayonnaise.

Cooking Method:

Fish boil in water for about twenty minutes. Cool slightly and separate the bones.

Boiled fish meat well knead hands.

In the loosened fish, add salt and pepper (who loves how much).

Rub the onion into the mince and pour out the garlic.

We break the egg, but add only the yolk to the mince.

Mix the fish mixture with your hands.

Two tablespoons of crackers soaked in milk and add to the stuffing.

Put the mayonnaise and mix the mixture again.

Prepare cutlets roll in crackers and fry until cooked.

Recipe 7. Steamed whip fish


• 0.75 kg whiting;

• two pieces of loaf;

• 1/4 cup milk;

• egg;

• black pepper;

• salt;

• half-sheaf of parsley;

• spoon Art. vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

Prepare minced fish.

Sliced ​​pieces of loaf, crushed and drowned in milk. Remember hands, so that it is absorbed into the bread.

We drive an egg into a bowl with a loaf. Salt and pepper. Mix with a whisk. Add minced fish, sunflower oil and stir.

Parsley chop up smaller, send it in a bowl with a cutlet mixture.

Once again mix all the components of minced meat.

Sculpt the burgers and place them on the bottom of a double boiler. Twenty minutes is enough to prepare the dish.

Recipe 8. Whutass fish cakes with meat taste


• 700 gr. whiting;

• 0.15 kg of fat;

• 0.1 kg non-fat hard cheese;

• for tsp. curry and salt;

• two l. condiment for fish;

• two l. Art. flour.

Cooking Method:

Cut the cheese and bacon into medium pieces.

The prepared whiting carcasses will be skipped through a meat grinder.

With its help we will grind fat, then - cheese, and once again - fish.

Salt the mixture and add seasoning for the fish.

Armed with a spoon, mix the minced meat very carefully

Pour flour and curry on a plate or plate. Mix them together.

Blind the burgers and weave them in breading.

We shift the semi-finished products to the pan with boiling oil. Fry on high heat on both sides. Cover is not covered.

Then reduce the fire to a minimum, cover the pan and prepare the dish for another ten minutes. After half of this term, cutlets need to be turned over.

Recipe 9. Whutass Fish Cutlets with Vegetables


• 0.6 kg of fish;

• egg;

• onion;

• two potatoes;

• carrot;

• salt and pepper - to taste;

• breadcrumbs.

Cooking Method:

All vegetables cut into medium pieces. Send them in turn in a blender and grind.

Lightly fry carrots and onions. We put the vegetable mixture in a deep plate and combine it with potatoes.

Using the same blender, grind the whiting.

Move the minced fish in a bowl with vegetables. Here we add an egg.

Pepper and season with salt, and then mix all the minced ingredients together.

Cooking cutlets semi-finished products, roll them in crackers.

Fry in sunflower oil for about five minutes on one and the other side. Add some water, cover the pan and simmer the burgers for the same amount of time.

Whiting Fish Patties - Tricks and Tips

Whitassa should not be thawed in the microwave - this will significantly impair its taste.

To cut bones into chops, gutted fish should be boiled for two minutes in boiling water. She does not have time to boil and will remain raw, but the meat is easily separated from the bones.

In order for the dish to not turn out dry, fresh lard is added to the mince. Salted or smoked is not suitable - it will kill the taste of fish patties from whiting.

The dish will not fall apart during frying, if the prepared fish mixture is put in the refrigerator for 5 minutes.

Cutlets will not be rubber if only yolk is added to the mincemeat.

For the dish to be roasted evenly, a layer of butter must cover it in half.

The plate on which it is finished with whiting should be covered with cling film so that it does not absorb the smell of fish.

It is better to add only bread flesh to the cutlet mass, since the crust can dampen the delicate taste of the fish.

If there is milk in the recipe, the fatter it is, the better. Fishcakes will have a nice creamy flavor.

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