Cake for the New Year - recipes of cakes for the New Year's holiday

I will share recipes for delicious cakes for the New Year. Not so long before the beloved holiday of the New Year, and zealous hostesses think over the menu of the upcoming feast in advance. And the end of this celebration will be tea. And then you can not do without a delicious dessert.

Since the coming year 2019 will be under the symbolism of the Pig, sweets on the table are simply obligatory - the piggy is delighted with them. Let us dwell on the standard version - a cake. But it is not enough to bake a cake for the New Year, we must also decorate it accordingly.

Cake for the New Year - recipes of cakes for the New Year's holiday

Variants of recipes for delicious cakes for the New Year

If you plan to bake a cake for the New Year yourself, then the proposed selection of unwise, but delicious recipes will be useful. Any of the cakes will decorate the New Year's table and will give the family and guests an unforgettable taste pleasure. And most importantly, their preparation takes very little time.

Original sponge cake for New Year

Even a gourmet will appreciate the gentle and airy sponge cake with fragrant impregnation. How to decorate a biscuit cake, designed for the New Year, everyone decides for himself - who has enough imagination. Here offered its own version of the decoration.

The following products will be needed for the cake:

• 5-6 pcs. chicken eggs;

• 200 g of granulated sugar;

• 200 g of flour;

• 30-35 ml of milk;

• 1 bag of vanilla;

• 60-70 g of any berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries);

• 35 g coconut chips;

• 60 ml of vegetable oil (odorless).


• 0, 5 l of cream of 30% fat content;

• 125 g sugar;

• 220 g Philadelphia cheese;

• vanilla sugar - to taste.

For impregnating syrup:

• 60 ml of warm water;

• 1, 5 tsp. Sahara;

• 1 dessert spoon of liqueur.

As tools, you need to prepare a baking sheet for the cake (the recommended size is 25x40 or 28x45 cm).

Cake for the New Year - recipes of cakes for the New Year's holiday

Step by step instructions for making the cake:

1. First separate the whites with the yolks in different bowls. Beat the yolks with a mixer, at the same time pouring granulated sugar (only 150 g). Then add milk and butter.

2. Next, pour the pre-sifted flour and vanilla powder. Gently mix using a silicone spatula. Achieve homogeneous mass.

3. With proteins do the same, only sugar is needed less - 50 g. Beat until a bulky foam is formed.

4. In 3 steps (in small portions) the protein component is combined with the yolk.

5. Line a parchment sheet on the bottom of a heat-resistant form, grease with butter and pour the dough in an even layer.

6. Send the billet to the oven, preheated to a temperature of 170-180 C. It is undesirable to move away from the plate, since it will take a short time to wait 10 minutes.

7. The finished cake is placed on the kitchen table surface upside down, and the parchment is carefully removed. Cover with a towel and allow it to cool slightly. It will be enough for 4-5 minutes.

8. Now we need to roll it into a roll.

9. Now switch to cream. For what, armed with a mixer, whip cream with sugar. Then they are put in a spoon in the cheese mass and continue to mix vigorously until a smooth and smooth cream comes out.

10. The next step will be the manufacture of impregnation - mix all the ingredients from the list.

11. Now you can soak the syrup with the syrup, after unwinding it. From above distribute creamy composition and berries.

12. Re-form the roll, but it does not make much effort - it should not be tight.

13. The finished biscuit log spread on a dish and completely coated with the remaining cream. Decorate with coconut flakes, berries and in the final - sprinkled with powdered sugar. The decor option may be different, everyone approaches this due to individual creative possibilities.

Very chocolate cake for the New Year

This recipe for New Year cake is plainly performed, but the guests will be remembered for its juicy, full-bodied chocolate flavor.

Cake for the New Year - recipes of cakes for the New Year's holiday

What is included in the chocolate cake:

• 270 g of wheat flour;

• 310 g of granulated sugar;

• 5 g of soda;

• 4-7 g of salt;

• 50 g of cocoa powder;

• 2 pcs. eggs;

• For 55-60 g of olive and butter;

• 1, 5 tsp. vanilla extract;

• 10 ml of 6% vinegar.

For ganache:

• 1 dark chocolate bar;

• 100 ml of heavy cream (30%);

• 20 g butter.

The sequence of further actions:

1. It is necessary in one bowl to mix all the bulk components.

2. Then add everything else and mix thoroughly using a mixer.

3. Pour dough into prepared round baking dish with lined parchment paper and oiled at the bottom.

4. Place in the oven and bake for about an hour at a temperature of 170-180 C.

5. The finished biscuit must be carefully removed from the mold and with a sharp knife cut off the top to get a flat surface.

6. Now wrap the cake in cling film and clean in the fridge for a day.

7. To make ganache, you need to break the chocolate into pieces, pour in the cream and add butter. All this is put on a steam bath and melt. You can use the microwave: drowned when the mode 400 W 15 sec. and mix, then repeat until a homogeneous chocolate texture is obtained.

8. The resulting liquid chocolate is poured on a sponge cake, and on top is decorated with any available method (for example, nuts).

Even without internal impregnation, such a cake for the New Year is very juicy.

Cake from sweets for New Year

Cake for the new year 2019 does not necessarily need to bake. To surprise households, it is recommended to consider the unusual version of the dessert - the design of sweets in the form of a cake. It can also be an original gift for friends. What you need to collect: Kinder surprise chocolates, Raffaello candy packaging, white cardboard, scissors, corrugated paper, double-sided adhesive tape or glue gun.

Cake for the New Year - recipes of cakes for the New Year's holiday

Step by Step Master Class:

1. From cardboard paper make a round cake base - the diameter is chosen arbitrarily, the thickness should correspond to the length of the chocolate bars. If the cake is meant multi-tiered, then make several such bases of different sizes.

2. Plastered blanks corrugated canvas.

3. Along the edge consistently stick kinder chocolate.

4. From above fix a smaller tier and also glue over chocolate.

5. Crowned cake box with Raffaello.

Additionally, you can arrange such a cake for the New Year of the Pig with ribbons, figurines, Christmas-tree toys and other festive accessories.

Making cakes for the New Year

To bake a biscuit base is half the battle. To create a real culinary masterpiece, you must also include your imagination for the final breakthrough - cake decorating. Usually, on the eve of the holiday, there is not much time left for tricky decorations, so it is recommended to consider simpler options, but no less spectacular.

What can be decorations for cakes for the New Year:

• ready-made figures and blanks;

• fresh fruits, berries;

• icing sugar, cocoa;

• pure chocolate or in the form of a glaze;

• caramel;

• meringue;

• mastic.

Since the festive table is usually a lot of fatty dishes, it is advisable not to make decorative elements on the cake from butter cream.

The easiest way to buy ready-made dessert blanks, specifically designed for culinary activities. They are now sold in a varied assortment. No more labor-intensive decoration will be fruit, which does not require special skills and knowledge. It is enough to cut the fruit nicely and spread it over the top of the cream. You can combine a Christmas composition in the form of a Christmas tree, snowmen, fir branches and other things from different colors.

Cake for the New Year - recipes of cakes for the New Year's holiday

The use of powdered sugar and cocoa powder will require a stencil that you can cut yourself or purchase ready-made. It is applied on top and abundantly sprinkled with the specified ingredients. After that, the stencil is carefully removed, and a clear pattern remains on the surface of the cake. If the whole product is sprinkled, then it is recommended to make it through a strainer - then a uniform layer comes out.

Chocolate jewelry has always been a classic and will never go out of fashion. Chocolate fill looks no less elegant.

Moreover, it is easy to make such a glaze:

1. Break a bar of chocolate (pure) into slices, add milk (80 ml) and a small slice of butter.

2. Place the mixture over the steam and, constantly stirring, begin to melt. Glaze is removed as soon as it becomes glossy and smooth.

White glaze is made in a similar way, only sugar powder (100 g) is included in the composition. And by adding food coloring can vary the color.

Any of the proposed options for the glaze is ideal for pouring butter base, and then everyone starts to invent and implement their ideas for decoration.

The trend will be a cake of mastic for the New Year

Here there are no restrictions in terms of fantasy approach. Mastic is capable of turning any confection into a real work of art. But to work with this confectionery material, definitions of knowledge and practice are necessary. Therefore, it is necessary to work out beforehand so as not to spoil the New Year's dessert.

Cake for the New Year - recipes of cakes for the New Year's holiday

You can make mastic yourself from the following products:

• 200 g of powdered milk;

• 1 can of condensed milk;

• 180 g of powdered sugar;

• 5 ml of lemon juice.

Step by step making mastic for the cake:

1. Powder and milk powder are combined in a separate vessel.

2. Squeeze the juice from the lemon and mix. 3. Pour in milk.

4. Condensed milk is added portionwise, constantly stirring the dough. When it becomes thick, they will use their hands. And so that the mass does not stick, grease palms with vegetable oil or starch.

The result is a plastic yellowish substance like a dough. It is wrapped in film and placed in coolness for 30 minutes. That's all, mastic is ready to go. It is possible to add any dye (fruit or vegetable juices) in the process of mixing, then color mastic is obtained.

Mastic is very plastic, and it is easy to sculpt anything from it, like plasticine. To cover the base roll mastic dough with a rolling pin in a thin layer, impose it on top and press on the sides. Excess bottom exactly cut off. When sculpting figures and various elements of complexity usually does not arise, it is worth remembering childhood or to attract children to the creative process. And to stick together among themselves separate parts of the New Year's plot will help the water applied with a brush.

It’s just so easy to create a generous and tasty cake for the New Year with your own hands. Only it is desirable to think about the composition of the design in advance and prepare everything necessary for this. Then the whole process does not take much time.

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