Tkemali sauce for the winter: 5 step-by-step recipes for preparing the sauce in various variations

The original Georgian “Tkemali”, the sauce is made from green (unripe) cherry plum, or from ripe plum berries, a special sort of plum that grows in Georgia. Today I offer you 5 excellent tkemali sauce recipes for cooking at home. The sauce is usually prepared this way - after the plum berries are cooked in spring water and rubbed through the smallest sieve, spices and seasonings are added to them. Garlic and ginger, hot peppers and hops-suneli are often added to the sauce, the balance of taste is achieved with the help of salt and sugar. In some recipes tkemali sauce from plums for the winter there is fresh greens.

Many peoples can meet national sauces, which are usually served with meat, fish and main dishes. Many of them are prepared on the basis of mayonnaise or dairy products, others are vegetable, and for the third even fruit can be used (yes, this is just about Tkemali - plum sauce, cherry plums).

Tkemali sauce for the winter: 5 step-by-step recipes for preparing the sauce in various variations

There are a lot of recipes for cooking tkemali for the winter, so you can safely choose from the collection that tkemali recipe for the winter that you and your family will like.

Tkemali classic recipe for winter:

Tkemali plum recipe for the winter to cook at home in your own kitchen is not difficult, you just need to follow the recipe of cooking and have on hand the necessary spices and seasonings.

For cooking you will need:

• 2 kg. cherry plums;

• 2 heads of garlic;

• 1-2 hot peppers;

• 225 gr. fine sugar;

• 55 gr. salts;

• Tomato paste - 55 gr .;

• 65 ml. vegetable oil, odorless.

Cooking tkemali sauce:

- Tkemali sauce for the winter is very easy to prepare - you need to wash the cherry plums in running water, dry them, and by cutting each berry in half, remove the stone. - Grind cherry plum in any convenient way, for example, using a meat grinder or blender. Transfer the berry mass to the pan with a thick bottom.

- Peel the garlic cloves, chop them with a kitchen press or in a blender and add to the plums.

- Hot pepper must be cleaned of seeds and grind as well, this can be done along with plums.

- It remains to add the rest of the ingredients to the pan and mix the mass thoroughly and place the pan on the stove.

- On a low heat it is necessary to boil the sauce for about 45-65 minutes, stirring constantly, and during this time prepare sterilized jars.

- Hot classic tkemali for the winter is poured into clean cans, which are sealed with lids and turned over to check the container for tightness.

- Cool the jars to complete cooling in an inverted form, after which the sauce can be removed for storage.

Tkemali sauce for the winter: 5 step-by-step recipes for preparing the sauce in various variations

“Tkemali” for the winter of plums and tomatoes:

A simple recipe for delicious tkemali for the winter with the addition of tomatoes is very well suited to roasted or baked meat.

For cooking you will need:

• 1, 8 kg. ripe cherry plum;

• 1 kg. meaty tomatoes;

• 1 bunch of fresh cilantro;

• 15 cloves of garlic;

• 1-1, 5 tbsp. spoons of coarse salt;

• 125 gr. sugar sand;

• 1 hot pepper;

• A little red pepper;

• 1 teaspoon coriander;

• 1h. spoon hop-suneli;

• 50 gr. ginger root.


- For this recipe, plums also need to be washed and stoned, but you should not grind. Transfer the halves of the berries to the pan.

- After washing, the tomatoes need to cut the stalk and scroll through the meat grinder.

- You can also chop in a blender or just rub the halves of the fruit on a coarse grater. Transfer the mass to the plums.

- Finely chopped hot peppers without seeds and garlic cloves, ground in a mortar with spices and transferred to the pan. - The recipe for a delicious tkemali from plums for the winter involves adding a savory flavor. Ginger should be peeled and rubbed on the finest grater, finely chopped fresh greens.

- It will remain to combine all the ingredients of the sauce, add salt and granulated sugar and boil for about 45 minutes on medium heat.

- The finished sauce in a boiling form will be decomposed into clean (pre-sterilized) jars and screw on with lids.

Sauce “Tkemali” for the winter in the slow cooker:

Cooking tkemali at home for the winter without the hassle can be with the help of kitchen appliances, such as multicookers. It is enough to load the fruit into the bowl, the equipment will help bring it to readiness. In this case, nothing will burn, and you will have time for other things.

For cooking you will need:

• 550 gr. green cherry plum;

• 35 gr. parsley and cilantro;

• 55 gr. acute adzhika;

• 1 spicy chili;

• 6-7 cloves of garlic;

• 450 ml. purified water;

• 1 teaspoon salt;

• 2-3 Art. spoons of sugar.

Sauce Preparation:

- Remove the twigs and bones from the plum, you can immediately get rid of the skin if desired.

Pour the plum into the bowl of the multicooker, pour the purified cold water.

- Clean the chili stalk from seeds, chop it finely enough, add to the berries and close the device, set the “Cooking” mode. The cycle will complete after 35 minutes. And let homemade tkemali sauce for the winter languishing without your participation.

- During this time it is necessary to peel the garlic and chop it together with greens.

- Flip the contents of the bowl in a strainer to make the glass excess liquid, and blender until a homogeneous state.

- Put the mashed potatoes back into the bowl, add garlic with herbs, sugar and salt, spices to taste.

- Change the cooking mode to “Frying” and cook, stirring continuously for 10-12 minutes. - Tkemali sauce at home for the winter is fully prepared so that it can be poured into jars and, after cooling, removed for storage.

Tkemali for turn-based winter:

Spicy tkemali of thorns for the winter is very well suited to poultry dishes and as a sauce for vegetable dishes.

For cooking you will need:

• 1, 5 kg. thorn berries;

• 1 tsp dry parsley;

• 1 tbsp. a spoonful of salt;

• 10 cloves of garlic;

• 1 leaf of laurel;

• 1 hot pepper;

• 6-7 sprigs of dill and cilantro;

• Pinch of saffron;

• Half a teaspoon of hot red pepper;

• Pinch of dry basil;

• Pinch of ground coriander.

Sauce Preparation:

- Pour the washed berries with water in a saucepan so that it barely covers them, and cook on low heat until most of the fruits have a peel cracked.

- Remove from heat, fold on a sieve, letting it drip off excess moisture, and rub berries. You can cool the berries, remove the skin and bones and grind all the blender into a homogeneous mass.

- Peeled garlic cloves and washed greens are finely chopped together with hot pepper and mixed with the rest of the spices. Now you need to pour in salt and sugar and stir everything well so that the grains are completely dissolved. Sauce tkemali recipe for the winter is also good because you can add your favorite spices to taste.

- Combine the berry puree with spicy gruel, put it in a saucepan and cook on low heat for about 25 minutes, stirring constantly.

“Now the mass can be decomposed into a clean container, can be hermetically sealed and after cooling it should be removed to a cool place for winter storage.”

Tkemali sauce for the winter: 5 step-by-step recipes for preparing the sauce in various variations

Sauce “Tkemali” of yellow plum:

To cook tkemali sauce from the plum for the winter in this recipe you do not need special ingredients, it is quite possible to do with what is on hand. For cooking you will need:

• 1 kg. peeled plum;

• 55 gr. fine sugar;

• 35 gr. large table salt;

• 1 head of garlic;

• 1 hot chili pod;

• A bunch of fresh cilantro;

• Ground coriander - to taste;

• 4 sprigs of dill;

• Hops-suneli - at will.


- Grind the deboned plum into puree in a convenient way - this can be done in a blender, food processor or using a meat grinder.

- Peel the garlic cloves and chop using a kitchen press. Tkemali recipe for the winter the most delicious just can not be without adding garlic, so do not skimp on this root vegetable when cooking.

- Peel spicy chillies from the stem and seeds and chop them very finely, as well as chop up fresh greens as much as possible.

- Mix chili and greens with mashed potatoes, add garlic and spices, mix everything well and reduce the mass until it thickens over low heat.

- Distribute homemade tkemali for the winter in small clean jars, roll up and cool.

A few words in conclusion:

Now you know how to make plum tkemali sauce for the winter, the recipes practically do not differ in cooking from each other, the only difference is in adding different spices and seasonings. Surprisingly, with the sauce you can carry out bold culinary experiments, using when preparing the set of seasonings that you like exactly.

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