Tomato sauces for the winter: from Georgian ketchup to Crimean adjika. We prepare homemade tomato sauces for the winter

Tomato sauces for the winter: from Georgian ketchup to Crimean adjika. We prepare homemade tomato sauces for the winter

Tomato sauces are very loved for their versatility.

They are added to roast, or pilaf, vermicelli and chips. Any garnish with them becomes almost a full dish.

Often, housewives, making winter preparations, invent them literally on the fly, there are few vegetables that, in one way or another, did not fall into tomato dressings.

But what to say, plums and cherry plum, Jerusalem artichoke and even apricots in the form of dried apricots are also used. We offer to your court a few proven recipes.

General principles used in canning tomato sauces for the winter

• For sauces take ripe vegetables without damage and rot.

• Vegetables are thoroughly rinsed with cold, preferably running water, allowed to dry.

• Ready-made sauces are poured only into sterilized dishes, still boiling.

• Rolled containers are turned downwards with lids and tightly covered with a blanket on top. After 10-14 hours, the blanket is removed, and the preservation is removed for storage.

• If a measuring cup is mentioned in the recipe, a standard two hundred milliliter cut glass is assumed.

• Metal lids are thoroughly washed and sterilized by boiling for 5 minutes.

Tomato sauce for the winter with a plum, in a Caucasian way

Ripe plums give a light plum flavor, somewhat similar to gravy in the Caucasian chakhokhbili. And if you use cherry plum, or not quite ripe fruit, the taste will become even more unusual. Try it with poultry dishes, or use it as a substitute for ketchup in hot dogs.


• 2 kg medium-sized plums;

• 2.5 kilograms of ripe, juicy tomatoes;

• hot pepper - large peppercorn;

• salad onions - 600 grams;

• mustard powder - half a teaspoon;

• 2-3 full tablespoons of large potash salt;

• 9% vinegar - 80 ml;

• ground cinnamon - 5 grams;

• 1 glass of granulated sugar;

• greens - one bunch of parsley and basil;

• half tsp. hand-ground peppercorns;

• clove whole, dried - 4 umbrellas.

Cooking Method:

1. From the onion to remove the husk and cut into medium lobes. 2. From plums to extract bones.

3. With a tomato cut the stem.

4. Chop onions, plums, tomatoes.

5. The resulting mixture is poured into a saucepan, preferably thick-walled, or at least with a thick bottom or in a pot and slowly bring to a boil. Next, put the sugar, salt and mix thoroughly.

6. Tie parsley and basil greens in one bundle, so that the thread remains up to 30 cm long. Put the bundle into the boiling mixture, and tie the thread to the pan handle. This will remove unnecessary residues when the herbs give up their flavor and taste.

7. Add mustard powder, cloves and pepper.

8. Spicy pepper in several places cut across and also lay in a pot of boiling mass.

9. Cook with constant stirring, removing the resulting foam.

10. After half an hour, the almost ready sauce is poured hot on a sieve, in small portions and wiped, removing sprigs of greens and hot peppers in advance.

11. Once again everything is poured into a clean container and set to cook.

12. After 20 minutes pour vinegar, mix well and turn off the heat.

13. Pour into a prepared container and roll it up.

Main tomato sauce for winter (with apple)

A bit of sweetness in a tomato allows you to add some apples, although there are very few of them in the recipe, but you will feel them in the finished product immediately. Very good, this dressing with fried liver.


• tomatoes - 8 kg;

• apples - 4 pcs. medium sweetness and size;

• garlic - 6 teeth;

• ground cinnamon - 5 grams;

• honey - 1 dessert spoon;

• nutmeg is not very finely ground - one dessert spoon;

• dessert spoon of vinegar.

Cooking Method:

1. Peel the apples and cut them into large pieces.

2. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces.

3. Stew apples and tomatoes in different saucepans.

4. After 15 minutes Tomatoes and apples to remove and grind until a smooth mashed potatoes.

5. Puree pour into an enamelless pan and cook for a quarter of an hour.

6. Put honey, spices, salt and a little sugar, mix and leave to stew on medium heat for another 10 minutes, or a little more.

7. Add crushed garlic, pour in vinegar and add 5 minutes dvar.

8. Done. Can be poured into jars.

Russian ketchup - tomato sauce for the winter, with horseradish

Horseradish is used not only in the national Russian cuisine, dishes are found in southern Europe and even in Japan, where they use his close relative - “Wasabi”. Well, we add this root to the tomatoes, to give them sharpness and a kind of color.


• 500 grams of onions;

• ripe and fleshy tomatoes - 2.5 kg;

• horseradish root;

• ground ginger;

• red wine, dry varieties;

• half a measuring cup of unrefined granulated sugar;

• manually pounded in a mortar, or a ground clove;

• dessert spoon of wine vinegar;

• salt, saddle, medium grinding.

Cooking Method:

1. Onions are formed into half rings and cook with a prepared tomato mass at a low boil for about half an hour.

2. Cooked tomatoes with onions are removed from the heat and gently wipe through a small or medium sieve.

3. Pour in the wine, sprinkle spices, sugar, salt it at the discretion and set to boil back on medium heat.

4. An hour later, we put a tablespoon of chopped horseradish, wine vinegar and leave for 10 minutes to warm up well.

5. We pour into banks and immediately roll up.

Classic tomato sauce for the winter

The classic recipe, which, by varying the ratio of hot pepper and seasonings, can be obtained both spicy and piping hot. The application is practically unlimited, you can even make sandwiches with butter and sauce, or use it in half with tomato paste for filling borscht.


• 4 kilograms of very ripe tomatoes;

• chilli pepper - 2 peppercorns;

• garlic - 7 cloves;

• onions - 4 heads;

• salt;

• sugar - 250 grams;

• apple cider vinegar - 80 ml.

Ground seasonings:

• one full teaspoon - allspice; carnation; coriander.

• paprika - half a measuring glass;

• half teaspoon: ginger; cinnamon.

Cooking Method:

1. Chop garlic to make gruel.

2. Slice peeled onions to form rings.

3. Pour the onion rings and garlic into the prepared tomato paste. Put the whole pods of bitter red or green pepper and cook with low heat. 4. When the onions acquire sufficient softness, remove the pods of the pepper, and the tomatoes, boiled with the onions, should be carefully ground on the sieve.

5. Add apple cider vinegar, ground spices, granulated sugar and potash salt in the tomato-onion puree at discretion, and, boiling, boil it on a slow heat for 1/4 hour.

6. Pour into jars and roll up.

Green tomato sauce for the winter

I can not believe it, but this is also tomato sauce, although it has little resemblance to its counterparts, neither in taste, nor in color does it resemble them. Is it only the name and application. Very good, if you decide not to invent masterpieces and just give it to the grilled meat.


• green or milky ripeness, tomatoes - 3.5 kg;

• salad onions - 2 kg;

• boiled cooled water - 1.2 liters;

• half a pound of granulated sugar;

• salt - 50 grams;

• a glass of vinegar;

• ready mix of ground spices at your discretion.

Cooking Method:

1. Finely chop the green tomatoes into slices.

2. Shred the onion in half rings.

3. In a container, add slices of tomatoes and chopped onions.

4. Pour everything, preferably with slightly cooled boiled water. Boil with a little heat, without interrupting the stirring, until the vegetables soften.

5. Approximately 45 minutes later, rub everything through a sieve and pour into a clean pan.

6. Add unrefined sugar, coarse salt, table vinegar, spices, and boil for 1/3 hour.

7. Pour into cans and roll up.

Delicate tomato sauce for the winter - “Svetlanka”

Which Svetlana was the first to invent this composition, probably no one will ever know, but my grandmother passed it along to me with the original name. And although you have to tinker with mashing mashed potatoes, but the result is an excellent memory to the woman who invented it.


• you need 2.5 kilograms: ripe tomatoes; Bulgarian red pepper and lettuce;

• unrefined sugar and coarse salt at your discretion;

• 9% vinegar - 50 grams;

• half a tablespoon of ground cinnamon;

• ground sweet and black pepper, half pepper tsp.

Cooking Method:

1. Pepper free from seeds and cut lengthwise into several pieces. 2. Divide the tomatoes into two halves, chop the onion into rings.

3. Put vegetables into a thick-walled pot or into a pot and boil them.

4. After 0.5 hours, grind everything on a sieve or skip the already cooled vegetable mixture through a juicer.

5. Put the sugar and mix well. Salt, season with spices and boil over low heat.

6. When the mass decreases in volume by one third, pour in vinegar and heat for 10 minutes.

7. Pour the sauce into the prepared dishes and close for the winter.

Ketchup “Gentle”. Bulgarian tomato sauce for the winter

No, do not try to repeat what you can buy in the store! If you like some kind of "shop" ketchup, it is better to buy it. Below is described the real ketchup, homemade, slightly spicy, adored by children and loved by adults. Do you want your household to ask: “Is ketchup home-made today?” And refused to buy it - cook boldly!


• onion and ripe tomatoes - 3 kg each;

• red, or dark green Bulgarian pepper - 3,5 kg;

• two bay leaves;

• granulated sugar - 4 tables. spoons;

• carnation - 4 pieces;

• salt;

• Table vinegar - 2 table. spoons.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut 3 kg of peeled sweet pepper into small pieces.

2. Tomatoes divided into four parts.

3. Onion molded into half rings.

4. Fold the vegetables into a non-enameled bowl and simmer until softened.

5. When the onions soften, and the pulp of the pepper will peel off from the skin, remove from heat.

6. Free the cooled vegetables from the skin and rub through the medium sieve.

7. Collect the mashed potatoes in a bowl, add sugar, salt, throw umbrellas and bay leaves on top.

8. On the grater, rub the remaining peeled sweet pepper and simmer again.

9. When the mass acquires the desired consistency, pour in vinegar and heat another 5 minutes.

10. Done, you can roll into the banks.

“Spark” - spicy tomato sauce for the winter

Acute. Very sharp! If you take the “Spark” variety pepper, then there are not enough words to describe the sharpness of the resulting tomato.


• chilli pepper - 500 grams;

• sweet pepper, preferably red, and onions - one kilogram; • 3 kg tomatoes fleshy varieties;

• black pepper (ground) - half a teaspoon;

• 4 tablespoons of unrefined sugar;

• 9% vinegar - 2 tbsp. l .;

• salt coarse - 1.5 tbsp. l

Cooking Method:

1. Separate bitter pepper from the stem and grind it with a meat grinder.

2. Tomatoes cut in half or in several pieces.

3. Remove seeds from pepper and chop into pieces of about 1 centimeter.

4. Cook all prepared vegetables in a saucepan with a thick bottom for half an hour.

5. Remove from heating and gently grind through a sieve.

6. Return the resulting mass to the stove and, with low heat, reduce to the required consistency.

7. 3 minutes before the end of pepper.

8. Ready sauce close in prepared containers.

Georgian Tomato Sauce for the Winter

Another recipe with a Caucasian accent. A good illustration of how supple are refuellings to seasoning manipulations. Almost universal basis, with the help of specific spices becomes familiar from childhood taste.


• red meaty tomatoes - 4 kilograms;

• sugar and salt to taste;

• garlic - 5 teeth;

• sweet pepper - 1 kilogram;

• hot pepper - 1 piece;

• a mixture of spices “hops-suneli”, coriander - half a teaspoon.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the tomatoes into pieces and fold into a bowl.

2. Clean the washed peppers from the seed pods and pour them into the tomatoes.

3. Put the bowl on the fire and with a low boil stand for 1/2 hour.

4. Turn off the stove and rub still warm vegetables through a sieve.

5. To the mashed potatoes add bitter pepper and garlic, grated on a medium grater.

6. Pour the seasoning mixture, sugar and salt.

7. Return to the fire and allow the sauce to boil twice.

8. Pour the boiling product over the banks and close for the winter.

Tomato sauce for the winter (adjika Crimean)

Adjika also refers to tomato sauces. Variations of its countless. In the Crimea, where the culinary traditions of all, without exception, the peoples of our country, such adzhika is popular.

Ingredients per 5 liters of adjika:

• sweet red pepper - 3 kg;

• tomatoes, can be overripe - 5 kg;

• large garlic at the rate of 1 head - per 1 liter of adzhika; • bitter pepper at the rate of 1 pod - per 1 liter of finished adzhika;

• sugar and salt.

Cooking Method:

1. Pepper separated from the stem and seeds, cut into pieces.

2. Cut tomatoes into slices.

3. Cut the stalks of bitter pepper and remove the seeds, if you want to get a sharp adjika, leave the seeds.

4. Grind all prepared vegetables.

5. Salt and add sugar.

6. Simmer for 0.5 hours.

7. Hot adjika poured into jars and roll up.

Tomato sauces for the winter - tips and tricks

• To make vegetables easier to grind through a sieve, remove the skin from them. To do this, tomatoes and peppers are blanched - dipped for a few minutes in boiling hot water, previously shallowly cut. The hard peel is removed with a knife in large pieces.

• Tomatoes “love” salt very much, so light salting is usually only appropriate.

• Condiments are also always relevant. Bay leaf, carnation umbrellas, black pepper peas, allspice, chilli pepper, “Spark” varieties, coriander and cumin - the most popular. Often used in tomato sauces such exotic as marjoram, oregano, ginger and saffron, ground cinnamon and dill oil.

• You can speed up the sterilization process by placing the pre-washed jars in the oven, bring the temperature to 180 degrees and keep the container for 15 minutes. Tomato juice ready for canning is poured only into completely cooled jars.

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