Lecho with tomato juice is one of the options for making a delicious snack. Proven copyright recipes lecho with tomato juice

Lecho with tomato juice is one of the options for making a delicious snack. Proven copyright recipes lecho with tomato juice

Lecho is an appetizer that is a universal additive to meat, fish or vegetable dishes.

Lecho with tomato juice - the basic principles of cooking

The basis of lecho with tomato juice is made up of tomato juice, onion and bell pepper. Other vegetables are also used to make this snack.

Tomato juice is made in several ways. Tomatoes are processed for juice using a juicer, then the juice is boiled, and then proceed to cooking lecho. The second way: tomatoes are cut into slices, spread in an enamel bowl, add a little water and cook until soft. After that, the resulting mass of tomatoes is rubbed through a sieve. Tomato paste is also used. It is diluted in equal parts with water and boiled.

After the tomato juice boils, pepper is added to it and other vegetables are poured in salt and sugar and boiled for about 20 minutes. Then they pour the lecho into the prepared jars, sterilize and roll them up. The time of sterilization of finished products depends on the volume of glass containers.

Recipe 1. Lecho with peasant tomato juice


meaty pepper - three kg;

kilogram of tomatoes;

tomato juice - one and a half liters;

parsley and dill;

cumin - pinch;

salt - 20 grams.

Method of preparation

1. Fleshy Bulgarian pepper is washed, cleaned from partitions and seeds and cut into long tongues. In a wide saucepan, boil water and dip the pepper in boiling water for three minutes. Blanched pepper cooled.

2. We wash ripe tomatoes, pour boiling water over them and peel them. Cut them in half. We lay out several pieces in sterilized, dry banks. Rinse the parsley under the tap and dry slightly. We put parsley sprigs, pepper strips and finally halves of tomatoes and greens in jars after tomatoes.

3. We boil juice from tomatoes, put salt and cool it a little. After that, pour juice cans of vegetables. Sterilize for about half an hour, then roll up, wrap and cool.

Recipe 2. Lecho with Pepper Tomato Juice


kilogram of red fleshy pepper;

liter of juice from tomatoes;

salt - 50 g

30 grams of granulated sugar.

Method of preparation

1. To make tomato juice, rinse and chop the tomatoes. Put it in an enamel container, add a little water and boil the tomatoes until soft. Boil the boiled tomatoes through a sieve, separating the seeds and peels.

2. Rinse the red meaty pepper, remove the stalks and clean the seeds and partitions. Cut it lengthwise into strips.

3. Pour tomato juice into a saucepan, boil it and place the prepared pepper, add bulk ingredients and boil for ten minutes.

4. Boil the lids and sterilize the jars. Spread hot lecho in a glass container so that the peppers are completely covered with tomato juice. Cover the jars with lids, put them in a pan, the bottom of which is covered with a towel. Pour water so that it reaches the banks of the hanger, and sterilize: 0.5 l - half an hour, liter - forty minutes. Cool by wrapping with a warm cloth.

Recipe 3. Bulgarian lecho with tomato juice


six Bulgarian fleshy peppers;

liter of juice from tomatoes;

150 g 9% vinegar;

granulated sugar - incomplete glass;

salt - 50 g

Method of preparation

1. Mix tomato juice with sugar, salt and vinegar. Pepper wash, remove tails, clean partitions and seeds, cut into slices.

2. Marinade of tomatoes poured into the pan and boil. Put slices of pepper in boiling juice and continue cooking until the pepper softens.

3. Banks wash and sterilize. Covers boil. In a sterilized glass container lay lecho in tomato juice and roll it up. Cool, wrapped in a warm cloth.

Recipe 4. Lecho with tomato juice is a classic recipe


5 kilograms of peppery fleshy varieties;

half a glass of tomato juice;

sugar and lean oil - half a glass;

9% vinegar - half a cup;

salt - a quarter cup.

Method of preparation

1. We clean sweet fleshy pepper from seeds and partitions and wash well. Cut into quarters. 2. My tomatoes, pour boiling water and free from the skin. We skip the prepared tomatoes through a juicer. The resulting juice from the tomatoes poured into a large container and set to cook. Wait until it boils, and cook for a couple of minutes. Then add bulk ingredients, pour in vinegar and vegetable oil and boil for just a few minutes.

3. Now we put the pepper in small amounts in the tomato marinade. Boil the pepper in the juice from tomatoes for a quarter of an hour, until it becomes semi-mild.

4. Pepper is placed hot in a sterile dry glass container, slightly tamping. We roll up the jars, turn them over and cool them, wrapping them in a warm rug.

Recipe 5. Spicy Lecho with Tomato Juice


pepper fleshy sweet - three kg;

onion - six heads;

hot pepper two pods;

parsley - two bunches;

tomato sauce and water - 500 ml;

75 g of salt;

sugar - half a cup;

9% vinegar - half a glass;

dry mustard - 20 g

Method of preparation

1. In the fleshy sweet pepper, remove the tails and scrub the seeds and partitions. Mine under the tap and finely chop. Peel the onion. Greens and onions rinsed and shred.

2. Mix tomato sauce with water. The resulting tomato juice is poured into a thick-walled pot, add all the ingredients and vegetables, except vinegar, boil, and cook for 20 minutes. Then pour vinegar and immediately remove from heat.

3. We put the boiling lecho into a sterile glass container and roll it up. We turn the preservation and cool for 24 hours, wrapped.

Recipe 6. Lecho with Tomato Juice and Onions


600 grams of Bulgarian fleshy pepper;

onions - 300 g;

700 ml of tomato juice;

50 grams of granulated sugar;

25 g of salt;

9% vinegar - 50 ml;

three peppercorns allspice;

two cloves of garlic.

Method of preparation

1. Pour tomato juice in a saucepan and boil. Add bulk ingredients and allspice. If you wish, you can put a bay leaf.

2. Pepper and onion clean and rinse. Cut the vegetables large enough so that they can easily enter the jar.

3. Transfer the pepper and onion to the boiling tomato juice. Stir and bring to the boil again. From the moment you boil, boil for about half an hour so that the pepper becomes soft. Shortly before the end of cooking, add finely chopped garlic and vinegar. Boil another five minutes.

4. Lay the boiled eggs in a dry sterile glass container and roll up with boiled lids. Cool the preservation by turning it over and wrapping it up.

Recipe 7. Lecho with Tomato Juice, Onions and Carrots


fleshy peppers - two and a half kilograms;

carrot and onion - half a kilo;

incomplete glass of vegetable oil;

tomato juice - 1200 ml;

salt - 50 g;

40 g sugar;

70% acetic acid - 10 ml.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the peppers and core, scrub the remaining partitions and seeds. Each peppercorn cut lengthwise into thin strips. Peel the onions and carrots and rinse. Chop the onions with halves of the rings, and the carrots with large chips.

2. Vegetables shift to the pan, cover with tomato juice, add bulk ingredients and pour vegetable oil. Put lecho on the fire and boil, after boiling, continue to boil for another ten minutes. A couple of minutes before the end of the preparation, pour in the vinegar essence.

3. Distribute boiling lechos to pre-prepared glass containers and screw them on. Cool the preservation by turning it over and wrapping it up.

Recipe 8. Lettuce with Tomato Juice and Eggplants


red meaty pepper - three kg;

large carrots - three pieces;

eggplants - four pcs .;

juice from three kg of tomatoes;

garlic - two heads;

parsley - bunch.

Method of preparation

1. Peppers, rinse, cut the tails and clean them from the seeds. Dip them in boiling water and boil for three minutes, remove and cool. Cut blue ones lengthwise into thin plates and soak in salted water to get rid of bitterness.

2. Peel the carrot, rinse and grate with large chips or chop on a grater for Korean salads. Peel the garlic finely chopped with a knife. Rinse greens and chop the same as garlic. Fry carrots in vegetable oil, then add parsley and garlic to it and stew for another five minutes. Drain the eggplant water and squeeze them. Place a spoon of carrot on each plate of eggplant and form a roll, which you put in pepper. Put the peppers in a jar vertically. 3. Tomatoes are processed into juice using a juicer. Pour the resulting juice into the pan, add bulk ingredients and boil. Pour peppers with boiling tomato marinade, cover with lids and sterilize for a quarter of an hour. After that, roll up the banks, turn them over and cool them with a blanket.

Recipe 9. Lecho with Tomato Juice and Beans


beans - two full glasses;

carrots and onions - per kilogram;

meaty sweet pepper - three and a half kg;

tomato juice - 3.5 liters;

incomplete glass of vegetable oil;

salt - 75 g;

50 grams of granulated sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the beans and boil until cooked, lightly salt. Peel the onion and carrot and rinse. Onion cut into half rings, and chop the carrot into large chips. Pepper wash, remove the tails and clean the walls and seeds. Cut quite large strips.

2. Pour the juice from the tomatoes into the pan, put on the fire and boil. Pour in vegetable oil and boil for another quarter of an hour. Then put boiled beans and other vegetables, boil, reduce the heat and cook for half an hour. Add bulk ingredients, mix and cook for another five minutes.

3. Spread boiling lecho on a pre-prepared glass container and immediately roll up. Invert the preservation, wrap and cool.

Recipe 10. Lecho with Tomato Juice and Garlic


juice from 2.5 kg of fleshy tomatoes;

meaty pepper - a kilogram;

large onion head;

five bay leaves;

hot pepper ground - pinch;

allspice black pepper - 0,25 tsp;

garlic - 30 g;

granulated sugar - 50 g;

oil of base oil - 100 ml;

70% acetic essence - 20 ml;

salt - 25 g

Method of preparation

1. Wash the tomatoes, cut them into pieces and place them in a saucepan, add a small amount of water and put them on the stove. Cook until tomatoes are soft, then cool and rub through a sieve to make the juice clean.

2. Pepper is washed and cut in arbitrary, fairly large pieces. Peel the onion and cut into thin half-rings.

3. Juice is placed in a saucepan with a thick bottom and boil. Then we put vegetables, salt, sugar and spices in it and simmer, covered with a lid until the pepper is soft. It is necessary to stir periodically, so that the lecho does not burn. Then take out the bay leaf and add chopped garlic and vegetable oil. As soon as it boils, pour in the vinegar essence, wait two minutes and turn it off. 4. We put the boiling lecho into a dry glass container and roll it up. We turn over the preservation with the snack, wrap and cool for 24 hours.

Lecho with Tomato Juice - tips and tricks from experienced chefs

  • The taste of lecho, made on the basis of tomato juice, is more dependent on the quality of the juice, so its preparation must be given special attention. If you make your own juice, it is better to skip the tomatoes through a juicer, and then also to grind through a sieve so that the tomato juice is completely clean.
  • When using red peppers, everyone should try, as they often turn out to be sharp, and then the lecho may turn out to be too sharp.
  • For juice, use tomatoes of fleshy varieties, the size and shape in this case do not matter, the main thing is to prevent rot.
  • Take peppers for lecho thick-walled, fleshy, and preferably different colors. In this case, the appearance of lecho will turn out much more beautiful.
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