Chicken beef stroganoff - a dish for every taste and budget. Chicken beef stroganoff with sour cream, onion, mushrooms, tomatoes

Chicken beef stroganoff - a dish for every taste and budget. Chicken beef stroganoff with sour cream, onion, mushrooms, tomatoes

Beef Stroganoff - thin strips of juicy, roasted meat with gravy. A dish remarkable for its simplicity and taste, perfectly harmonizing with any kind of garnish in a festive and casual menu.

The dish is rightfully referred to the classics of culinary art. According to the generally accepted version, it was first given to Count Stroganov by his cook, in the already distant XIX century. In the future, beef stroganoff was served to any side dish not only in expensive restaurants, but also ordinary canteens. For a menu of home cooking, this dish is just a godsend. Simple preparation, a minimum of expenses, financial and temporary, and the result is predictably remarkable.

According to the classic recipe, beef stroganoff is made from beef. In our selection of recipes, we suggest using a more affordable, in terms of cost, type of meat - chicken. With this exception, recipes are as close as possible to the classic version.

General principles of cooking chicken beef stroganoff

• If your menu for today's chicken beef strogans, take a more meaty portion of poultry - breast fillet. Perhaps only this part of the chicken carcass can be cut into thin strips. It is this method of cutting that distinguishes beef stroganoff from other similar dishes.

• There are several tricks to frying a tender chicken fillet for beef stroganoff. First of all, for this you should use only a thick-walled pan, in extreme cases - with a special non-stick coating.

• You can cook chicken beef stroganoff and in a slow cooker, as well as the dishes recommended above, it will evenly fry chicken.

• The pan or cooking bowl with oil should be well heated. Then chicken pieces laid out in fat will quickly crust over, and the juice from them will not evaporate so intensely, and this is important. If the tender fillet is stewed only in its own juice, its slices in the dish will be dry and even the sauce will not soften this shortcoming.

• Onions - a very important component of the dish. It can not be completely excluded, you can only change the type of cutting. Usually the bulbs are chopped into half rings or quarter rings. Although, if the onion is cut into thin, medium-sized slices, its slices will not be felt and the chicken beef stroganoff will not lose its taste. Onions are fried with meat or separately and added only after the chicken has browned well. • Beef stroganoff sauce is extremely important. It can spoil the taste of chicken or vice versa save the dish, if it turned out slightly dry. The simplest, classic version of this gravy is sour cream. There are more complex recipes, along with simple ones. Paprika, tomato puree, fresh tomatoes are added to the sauce, and flour is used to thicken it.

• For gravy with a richer flavor, sour cream is often replaced with cream or diluted with chicken broth. In various versions of chicken beef stroganoff, various sauces are offered, which does not change the essence of the main recipe.

Chicken beef stroganoff with cream sauce with tomato


• Dijon mustard - a tablespoon;

• a pound of chicken fillet (breast);

• tablespoon tomato puree;

• bitter onion head;

• A spoon of flour of any kind;

• 40 ml of sunflower oil (refined);

• garlic;

• a glass of cream - fat, preferably 33 percent.


1. Rinse the chicken breast and lightly dry, cut into small pieces. Optimally - not too thin straws.

2. Large half rings or their quarters cut the onion. Choice cutting option, depending on the size of the head.

3. We place on deep heating a deep frying pan or a stewpot, pour the oil. As soon as it warms up well, almost to the boil, drop the fillet pieces and, stirring intensively, fry from each side to a blush. Add the onion to the chicken, lower the heat a little and continue the process without covering the lid.

4. At this time, preparing a tomato dressing. In any convenient capacity we part a tomato with 50 milliliters of cold water. Add mustard and stir well.

5. As soon as the onion strips lose color and become transparent, stirring carefully, sprinkle flour over the contents of the pan. Then we put in a tomato-mustard dressing and stir well again.

6. Fill with cream, cover with lid. Stirring occasionally, simmering chicken beef stroganoff in tomato and creamy gravy for five minutes. At the end add garlic - two minced teeth. You can enter the garlic and in the process of stewing, but then the dish will not so fragrant.

Chicken beef stroganoff with sour cream sauce and paprika - “Spicy”


• chicken broth or water - 150 ml;

• chicken breast (filet without bone) - 500 gr .;

• garlic;

• 15% sour cream - 200 gr .;

• two teaspoons (with a hill) of flour;

• 30 gr. cream "Peasant" butter;

• refined oil - 2 full spoons;

• a quarter of a spoon is ground into paprika powder;

• two small bulbs.


1. Rinse the chicken and rinse thoroughly. Use a disposable towel to remove the remnants of moisture and cut the fillet into long strips up to a centimeter thick.

2. In a frying pan, heat the vegetable oil on low heat, dip the butter in it and wait for the complete thawing. Slightly increasing the heat, put chicken and two small cloves of garlic in the fat mixture. Cook with frequent stirring to sever sticky pieces.

3. As soon as the meat changes color, it becomes completely white, remove the garlic and spread the onion half rings in the pan. Fry to a uniform golden hue. The main thing is not to overdry the chicken.

4. Pour 150 ml of cool water into a cup and dilute the flour in it. When stirring, we try to break all the lumps, otherwise the sauce will not be homogeneous. For an even richer taste, water can be replaced with chicken broth.

5. In a separate container, mix the sour cream with the remaining 100 ml of liquid used (water, broth). Salt sour cream dressing, add paprika and a little black pepper.

6. In the pan, to the browned meat, pour the flour mixture and quickly mix. Protom on low heat a minute, we introduce smetannuyu refueling. Still stirring, we continue to cook, without changing the heat, until it thickens slightly.

Chicken beef stroganoff with sour cream - “Classic”


• Chicken breast, boneless, chilled - 400 g;

• large onion;

• one glass of 15% sour cream;

• high-quality sunflower oil;

• A spoon of wheat flour (30 grams).


1. Crush onions. For chicken beef stroganoff, it can be cut into thin half-rings and simply chopped, the cutting method is not critical and depends more on your preferences. 2. Prepare the fillet. Wash with water and wipe with a disposable towel. Then we split along and cut, strictly across the fibers into strips, up to 4 cm long. The optimum thickness of the pieces is a little more than a centimeter.

3. On the oil in a thick-walled pan, fry the onions to rudderiness. Add chicken and stirring regularly, fry for about five minutes. At the end, when all the moisture is gone, sprinkle with pepper and slightly add.

4. Dilute flour with water. To do this, it is enough to pour half a glass of cool liquid into a wide cup and, adding flour, stir vigorously. To prevent the formation of lumps, you can use a whisk and stir slightly beating.

5. Introduce sour cream into the homogeneous flour mixture and immediately pour it to the chicken fried with onions. Immediately mix, remove the sample and adjust the salinity as necessary, bring to a boil and immediately remove from heat.

Chicken beef stroganoff with mushrooms in cream sauce


• one third kilogram of fresh champignons or oyster mushrooms;

• fresh fillet, chicken - 500 gr .;

• bitter onion head;

• Wheat flour;

• creamy, preferably 72%, butter - 50 g;

• A tablespoon of unsharp mustard;

• half a spoon of paprika;

• 100 gr. watery, preferably 15%, sour cream;

• spoon of refined oil;

• a quarter cup of 22% cream;

• 0.5 liters of water or chicken broth;


1. Mushrooms are thoroughly washed in a stream of water, dried and cut. Depending on the size, cut into halves or more parts. In shape - plates or small slices. In the latter case, we preliminarily separate the legs from the caps and grind them both.

2. In butter heated in a pan, lay out a small chopped onion. Fry at a minimum of fire until transparent, add fresh mushrooms. Waiting for evaporation of the formed moisture, slightly we add. Mix well, lay out in a bowl.

3. In a wide bowl pour two spoons of flour, paprika and some fine salt, mix. Put the sliced ​​chicken in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Experienced chefs recommend doing this by placing the listed ingredients in a bag, in which case the flour mixture falls on the meat more evenly. 4. Pour a pinch of coarse dry salt into a dry frying pan, pour in the oil and set to maximum heat. Warming up well, but, not having heated the fat, spread the fillet pieces into the pan and quickly fry from all sides until golden brown. Ready meat set aside.

5. Put the butter in a dry frying pan, and when it melts, pour a half spoonful of flour. Stirring vigorously, fry on low heat until the characteristic floury smell and the appearance of a light nut flavor disappear. The color of the flour should change, get a cream shade.

6. We mix mustard into the finished flour mass and immediately shift to it previously roasted mushrooms and meat. Add sour cream mixed with cream and warm well, not allowing to boil.

A simple recipe for chicken beef stroganoff with cream and mushrooms for the slow cooker


• chilled chicken breast fillet - 400 gr .;

• a glass of cream, fat content of at least 22%;

• fresh, preferably young, champignons;

• 30 gr. “Peasant” oil;

• garlic;

• two bulbs;

• 30 gr. flour;

• refined oil;

• A tablespoon of soy white sauce.


1. Carefully prepare the fillet. We wash, remove the films hanging from the sides and pieces of fat. Be sure to dry well and cut into thin strips.

2. Grind the garlic. Do not rub the teeth on a grater or press forcing. It is best to cut into small pieces with a sharp knife.

3. Shred the washed mushrooms with thin plates, cut the onion into half rings. They should also be thin.

4. When all the products have been prepared, start the slow cooker in the frying mode and pour some oil into the bowl. Slightly warming, drop creamy into it and wait until it melts completely.

5. Put garlic in the fat mixture and onions immediately after it. Stirring, fry for a couple of minutes - bring onions to transparency. After that, put the pieces of chicken in the bowl and continue to cook until a golden crust forms on the meat. The main thing is not to overdry it.

6. Add mushrooms, mix well, pour in soy sauce. After about two minutes, sprinkle with flour and, still stirring vigorously, cook another three minutes. 7. A thin stream, while still mixing the contents of the bowl, pour in the cream.

8. Close the lid, set the mode to “Quenching” and set the time on the timer to 10 minutes.

9. At the end of the program the chicken beef stroganoff can already be served. But the dish will be more delicious if you let it stand for a while with the lid closed.

Chicken beef stroganoff with delicate sauce on sour cream with tomatoes (in a slow cooker)


• fleshy fresh tomatoes - 2 medium large;

• a pound of fresh, frozen ice fillet;

• two bitter onions;

• 200 gr. rare sour cream;

• two spoons of sweet or home-made butter and the same amount of vegetable oil (odorless).


1. Cut the fillet prepared for the dish into thin strips. We monitor the thickness - too thin slices in the frying process can dry out. The optimal width of the strips is close to a centimeter.

2. Shred the onion depending on the size of the bulb. Small heads - half rings, and larger quarter rings.

3. Turn on the slow cooker, choosing any mode similar to frying, and pour in vegetable oil. A little warm, lower to him creamy fat.

4. In a well-heated mixture of fats, first lay out the onion and evenly distribute it throughout the bottom. It is very important to spread it out with the least thin layer. Close the lid and give the onion to lightly browned.

5. While the onion reaches the desired state, we shift the fillet pieces into the bag and pour the flour. Firmly close and shake several times, then lay out the meat to the onions. Fry chicken with the lid open for a quarter of an hour. We turn over rarely and as accurately as possible. When all the moisture from the meat goes, sprinkle with pepper and add some salt.

6. While the fillet is being cooked, it is necessary to prepare the tomatoes. Pour them for two minutes with hot water, remove the peel and grind to a mash with blender. You can use and a grater, but with the smallest cells.

7. Fry the fillet pieces, make a good browning, pour in freshly prepared tomato and immediately add sour cream. It is important to introduce it in small portions, constantly stirring the contents of the bowl. 8. Stew the chicken beef stroganoff in the sauce, without changing the initially set quarter-hour mode.

Tricks of cooking beef stroganoff - useful tips

• Never beat off chicken breast for beef stroganoff - time will be wasted. White meat itself is quite tender and well cooked in a matter of minutes.

• If you take thick or homemade sour cream for the sauce, do not use it in its original form, it will not sell well. Dilute to the desired consistency with water, and best of all, chicken broth.

• After adding sour cream sauce, do not boil the stroganoff. Reduce heat as soon as the first signs of boiling appear. Otherwise, the fermented milk product will curdle, and the sauce will lose its uniformity.

• The amount of sauce in a dish can be adjusted by adding broth or water, and the density by changing the amount of flour in it.

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