Fettuccine with chicken - recipes and cooking details. Cooking fetuchini with chicken in a creamy sauce, with mushrooms, cheese, vegetables

Fettuccine with chicken - recipes and cooking details. Cooking fetuchini with chicken in a creamy sauce, with mushrooms, cheese, vegetables

Fettuccine - a dish of Italian cuisine. This pasta looks like a long noodle, very tasty and satisfying.

Prepare it mainly with various sauces, adding meat, seafood, vegetables.

One of the most popular dish options is fettuccine with chicken, but you can also cook it in a new way every time: with mushrooms, cheese, vegetables, herbs.

Fettuccine with chicken - general principles of cooking

Fettuccine - pasta from durum wheat. After cooking, fettuccines remain elastic, slightly harsh and perfectly keep their shape.

Cooked pasta, according to the instructions on the package: spread in boiling water, reduce the fire, mix, boil for 3-5 minutes, then throw in a colander, do not rinse.

Ready-made fettuccine spread on a plate and seasoned separately cooked chicken and sauce. The sauce is most often made from cream, herbs, flour, spices, cheese. You can add vegetables, mushrooms and other products to taste.

Before serving, fettuccine with chicken can be decorated with, for example, olives, olives, cherry tomatoes, various greens.

1. Fettuccine with chicken in cream sauce


• 1 medium chicken breast;

• Parmesan cheese - a small piece;

• fettuccine - 0.5 kg;

• medium-fat cream - 200 ml;

• sunflower oil - 80 ml;

• salt, pepper fragrant powder - half a teaspoon;

• parsley - half-sheaf.


1. To cut chicken breast: separate the fillet from the bones, remove the skin. Rinse the flesh well.

2. Cut the meat into pieces, fry in vegetable oil until rosy color.

3. Grate the grated cheese and pour into the meat.

4. Pour in cream, salt and pepper, mix well.

5. Cover the pan with a lid and simmer until the mixture has a thick consistency.

6. Fettuccine to boil, drain in a colander.

7. When serving, place the fettuccine on a flat plate, pour the creamy chicken sauce on top, sprinkle with cheese, put parsley leaves nicely.

2. Fettuccine with chicken, mushrooms and tomatoes


• fettuccine - half a kilogram;

• chicken drumstick - 4 pcs .;

• some olive oil;

• Italian seasoning - 2 tea spoons;

• fatty cream - 200 ml;

• a little butter;

• sweet pepper - 1 pod;

• 4 cloves of garlic;

• red onion;

• champignons - 3 pcs .;

• 4 tomatoes;

• white wine - half a glass;

• salt, black pepper - 20 g each;

• 3 stems of parsley.


1. Cut the fillet, separated from the legs, into small pieces.

2. Wash all vegetables thoroughly.

3. Cut tomatoes, peeled from the skin, into small cubes, onions - thin rings, garlic - squeeze through the garlic, pepper - cut into strips.

4. Mix vegetables with Italian seasoning, salt and pepper and mix a small amount of vegetables with one portion of meat, leave for 30 minutes.

5. Cut the prepared mushrooms into slices.

6. Put a little pickled meat on a hot frying pan with cream and olive oil, mix thoroughly and fry until golden brown.

7. Meat shift in a separate bowl.

8. Put the rest of the meat in a hot frying pan with creamy olive oil, fry until crusty, put it in a plate with marinated meat, mix.

9. On the same pan again put the butter, pour olive oil, put all the vegetables, except tomatoes, put out a few minutes, not forgetting to stir.

10. Add tomatoes, garlic, salt, pepper and stew for a few more minutes.

11. Vegetables lay out to roast meat.

12. In the broth from the chicken and vegetables, pour in the wine, cream, add seasoning and sweat with the lid closed for several minutes.

13. In another metal container, boil fettuccine and rinse.

14. When serving, put cream sauce, fettuccine, on a portioned dish, top with a mixture of meat and vegetables, sprinkle with herbs.

3. Fettuccine with chicken and zucchini in a creamy sauce


• fettuccine - 300 g;

• a piece of chicken;

• 1 onion; • fatty cream - 250 ml;

• coriander powder - 20 g;

• salt, allspice - half a teaspoon;

• zucchini floor;

• garlic - 1 clove;

• 50 ml of vegetable oil;

• half dill


1. In a metal container with boiling water, boil fettuccine, rinse with water.

2. Chicken the pulp slightly with a hammer and cut into thin straws, put in a cup, salt, pepper, pour the coriander, stir and leave to sate.

3. Chop the onion into small pieces, chop the garlic, chop the zucchini into thin strips.

4. Pour the garlic on a red-hot frying pan with oil, fry for 1 minute, add the onion, reduce the heat and fry to the transparent color of the onion.

5. Increase the heat and put the meat in the pan, fry a little.

6. Add zucchini, stir everything, add cream, let it boil.

7. After boiling the cream, reduce the heat again and boil to a thick consistency of fragrant sauce.

8. Increase the heat again, lay out the boiled fettuccine, mix well, warm slightly.

9. Put the dish on a serving plate, sprinkle with chopped parsley.

4. Fettuccine with chicken in a slow cooker


• half a kilo of fettuccine;

• 2 chicken breasts;

• 3 champignons;

• pinch of flour;

• low fat sour cream - half a glass;

• chicken broth - half a cup;

• dry sage - 10 g;

• onion head;

• a pinch of black pepper and salt;

• Dutch cheese - a small piece;

• parsley leaves - 5 pcs.


1. Boil fettuccine, rinse with water in a colander.

2. In a separate cup, mix flour and sour cream, slowly stir and pour the chicken broth, pepper, sprinkle sage, stir.

3. Put the meat, separated from the chicken breasts, cut into pieces, the mushrooms - with slices, chopped garlic, and fry everything in the “frying” mode for several minutes with the lid closed.

4. Open the lid and fry for another 2 minutes.

5. Add a lot of flour and sour cream, switch the slow cooker to the “quenching” mode, simmer to a thick consistency. 6. Put the cream-chicken sauce on a plate, fettuccine on top, sprinkle with cheese, garnish with parsley leaves.

5. Fettuccine with chicken and herbs in a creamy sauce


• 1 leg;

• fettuccine noodles - 300 g;

• Dutch cheese - a small piece;

• cream - 50 ml;

• thyme, basil, oregano, savory - 10 g each;

• some olive oil;

• black pepper, salt - on a pinch.


1. Separate the meat from the chicken leg, cut the fillets into thin strips, sprinkle each with aromatic herbs, salt and pepper.

2. In salted water, boil fettuccine.

3. Fry the meat in a frying pan with olive oil until light brown.

4. Put the fried meat on a clean plate, and pour cream into the pan, let it boil.

5. Put grated cheese in cream, boil a little over low heat.

6. Mix noodles, cooked and washed with cold water, with olive oil.

7. Meat, previously cut into strips, chop into small cubes, mix with sauce, put fettuccine.

8. The finished dish is served on a la carte plates.

6. Fettuccine with minced chicken and sweet mustard


• minced chicken - a small cup;

• fettuccine noodles - half a kilogram;

• sour cream - not a full glass;

• some olive oil;

• Grana Padano cheese - a small piece;

• sweet mustard - 50 g;

• garlic head floor;

• black pepper, salt - 30 g each;

• seasoning - pinch;

• half dill


1. Fry chicken mince in a frying pan with olive oil, until golden brown.

2. Put the sour cream in the mince, pour about half a glass of water, then sweat a little on a small flame.

3. Pour the grated chopped cheese, add the mustard and garlic, squeeze it through a special press, stir and sweat until softened.

4. Salt, season with your favorite spices, let it stand under the lid with the fire off.

5. Cook noodles, rinse in a colander, put in a pan to all products, turn on low heat, fry everything for 2 minutes. 6. Serve on a plate, sprinkled with allspice and dill.

Fettuccine with chicken - tips and tricks

• To fetuchini turned out to be especially tasty and not stuck together, boil them in salted water, adding a spoonful or two of olive oil. Olive oil is acceptable to replace with butter or ghee.

• Real fettuccines do not boil soft and do not require washing with water. If, when cooking pasta, you see that the water has become muddy, and the noodles themselves lose their shape, it is better to leave the product in a slightly undercooked form, but do not overcook so as not to spoil the paste.

• To truly reveal the taste of the dish, experienced chefs recommend that all spices be lightly fried before adding to the sauce, but do not overdo it; it is important that they do not burn. Use Italian herbs, all kinds of peppers.

• If you like fettuccine, but because of the high caloric content of the dish you are afraid to cook it, you can reduce calories using breast, replacing fat cream with fat-free, choosing to roast products not in oil, but in a non-stick frying pan.

• Fettuccine is usually not cooked in large quantities, the dish is delicious in a freshly prepared state. But, if you still have pasta with sauce, then you can simply put them in a deep baking sheet, smooth out, cover with grated cheese and bake, making, thus, a casserole.

• If you haven’t found a fettuccine for sale, but you really want to make a dish, you can try replacing pasta with spaghetti or pasta, as long as they, like fettuccine, are made from durum wheat.

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