What to cook for lunch quickly and inexpensively: housekeeping for housewives! A selection of recipes for quick and inexpensive meals for lunch

What to cook for lunch quickly and inexpensively: housekeeping for housewives! A selection of recipes for quick and inexpensive meals for lunch

Quick recipes from simple foods will help in two accounts to make lunch and feed the whole family. Here a selection of dishes from inexpensive ingredients that are in any home or sold in nearby stores. Savings can be delicious!

Fast food for lunch - general cooking

Lunch usually starts with soups. Since here are quick recipes, there is no question of any meat broth. The braid will become stew, canned fish, sausages, cheeses. Additionally, the soup will need vegetables, perhaps cereals, mushrooms, beans, it all depends on the chosen recipe. Cooking time will not exceed an hour, sometimes 20-30 minutes is enough.

Main dishes for quick meals are usually prepared in simplified ways. If meat is used, it is twisted. Stuffing takes much less time to reach readiness. Also come to the rescue canned sausages. Quick and easy to prepare fish.

What to cook for lunch quickly and inexpensively: cheese soup

Cheese cheese for this dish uses ordinary fused (in foil), 1.5-2 liters of broth is enough for 1.5-2 pieces. Soup is cooked in just 25-30 minutes. If there is already hot water in the kettle, then it will take even less time. Sausages are added to taste in the soup.


· 1.5 liters of water;

· 1-2 cheese;

· 4 potatoes;

· Onion;

· Carrot;

· 0.5 bunch of dill;

· 3-4 sausages;

· 2 spoons of butter.

Method of preparation

1. Cut the potatoes, throw in boiling water. Immediately dice the carrot and add after boiling. Cook until soft, about ten minutes. If the potatoes are chopped large, it may take a little longer.

2. While the vegetables are being prepared, crumble the onions, send them to the pan with the heated oil. As soon as it becomes transparent, add the sausages sliced ​​into circles or in another way.

3. Put the sausages from the pan in the saucepan with the soup, stir, boil for a minute.

4. Rub cheese, you can immediately into the pan. Or cut into cubes and shift. Salt soup, give simmer a couple of minutes. 5. Chop the dill, add to the pan and turn it off. Cover, leave for five minutes, pour into plates.

What to cook for lunch quickly and inexpensively: stewed potatoes

This is the soup and the main dish at the same time. It is prepared very quickly and simply, if the meat is replaced with a stew, you need one small jar. You can also use smoked meats or sausages.


· Bank stew;

· 7-8 potatoes;

· Large onion;

· Large carrot;

· 3 spoons of butter;

· Bulgarian pepper (optional);

· Greens, spices.

Method of preparation

1. Take a stewpan or cauldron, pour the oil, throws the chopped onion. If it is small, then we take two things. Fry a couple of minutes. Immediately put on the stove kettle.

2. Rub the carrot, send to the bow. Fry another five minutes. Throw the potatoes. You can cut in any way, the finer it will be, the faster the dish will be prepared.

3. Salt, pour boiling water, which barely covers the vegetables. Cover, cook. The more fluid you add, the more the dish will look like soup. If you add less water, you get the second dish.

4. Put the stew in the pan and warm it for about five minutes, add the chopped bell pepper, then shift it to the potatoes in a couple of minutes.

5. Stir, add more pore spices, bring the dish to readiness. Greens throws immediately or later in the plates.

What to cook for dinner quickly and inexpensively: pilau with mushrooms

Very simple, but delicious pilaf recipe, which will be ready in 35-40 minutes. Mushrooms better to take fresh, so as not to waste time on the evaporation of excess water.


· 300 g of mushrooms;

· 2 carrots;

· 2 bulbs;

· 2 tbsp. rice;

· 4 tbsp. water;

· 0.5 Art. oils;

· 1 tsp. seasonings for pilaf;

· Garlic head;

· Laurel.

Method of preparation

1. If you do not want to cook fat plov, then the amount of oil can be reduced. Pour it into the cauldron, heat it up.

2. Pour chopped onion, fry for a minute on high heat. Add the carrot. Cut it into strips or use a large grater. Continue frying for another minute. 3. Mushrooms cut arbitrarily, add to vegetables.

4. While the mushrooms are lightly fried, wash the rice with cold water, use any variety.

5. Add the seasoning for pilaf to the mushrooms, salt, stir and add rice to top.

6. We measure out boiling water from the kettle, send it to the pilaf, stick the head of garlic, throw the bay leaf.

7. Cover cauldron, after boiling we torment 20 minutes. Then give another quarter of an hour to stand on a warm stove.

What to cook for lunch quickly and inexpensively: buckwheat with breast

If you do not know what to cook for lunch quickly and inexpensively, then this recipe will come to the rescue. The total cooking time is about half an hour, as fillet is used. Immediately boil a couple of glasses of water so that the process does not drag on.


· 1 fillet (about 300 g);

· 1 tbsp. buckwheat;

· Onions and carrots;

· 1 tsp. tomato paste;

· A little bit of oil.

Method of preparation

1. Cut all the vegetables into cubes or straws, it does not matter. We send in the heated oil, it is convenient to use a cauldron or a saucepan to cook this dish. Fry.

2. Cut chicken fillet. It is prepared quickly, so add it to the onions with carrots, and not vice versa. Fry a couple of minutes.

3. Add a spoonful of tomato paste to improve the taste. You can replace with ketchup or pour a little soy sauce. Add spices, stir.

4. Fall asleep washed buckwheat and pour in two glasses of boiling water. For crumbly porridge always water is two times more than cereals. It is advisable to use the same glasses, so as not to be mistaken with the proportions. Stir, cover.

5. Stew all together for 12-15 minutes until the cereal is ready.

What to cook for lunch quickly and inexpensively: soup with sprat

Option wonderful fish soup. If you do not know what to cook quickly and inexpensively for lunch, then this recipe will help. A small pot of sprat is needed for a small saucepan. It is inexpensive, is in all stores.


· 0.4 kg of cabbage;

· 3 potatoes;

· Sprat Bank;

· Onion;

· One carrot;

· Two tablespoons of pasta;

· Oil and spices.

Method of preparation 1. Pour a couple of liters of water or boiling water immediately into the pan. We send to the stove, after boiling we throw in potatoes cut into arbitrary slices. We bring to half-ready and salt.

2. Shred cabbage, send to the potatoes. Cook together until soft.

3. While the base for soup is being prepared, we are frying. Just fry the onions with carrots, add tomato paste. If it is cool, then pour a little water.

4. Open the jar of sprat, put it in the pan after a couple of minutes of frying the paste. It is important not to stir all this often after adding the fish so that the sprat does not lose its shape. Stew for about three minutes.

5. We shift the sprat in a tomato with vegetables in cabbage soup. Stir.

6. To taste we throw pepper, add salt, simmer on low heat to combine flavors for five minutes.

7. Fill the cabbage soup with sprat greens, laurel, but not garlic. It will be superfluous in such a dish.

What to cook for dinner quickly and inexpensively: pasta with bacon!

The option of a very interesting and exquisite Italian pasta with bacon, which is very quickly prepared, will be a wonderful lunch and even dinner. Bacon needs quite a bit, quite a small piece. You can use any pasta.


· 250 g of pasta (dry);

· 50-100 g of bacon;

· 150 ml of cream;

· 50 grams of cheese;

· Spices.

Method of preparation

1. Boil the pasta in the usual way in water in a saucepan, do not forget to salt, then throw in a colander.

2. Cut the bacon into small cubes. Likewise, you can cook pasta with ham, a little longer get with chicken fillet. Send to the pan and fry. Should stand out a little fat.

3. Fill the cream with bacon and heat. Pepper sauce and salt. You can add chopped garlic before cream and warm it up for a few seconds, it will also be delicious. Sometimes they fry onion bulb or white leek.

4. Add half of the grated cheese to the hot cream, quickly stir and combine it all with cooked pasta. Stir once again, lay out in portions.

5. Sprinkle the remains of cheese sprinkle dish on top, decorate with greens.

What to cook for lunch quickly and inexpensively: lazy cabbage rolls

Option just wonderful meat dishes, which will replace both the first and second. Unlike classic cabbage rolls, everything is cooked very simply and quickly. Mince take any meat at its discretion. Stuffed cabbage baked in the oven.


· 300 g minced meat;

· One onion;

· 500 g of cabbage;

· 1 egg;

· 100 g of paste;

· 200 g sour cream;

· 200 ml of water;

· Some oil;

· Any spices.

Method of preparation

1. Chop the onion finely, pour in minced meat.

2. Chop cabbage with straws, salt and mash with hands and also combine with minced meat. Add to them the egg and any spices, you can squeeze a clove of garlic.

3. Thoroughly knead the mass and immediately sculpt large burgers with your hands. We put in the form, put in the oven and bake for a quarter of an hour at 200 degrees.

4. While the cabbage rolls are in the oven, prepare the filling: mix the sour cream with the paste, add a glass of water. If you need more sauce, you can add more. We put on the stove, heated.

5. Take out the cabbage rolls, pour the prepared mixture and cook in the oven for another 15-20 minutes.

Quick meals for lunch - tips and tricks

· Before you start cooking dinner or looking for recipes, immediately put a teapot or pot of water on the stove. Boiling water will save time, it is needed for all dishes.

· Garnish or just porridge will be tastier if you add oil when boiling into water, and do not forget about spices. In buckwheat, you can throw one dried mushroom.

· Even the most modest dinner of inexpensive products will be tastier if you add different spices, do not skimp on the greens, creatively approach the design and presentation.

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