Soup with dumplings: step-by-step recipes for an appetizing dish. Mushroom, chicken, vegetable soups with dumplings (step by step, in detail, with secrets)

Soup with dumplings: step-by-step recipes for an appetizing dish. Mushroom, chicken, vegetable soups with dumplings (step by step, in detail, with secrets)

Soups with dumplings came into Russian cuisine from Ukraine and firmly established. Still would! They are so tasty and satisfying!

There are a huge number of recipes, dishes can be prepared with meat, mushrooms, fish or beans. They add a tomato or cheese. Here are the best step-by-step recipes for soups with dumplings that are worth trying.

Soup with dumplings - general principles of cooking

Soups with dumplings are most often cooked in meat, chicken, mushroom broths. There are lots of interesting vegetable options that vegetarians or fasting people will appreciate. If the broth is meat, then it must be pre-set on the stove and cook. Meat or poultry can be used when serving or sent to any other dishes.

What else do they put in soups:

• potatoes;

• carrots, onions and other vegetables;

• legumes;

• mushrooms.

The dough for dumplings can be made cool or semi-liquid. In the first embodiment, pieces are formed by hand or cut with a knife. In the second case, dumplings are picked up with a spoon and dipped immediately into the boiling soup. Cooking time depends on the density of the dough; it can vary from two to twenty minutes.

Traditionally prepared soups are seasoned with bay leaves, spices, herbs of various kinds, garlic can be added. When serving, put sour cream or mayonnaise, you can make garlic sour cream sauce with greens, mustard, it will also turn out delicious.

Chicken soup with dumplings: a step by step recipe for a classic dish

Traditionally, the dish is prepared on meat or chicken dish. In the step-by-step recipe for soup with dumplings indicated the average number of birds. You can take a little more, the broth will be saturated. Or save a little by adding less chicken. Seasoning soup, that is, it is prepared with vegetable steaming.


• 600 g chicken;

• 4 potatoes;

• carrot;

• onion head;

• a pair of tablespoons of oil;

• 3 peppercorns;

• bay leaf;

• salt, dill. For dumplings:

• a pair of eggs;

• a pair of tablespoons of oil;

• salt;

• 50 ml of water;

• 7-9 tablespoons of flour.


1. Traditionally, first courses start to cook with broth. Rinse the chicken, pour three liters of cold water, put on the stove.

2. When boiling the future broth, boiling will start to appear on the surface. Remove it with a slotted spoon or a large spoon. As soon as the water boils well, remove the fire to a small level. The broth should boil slowly, do not boil. Squash a few peas of pepper, throw in a saucepan, cover and cook for 50 minutes. If the chicken is homemade, then we increase the time. We bring the bird to readiness.

3. Peel potatoes, cut not very fine, so that the pieces do not boil soft.

4. As soon as the chicken is cooked. Remove from the broth and add a little salt to the pan. Next fall asleep cooked potatoes.

5. Peel the onion. Crumble your head in small cubes.

6. Pour some oil into the pan. But you can take chicken or any other fat, as you prefer. Sprinkle onions in the pan, begin to fry.

7. Clean the carrot, rub and add to the onion. Cook together. It is important not to make a very large fire, so that the individual pieces are not burnt. Stir regularly, the vegetables should be browned and become soft.

8. While all this is being prepared, we make dough for dumplings. In this step-by-step recipe for soup, it is semi-fluid. Break eggs, salt, whisk with a fork in a bowl. Add water, pour a couple of spoons of vegetable or melted butter. Stir, pour the flour. Make a thick, viscous dough. Stir it until it becomes homogeneous.

9. Check the potatoes. If he has reached the point of readiness, the pieces are already pierced, you can transfer the fried vegetables to the pan.

10. previously taken out chicken to break into pieces or pick meat. You can add to the soup at this stage. Or do not lay in the pan, and scatter on plates before spilling the soup. You can serve chicken in a separate bowl.

11. Soup stir, and begin to form the dumplings. It is convenient to do it with two teaspoons. We moisten one in a saucepan, we collect dough, with the second spoon we help to lower it into the soup. Do it all quickly, until all the dough is over. 12. Stir soup with dumplings. After boiling boil for 2-3 minutes.

13. Cut the greens, prepare the laurel. Throw it all into the soup, try on the salt.

14. Turn off, cover, leave on the stove. Give the dish to stand for another 10-15 minutes.

Mushroom soup with dumplings: a step-by-step recipe

In the step-by-step recipe for soup with dumplings, you can replace the water with any meat or chicken broth, the dish will turn out even more tasty. Mushrooms are used here, but we also take other mushrooms, the cooking process will not change. The dough for dumplings will do steep, like on homemade noodles, but with the addition of ripper.


• 400 g of champignons or other mushrooms;

• onion;

• carrot;

• 400 g potatoes;

• 25 g plums. oils;

• spices, greens.

For test:

• 2 eggs;

• pinch ripper;

• 2 spoons of water;

• a pinch of salt;

• 1-1.5 st. millet. flour.


1. The soup will taste better if you boil the mushrooms first, that is, make the broth, then fry them. Therefore, we do not chop, just rinse well, pour three liters of water, put it on the stove. Was the water boiling? Boil two minutes and change. Pour into the sink, pour clean water, cook broth for 20 minutes. If forest mushrooms, then prepare 30-35 minutes.

2. Take out the mushrooms from the broth. You can pour the broth through a colander in another pan or catch all skimmer. Leave in a bowl, let cool.

3. Cooking dough. Mix eggs with salt, pour in a couple of tablespoons of water, throw a small pinch of the ripper and pour in the flour. Knead not liquid dough, but not quite cool. We make it soft, mnemy to elasticity. Cover, leave for ten minutes.

4. Peel the potatoes. If you want to cook a liquid soup, then reduce the amount. Cut into pieces, throw in mushroom broth, lightly salted.

5. Cut the onion, rub the carrot.

6. Spread butter or vegetable oil in a frying pan, add vegetables and fry slightly, two minutes is enough.

7. Cut the boiled mushrooms, add to the pan to the vegetables, fry all together for about four minutes. Once the frying pan has a pleasant aroma of fried champignons, you can turn it off. 8. Roll out the dough into a long rope with a diameter of about a centimeter. Cut across the dumplings, the thickness is not necessary to do more, enough toe millimeters.

9. Put the dumplings in the pan with the half-finished potatoes. Stir, bring to a boil and boil for a couple of minutes.

10. We shift mushrooms and vegetables from the pan to the soup, stir, cook together with dumplings for about ten minutes.

11. Cut the greens, prepare the spices to your taste, re-try on the salt. Add everything to the pan, stir, turn off the stove.

12. Serve mushroom soup with dumplings in plates, additionally we offer sour cream, garlic.

Vegetable soup with dumplings: a step-by-step recipe (dough on semolina)

Step-by-step recipe for soup with dumplings, which is prepared just on the water. For satiety canned beans are added to it. Dumplings are made from semi-simple plain dough on semolina.


• four potatoes;

• two tomatoes;

• one pepper;

• onion and carrot;

• greens, spices, garlic;

• 1 cup canned beans;

• 20 ml of oil.

For dumplings:

• egg;

• semolina;

• salt pepper


1. Pour into a saucepan a couple liters of water, put not a stove, bring to a boil.

2. We clean the potatoes, cut and throw into boiling water, slightly salt the soup, begin to cook. When boiling we reduce the fire.

3. Cut the peeled onion into cubes. Pour the oil into the pan, lay the cooked vegetable and begin to fry.

4. Rub one large carrot, shift to the bow. Cooking together for about three minutes, put the fire on an average level.

5. We cut the Bulgarian pepper in small cubes, add to the pan to the vegetables, continue to cook.

6. Cut the skin on the nose of the tomato crosswise, pour the boiling water on the tomatoes for a minute. Then rinse with cold water, remove the skin. We cut tomatoes into cubes, put them in a frying pan, cook with other vegetables until soft.

7. Immediately knead the dough. To do this, break the egg into a bowl, throw at it a pinch of pepper and salt, stir, pour salt and pepper in a spoon, stir it thoroughly each time. It should make quite a thick dough, from which you can roll the balls. 8. Making small balls. If the mass will stick, you can moisten hands with cold water.

9. Immediately throws the dumplings in the pan, in which the potatoes are already half cooked.

10. Two minutes after boiling the dumplings we put all the vegetables from the pan into the soup.

11. Give the soup to boil and lay the canned beans, stir, try the salt in the soup. If you need to add, then do it.

12. Cook all together for about five minutes, we look at the readiness of the dumplings.

13. Fill vegetable soup with herbs, laurel, pepper to taste. We throw garlic at the very end or add to plates.

Soup with dumplings - useful tips and tricks

• If there is no time to cook broth for soup with dumplings, meatballs will come to the rescue. You can quickly fry them in a skillet and throw them into the pan, they are boiled for a few minutes, but at the same time they give the dish a good meaty taste, fat.

• If the soup is actively boiling and gurgling, it will never turn out beautiful. Clear broth, whole pieces of vegetables and tidy dumplings are preserved at a slow boil.

• To make dumplings beautiful, you can add turmeric, chopped dill, sweet paprika to the dough. A pleasant aroma to give garlic or fried onions.

• To give the soup a smoked flavor, you can add a few pieces of sausage or a smoked rib to the broth.

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