Football Ball Cake: simple and complex themed dessert recipes. Cooking cake "Football" with mastic and cream

Football Ball Cake: simple and complex themed dessert recipes. Cooking cake

Original cakes with a positive meaning always delight the eye. Thematic cake “Football” turns out unusual and very tasty. You can reduce caloric content due to a lighter curd cream or coat the layers with fatty, but so tasty butter-condensed cream. In any case, the delicacy will turn out excellent.

Football Cake - General Cooking Principles

The basis of the cake “Football” - biscuit cake. Every housewife bakes it in its own way. There is a very simple basic Soviet recipe, according to which the sponge cake is high and tasty. You need to take 4 medium eggs, 120 grams of sifted flour and the same amount of sugar, 20 grams of starch. Beat eggs first at low speed, then at high speed until a dense elastic mass is obtained.

Sugar is added in the process of beating portions. A sign that the mass turned out exactly the right way is the ability to “draw” a trickle of beaten eggs over the surface. It remains to add flour, sifted together with starch, into the sweet egg base, and the dough is ready. When kneading, you need to move the spatula (preferably wooden) from top to bottom, so that the dough does not collapse.

It is easy to bake a biscuit: heat the oven, cover the bottom of the form with baking paper, do not open the cabinet door during baking. The oven temperature is from 180 to 190 ° (be guided by the features of the stove). After the sponge cake is baked, it is cooled without taking it out of the mold.

The round shape of the ball is given to biscuit cakes with round shaped dishes. It may be a vase, colander, bowl, etc.

The finished cake should be decorated by simulating the pentagons and hexagons of a real soccer ball. Decorate the cake most often with mastic. It is elastic and gives the cake an aesthetic look. Cakes decorated with cream or fruit are made more simply.

Football Cake with Curd Cream

Beautifully beautiful cake - a real quest for the hostess. However, its convenient passage guarantees rave reviews from guests. In this version of the cake “Football” uses two types of cream. Be sure to try to make this amazing delicacy.


• five eggs;

• a glass of flour;

• a glass of sugar;

• bag of vanilla;

• three tablespoons of cocoa powder (optional);

• a teaspoon of any oil to lubricate the form;

• three hundred grams of cottage cheese;

• three hundred grams of sour cream;

• two hundred grams of powdered sugar;

• good, real butter (standard pack);

• bank of good condensed milk;

• bank of peaches in syrup (can be replaced with any fruit and berry preservation);

• half a cup of apricot or peach jam;

• six purchased meringues (you can make the most);

• half a cup of peeled walnuts;

For mastic:

• marshmallow packaging;

• tablespoon of water;

• tablespoon butter;

• a tablespoon of powdered sugar;

• food coloring (green, yellow and blue).


From eggs, flour, sugar, vanilla make biscuit dough according to the basic recipe described above.

Bake two biscuits and let them cool completely.

Canned peaches cut into thin slices.

Curd wipe through a sieve.

For curd cream combine sour cream, powdered sugar and cottage cheese.

Chop the nuts with a knife or crush with a rolling pin.

Cut into pieces of meringue.

Each biscuit cut in half.

Bowl, which will be formed in the hemisphere, lined with plastic wrap.

Lay the first cake.

Soak it in syrup.

Brush with cottage cheese cream and cover with nut crumb.

Lay the meringues in an even, not very thin layer.

Pour jam.

Lay the cake. Repeat layers: syrup, curd cream.

Instead of nuts decompose slices of peach.

Cover with the following cake layer, repeat layers: syrup, curd cream, nuts.

Cover with the last cake and send in the refrigerator for about three hours.

Prepare the cream by whipping condensed milk with melted butter.

Remove the cake from the refrigerator and turn it over on a plate with a film.

Remove the film and smear the cake with butter cream.

Send the cake to the fridge again.

At this time, make mastic: put marshmallows and butter in a bowl, pour in water and melt in a microwave or in a water bath. Gradually inject the powder until the mass becomes dense but elastic. Add dyes to the part of the mastic (when mixing the three colors, it will turn black)

Ready mastic send for an hour in the fridge.

Then powder the table with powdered sugar, spread out the mastic and cut into polygons of the desired shape.

The very first to put a black pentagon on the “crown” of the “Football” cake.

Gradually lay out all the shapes.

Before serving, keep the cake in the fridge.

Football Cake with Cream and Chocolate Cream

Two types of cream in the cake - always something special. Preparing a delicacy is simple, no special ingredients are needed.


• six chicken eggs;

• a glass of white flour;

• a tablespoon of cocoa powder;

• a glass of fine sugar;

• any canned fruit and berry syrup.

In creams:

• half a liter of cream;

• half a can of condensed milk;

• a glass of powdered sugar;

• one egg;

• a pack of butter;

• chocolate bar.


Prepare the dough for sponge cake.

Divide it into two parts, add cocoa to one part.

Bake cakes, cool and cut each in half.

Prepare a cream of white color: mix the cream, condensed milk and two spoons of powdered sugar.

Cover the bowl with film, consistently lay out the cakes, soaking them with syrup and spreading with butter cream.

Send for a few hours in the fridge.

Prepare chocolate cream of chocolate melted in a water bath, melted butter and the remaining amount of powdered sugar.

Turn the billet on the dish, smear the remaining white cream.

Split a cake with a thin spatula or spoon into sections imitating a soccer ball pattern.

Using a pastry bag, fill the “black” sectors with chocolate cream. The remains of white cream to put in the "white" sector.

Hold the cake in the fridge and serve.

Chocolate Cake “Chocolate” Cake

Another version of the popular cake “Soccer Ball” is baked from biscuit cakes. Remarkably delicious chocolate layer sure to enjoy children.


• two hundred grams of flour;

• a pole of eggs;

• two hundred grams of granulated sugar; • fifty grams of cocoa powder;

• bag of vanilla sugar;

• one hundred grams of butter;

In the icing:

• a glass of sugar;

• half a pack of butter;

• three tablespoons of milk;

• four tablespoons of cocoa.

For registration:

• black mastic;

• white mastic.


Bake two biscuits, combining flour, sugar, eggs, cocoa, butter and vanilla sugar according to the basic recipe.

Prepare a thick chocolate icing. To do this, combine cocoa with warm milk and sugar, mix thoroughly, breaking all the lumps.

Add oil to the mixture and heat over high heat. It usually takes 15 minutes.

Remove the finished glaze from the plate and cool.

From the cooled cakes, cut off the side parts so that the hemisphere is formed.

To form the contour of the ball, putting cakes on each other and coating them with icing.

The remains of glaze to coat the top of the cake.

Cut the hexagons from the paste with a 4 cm side stencil.

Posting mastic.

Send the cake to the fridge.

Quick cake “Football” without baking

Not necessarily the most bake cakes. They can be bought in the store ready, significantly speeding up the process of making a cake “Football”.


• packaging of finished biscuits;

• half a kilo of sour cream;

• a glass of prunes;

• a glass of sugar;

• bank of canned pineapple rings;

• A tablespoon of gelatin.


Prune into small pieces. If the dried fruit is hard, they need to be steamed for about twenty minutes.

Gelatin pour cold water and let it swell.

Sour cream and sugar mix, put the prunes and whisk light cream with a whisk.

Dissolve gelatin in a water bath, cool.

Pour gelatin into cream, mix and send for twenty minutes in the refrigerator.

Cover a large bowl with round walls with a film.

One cake cut in a circle so that the diameter coincides with the diameter of the bowl.

The remaining cakes to break into pieces.

Pineapples whole rings spread on the walls and bottom of the bowl.

Put a layer of cream.

Put biscuit slices on top.

Alternate layers of cream and sponge cake. Top lay round cake.

Hold the cake in the refrigerator for one and a half to two hours.

Turn the cake on a dish, remove the film and serve.

Football Cake with Chocolate Cream

The chocolate version of the cake will definitely appeal to both adults and children. Preparing is simple and clear.


• five eggs;

• a glass of sugar;

• a glass of flour.

For cream:

• bank of condensed milk;

• a pack of butter;

• a tablespoon of vodka, brandy or rum (if the cake is for an adult table);

• dyes (green, brown, red).


Bake the cake, cool cut into 2 parts.

Mix condensed milk with oil to taste.

Mix small amount of condensed milk with water and strong alcohol for impregnation.

Cakes, cutting off the side parts with a knife or rubbing with a float, form a ball.

Each layer is first soaked with syrup, then fluff cream.

Top of the cake, too, smear with cream and send for an hour in the refrigerator.

Crumb from the cake does not throw away.

The remaining cream is painted in different colors.

Take out the cake, with a knife, mark hexagons resembling a ball pattern.

Fill polygons with brown cream.

Make a grass imitation of green cream on the bottom of the dish.

Make a soft mass from the remaining crumb and white cream, form “ladybirds” out of it, decorate the red wings and “plant” on the cake.

Football Cake with Marzipan

Almond crumb will come savory taste of this version of the cake “Football”. Preparing a treat is also very simple. The cake turns out great - enough for the family and the guests.


• seven eggs;

• four hundred grams of flour;

• two packs of butter (80 grams in cream, the rest in dough);

• three hundred grams of sugar;

• two tablespoons of cocoa;

• one hundred grams of almond;

• chocolate bar;

• a quarter cup of milk (50 ml);

• a glass of powdered sugar;

• three peaches.


Oil and fine sugar shake.

Take eggs one at a time.

Add flour, milk, mix and bake a sponge cake in a round heat-resistant form.

Cook the marzipan. To do this, scald the almonds with boiling water, peel, dry and fry in a dry frying pan. Grind nuts or grind into flour.

Boil the usual syrup out of sugar and water, throw almond powder there and heat for four minutes, stirring the mass constantly.

Remove from heat, beat, grind again.

Separate the third part of the mass, mix with melted chocolate.

Wrap sugar white and chocolate brown marzipan in the film.

In cocoa add two spoons of boiling water.

Beat cream butter, add powdered sugar and diluted cocoa.

Peaches thinly chopped.

Cut the biscuit in half.

The lower part of the fluff irrigation cocoa cream, spread out peaches.

Cover the cake with the upper hemisphere of the cake, smear with the remnants of the cream.

Their white and black marzipan cut hexagons, spread out on the surface of the cake, imitating the ball.

Cover the cake before serving with a wet towel so that the marzipan layer does not dry up, keep in the refrigerator.

Football Cake - Tricks and Useful Tips

You can even out the spherical shape of the “Football” cake with a biscuit crumb. It should be mixed with cream so that the mass resembles a potato cake. Having missed the contours of this sweet mass, you can make the sphere perfectly smooth.

In order to level the cream with which the sphere is smeared on top, you need to put a glove of thin plastic film on your hand, heat it under a stream of hot water, dry it with a clean towel and smooth the cream.

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