Millet porridge with pumpkin - proper nutrition is delicious! Recipes for millet porridge with pumpkin in pots, a slow cooker and oven

Millet porridge with pumpkin - proper nutrition is delicious! Recipes for millet porridge with pumpkin in pots, a slow cooker and oven

Millet porridge with pumpkin is a great option for breakfast. The vitamins and nutrients contained in this dish will give you energy for the whole day.

Millet porridge with pumpkin - the basic principles of cooking

You can cook wheat porridge with pumpkin in the traditional way - on the stove, but it is especially tasty in pots, an oven or a slow cooker.

Millet groats are washed to clear water. To reduce cooking time, it can be soaked for several hours in clean water.

Millet has a specific smell and taste, so many do not like to cook this healthy cereals. To get rid of it, the millet is poured with boiled water, put on the stove and brought to a boil. Then this water is drained and washed with grits again.

Pumpkin cut, remove the seeds, fiber and cut off the peel. The pulp of the vegetable is crushed into small slices and boiled in a separate bowl until half cooked. Then millet is combined with pumpkin, sugar and other ingredients are added. If necessary, add milk or water. Cook for ten more minutes.

Spices, dried apricots, fresh fruits, raisins or berries are added to the dish.

Recipe 1. Millet porridge with pumpkin on milk


Butternut Pumpkin - 300 g;

ground wheat - 180 g;

sea ​​salt;

250 ml of homemade milk;

cane sugar - two tbsp. l

Method of preparation

1. Rinse the cereal under running water. Put the millet in the pan, pour a small amount of drinking water and put it on the stove. As soon as the liquid begins to boil, and foam appears on the surface, we pour out the water, and wash the grits well again.

2. We shift the millet into the pan, pour in half a liter of water and put it on the hob again. Cook for 10 minutes, stirring.

3. Put another saucepan on the other burner. Cut the pumpkin, we clean it from the seeds and fibers, cut off the peel. The flesh is finely crumbled and sent to a saucepan with water. Cook on medium heat for 10 minutes. 4. Add the pieces of vegetable to the millet, salt, add sugar, stir and cook for the same amount of time.

5. Pour milk into thickened porridge, twist the fire, and cook, stirring often, for 20 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat, cover with a blanket and steam for a quarter of an hour.

Recipe 2. Millet porridge on water with pumpkin


800 ml of drinking water;

750 g pumpkin;

millet - 375 g

Method of preparation

1. Cut the peeled vegetable into slices, clean the fibers with seeds. Crush pulp in small pieces.

2. Put the pumpkin in the pot. Pour in boiling water and cook for ten minutes over medium heat.

3. Wash the croup until white bloom is gone. Add the millet to the saucepan with the pumpkin and cook for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. At the end we put butter. Cover the pot with a blanket and leave to languish for another half an hour.

Recipe 3. Millet porridge in pots with pumpkin



half a kilogram of nutmeg pumpkin;

300 g of ground wheat;

liter of homemade milk;

butter - 200 grams.

Method of preparation

1. Peel the vegetable, clean the seeds. Pumpkin pulp finely crumble.

2. Pour the milk into the pan and put it on the hob. As soon as the milk starts to boil, put pumpkin pieces into it. Twist the fire and cook for seven minutes.

3. Wash the millet in warm water, changing it several times. Add the cereal to the milk with pumpkin, salt and stir, and cook, covered with a lid, for ten minutes.

4. Put the porridge in dry clay pots, not filling them to the top. In each pot put a couple of spoons of butter. Cover with lids.

5. Preheat oven to 180C and send pots to it for half an hour.

Recipe 4. Millet porridge in the oven with pumpkin


two art. l cane sugar;

honey - 60 g;

ground wheat - 250 g;

800 g pumpkin nutmeg;

60 grams of butter;

500 ml of boiling water.

Method of preparation 1. Rinse the cereal with boiling water. Put the millet in a saucepan, cover it with hot water and cook on low heat for ten minutes.

2. Cut the pumpkin, scrub the fibers with seeds and cut off the peel. Cut the vegetable into small cubes. Add pumpkin to the grits, add sugar and mix.

3. Put the porridge in the form, after lubricating it with oil. Smooth out and place sliced ​​butter over the entire surface. Sprinkle with honey and cover with foil.

4. Put the mold in the cold oven. Turn it on at 180C and stew porridge for an hour. Five minutes before the end of time, remove the sheet of foil, mix and serve.

Recipe 5. Millet porridge with pumpkin and apples



Butternut Squash - 300 g;

800 ml of skimmed milk;

polished millet - 400 g;

150 g butter;

apples - 300 grams.

Method of preparation

1. Millet put in a saucepan and pour boiling water over it. Actively stir with a spoon so that the croup is well washed. After that, pour the boiling water and wash the grits again in warm water. Fill with a liter of warm water, salt, stir and set on the hotplate. We bring the contents to a boil and cook, periodically removing a foam with a slotted spoon, for about ten minutes. In the process of cooking constantly stir.

2. Pour half of warm milk into porridge and boil for about ten more minutes.

3. Cut the pumpkin, scrub the seeds and peel off. Crush pulp into small cubes, put in a separate pan, pour in milk and send to the fire. Cook, you vegetable will not become soft. Ready pumpkin mash tolkushkoy.

4. We clean the apples from the peel, cut into the core. The flesh is finely crumbled.

5. In the porridge lay mashed pumpkin, butter and apples. Mix and lay out in the form. Level with a spatula and send in the oven. Bake for 15 minutes at 190C.

Recipe 6. Millet porridge in a slow cooker with pumpkin and condensed milk

Ingredients two miltaine multi-glasses;


50 g of ghee;

Butternut Squash - 300 g;

five multi-cups of drinking water;

condensed milk - half a can.

Method of preparation

1. Thoroughly wash the grits, replacing water several times. We shift the millet in the bowl of the device.

2. Cut the pumpkin, remove the fiber with seeds and cut off the peel. Vegetable pulp washed and chopped into small pieces. Spread on the rump.

3. Pour a little water into the condensed milk, shaking well with a spoon or a whisk.

4. Millet with pumpkin pour diluted condensed milk. Salt and put the butter.

5. Close the multicooker lid and turn on the milk porridge program. Cook until the slow cooker announces the end of the regime.

6. Open the device, mix the porridge, close it again and start the “heating” mode. Insist porridge for another half hour. Serve, spreading out on plates and watering with condensed milk.

Recipe 7. Millet porridge dried apricots and pumpkin


100 g of polished millet;

some butter;

skimmed milk - 200 ml;

a pinch of sea salt;

pumpkin - 150 g;

five pieces dried apricots;

apricot jam.

Method of preparation

1. Pumpkin pulp, peeled, peeled, sunflower seeds and fibers, cut into small cubes and spread into a deep stewpan. Salt and add a spoonful of butter. Fill the vegetable with water so that it completely covers the pumpkin. We put on medium heat and cook until soft.

2. We sort the millet grits, scald with boiling water and rinse in several waters, rubbing it with our hands.

3. Put the millet on top of the pumpkin and pour it with milk or water. Expose the fire to a minimum and cook porridge for another 20 minutes.

4. Wash dried apricots and cut each into six parts.

5. Put the dried fruits in the grits and mix gently. Remove the saucepan from the heat, cover with a towel and leave for another five minutes. Serve porridge, watering apricot jam.

Recipe 8. Millet porridge with meat and pumpkin

Ingredients sea ​​salt;

200 g of polished millet;

half a kilo of pumpkin;

black pepper;

400 ml of purified water;

three bay leaves;

two bulbs;

70 ml of vegetable oil;

two chicken breasts.

Method of preparation

1. Peel the pumpkin from the peel, fibers and seeds. Cut the flesh into small pieces and place half in a saucepan. Salt and boil until soft.

2. Wash chicken breast, peel off skin and films. Cut meat into large chunks. Heat the oil in the pan and fry the meat on all sides for five minutes.

3. Chop the peeled onion with thin feathers and add to the pan with the meat. Stir for about three minutes, stirring. Then add the remaining shredded pumpkin, mix and cook for another five minutes.

4. Smash the cooked pumpkin with a dipping blender until mashed. Pour the washed millet to it, mix and cook over low heat for another quarter of an hour.

5. Put the roasted meat with pumpkin in the porridge, mix. After five minutes, add the bay leaf and remove from heat. Serve garnished with finely chopped greens with pickled or fresh vegetables.

Millet porridge with pumpkin - tips and tricks

  • Rinse the grits, alternating hot and warm water, until it becomes clear.
  • You can not only boil pumpkin, but also bake with honey or sugar.
  • Millet should be laid only in boiling liquid so that the cereal does not stick to the bottom of the dish.
  • Porridge will get a pleasant creamy taste if you add condensed milk to it.
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